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January 25, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-01-25

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4 a ~ ~~~Free Press Heirs Right Keg. -r.--,.--.-.-v.-,..-.--
The Detirnit Free 1 scesstaking o£ if Amk
the ideai proninigak- at variomusA
Cnlee.era ines in the Deli it News tand I11mm Pinfl A I2V r 1
Trbn fttvu l. n criyt t HTHE UNJIVERSITY OF MICHO3AN. Detroit as well as ti ate capital nil / /)
rr~: w irm lPe.",iHenni11g Block. the occasionion{the bicrentenary een- ,
BhPhns17brationorines tn the nccasion inl these A h
dUtE Si:hieAti(,ithett -Sltit tend Ovrercoat Stock--
genter ~tn,01,Bound to get the stock psedonesfrarwnh- oin
0. .11 Art s 00L. popostion Irofits are, not considered-We
19)T~S ears age, snagrests lie, ybrieiig waint y nlycash at tisseason ft il
AliI~ia llliil'C.ii WIIlili~inot. the Un set ity of Michliganl fromt hso u
P. W. Jonn~s 9. A. Hii 9t1ucLLtinenn F., t5.
F. D. E!nnM AN'0, C. it. Lin5n, '00a, AnntiAirioi to iDetroit furti sjiourni ii year, )ot 1mercandise-If you
G.Di11an.irem. 's01n. of i tewcettiries. 11 will add(liins- ' ca
buisiinss hrints, circutltiiig iediumit, s need C i 5c se s- e a
ciess fti nitses fair reniowii ttnrlwild l
anid imipetnous studietit rushes to theA
The uciptllion 1Cr iis out' LYis 2.0Ifo sietures iof this towit. Besides, it is /
he enli'lenarw il rl a r dogi l 1iivCry 1beforei~
nio lida. Notices,. C inenitin. and imitateritil to Cadillhic whelhei the'
ohenrimttintl ene orplii onmstb ane n ktte AL i l bfrii1)s m., orC niversite reminlis it Attn Arbort'oo
peiouCt ha niwhIlilcteyill.e expected ilocoimies.ts thiecity. N beO
M[r',lll~ellili iue and tnt i pity. Witn the l ob~ ty~ ohn a s ,~
bsrpions aICb Ietl iit eILomenfice,(0 ,ST
Mees Salclet'.liwstnl', or- with tinsius phititsso'theittranster iif te catl209 SOSbsr er wlTHnfr IrvrIAIoIetot'J SFouliedanwt
ro trn r ipromptly rt tiiioffie Cacy failurmenofacy W_
cis dlivr apear. tite wheels set to rointg undher this-.
ti cnti s vrtisnmttrmut1einte f iceby4 . In. on 119diy pre iou othUi verllaftr this fashionitof hurt-
Thus difficulty expierienceed hy thus caitloiok for siotmethintg dititictive, S0 &C 0 I\T~
yeair's Washuingtoin's Birthlday cele-teithrly dewllaiidofajstciel-
tow 191. f jut cme o-IMPORTERS ANlD MAtNUFACTURiiRSi5OF
btonfotite thou Siea ta- But itemsthat AnntiArboir aitd Lani- CREMICAL and PHYSICAL APPARATUS.
inig tfure omittecs. Sinc its nghave liesncle o ocn
apioitmtil-tthe commtiittee has left b itclli hiMItti~t dCROSCOPIC FINDINGS. 1-eadqntarters for all Labora-
itotlhig undone in its efforts to ss- tributet sotmethiinatihbstatntial ttndhfor3 Supp1lies
curie a speaker. Buit thts iottisttotis impjortait, whlat ttr'e othesr cities oh 112 5. Main Stneet, Ann Arooe,, Mick.
public quiestionusisitw beftire cotire.s thi stsate doing towatrdh mikinug this -
intkeit asoutey ttptssbt bicentisnary at statet affair? Will TRY HOT CHOCOLATE,
saeue itsatelitmoiEvery to GirsoidItapids tenider tte Solcdiei's' utiritlnii.
aitur atiopuibf oeliii'c.Eerhasiesftltu_ ii? AtiNteooth20 eAS WSime tOlsreT
eince hatt beein brought to bear, tied Itomes2AndilSault Ste. Marie hler20EAT ASNGOSTE,
iltesc s i ivei eiittteShots its precioiis copper mintesl 316 SOUTH STATE STREET,
1f iN othintgswill stimttiinhiterest andTchtle ganvent nssornt of Candines in the it;,
ever tittenmptedh. B tno iisinece aehul.Osessre naysye
sufficienttotiiniducen imii itt -l~ tuitiitrehbiiii 111lnnl imnIr'rlinna
lettve Washinugltn Clii be fitund.h tuch inii ee sec'tiuoni of the sttite an
Prfesitiltinpaeratd iertto hunve it undierstootd thiat emery city BOY S ! S T O M!IJ.rtlARD
Proefesifonatltesaeitandy teraipisilndham let sillhbse exiecteid tii tov' AT Ti-i
'['iettsofr ftthare tallioup.fied.thinhis t thintiit ha~s tlDetroit att the Tl
erisposbemmn.be foutid iithin fact thattthi n'ii I Toeiti tf tit t oe ftheisdelat coin- PRt[Iil
titit dii ldntnt begini soiotietnugh.t nh oflmi this bicenteitary Jsesmits FOR 1AGAME OF POOL OR BiLLiARDS-
itnd nldt bit n fore be -mAnn Arbior, Mink.
caustid d o beuiti oitedt be sufihcient to retiove tittutitaitis, iiron.St. Easttat F. and M. Bank.
Thtere seemis tot le tiovalid reason uies ihieslapitlls dhier htio.
intv tun cotemmittees coitld nott be ap-Bosadln-salse hns

