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January 17, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-01-17

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VOL. IX, No. 81.






Tar Soap.
A good tar soap, at a moder-
ate price, has long been
sought after. Kellar's Tar
Soap jest fills the bill. Heal-
ing, soothing, antiseptic,
sod absolutely pore. 15c a
cake. 40c a box. $1.50 a
uing he es ofthd colee yarwe
wlsevluches atall soars, dy r
aicht. Full ainelof Pipes, Ctsened
R. E. JOLLY & 00.,
308 So. State Street.
When yen don't wear your
Sweater you ought to wear
one of these vests. It is
cheaper than taking cold.
We sell the beat ones at
$1.50 to$200 Some for
anwSweater or
Gymnasium Suit.
We have a large variety and at
Special Prices. We always
carry the best grade.
Of every description.

To Bring Out Candidates for This
Year's Team.
Last year Chicago and Michigan
tied at the track meet held at Detroit
on Juno 5. This year Chicago has a
mouch stronger eant thans last, ad
they are working to rtrieve her re-
cent football defeat. The track
muanagemnit has called a mass inet-
inig to ho held in Rfom 9, Wedns
day evening at 7 o'clock, to engender
interest in trackt work, and arrange
for thse years work, ad for Cicago's
overthrow at Detroit. They are
looltitng to the tnow tmaterial Is help
do this. Everybody swho has ever
dose atny kitnd of track or field work
iso strenusously urgd to attend tle
tseeting anti hantd in his namse.
Speechses till be tusse by Cptain
McLeant, and a fetw of the old es.
Dr. Rabethge will otlise the sork
to be pursused in te gymssnasiumts, atd
active training sill be beguttits
eartiest. Arransgements sill be talked
over fis thte Notres Datte mseet, to be
iseluiAMarch 10th, tntsnewiessnswsill
be giventqtal chasce wshtilshe std
to smake thse trip.
Handball Tournament.
The filloswitg rules hatve beets
coisspiled to governthle lstsndball
tournsamsent wtliclh oipensthis sweek.
Eachlssmastlhmusttisofisised by
4:15 p.in. s tthe gymnsasitumssclass
begin thsesn.
Matchses cans be played ether its
thse morning or afternsooss at tes
most convenient to contestants.
Contestants sill agre betsweens
tisem n5 somseone to act as referee,
and he as swell as each cotestant
osust sign a report of te msates
whichishsall e left at thesdirectoss
Thse best tso gamses out of three
sall constittte a msath.
The drawisforfsttie msathes in
singles have ibeen made as folloss:
Noordewier vs. Gardner, W. Mc-
Neal vs. Leiblee, G. MacNeal vs.
Weiss, Adtamss vs. Larmot, Posell
vs. Gore, Bishop vs. Chase, Hoffmsans
vs. Budge, Beckstransd vs. Loswen-
Iaupt, Prof. Dyer vs. Baldiwin, Pes-
bick vs. Walsh, Haugitoss vs.
Sembrick to Sing.
All arransgemsetts for the sixths
anniual May festival, to be held in
University Hall, Mlay 11, 12 ad 13,
have beets cmpsileted. 'Ele smanage-
mieit has succeeded in securing Sens-
brick, wits scored such a phenomsenal
success in Berlin and Vienna, ani
wits hass been in this country sicee
last fall atnd raptured New York asd
Chicago by storm. Friday night,
May 12, will be Sembrick night, and
an opportuniity sill be given to hear
the greatest sopratto sitger its the
world. The rest of the staff, wo
will assist Sesmbrick, is a strong one,
atng whsomsssisy bliesnetioned
SaralsAsderson, Mdanme Jacob,
Evaiss Willains and Myross W.
Whitnsey. The engagement of Sem-
brick has necessitated sesrne changes
in the choice of sorks to be given,
and a fuller announcement will be3
made later.

