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January 12, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-01-12

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T 'VARSITY MUSICAL CLUBS Unifornm Worli in Preparatortj The Real Test.
~? T I 1 4 L ~_Schools. I ha oft(n been sal that the real
Will Give a Concert in Ann Arbor IDuring the vaati relreenta- st ength of at football team shold e
This Spring. ives of Princeton, lftrvard, Col o" jud ed by its defensive work rather
T heT nies leBnoan il enslaiad Corell Un- bytna by its song abilty. How
T WITERS T HS. Manoln hub hve oten ow tovesiies ad o he cholMsters' ever tuetis tateentmabeit i
H IE ITR UTIG. hard work and are prcticing two Asocatin of New Yr edape certain tat sperority in dfs is
E E concert program. Althougb some- verity ad disussed plans to scuet-cofensive; plaing, for tie rason tat
lht ate it getttg orgatized this uimu etrace reqtireens adtie forner ofr less cance fo idi-
year tilecluts intend to make utp for examinations for the leadng Aner- vidlal recognito, 11n(1at tie smeI
T ECAR TELAGST Ttheir delay by hard work. They (ill cn) Colleges, I~I e terlyt~im e(I ire lnger exlx iine to
~lV0a ecleet inAnitArbr, i Theide elmcltaainlitcorrespolndilng degree (f efi -
A STOCK a UnvestyHall, sometime this corn- agreed upon is to create, by the co- eletty. It often haplens, too, tatt
IN TE CTY.ingsemste. Te dte as ot s oeraionof he iferet colleges trouhthe ak(of it gad(l'scrub'
IN THE CITY. yet beent fixed, but will probably Ito andluniversities, a board whiht tiall tells) only ills rd~imlets (f tielrt of
just before tile sping vaation. decide u111n ta uniforml statding itt defensive play caml be tu~gt dtrig
LL Titeelthanceo tf the clubs' makig tie sbets required of sttdeit et-practice iors. Henc it is t1at,
o o a trip this year are veryb favorable. terinlg tiese istiutionts. Tre boad antgcpbeciis(ftt ae
1O sE AHNTNS Since 1895 the Adminitistrative Board will ttso set tle exam~inationt in each te greater emphal~isis is place ((11te
R , . ASIitONST ths tot permitted tie clubs to leave subject, atd anyonlC eho saltl pass caracter and quality (f the defense
H H ~~townl owing to the miscotdtct of cer- tiese wilil be eligible to eter atv of in judlging Of tie mlerits of a teal'sa
taint tembliers of tie '95 clibs. At te colees in the agreemet. One pla
tite pesent timle 11on11 of tie '95 impos(rtnlt reult of tis (wiii be to It view (f this geerllly recsg-
11111)-M&me are 1i1 college andtl severali of mlake the wolrk (f te prearttory ied fat it (iii1be interesttg to
tile ltelmberso (f the Adminilistrative scools more15'luniform. Iote tie prgress Ilade by westerl
oatd1aieo1 the opinionlthalit thils -_________
+1 + 4 ++* y ell's ctibs shotldl be erlllited to For the Support o a Free Bed, college teallms it tei (itter (f de-
Kela s Tar Stoa kep tI1) oto oim at Tie University Guild of the istrctinl in defesive txltico wits
L)La1s sev eratl ofIthirl, 51115 have ill tie hfloitoopatiic llospi~ltalia aged geerally isisted uoin llte Wet
gom ta cop, ~t0 mlte- pasIt three years bee)) strenlt(lsy op- for (111 of tie 1mo(st uniqulle eter- as (f eualaimpo~((rtncle tl o ouchig
A od a sa, t iiodrosedi to havting tile clibs leave town1, tainients(of tie yarl itthtie shape il lmeto(ds of advaninelg tie bal.
