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December 15, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-12-15

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Ptahisthed Daily (Suadays exceptedi) dariag the
College year. at
)FioEce: The ietted Presse, ifetiag Btock.
Beth Phoes 147.
F. ENEHARDait, 101 L.
0. hIL ee, '00 L.
Athletic Editor, T. B. WOODROW, '00 L.
P. W. JOES, '99, A. Hi. McDoUGALL, 'e1 B,
F. D. EcAMAt, '01 L, C. H. Lutn, '000M,
0G. D. ileescee. Bi E.
Thesubhccriptionapie ofetthe DAILY is ,2.50 tee
he college year, twith a reguarel civeryheforee
neat each day. Notices, communications, atd
otherematteintended ter pelicatioamutactbe
handed in at the DALY offee hefoecS5p. m., o
maailed to the editoefohete3 9p . t the day
previousatlethal at which the yare expected to
Sc heiptiace may ibt taft at the DAILY Oftie,
Meye's, oa toetctanewstantd, at with Biesse
Aauager. Stubtcries will cnfetatfavorhy
reportiiag promtptly at tisaoffice any tailure at
carries to deltverepapet.
All cagee it advertisin- matter austt he ia
the oafiet hy4 p. a. at the aay preious to that
an which they ate to tappear.

Kinyon; Feb. 23, 4 p. mt., at hot-
pital, Topography of the Cheat
Illustrated on the Subject. Prof.
Hinodale; 7:30 p. inc, Surgical
'techuique, Prof. LeSeure; Feb. 24,
p. it., Thlerapeutico in Surgery, Prof.
Dewey; 7:30 p. mt., Tlreatment of the
Commion Diseaoes of the Ear, Priof.
Copeland; Feb. 27, 4 p. u., Ex-
perienices it a Military Hospital.
Prof. LeSeure; 7:30 p. in., Heredity,
Prof. Hinodale; Feb. 28, 4 p, .,i
PTe Preoent Status of Gynaecological
Surgery. H. F. Biggar, LL. D., K.
D.; 7:30 p. in., Surgery if the Brain,
Dr. H. F. Biggar; March 1, 4 p. in.,
rhe Trained Nuroe andi the Geiteral
Practitioner, Prof. Ceopeland; 7:30 p.
mt., Tue Clinical Imiportance of Uri-
iiary Analysis, D)ean T1. Smtith, A.
M., M. D.; Mlarch 2, 4 p. ni., Dif-
ferential Therapeutics, Praif. Dewey;
7:30 p. in., Genteral Discuasion of
Medical aiid Surgical Topics, led by
Prof. Kiiayoin.
Clinical-Feb. 27, 1 p.itt., Opsera-
tive GyneologyPacf. Kinyon; Feb.
28, $ a. it., Olierative Surgery, Prof.
LeSeure; 1 p. mt Opeitivie (Oph-
thalimoliogy, Pact. Copelend; 3 p. in.,
Neutological Clinic, Prof. Dewvey;
March 1, 9 a. in. Geinerdl Operative
Clinic, Dr. H.1F. Biegar; 2 p. in.,
General Medicine, Piof. Hintodale;

