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November 19, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-19

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~{ ~f~J p~{~ for the benefit of the U. of' M Bantd A re
Publshe Daly (andys xceted)dmrng he arte sill lbe arratnged1a(d the cc-
PbihcDoy(eo n vee tedie agto n bic~ e omtde a social event of the
yeallegeeperfrmane wiatbe11ve1111n$ thnksgiving saio:Ifson oll needa
THE UNIVERSITY DE MICHIGAN. untder the direct managemenet of Otto
"YIr:Te: Inlanl tel P enn eing Bleck. lanec'001. ewit the followintoa:ti L S0O E O I A E
Both ho 1117,Diector of' musicO Lottis Ethel, '00);
MANAGYING JroIIO . illselharge o o gr'am'l, IHiaoilBow-
1.h te~At '1 r. 1man,1 '99 L.;stange man iI$0, Ed. WeOh1111a.' 11 I-li0Ovarietlat fpoul ar jpice.
0.11 iA '0 . le raIt. 11. teSutphen. r;Cutting, Reyer & Co.
AihlillicEditor1, 'T. It.Weoee e, '0o1t.. interesting Items. Anti Arbor. _21.20Iti SoUth Masin Street.
P. w. J.., 533l~, A.t1,Met oeiLL.'01tL
F. D. Settee,'01 ,c. a'.I. Lent), 'oil M, The1'folos lg terns111Wofi lelea r '"' '-"cccc o cc.,,
(.1. Itt ccc To'1 1. Sole's report ((lay bein lterelstinlgIll The Most Delicious of all
11101'1011iorenaan hecsttuthe' rl 1,Mard25ola se t Cadies.
Thecclofc thel lice V'll11;2.5lied (tol
eceo " e ei'cc1 cIe, iceyieee 11$011 l- (11 1 1 1On Safe at am Ps Drug etore.
(,O r u~cic aice clc ccccc tconalcce 11nd esity cof Michigan l yer,1 90111'ial L7
pub c leceoccei(cciclliction1111111t. ire _ J. J. Q UA R
hanerl)l c lce Ilc i ,lc c e e l c t t m, or Studet fc ees e i t, 7 3c 3.613,..-cc
'mailed cict c lcl ccctr1,foe 3 p. 1in. 11Ifcte gri t f 1nd1 alan111111111(1 11111 0 ll-
tpear c l ic t h e, c' o cel sicc m01, 8330.65; 1 cc,,ioP l s $91i.
J te '1 1 -1 11w l1cn e f v r b 1 1 1 a } 0 e e . ) i i i t~ i l
Me'n ccc opliic thiscc'ceiclceccic" tlcc'ctcoctrr nrr ~e e 2 62.3;cSehtHarisonll cicifo tl nst c0days(1111 (1(1Nov
Al ca in li c ci i cci a t cilt ce , in ccc0, 9it lit1) 1111 1(
thec cice Ic 4p an. oeth Ie cdac cecelecco ht106cl 18.59; '14 e111cS5 'e cclar11111 ?1;).18thC, cclfer1out.1mldCc' $ 3010 vy Bx ('111, a
on wccihcht ae to Ia licaree.70, Ford111 ,31er, 5c'r 1001, )1 tune 31 0101a1 f,1 DoI ble bol1 1nd Cl S111100fill $300
Th fl ilfosice edtotial frdo tile lid1 I$1,18497; ' 1 E.S rcflfs l
U. ofi( . eekl l1-ICIlVlgciccc' ilfcd. 38.4d dl r chtici i clWARI'R & MI[[[R, The So Mn.
tfhantI cc flictcclc cltl W e cfeel du1 1 ,53.43;' '11.0 cl i 1 eil fond ccc2i )3.n
hont l cma ec'owce! ficlppeflo3 1 'Ill e 'lncialcci , 91.66ti; (G.
oganized chieering be, 'elice' I'c'-hiee '('1 ilcl c1ls,'14 158.13; Niccrce .11111cc i a~a
givng tganje, I l clc c cllc U te'liens cci$2,145.3;" 1. 1. botay foc 1501111111),r
us, if'Chicago selcsl:g el1111 yl'ltu11t, liln1ut 1 0. For 1 ,1MIS ofall ofinds.
audiblie1or'intllfigiblel'at11till'ge1aet Geera111pa110rccl ,1817 19,$13,i110111 1(1.L IN 111.0 IEl,51 1'S.
game 'of lie year, lie blhf1ce lwi lial125.11; Solmmer'Sholoi 4,336.(62 ;D1N1N R SET' acd "1 NI'. (111aIA.
otn thc ~~' e athle i manage'men't. 'Tle IllIi I ngne i Iciri 1111 1111 $3,897.014; 115 SeathhMain'eStJapenese Goodo and N oelitis.
p1an11rodcctivecf thl'eet reultseis: llw c I I Ilil II, $37,6f22.52; M3edi --- --
~t1c Aiicli 3I~lcgv111'l $111to ciDetip c acclc, $4111011 71; lDlc(In IINEY LOANED MIVAKE A STRIKE
serve a section nt hell110cettre cf tihe ccl3 11011 111111(,l Damonds,4hin),1or otteV Per-
feld f'cr thic'V'\aI'ily trocot', o t iii ld epajrtmccecct, ,,12,841.91); lRocco-lc. ceal Itoe- -A r -
iticro' thianc$1 icc Ie olargoci fcr thiee iPllicene~iilnlcltl,w, 0;;OUn'iversity SWATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRED BOW~LI NG IALLE'Y.
cchosplefitali 11787315; to opthic ho oficc.e t r1ecidecce 3301 L. Liety 0.. AccA. 310 . Main St.
t'ctete,11 ctill 1t iec~~oo ili, $2,71)7.08.Ic 1:1W cccl' ad 11cc 30 ccci1 o . ' 'In. M AH ON EY, - Proprietor.