lte onprce, has long been ha)ve this year modified their vietw ftm nosMs . are's mxittll ertl qlmiy(f~l l t
Soapjlst tils thle bil. iHeal- * and( have expressed tie oinion tiat Works. t'Ile etertainm~tet is to be latlv I ielallgiittti
tog soo'hing antiseptic, if the citiboowoldlwork (111i1 god givent (1111r te (directiont (f te w5eli so i~ilty lglr(rletll
andt ibsoutely pr 5 on rogram an1111give te concert itt Aiknotim dai(lir lt Mmy s ofi 11110isinctlyhigher . taitt
dawn. }aArborfiist th iey wuldtiiniiigy ideim McCsist, of PonItlad, Me., (1111118) ol5, lIIb~tI lI~ti )
erni domtzen hrtr ro ha a r konca
± (m~lttlil otmieashr rp takes the part (f Mmrs. Jaley in atie big sevem" first ieli teir oi-
WILDERSll1 HARM LiI landmled10(0andtiCiicago. Ating Tie funds laisei by this etertainteml igi vltyof jplayers
ILL LaLL upoth~ iis stggestiont tie cls willii which swill ito ive latn. 28~ emliit gv-
giet_.ner..t.tt Abr pr'ob in Uiiversity Hal, are to be msed byhe
inht j alytile week before the spring tie Guild tloiupport a, free binen o1f ('bigigames(playedi durig till
Don tau & INO . vcationlmandl ask pemissiont to make tie 11onmiopatbic Hospital. Tielat fith year, the niiiibe (f poist
Surntetiret oathe150 (015yerwe a tripo dtrinig tie vacation. cast of ecarates sill be mtade nitcrdaantechta n h v
tobet ailtisotip. ly organizeci and tite newsentetselect- tie mjrity ibeing Uniiverity st-m
R. E. JOLLY & CO., etd.'Te tswo iistrumeita clubs have dents. 'These two facts otgt cer- y,0
308 So. State Street. tot yet comtpleted titeoweeding-out tauly to1 brimgot a large andttiel- 0
--- --- process bitt silioefinitely announce thtiusiastic crotwd. -
their mtembers inext seelk.Leader _____________
Ch m i Sutphten of the Glee Club has aim '98 L. Diretort.ieosii 12 .i1-
oucdthe foloswina ment as coim- 90ian,.....1 8 )
osnrthis ears 'lu 'iiTe tnew'The JDtAMY has just received a diSihgm . 1 8 . -
vests. oigcu.Illinois ....... 11)
11101 are marked stitaim asterisk: rectory of the Lawv Class of '90('. hcago ..... 1i 8 0 1 -9
Whenl (1you ot wear your( First 'lenor-W. G. Lawtu, '99 D., The ibok is edited iyID. 1. Cee- Minnesota......... ........12,314
Sweater you ouglt to wear J. E. Watson, u00 L, * J. Croswley ver. 'ie irectory contiis the IPurdue.................. .57 157 t0
one oh these tests. it is 100 T., aiidi*N. J. iobbins, 02 11V. me ll temembersofthe class. Nrhetr ......4 29 111
cheaper thon taking col. lm
'A'stell the et ones at Second( Teor-R.[H. Sutphen,Th addressanmmiip1ursits of all the T his slows tatI the WXiconsinntd
8.50 to $2.0o Some for 'Ott L., leader, (C. J. ote, '01 L., memibiers are giveit stiere it sas 1(1(- Mlichigain tets itatve ibeen closely
tens. W. AT. Mci-ee, '19 E., AV. 'W. Ti- sille to obtain tliemiiwtilichitsas done imtcesd for the acendeyinC5mltie
nim( an, 'ti0, C. . 1 errelhl, '99 h;., and intnieary ill cases. 'ie politicaldmatter of Iefenivie sork, 'le tabld
rii2l P fll[1 fII L m Os h99,(and ter hisiors are umetisited. as ndcts. htte edngla
Fist BasistS. I. Moter, '99 (, the bot is pubihedh anually atil arc gradall y icraing thebimrgimi
_____ i~~T. . Woorow, '0t0 L.,f. W'TilasentI to vry iiemiber of the ehlass. lbetwteenm Illommelves andlithe tNveaket
REMEM I3 R Th F.,C.If~ltenolds,' Thecommittee has isued ia call foam itnee~~gevl h
7Scotnd Bas-W. C. Smithi,1'PT) he preet addrieses atd oceilha to 111(1) that the timie is near she
YOUR FRIENDS. (. .D Vrit 0 . .C toso hrynieo h ebr ihgnadWsosnwl ac
- ., L. IWo den'9*. 'Tu, oh n,F.0.0on h as outirty ntbe otainmmers.ichei uga rrel(anidcotsimisill ael
S~ils a T of L., anodeorge'9 L., d.1. oes 00(fthe ietr lmo showsll hatot lltaiigei iiterllarhmmdteSiet
veiir Calendar for 18l99, a 7 eog orem 02. St hr br ts hos hi mre so a1 lrrlngdithat theelanipiom-
Designed by Mist Lov'ell. The metbers of the Manidolini and percetageo (f tie menbers of tie ship cami be atually 011(1idi~hsutaly
'The neatest andmid ost Banjo Cubs sil e animoitced miext chias are praticing tteir professiom. ,etrimied-Cslrslial.
artistic Calndar of thisek uigteltewrtite ei
seasni. PRtIC 450c" weels.ofitmoii hcateni'stedrtnitith111e__________
Souse Chicoe Books Thle Glee Club has comseted tohtmsotiecasCitlnu ite Freshmen Patronesss.
amd fancy booklets mow sing a fewm Ann Arbor songs at te army amd four ithie iavy.
ready for your inspetionIn itercolegiate Diebate tomtorrowst- The foloswimg have comseted to
at our two stores, night, before tie contest begimns. Prs. J B. Angel will dsciss tie act as patroneses for thmo Freshma
_____questin, Internationah Arbitra- Dance Friday night: Mrs.IH. B.
W A W . C. Lindlay, '96 L., has opemed to," at tie Congregatiotal Church, Hutciins, Mrs. V. C. Vaugan ani
offices for the practice of law at 526 Sunday, Jan. 15, immediately after Mrs. Fleming Carrow. It is notttex-
The Temple, 184 LaSalle St., Ci-. the morning's service, before tie pected tat Dr. Vaughan's lecture
Up row ARB DonTwPae latelyugeo the Superior charge. Every student cordially m- ry will interfere with tie attendance
State St. Opp.CorHus
nain st. court. y b vited.7 a the dammce.

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