New Courses in the Homoeopathic M~arch 2, 95 a.i., Gynccoiogy, Prof.
Department. Kinyonci 2 p. -in., Ear, Nose and
lTroat Clinic, Prof. Ciopeland; March
Th le aninouincemieint of the gradite 3, 9 a.ini, Surgery, Prof. LeSeure.
anti practical coitrses eof thte Uone______-______
pathice Medical College of the Uni- Mist Nellie Butts, foricerly of
versity foi' 1899 has jutst bienissoted. Ann Arboi, but nitt living iin Past.
The giaduate course begiiis Feb. 14, dea, al., Itas recenttly tent to tuis
and the praictical cliinical course Felt city, a lite of beautiful Mexican haind-
28. BIoethiettarses close March 3. catrveil leather ntovelties. Tue artii-
Tue ainm if the grtadutate course is to cems are tmate tof the fittest calfskin
furitishi Uniiveirsity privileges to the aidtthle designts are liaindltrituglit.
pitysician eiigaged in active' pra(ctice, This worc is quiite aunique' aitd rarely
as svell tts tot coiiltegetudtiients. ''le foiuiid iii the Fatst. Miss Butts' stork
couirse conusists eef Iwo lectuire's t a a, cata he seit it Arnotltd's, Hailer's atid
out' at 4 o'clock in tiii afteittiteiti at Mrs. Lovell's, cornier Sttate aitnd
thin ether ini the eveninig. Slicial Williams.
laboratory swtrk asill lie arragedl for
tose whott desire it. Unity Club Lecture.
Th'lere will lie iit fee for ite elini- Prof. J.E.IReighiard silil delivet
cal cocirse, atndlphisic'iains are invited his lecttute 'o ''-lie Biolotgy of tileoatn smn ra e etrs ra ae"bfr h nt iib
Te swork of the liomoetipathitc lectre is substituted at tuis timle fr
faculty weill he reitiforced by cie that of IPiof. 1.Hucints, which
assistance of Dieai T'I. Smiitli, A. M., till he giveti after holidays. Prof'.
Ml. D., of Jacksoaniitid H. F. Big-iteigliard's lictturi'wvts very miuece
gar, u L. D.; M. D., of Cievelatid. enjoysed weni it wats givent reenltly-
Thle compldete schteduele of leettireshbtfiie the zoelogical Field Club. It
for the ceoirses is as fcilliows: is illustrated bystroicnve .
Graduate-Febi. 14, 4 p.inteeitst
Affectionus of the Infaitile Digestie Dr'lorItcrtrinGita
Orgtiits, XVr. . Hinusdelt', A. Mt., I. .FoeIsrco nGrn
D.; 7 :3(1 i. in., t-eflexes aitil efra ct Ito sais recetly st very seriously
tiont, 1R. S. Coe'laned, A. M., M.H.; 1)1iii 5~t hipnteumonia is nose muchcl
Felt. 15, 4 p. it., Differenttiaul Stir-hietter.Tho iuglh still qutieseeak lie
gictil Diiuyeiusi-, Oscat' LeSeure, ,H1 isablc to sit itp, but will not tadke
D. ; 7:30 p. ill., Pathology of thie lirecif his classes unttil after the
Puerperturt, C. A. Kiniyoii, M. D.;iolidays.a
Feb. 16, 4 p. ti., Sotmte Pitsontt the
Vegetable Acidso, W. A. Duwty, M.
D.; 7:30 ps' im., 'reaitienit of Alfec. Athens The~atre
tioiis of the hInfatiiile Digestive -
By secia aL o crt etit r
Orgaits, Prif. Hinsedale; Felt. 17, 4 By.eII~a.e1S hteittia
p. iin., ('tatrliof1thc Nose and MR. JOHN GRIFFIT H
Inifectiont freoni tie Standpottint of thi
Sturgeon, Prof'. LeSeuire; Felt. 18. 4 An Enemy to
Affection.i, Prol'.IDesvey; 7:30 p. i., Th ig
Uteriiie Dislacemtentis, their Treat. TWO NIGHTS,
attenti t Pessaries, Prsf'. Kinuyon; Fridav and Saturday, Dec. 15, 16,
Felt. 20, 4 p. ini., Obstetruc' Surgery, *Withlutettaigintactce'tc, aceney, eic.
Prof. Kintyont; 7:30 p. t., Soite itt- Priesc, 50,cr, 75C and $1.00.
Meilica, Priif. Dewvey; Feb. 21, 4 p. U IE ST
111The Liver. Proif. Hlinsdatle; 7:301 U I E ST
P. n., Mistakes ini Eye 'Treatmuent, School of Dancing
Prof. Coptelandet; Felt. 22, 4 p. in.,
Surgery of the Jolnts, Prof. LeSeuire; Granger's Academy.
7:30 p. Ini., Pelvic Tumors, Prof. B(atliPatun e 24.

Cutting, Reyer & Co.
Have atre antI complete line of
FLEECE LINED (both wiol atd cotton fleeed),
all made t.o keep you warm.
201-203 SOUTH MAIN ST.
AM. EX. Mams :6a~aar
We recipt for packages to
go by express and take care of HEADQUARTERS
them for you. Alsit issue Am.
Ex. Moiney Orders, the best me-' For LAMPS of all kinds, POEtCE-
diumt for sending remtittances by LAIN CHIAMIIEIE SETS, DINNER
These are great conveniences SETS aid FANCY CHINA. Japan-
for this part of the city. ese Goods and Novelti.
J. J. QUARRY, 115 . MAIN ST.
We wilfor the next 30 days, coitminicing Nov.
18tH, tilfer str mc's $3.50 Heavy Box Calf, Tan
Stsrmt Calf, Double Sole and Calf Shues for $3.00
WIRfR & MI[[[R The Soe Mn.
Prices from $15 U p. .p ti
'4 < Best
COLLEGE weteeywheetae inited ted Cr the Wahurna Suveni Ctalg.
I t cntains eeaely 3w prtraiteofaratist and clegian,heide gitngeowe accunt
or the aettttttr. ci fWahuecintretset and a cmplete litnet pice.
Fiestlant wavec deaers the arid ve ell Wathurtn, atintumentstrut
atained fraw the mactrs
liii OVERI
ti9 (Wet Washington Street
iState Phone 14. Both Phones, N. 108. Ann Arbor.


c.Osc Pacssucs
With the esoting and goingo the sans are the fashions
in Shoes. The Styles ut yesterday are icon fosrgatten in the desirectar
that of to-morow. Seear windows tee the heel up-tc-date tine at
the stlietar to-mosreow.
AB U 'S SHOE TOREA'nllaaitinxgtan St.,

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