,____________Jeph C. Watt.
111e 1ptle ln llnllI'IIf viwit tue UIjivieri- BrO cim e'llconlcl ~d-h a c' eccclDiateicci'.optt Say antitNigt.
oityto IIbe alo e t urhsetem t hImIinf'h hei - - fyug lon fnd w nttbc o. o d las ightl IChase__99_1)
sifce y a 3 lcl110 l li'io wfit si A lt ed naeri ol f plic e9t ie._____
loyer~f a1)11Chicago icat buy a 1't 11001 IlitI3'' i' irlietc
seat itcI tc' rocoters ecrttin11101 yell.TIc'eil be il l ciacteg'eof te nw 111101 S~J1 D N
3300 0111n1o11ieliene that the iathlfetiectr11111)'rcoo 111111d iccve c'ciitrcii cf all 1
mttna~gnotll dari e ninitue their lpropeoties perailnIiceC II theellsoi'lCn-E LST DI N
plcofgrocveinitgvneality adr-tiot. _hHE
main11 stolidly indifferett o the just Notice. CUNTRIY [
antd righteousliappcactiofccthe 11111e0'- 10'hter wil I 1 tt upis' IReiitl j1[OVER
grat'e11b0ody." 'he . of 1. Athltictiegiventin11Friezo Memobrilll Htt11011SMOKE
Associatint ias 111111e1111mplep- Moday, Nov. 21, aC 4:30 p. tn.
visionls for seats for rootet's, a1n11 whit
is nteeded11 tnov is rooters CII fill tem. T i -t er-
Seatcsxiii be ont sale yet today tF
Sl eef111t 111111everyonle woccait at- l1
HIf"UfYo Wnt(r Binigor Rling, r ianything inc 00r line, no natter
U of M. Minstrels. I AT~HF$N$ I Y.1an how' saalor (onw lage,
At a meedtinig held y'ecterdaytt afterj- a Job of W A O I
takentinI 11r1e11a11011tioniforha llg11111 9" '" rIIitingi1 o for yot. tall atd get acqaiteu.
trel 0111110totb inbc'$101 s~'tudentsihot TI ~Te nland Pess,
nowh~Crstaliedint tn 1 CnaFT _nteroolloiato Buroau ol G&M01116 e otuN.
ztionl Ithici 501 td 5serhled illitcn- S.J tc5l tli tc1itctttheGOTRE LL & LEONA1RD0.
,111110given :ll "dlii'eght yeatrs agoccby dt lout:;12 cct ibIIletyed. untitlI su-e ~ o n; n od ae oodradrne. As ls
sttio ldc n Iillc'li lie igrea tet l t e !,t''5 iy. Nice.2,;hor. it a. icoc . ii tc1.(1,(oni.(11 lcd 0111 o odr.111ene Io0ls
Scciccicto'.' n1-e l our X'7ce ob' .ow, eGan 0 Cle, Class Hats ane Caps, 0Class College P'co. Addes
of 111ny (11e1nteta i tIevrlundtakenII ltd 11 glte eec, b n picet1ticdoall oic .Cw* E RN, -we tt Xng.,
Thei,'presen tilan tohvte
ic. o110 ieIh InWho 'e I AL ver)
cuti irs cine ilck itsle.Th 'i s _rALL f L htokid.'r
tImbeber llt hu itclueo ieidie thie s1)e ' £"u adPpoi tth tlei N t Ltin~. sCa51.1 ELE
01111 artists, teI'. f Al ]ti'an 24 11 Wet W zsIhiog=tonISret
pieces;, 'Vatsity (glee Citib antdi'Var W. S. P ARK ER, State Phone 144. Boh Poe, No. 10. Ann Arbor.
sity Bantjo and1111 olinicii lCiitbs.___315____S.___State_______Call_____in___and____see____him.___
Bone f ite besltton1 talet intile 35S tt. L nadsehm
Utniersity i is auly 9igoli, 111111nl UNIV ERSI TY ~ I lsePcs
o wiii be allowed in the oganzIttiel' AX ih the e icg cd gig of th sasnslOarc the fashioons
tion 001111s0 nocCablfe to do a g 5chool of Dancing iShioes. 'TeStyic ftday a1- C rcsiocnfrten0c, it tho deire fort
trtt. 'T'he street itrp l xii ~C tt oT to-mro . e' our wind1onw1011)'. te dli.(cst i-od' i ndd e o
made a special featttre. Granger's Academy. syc ctitco'
It is te intentiont to give the sitow l'en Ponie ;2,. 1I!f1 RiIL'S &SHO[ STORE ,J .bo.f~rs.

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