poimnted bythtsjutnior attdlfresiumanT heIltrseswilbe aut itith
clttsses ittieditately tafter Watshig- freshmni listdi i
ton's Birthday or at least souse thseRosins9 todyt
before scitool closes ini Jutue. If Slits o - , Uiersity Hahi.
see done thus comtmittee could go Teei iesaiga
ahead atid cotttmunicate with speakers Ttr shm saiga
bsfotre they left at tht close of thue Arbor ekating park.
year. Tieswonuld give anipie times---
t selcct atid seccure a desirabiletmati.
Besides at this Stite ofthtie year piuh- ATHENS THEA"
lie tmiet are least busy atndiusuall
itakse their plttus for tse esuintg JAS. A. H ERN E'S
switter. They mtay thest be reached
beftire they have cloed all tlueir en-ue
gagettets. Presitdeitt McKinuley had
been secured for last yeatr's celebra
tiosi at Pentnsylvautia a yeair ahuead A cres
pars a sitable speechi for suelt si
oecasioini i a fese days besidessths Wednesday, Jar
regnlar stork. Let this clutsses namte
their etomtitttees early atid thil year's Prices, a5e. .ft. 7as, s1.
difficuly unesd not aigait occur. Thc
remining mtemtbers fromithitsestter-
ittg freshmitatn class could be aptpoited
as soon as possible atter colsege
opetued. In the tmsantintuhue cot- Peninsular
miStes comuposed tiftetnetmbers itt the
otiter classes eouud at least Itsvs
speakners selected swho could be
The antial iteting Of the Politi-
cal Equality clnb seas held at this (y
bos of Mrs. B. A. Hinsdale, atnd u( t11 l
this officers for the ensuing year
elected. The next mneeting still o- DETR I
cur on Monday, Feb. 4, at 347 S.
Main street.

g of the
p. in., itt
the Ann
.. 25th.

'I is space belongs so this Students' Lecture Asoociatiom.
Granger S tnde nmnngnment MRS. ROSS GRANGER.
;inners'Classens-Geilntis emu10am., Satluys; Ladieu,4pui. Saturdays
ii~ t .a - sudiatesula-s-Mionduy evnngu. AdvncnedC'luss-Tuiesday eventngs
Vxaenl Programme Party Each Saturday Evening.
TICKETS. $5.00. Gnnid 12sweeks frnm timeunfnttcing.
In 0030 e 1P_ ccsahvss
W! n e cmunt and gning nf the neasns ace the fashions
in Shnes. Tha ' len of yestecday acesonnnoregntten in the desire for
that onts-snmlcr_,-. See see windows; fen the hest np-tn-date tine of
the styles fcrC rrm7-:rw.WsngoStSHES
.'j"®R1t 11O ESTftI Ain Arbor .


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