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November 09, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-09

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41 To Meet No More.
Amtovement has been set on foo t J FAR
Pablisahed aty (undaya axept) drig the a nog stdets and professors of the EXCLUSIVE
Cllegelyear, at University (f Chicago toward a coin
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. pte sepaation betweena that istituA -O
t rirr: ThinandatPres, 1imt aiag lck. tio atihl ie iniversity of Wiseonin a AlT andan tBAISE
Bot ta Phonetallila 147 ittimattersathetic. Soie of teitn-AININ ll
MANAGING ELIlaT0n. fiteitial tmettbers at the Miway itt-s4BA
a Lsaa a 1111 Coli oitittilt have Ialicthe assertoin thlat FN
BIUINES MANAGEE. VWisconsinianad Cihicago wotld notSH E
o.0. ii.liNS, '00 . eet itt ay dual cotetsts for tie =__________
I iT511t. text tet yers, and11it ishatcedttat ] ' H E 0 CUTSRE
Ahei dtrT.I.Womw the athtltet bllard will gie rdes to MLTS OElTORE s551COMaURT ueT
P. w. JON1,an.'91 A. i. MitIi'Iaii, 'IIIE, Prof. Stagg after Saurdhtysgamiae___
F. D. .CAxaN o,: L C. x. Lste oAl, notit to rntew the contract with til-___-_ -
19. 1. iII~aa~. 'i II hisconsin is expetedi to otfer111 5 i v e
jetisit and refer t tie twol yearsS i e
-contract madtte last fall, ht Sagg
hesu aa t ltiou11 pat~lII, the 1111111i1192101or seemis to hoid te leiti7 itatd. Fit- C il- ue
non ac ay Vl ,1110publica115tioi ad itie cotests are itlore Illthe adva-It till to
haad iit ll AI CtY oce foeics lamal oilatage ote badgers tta to tChcagto
mataild to 111th 1111ed (ito s 9 53 , . o the t day111 T e a ar
rei oth~I1 1 1atl wich taley I arelaecd to'1h agr etehte imoneyC m1101e
apea.al tIC a tiandtil1te manla11, butitthe mole iCSweaters He~re---
MylrSIIof1,tlol1 ilsldnd, or1111hCBusillessradical studlents at te University ol t
Aftiler a. Sa btwil al tco111fe 11111t 11fCv icr b'ae h
relllg 111011111 III a the11111 atlaay 1f1111ra of Chicaoalcbouidto iave revenge r'As Warti-as iheavy-as
All 111a11 10s111n1er1advpap ' timatltaer must belinfor swhat tey call itdicrimiate }wolyasyu attthm
thfie b~iaaIy 41.11. otthliit ay peionl lItotat protests atd lurootlractialy evey Alyovr triesor 01mfit
on11wh1i1111they are l tlo lpl. member of te nmarol~otetaim.Alovrsipsrpanwt
Wrinkle Out. Sagg a assrances tiat oter r Doohle Necks that don't
Tile secondllinumblier f Wrioklc' universitieosill 5511111 iyIlin ittany ,J. trtc ot
appeacirs todiay ibt We are unalteio pro al ltfriesthtIaty eta
reviewv it becatse of lack of space. counter itt dealig with Wisconin.i~
Alleged evidece againtt the egi Y UT Combination Underweai r
A Correction. bility of Chiciago players ao been GY SUT
We twishitoilcorret t isttteiteittseit to AititArbor,parttriclary r-;Tttale Cotonor llWool.t i(1 , i 2.00, 3.0 and 11 i 45Q
tn yesterdatys I) stY It regard tI gardig Itereitlerger, bat theatitetic IIvy Sie.
te iltilntlr of lckers talkein by the batrdi itas rfuseto ~ take lany ogni-
1111111en i till'Wortttt Gymnt~lasia..1z1ce of theinltflrmtatiotn fultriels lI 'Il.
1Tw1olhundlredi a1111thirty nine lcker Sentiment i s trong ott te liwayI " feJE i4OflI\40
tickets iavealreadly blen Jpreseted, iagintso51manliy bg amie, aditd
andl 273 woml~enl hatve beee xatmintcd especilly is tat te case with teI
for ettraneel. Considelraly itoe athltictt toard'I. Sme~l gamels till have
interest is itilng Sillltttanlaist year tol le sraitc hdfti tlisa sedledolI
ill tilt'work of till'Womlan's CGyi- Wisconsinttill1 sttfer firt. The -______ -
nasui, plans t aslowfotttttate lare fot ot _______
itore thanthreeba games.ThisIR sC' S -,
To Bianqest President Angell. CeslatlntrositveiaiIiilrtttat-ta(l AtcTa0a(t
11111tiirdi annultanbet of the ttttities to ie criptpled ii four big
Universil'tylasoaIltint of Detrit, Con~tests. Net year till'[huiverity ('~IIM1(AI, anod iP YSICAL APPARATUS.
