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December 12, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-12-12

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EX-SECY DAY. Charges Against Stagg. Winners in the Debating Finals.
X ~V I 114 J I~ _Charges have cmie from Wiscn- The following won the places in
May Possibly Speak Here Feb. 22. sin claiming that Stagg had rne o society debates Saturday evening:
The students and people of this his Chicago teams this fall ho, though Wester Society-M. E. Wison.
T T city may have aim opportunity to (in regular students, were being paid fo first; G. S. Lathers, second; F. D
H FIE FAL SUTING. Hwho conducted his deprtnment with Burnett, the two guards, have left Jeffersoniani Society-D. E. Dan-
so much dignityan stamina during college amdi i reported that Cava- membsrg, first; . m . Mlholland,
E E the Spanishm war, mnext February. ntmagh, the ig center, will leave at seod; Rydelci, third.
It is well knownm that tielwst-Christmas. Cavanaumghm was bhlind Alpha Nu-. 11. Carmody, frst;
dents have aim established customof in his studies almd]lhe may ie leavimg E. F. Rieinfrank, secomndi;(G. A
T WE CARRY THE LARESLT brimging some mam of matiomnal repu- ol that acoumt, lit it certainly Ohinger, tiiru.
tatiomit this city oni each succeedling looks suspicious whemi three meni leave Adelpi-L. Younmg, first; Wm. B.
ASTOCK A Wasingt's birthday (Feb. 22) to college so soon after tie season closes. Harrisom, second; B. B. Johmson,
I NTH CIY.give aim address. Presidemnt MC- Prof. Stagg has always been a firm third.
4 N HECIY.inley, ex-PresidemtCieve ammd, Hon. believer in ammater athletics and it lie two law societies will have
Johnm M. Thumrstomnamd others have is hardi to believe that he would re their final Tuesday, Dec. 20, and the
LI graced the phitformmof University sort to amy such metiods to secure a liberary societies will meet tie fol-
g~hal oii occasiomms of this chmracter. good team. Tiers is harm feelimg lowngevemnig, Dec. 21.
9 U Wh~lat is mmre fittimg thanii t tie betweemi Wiseonsin amd Chicago amd Iirimmimtie list of tose successful it
fog E. WASNGTcON ST. end of the Spamish war, amdmat tie the charges may be without fomimdmi- loiks s if we should have ii very
B R ~~~~comiclusonmtie peace egmtititon, tliami tiomn. Stag's action iiitie Godonistomg temmi to reresemtit siaginst
that ex-Secretary Daiy slioummile Clarke cimse showed hiimm to le f Pensylania. Tie damte for the fimal
____ sked to deliver the mddress? Doubly stromg rimcipile as regrds pr- item iy I mm deate ha~s iot been
sis it bemase le is ami alummiius of fessionialismmaid iiehigmmu studiemts hied, but will come oil soomi after
tie hUnivrsity, havig gramdmate il miilie loath tim hilieve hiimm guilty of Clrisitmias
- - =here ini 1870. If his dities in Pmrssc hc hari limge. What the President ohm Johns Hop.
\7 wolih themmiiaifeli omim imissmvlmm~, eicanFellodship- hin Would Do With a Million.
Viln*fh a eidcdl oe mrcnFlosisiln tie imvitmitimoni ammiiimm iivimg o, Tie AmmeianSchool f Cassimcal mPeient CGilmanmiiwmmicrecenty
┬▒ (1s.,- ms-ill e exiemilvil i mlii.Sui mle itiome omertee iiccfelilowm msied mwiiat oullbe mimomeit Julins
tkD ttninonS iy i i, tlie mmmii miittee mwloiihmmec liiisipicfom-48991900. 9Tmm fist llopkimns CUivemsiyitimthelii ft mf
j aL1I~ I~n ammtter ei mmhrge are i cirrvcplici- amountsmmito $600)maiiiis gi venibylthe5amilionmidollasIni- hmreplyle salm1
' s mmneemiii 2mihim mmc ui~slnimgislme mlAehlmmilmlIsitummivof Ameiima;t m imimicumly tie lbet iscof smmviia
M andlinI. a*lumnusmm, miiriaidmOpovie f-mm-mmc- lie sem-immiof ttvurstim e mmmm-clveim litmmmiiimmwouli i:to mmcccl it mmd cmii
Ws ~~ ~~ entrI-rt ar-, f IOlio, totilmli iii- ci-Iiml - andiit1me mhirdiif' $50,lrot iliiimit iii iiiiiicei iiiii mmi
WI LDERh-'SPH-ARMi/ACY .- v.'ii-I m1cmimmJ m i ,m i fmimm i1m--iun u smml. ( mmmmmi_1=m-t ust limibt m i'mespmcemmi-
+ a sot tg sre. theain-iiiisarmmmaiiiiithin-facii that mmi.liie melvi m tl thec (imeoundal iimmmonmiicfmmim enim m rofesmsmmmir-i
++++~+++ +++++'is a-iii mu miu cof thin U.-of M ill mIiatmed-sc m of g iiimiartI"iimiimita
leb mully expliimmimti-m heis al e-mmmimc iimvismcii mmmiand-cole gs i hit- i-smieitlmiiimmmiimui 1))
~4444444444444444 exceptmmionstoemist:cmmhimice.mm1. e mmi i is- Rlvclio m etiinti-i mniy cul gvmes vvller um
Oi~in Da u au nd ight.imm-e cmmjmgmi
weniciiemimrvsimdem ic i m ii mimiatigafltie- mumimmgimdefy-mmormii >r.- of mthmie uiive-sity lie folloinig:
is. lig i. recep1tioni to tithmem-.ino atmml\mcvmmfmitjohmms Illop~kins .Aieimimsemimcmmmtifmm
R. E. JOLLY & CO., Uiversity, nommcei tanFmurylvmmix i brarym-mm- o(f anmyamommummt.
its So. State Street- i A U. ofm M. Hero. 1, 189).- Ex-aminatmionmsicmill b llvm 2. Aid for ieservimg students.
