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December 08, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-12-08

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EASTERN QUESTION. seize upon the Slavonic portion of COMMUNICATION.-
the Balkans, and also uIon Armenia. Editor U. of A.1DaI~ily.
President Angell Addresses the Nor Il Syria Kussia is playing a quiet
mal Lecture Association. littl, game by filling the religios 0seein yesterday's DILY is'an at-
T ~schools of the (ircian Catliocfaithi tempi1t to e-xlaii 011s o f tle points
T Last 'Tnesday evening in the Nor- with IRussianO tosrll'r wo viiwgill rarued by too the la- be, l-dis
FINE FALL SWlTINGS. H ~n au iat'he irt Ypsilnti, Preidenl~it tally ~p~epaetheir pupil for Russin i lgit be 0xecteld the ll synlpty
H] H elgaveteh-tpublic expres rule. odge 011Wa s0(1ed to idevor to qiet
011)11 (f his viewts on the Easternt -- - - tie seetingly troubled wV ate r. Who
E OC E qust ion. The sa res 11was a vrey FIELD AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT. 11110andlit 1sitgle word11 agist the
lllterestilg tttd nhAreive 1o11, and1111othoflitel ilballul oItig ~lgof a
pose01011 tielue 1 of com~ling ftott Unicersiti ol Chiago Mai Get Ath.soulvlir to tie file 1101v11 talot -
T WE CARRY THE LAREST Ti11 ll'lihortiy. 'rito ubet wao treat- letic Grounds Before Neo Year's. fletoll (ihieago? Insteadl f anoter-
ASOKA Iherli are 01w 0 Eaternl ques0tins, the lthilitueli il ined il) Istdetat iiaieletre tig l 11letilo''- fo
IN TE;IY n ocrigteft fill ad te iversiy lot Chicago ysloil tigsw ici tie Ahle1ti' Ns. lciitilltl
L n i n d t e o he e l ng w t he t a1he p o o ed p r h se o1l r o g tt l1o ll m e, t l 1 oo 111 15fis
0 Otil 11031 111111aldt tie le kanis 111111 111 11141VI' 01111 Iiligl to sa10ors
15E WA HN T N S rsdl AIg1 110shalltt'it le t ie111ld f 110d 3111join i t 1111k. OTrid - p ' I y1011
H (i5S~tol~ls 11101 h~'11 ~lt gl fter i 0tls oteunvs ithI ake begun 100 0ll~ 1' 1 > tl l
O*01111110h ornof he tiltaanatieca pig oge de o 1v l tie ofkSatlt 011t11'1a')a's1,0on
10-. A HNG OlT. P i t))1110 ge ll s cnre d il 11 IititIIIV'liy m1111t l e lf.l' Fo111' Ai ', 13ngs beeit, I .ol
CHAIVIOIS ESTi '''pa liginfot herietbein I anyliil t '51 oil lhe bolampuslitiltthe gill l, 1that;1111100 ltly 0 11'theC ile
difc lyi tenvrcai1 nenlOr ftrtust1eie01 s w ti' ma e a 1er1i1c 10111110 vaI lI' 1111''o neillS
111111 51 p disensios whic keep 1- l''tteir, oll'u-efo rt tall1 e01 1tile money1 forthe gladm ore 111111 iit1lloe tC 1 11a0d1that loo
mea in eont at trmol alotcon h ppi11prso1thn1IecIIr illth
5v 1 0 i v ; n I l V l ? + X u iol-i t hree B arr ns ll A n-riui'.1 ov e ti d p at l n s a l h i t a r s ,t r
then ly a exage u f he rll. iie d l).i el) IlllnlIb it ltlllC dli- f111) h1imi tl isowlbylai tnlt 015 1111is
into)11.5e-teso-and pl4lill hinonelo'lt.ol101'el if' rck t ronllllllth ' 111110thI)t 1the lwere l'oses
11 xig)'ltlo. 111 tg II so ort theo'oftheo un'11e'seitolrty pn teCH S PR T TO S r nilt' 11111prsperos.1nd1 10 ho pl he, n e oh lie B rtill' Cloi isgll
taro hibhouslusltaeiitbhis iloi
ANI~ iD iiugveN ienl'l'rk000ao ritunder)1 1th0511uture 10111thle o's deenol O t- i 1 1 bet " oOtiI' t Olllandl ho, Mr