The Philippine Commission, "Katharine and Petruhio."
It now appears that Prof. Wor- Te third numssber oisiste Stdent's
cester insstead f belts5 detailed ft Lecture Assocdiations Course ttlk place
act alone as commissioner to thelasst sight. sisg to the severe ill-
Philippines, has been namseed a smsss.]ess of Bishop Cheney swhsisws to
her of a ciimmssission of five swhichs is hasve filled the Chicagis Aumisnu m.
to at tunder the chairmsanshlip of ber, the smanasgemsent secredi Leland
Rear Admir-al Deswey. The other T. Posers, the famossus imipersoastor
msembers are Maj. Gen. E. S Otis, who appeared ithle jlay' 'Kttharie
Cii. Cbas Deisby, and Prof. J. G. ands Petruschio" arranigdilfrst the
Sclserssan, president of Cornell Uti celebratedi play o f Shlisesiere "'he
versity. Tiseirs sill he tie eyes 'amsitg oithie Shrew." The arraige-
throsigis whichs President MKinley sset sas tat madsse Iby te late E.
sill satcisthse variouss questios that wits Bioothswstill the exceptionith iat
have arisess and sill ins the future there were tree ats ista of tio,
arise inthie Philippines. The duties titlesd respectively, "ThVie Wooig,''
of tite csommsissions as oiutlisned at "The Weinisg,'' ainid'Tie 'Tami-
present are grave asnd 550 higher cost- lng.'' It is almsost nedles to say
plimnt could be paiel a mnisthsass is thast tie piece was tosrosgly enjy-
graisted Psrof. Worcester inthiis ap- able satd sell received. Last ight
psissteist. itasMr. Poster's seveithsapplerncee
Prof. Worcester is at present its before simsAttn Arbotr asdiseisce and
Washington oss business suiposed to thiousghs it has seisel ec year that
lie relatinsg to Iis ltate aplphointmsent. Ist('msts be at ltesisnd sitiis reer
Itrovidinsg sitshitch ocsrs tos deprive ftire,le acsssehsows-founiisiat te-s
itu atid Michigans University of the isisce its shiiris Iis vesatiy smiay
isonors thins gransted e iesill probably ave fullh expressions ft the iscreased
leave on the steamer sailig frossideslight of ilt frienuhd sshdairser.
Seattle Jat. 30, ots sehichspassage is Mr. Pters is prossbby tne first
said to have beets engasged for the un~siti .Ameria swhsosCrrein sto
cusmmsissioss. That sill leae onl'yisih uessftsl executions the isets of onie
tsvo steeks to get ready antd travel to sansssimersonatsig the several cha~r
thse Pacific esast.'lie voyiage ts actrso f a play itsise evesisgs
Mailia sill resiuire nerly sa sonths etserttainmentf At lesst it is certaini
frons tishichs it fohlosws tne commision thatl~t hi-etasily rankshs first inthfaf field
sill hardly be able to begin its seorhk of imiipersonastfions todaty. lilt rere-
unstil ttse essilof Februasry tr the 1st senttions of the twoetinsis figers of
of Marchi. the play wia s1ell w rkel outs. 'STe
ciaracter of Bptfisfe, this olds father,
Incosistenctj. also sas admisirabhly portrayed.
Prof. Henry Adans, its Iis le- Baseball Mleeting.
tures on protectiou nds free trade, Ons 'husrday eveniing sf fiPstoek
saish recentlty that fhe events of the there will be held is Ietieitg of base-
ipast year have suggestedh the 15555i- ball cadidates its Romi 9. The
bility of Anerica manufactursing for object is to gef trae of the nes
tisreignmmarkets, andthtsifmlwe tre mens slts are esiecialy urgedslts ie
to develop fhat lise of tmufacture present ands to listenstis a fete shrt
if will be absolutely essentiasi toitatlks frotmiMtanager Emsisotns, Cat.
abandon protection. He ooks for a Ltunssamndsters of last year's feams.
a revision of our tariff systems in the Nit active work, save perhasssi little
near future, amd prophecies that it sit the art of the battery caduiafes,
sill be unester guidance of this sese silihe cosmemced suntil sfter the
ilees. Tihis is shat is taught its the semsesfer examsinations are outf of the
Uniiversity: smit still Eugense Debtlsisay. 'Thiosughs several of the tll
forbisddens the usie of University Hall tnest are mm cllege this yeirmoe(f
to speakhepon"'rie Laboring Mas's the positiunstsiro'cinichied." 'loo,
Interest iin Goodi Governmient"' for there are decidedl vacancieis its both
fear thast lie msight touchuon pi-~iti the itsandmutstfiels. It is the infemi-
tics its Iis speec.--Times. tionsfithtssse its chsarge ti crry twit
--_.__ - or three tinetfr etts-lifsthtie battery
Oratorical Association Lecture. positions, so splendiidl ushpruriities
Heinry . Estabrotok tie otesi are openi tsasprig cndiiate, All
orator andu spetaher is to appar in sems having any abiify ts piy bal
University Hall ext Satsurday sisder are requsestedl ts le uesemif at 7
the asspices of the Oratorical Attii o'clock Thusrsday evcniing ad to
ciation. The affair is to be inthfts becomse bettem- acqusaintedh with oe
nattire ofit receptiuun, sismillsr to thatother
tccorded Josephs Jeffersonm last year. Prof. Cooleyj in Detroit.
Hlit sulject will be the "Missiont if Prof. M. E. Cooley hs leve of
Amserica." MAr. Estabroolk is siteitt absence tiis seek fromts iis duties in
fise mosf gifted orators before the tie aval yard at Philadelphia, thamt
Aimericamn public amd is tisoroughy le might respondssto t call to Detroit
in touchswt ll iheges smit college to testify as ass exiert sitmess on tie
msen.lHe shulmd be greeted by a Joura expisosions case. He sett
large house. Sunmdiysiths Iis family ithiis city.
_______________- Af the cmii of the sweek le sil re-
J. W. Bansnons '99, sas srprised fturn to iis duties, whiichs sill Cot-
by a small party of friends Friday tisue unitil abosut fts midle of Fb-
evensinig it being Iis 20th birthday. muary, senm lie exects ts be released.
Elaborate refreshsusents sere serve-d
by Cateser Lovell and a thoroughly Mass meetlig of track
good tne was had by all. Music candidates ins ROOns 9, at 7
wsa indulgedl us during the evesing. P. im, Wedniesda~y, ~Ja. 18.

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