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November 09, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-09

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ra}ilbe'rrat1'rd, bt as y t the)y 50 L ES R E S IS 550
XJt. efat havie not gn iltreucn ant for thes
Pulihd alytnnas sepe> iin hocf his name. drit C. Anison is no 110 L E SE G U TS $50
Calte oiyatna year.ceta l)it h f e ra o i p rte
TH UIVRSTYOFMIHIA. 1he 01 -!i ae are ttbe on- Single or doulle Breasted, French faed and nielylpiped
ducltee~ly fo trtaatrs , ad l with sti. In the ct you will find the handiwork of
eart: ir heIt tai lrto, Iteaing Blok. mani is est 'd wltta is IIorailglily an artist, ad iat the builu tle work of compeent tailor.
lot t eaoeot117faamilir ithlitheit atal lisprtstoin! See trs befre butyng.
iAAIN Jt)It.)1lo. this coutrit y . lBrya, foriner)
. FEn tt t i, '01 IL. diliretir (1l r S (ta( t al t trlliitel mC t il V
Cutting, Reyer & Co.
EU~SnN' S A CI IIE . rl~iutcariy, haisaalso b1een 1 iirttioied.I
0 .11ITANAlott tLt. 1'11tC quaistionli till ite settleil sonaa
Si tllorlI. ill tr fMr. Perl's retrn, slid thaere Amn Arbor. 201-203 sout Ma in Street.
AthlaitIt ditittat. I. ttttttaoa, toiC miyiai e tar ivs It' tit i s ttittag the atli - - - - ___ _________________________
5. W. Jetint, i, A.11, Mt o c.Ltta t r.tt , a l ees bt it r r t.'irt tointment it ataae pl-'
F. D. Esmean011. C' .IIiCit "atM / 11.U The Most Deliciouso l
Gi. ltatatit'h I. tllara 3 at.ssre.j'Molasses Candies.
caloitat tiale 10, 15 nd 25 cent Pak'ges.
as ity 1a a ta a'..tle tn Sale at Campus DrugThsu itoprcofheDlY11- 0fr Stre
heacol- rlat ithattraaay tttet elatethr beforerott t -ac o'is.l lielil J...LOP r4 QUG ARiRY
noon e.:tta dtt. Notitae-, tttattaat ron' toae oeg tst atta t'itttitre itadIa n!itt , tat -12tat iliam1110)
othear tatru i attttaattfrtl ittaatiaaaaio tttata ithettt ..t.,r ~
haned iat te DAILY ottlrbefrle K p nt ortati., i . ' t NMePtcs.
asilaedtat tiae eaitobeoe3pIoftedy(-rviutohate witritatie a.e rtam ot)it J lP i stIa - P N
a n)} a r . a e r m t i t o e iNb c i t ttt rta lfta t a' t t h etttD A tI Y at t I a s W l s e l la l x e a d t o n n i a io o e a in uea
aller toatttttca ittrttttty ta taa , I rlasts and with popular price. itEMEMBEt THIE NAME.
Ana n l int a t, t tt tt tat tar msittltit ) e r I t'ta oa iS1 A I~? T o~gg
sowaiiai ---reta-ttaettpreidoIet o tir;a "Cit I'rais( n nlslan 218 S. MAIN ST. W fiR I IILLI,110tlIOIaJ1
Is' CARtio TA'SI S'SUEa,.Assoiallti '.,4-y.., lasbnstt ri -- ---_________________ - - __________
A. I. ilrittO AILL, by the Aaat, it ittIatral af 1'Forignll aa
Missions t kitatb. i \siati JRaams
Wrinkle. (lTurkey 11 ADistUA IT~S
Wrink~le apraredl .yesterdayi thitli Dr. WiurialS. fa Ilianla f Edil- IFor LAMPS of all kids.
thae Imot atrative ecovr it hasl5ever slillN, ra. ats gaon teLto lalorf, POI ILAIN CAMBlEtSETS.
had1Rob Waigaer lass tworkedalt at amlerains, j\Vst Africa. aunder terDINNER SEfSad FAN CY CIINA.
clevr calor s-lttaae fr le rcver dirertioan ofitIa resbran1a' a Board 11 5 Sut Mail St Japane Goods and Novelities
usedl ona the frtim be 'aailr. if Mision*.-a_
'Tle figamr f Wiitl is repro-lDr.andmmiii 'Ia-.'te as sarteal Ot. -MION'.EY( LOANED MVAKE A STRIKE
ducmetd ian solitd re'thama th iieftmes oitt S, fora thela t I.tafsatat isa ona t he otl i ml w atr chsIDiaodthota l s otrteot C e a or AT r
the fouar ealal' thi Ieprlesnt the I'Eapirates ra'i tt .\m'tAaba. TIhey '111 roery
classestil collegeae sllownl in deli- are IlldrIt irec't intoftlahe tated WATCH ES AND JEWELRY REPAIRED BOVWLING ALLEY.