of sven i egtileffeenlayti110 oo ltes"'hen l ayeditlo "r101 ote
rt istroeueoffh~a rdoy4' 1irolach of hthis1open 1'rl 11trite ingbo ck 11 r seto 0110100. ofwhih'e 111los10 los" er
others 0k.-aidl l te r liI- n baiesne -.W o htkns
_______________t ___, ___one ____ 101o1fI triict e itoe oo 010 kiluchooi b lter'oubleli 1111thcoo 50gatl0111 hhefsirnof ancialt" 011
tog litle, f cil]dndbaea ing o t 1 1111ecent Ann 'eo s l ja~i 011 ho o,'o 1 01 i ty .111 11 'think i''stdtoo 3 011 a d hoo
yo n ra" n eAos oon the e ld 00111orl I thole111. Ihirg110uxraad~
o~ue emm db l r 11 te hi'oho1111 hoa'+Ibbs '11 a ste ol Irlie block wl east oial t heloal i 111 oraletf thefalstttieos ao
WNDEwo'S11oooooAoRMACY (.. sooc here hrn ll'tuelo a iere 1 o tebsealsasi TeA.1tick he eo~t ~ioll'st, ilyl
I;s goou 00111e St eet i o 05exggil). Il-t Iso abi lre ichi~nes byeil hlti de "' w ha.th-, . so '''w s by i
Kei..o 00 notso e.s.I'eoosioey oock ofrwosso, ittiAl.,ew..,in-der.otoak foisriunat]let'o i to oi a1 t1eIlI s 'e-
to i++ ++.r oti too. lon' n + e nVtry hi k attdhhf e ata loll bn facters C iil orlaiel ls'lil aio ouldlt '(I r tioi ' eih i u
theett col- il orti otio btheer- telol.11 Ao1 a tose iuidifortio n s 111,i11ac o paeit? C iao au
II.. ( an Ni ht. 5,0() ai 6,00ofsheposinpe erity ofthewilieaqueorsity sifici as11 t efsto en thehanilutoe Clii-
6 diN[I~ [lid ll~dGU - Asan exlliloe of ile dnial es-thcinatterthe beawil es lredjto eWao, odthoest bhttyh$011ba udrmpeoh
Daring_______he ___________of ___the coagllregteed itsyenari twe werseiiiliig oiiil he litld sisllle by uiildxns fortod.unic badet b
will President Atigelt statehlut.,idtydorr in siethe p esnt claDr. our'.W. eo to id fo r e da el hyslsudfte
To gt.L~u a o ,aan thisdnho taiid r alal d it e d h es aih osa.t oteolte 110 m ot
Sl~lIS tlle as Iillieli ati in tl i ''w ies e p inoticy ndishtfo1111n, ali nd0110fur tihedenhar ,
saac. f nto o n tei.:a u,"ig btttwelies ta diig'ilsni tl ,s ao bfre ltth tts
S Tudn; E. O Li&C ., ( roudoer 7dtteneaoisitacked111-inldetiii gCmut be wdo thae te Asno f clill theatenane o riateaeipts gt
303i Sobh.s oStaetEatertqustin, thl tic field. i of lo e Marsalldiat e expees ano ifh e csa ryha skh
We hace a hew good lenotuli-hiond Dr. ~~~~uoiellgarodlie so ho r tsri t d st afed we igllt asem ell'iv te up oatse- o iocletoi ttl beti
wunt&W orf' mrcn tod ublatdit te sineftime ilflt re orwe cnnteexai trbel pw leaure ope ek yofng reha
Caseson Cotract, qhacres bafr om 010f' tur sttlrlbillsnitaondhill ner tolednivei h y e an olect"ti os u ast n
ClthBi d afr$27 aiFs111 nylalklio d scoe. o e ea anuhedsonerh t a .legtimDEADaiBOKin
Aust rmias theey eveodfina " r evo lad bofcurse are neing bethmtohy dohae ourbppu
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(Jith Bndsi........ 3 e0in h sBlanghtra rienn aSthnern ~rsienthrewrouis i lle i N ewok o resatutenithyChiagotCoe
fulLWrot S lehee..........4.00 n d poeasfth her iswar fbetweenthdprin cnuting fo th Jobl sasD . oc efeller leecsofa uprit ntyn
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War' oPresopent Anll at edirst pprngiteuniversity.T r.eT.-HIV.ld ood-cld ock.adnc.Wyshudi

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