I lere is amnothem-Llhio- il hrofh.m-miPehrummimv14, 1,5mamidIi t mcmllgs 3.mAmi athmtic filmd,chere al lh-
_____________________________ flo-ctmeSpanishi mma. Time- fmmclc re Imkeum reimmi-scented l emim luimigimg cem- ~lii 1shunts uigit lem-mmvmurag(].
C rsm sfrommitie Mivlhiganm Almmmmmmmms: Weiluite Records oi Eastern Teams.
brs asSamuel ID, ex-'95 L., (Cmiicgo - - -
Emnlisted ini 1st Iinoieis Viiiunmmier Seior Party.lie foloinrmg is mm smmumuy mittie
J Ifatry, trmanferred, biy appicionmmmm, 1Pre,. Virdier hums amppoiteduilie recrds mimde y te sx bin- Esere
or Iber. tim Engimneer Cori-is inf egumlmr mrmy followrmgin-minimumitiee to marrmngefo temmms dhurinmi tie hmast seasmonm:
ti mmiscm mi mnimiirolaes first-class privmate. (limimrininItictie recepionmandmdaelmmmtom be given -
wsiitninindwimlmmi imac euei- Smntiago o reprl as hprivate engineerc 11mm-'91 fotbamlil emmuim next Satummdimyq
amd s resm iin s ip me ncmamy ,miyi"O -ciimipmiu
mca meim Nc , somtrachmasgc fcr but mvms nomt alomed to ila mmi m- II.- 11. Corinm, Chms. Deibrimge, CG- m
pcni rim iih impingm im inmmmms mm e i 11c tii teee mmu:1 . icimi-
heiki city immfinee. iicr-mcount of yelomw fever. Repiortedl to A. RIll mmiu, A. 11. Keith mimmd G.
Gcii Miles mt Guamnmtmanaimo, mmd . Pau. Thec-pcarty mill pirobmbly a mi.
womm(inked linays bumuiigpier; enmt he givenmin lie mome's gymnaimsieum. Piiiimmi comm m 1 2 Csii c-rm
G (I11S'! rId IlldGU. to Puemrto Rico mwih encMilhies, lanme- It mill me(f ia strcly iformal m-u uavcciuim mci5 mcl ii11 c24-mm
mum0atOGummnia. Attech masou, teremmmiiievey umemumer of tie senimr tac...mmmc . iii 3 mm11 ic-mm
- y - then iwemt timPumce, wiierm he stiler. clinis is inviteddui iirged to be ipres- miii- imindicn mm cusso
RememberYourintendemi gangs of namtivec stevedores emm. east yemr tie '99 class gave- _
unloadinhg sppies. He aftermwards tliike afais i tie Bmarbour gymmm- Mlrs. Alice FreemanmmPlmmer, for-
rinsactedl as scout mndmin uterpreer till timeiiumiwuhichi provecitoIsIceir)- enjy-umery ipesdenmt elesey College,
With a U of 4[i wonm signing of tie uprotocol, mmnc soomi able functions.mand iwife min Ptrf. C. . I.Pmlmer of
emnir Calendalmr fmc 1s899 after returned timtie Uniticel Stats imi m ieAmei-u Harvmard, was rmnmdownu by at bicy-
lesigned by isim ovei. sick iwithm a fever. M.Wel Thi i ie clege mni h mr c litani tivr Cleeai iml
11mm- neatest amd mmmsi thre skirmisihes mtCGummiica rimnihmcmi armmymntmePhimlippines have organ- injedu. She miii recover. Mrs
artisltc t'ihi lar min ttime at Acecibmm idi a social cimb andm call it tie Pmalmr is veiy prominmemtim educa
ceasom. vPdlTE .ro.- University Ciub of Manilma. Its tional circles anmi is conuected with
Some Choioce Books FaI-cIml .V mumlmmn, mmtmmmv suduent, membersip imcudeis men frommi Canm- tm miest fCiao-Siei
rady faoyooklnsetions foumd a check fr 8$432, fnmiyaibe tic lbridge, Oxford, Edinburg, Cornell, ┬░tihia galae
at our two stores, bearer, omi Liberty street Satmuimay. lie "ltaicvmrd, Ymle, Couummbim, Prinmceton,-
has mot yet found lie ownuer athmoughiMihimgmiammand Pennusyvamia. Only Tutu thousandelnie hudred and
W A y-9 li emtiithout his dinner iii tyimg privates mmmii mo-cmommisimcmed cm/Sers foty mmi hamve heemnadmitted to tie
\X "A j~~j j~<~ to locate himi.tar. Vanilin shoulmd are eligible tim membrshi. 'lie cub Phil Bea Kappa Sciey of Yale.
ak a goodi momesti lawiyer.- was organized about tioimomths ago This society has existed there for 118
ANN ARBOR Arngus. and now has neary 150 umembers. years.
UP rown - Daw owa..____.__ _________________________
Suac S. Opp. CureHouse Orhankgiing offer-The DAILY ste00min Oumrimuhnkgiig smler-tie DALY 82.00in (limeThnksgiving Ouer-The DAILY 82.00.umm
train S. advairnce fr eusinf er. madvane finrs, mnuofyemr. dva m n eres sf ya.

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