('sei nt . 'Pc w oe m kng a ffri issi onf h .Ieori ,Ottier a t'talrtre,33alF.Liteat StAntnaAt 310 S. Main St.
tias 'ir whil nkm gr t lta r'aat atht he ra i te i ltat l a Att nltatnea ctnittitm;attil tauars, i
ths'sll tl'a els oiaCie attAaa'iea iatatt taia 30 at7toltatatm T. MAHONEY, - Proprietor
'fethat r it;a ela 2gChic f nei o73,.Jnaph c. tattful Wr kem y elbepod f,- - - -- thanineodhu aeesndD arnid.OpnD yadNgt
Wrinle iill tt Ilitlll Net i ta l tiahigati vs..Illin-.
XW hitehieai hlaas te draiwimg o toil 011 ilt rriy'a tis,aDetroii. Versa; ______
co~ver. It is titter' has suaal stle amd lah~t taore iae-.a ta i aiad soettas i
harmoizes veiy wll withlitharcoer.re onountaaiamedi ate III a er- ritnmiet
outati ll ICe"'tahedfor tilletsioi.'H COLL.EGE STUiENTrS
'li etr~e pace s drawn byIm tinHer-itti a ttti ttthil~'
maina Botwmia. t is entitledl '"Those 'tYou iaaw i sd a wellito i'old1er tittudatiatm
Te'mrribler Secret Scietiesan' smihoitws hic merh iatt t-fd I tbtio a( el
by the fa ethamnatey at the 'vari-ttose Nttsa'.DIpotl on'ttrllai sns COINTRY
gofanieriyi h~ati warphicts. td , afiel OVE
s very wierid. Oler drawing,tre SMOK
by Iltlber, MGeorge, Bardiii anidI r CMPN hl
Bowmani. 'hue Ieditorilals sie f oilcEEDt6OMAN
ical thjtillsa , tche oslteics ii.aitt 1 ~ ~t11
huThe mr ATHENS THEATRE, _ _
ous m1aismiata. ''le oiler litiaary EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. t___________
mtater is very gottd. 'Antiqiy of Prirrs, - 'is, 15 andatl10 eta. if You WXant Or Bnding or Ruling or anything in our ine, no nater
Jahns," amdthe generl ran of ihoart JO nL utnadJk irain how small on law" large,
jokes are given.The sease is h n . iay ~ naluJk a Job of WE C N O I
tBownma Simith andmtIBlair. Ateir atauevtttitleataaitay atrtttWtAeDO IT
Athetc ireto a Pris E Syta, ~ailPrinting for ,yo11 Call and get acquinted.
Atltcdrco tPrs lCapitan, Stusa's Comic Ope'a Tei.n li t ras',
t'oiiiiissioer CGeneral Fred 11r. InTsaat aE,4a u". 110Hrna In ilak.
Peek last writteni askig aamer of _______________________ _ ..-___
mnm t mieet himmwehile reaches) l
New York:mext weik ii(l setle aponma UNIVERSITY ~ ~ mu~h
thle most avaiaiti catiatidate for ath- , CAL LA UflHA y *i 340 S. STATE.1
letie director ittf .'l1C5 illrts atS ho l "opLposit~U~U~~ lealw Builinag
the Paris expisition. Accaorinig to -c o lof Dancing 1
C. C. Bultges,.delelgaite t argefor I-__2L w ok u lshr adI po tr
Ameica th eat wll avo th apI Gangr'sAcaemy I Have youm read Wilson's Speeches, as edited by James
Several nas ha m~ve aleady bCe ~tn . ari e fo satt deroururstrandSpeechal eladtoseseok
suggested. Mr. Hughes favors analand fI you arfll aldeamarbrne toreialweShall e on dEoskiae
will recommilend~ the apointment of 1 heMa Wh Sel C Speeches. KN' O MNAIS
WlimHaleThionmpson of the Cli- iinW o Selt oncalsl aana ht.Spcil'loilErkn
cngo Athltic Asociation, and says l'eantaalaPopconatt oAlt teal i Our Branch Here Closes Soon. tli
that Iae will have the indorsesment ot vietia - t~
the A. A. U. it the east ad west. W,. S. PARKER, -; -
Developlments from naoter souree-__ ___________ ___ ___ ______
that other candidates are likely to be 315 S. Stae. all in and see hIn 12Cose Pace~a~a,
urged. Prof. Stagg of thle University WhmtIe taming and gaing oathIe east are the fasini
of Chicago has a strong backing. ut COPYING and THESIS tWORKt\ iaSoies. 'fe t ylea at yeterday are aon forgttea in the desire for
it is doubtful whether the coach can All kind, afT ypewritig a petiaty. PTiner I itah at fat-mrrw. See or indw fr tIekest-ora-pidae line at
he inducd to becme a canidt teaonalle. A Feankinis'rpewiterPo e frni. Ie slysitartro-amrrw.
bidcdtbeoeacniae11His friends are confident the matter 1191 N. Main; Opera lonse lck. RPR6L'S SHOE STOW An55 Ator.lnS,

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