ochcurs a leItu's-lsell ihou~se, Detroit, (f Pentntylvtania willcoue wet for 15 ICRO(SCOPI('PFIN IDING(S. lemndqarters fon il abora-
ntext Fridaty heveing 11 andiany itea-its laamel witi thtieitarootns ott Ma-tort' Supplies esothUnvriyNnt llhalfld Lclsnimtean i1z -intetAnrMc.
attenctd. The batltqutl is to be giten i it gainebtweent Nortwsternl adi
in htontorof 1roililut stnl 1Mrs, Antgcll. Chicago eacit year, andth iis eent Fine Confections
Hton.ion Mhi?. IDickitnsoniwilltoeeStoast-ca 11tpretelyI' so a
mtaster. Amltong titese tthol will re.an anualaffair rgll~i ,. ~ iBn n
51II111 t~litttsi arcHot. Ed-it A'Chocolates.
spon totoats re Hn. dwi F. The reatiots betteeit MichigttttI
(Jit, of Gratntli laids; ex-SenaortttCtialtteitttiettdfill ( O I / 200 EAST WASHINGTON STREET,
VC. W. Paltme,IHo. J. M.L . Sill ly, and a Tiankgiving dty gatte ' 316 SOUTH STATE STREET,
ad 11111. Wi. Qtinly lof Detroit. betuwen the ttwo untiversities losit fix. _
Nottittttionts flr others of te De- tre in tie uest. .
troit Assolciationtlof U. of 11. aitioti If You Want Or Bnditng, or Ruiolta, or aythng ta or tie, no matater
at-: Pestident , 'Tomttts 'W. Pahtaer; h_________________________iowv smal ar ow large1
vice-prhsidenttAlice .1TIliln saee Ibo WE CAN DO IT
tary-Cretastrer, Geohrge' P. Co. REPERTOIRE COMPANY aJbo
Titere are itt doctt intmesIfor twot -AT Tn I'Printing ot you. Cal and get aqatted.
vacanies 15for iretr. Electiont will ThIe ''' res
le heli'Atbusiess cting p ill to ATHENS THEATRE, ** ®m m' res
the baqutei EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. ___________
Sonic Interesting Figures. ltr, - aa i 0rn
presilicitiSelhlrttlluhtas lannt~onced John L. Sullivan and Jake Kilain Co. 340 S. STATE.
tat ottintt he:tll'raisinlg lof te en' i 111 Saell1hV:l o~l 5111Aa Sthojte 1,1W tliliaT
rantec rhljtirt~ni ts 0hiptyeartii ltawt! iott, 11n11 Ir
ItillicivilI'ttgitI~tiig t~ltite aitteEl Capitan, Seua's Comic nOperaubiser
level ittdifficuIlt) II harethuiemtents pt _ LwioK n
flat entrantce intot hetil'A. B. couse oal say l tlO t i ilt
cuty 3 totagittS 8 a I'a agI, ith have yohu retd Wilson's .Speeches, as edited by JamesI1
the entleringtlgaissa1ineagateeargoo n is- DeWitt Adrews, or Curran's Speeches? Tese booko
in laut 57 as agaitst 105, a faliing UNIVERSITY re flr ae att lorlbracito re 1111 tecsall be glad to have
oif of 00t per ccit antd (f nearly 50O( ( you call ad extaine tiei. Spcial Sale on E rskine
ilerceutirrllcctivel. 1resident Sittr- .School1o Dancing i Speeches. KENT'S COMMENTARIES. pl
miant pointted o ut that itt spite of this o Our Branch Here Closes Soon. I
expected decreasle in these cotroes, -..T--- 1
the aittndancee inth~e BUiversity a 7 ---r-_z -___________
a whaole has shownn asflling 1ff,1or Granger's Academy. --- - -- -- -
in other words thtat there has beenia H e it Pone 2,1,. In close Pacenaoas
gan nal tie ucarmtt.The - - _--_-:_-__ - -- -
ofini25lliter dcittn tFrs han-.- - With the cmig and goiag at the seass are the fahins
gain f2 e eti h smn GOPYING and ITH[SIS WORK i ns Shaes. 'The Styles at yesterday are uaoa frgtten an the desire fal
Greek class is especially noteworthy that fia-mrraw. See or widaws tr the eal up-u-date line at
As then critics of the elective ystem Al kind of 1p twitin-ryeler faPriSeat. tesye ooorw
predicted a decided falling off in Cle eonl.AFrkinTpwtrfrRn.
119 N Main Oper Horie Blok. RF16LSSHOE TREI An Arbor S.,
study of the classics. 19N ai pr os lc.JP~L8~fO t ahntnS.


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