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November 09, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-11-09

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VOL. IX, No. P9.


P;. I
F r-



ItIE Getting in Shape for Illinois. '99 Defeats '01. Seats for Chicago Game.
The 'Varsity's practice yesterday '99 continued her victorious career Manager Baird has issued the fol-
afternoon was much better thant that yesterday afternooti by easily defeat- lowing circtiltir in regttrd to the at-
of the day before. The te lient itig '01 itt a weell played game, 12 to railgemnent ef seats for thte Michtigant
TTnsore Os1)p and spirit in te play tttd 0. The Sophlomtores were tmtuclh conttigenit:
put nita faster gante. 'there teas also lighter tliatnte Settiors attd owittg Thte followitng iulan has beett adopt-
H FINE FALL. SUITINGS. H less funmblittg on the part of lie to te slipptery condlitiotn of te field ed for te acoittttodlltionl of Michigan
bachs, hut there i still totttmtthlifeciulldtiot step the litte plays of '911. aluttttiitt inte ditributtiott of seats
E '. E it. Steecie was ttot ottt as lie is sttf. The litter oecuired a totuchidown withiti for the Michtigatt-Chticagos football
7tferinig from a tiirtn ear. He will he two mtinuctes after platy was stairtedl gamne, to lie played at I o'clock ji.
till right by Satutrdaty. Carey andti andtlfor thte remtainder of the half off- it., 'Thtankgiving Daty, ,Note. 24, at
WECARYTH LRGST T Str eeC were not out, titd Widnian, side play wtis stottit1itoti1 that neiher Mtrsltttll Field, 57th street tttd Ellis
~ WE CRRY TH LARGET I BaraibetiandiSntow were tot litnediupti~ eamt could keep piossession oifte aveniue.
ASTOCK A T'he 'V\arsity's work onth ie defenivie bill for itny lentgthi of tine. 'Towamrd A diagraitsholinitg the ilistribu-
CIYwas stromng athe Scrubs terre nttCie clio of te half te sophomiitores tioni of seats bteteen te Citwtuiver-
INTECT. thie to mtike incilotnsideralble gintitoosk it brace atndipitshed te btail to cities, attdte prices of Clii Satlte,
ailtihough they tnstde litwoietoucons'99's 20 yardillitte, buct lost it then oitihas ibeentissoued. OmneCtthotuttiditt
L rim a~t te~ beginning of the practce. down s vid thehalf ended with te the 6,000 seats allotred to Michigan
00 McLeantiby msolett he ii'reevlvinig Theiseontd litil f 'ais but 10 mnac- ttributictiotnotig t e cr get cidates;
1o8 E. WASHtNGTON ST.' cwedige ari-ound tetackie ibefore lie Cec ]oigsanti '99Ptmtanaged Cci secure atheCii'baltatce areraildyiiiif~i,( itticcit
H I)'Vtttsity got oitto Cherplaii. touchdoilwn just iccfore titme was amncicg te alumn11i. If youitiste o
F''tittc tiCguard tntu Tecicel bCinciia lledl. A featumre oith le gamle cuts securtecselats tromut incg tise atliot-.
telienue cdidithe icesctrk fte thCliikickinig citwCi o oalsicy torwcardiCtieCd toe ciccicictiliottutuand itail
Vtircit.ic lit ti elfensivewctrk itI ting whliclh rarely sccues Cc in iitin c iircsii ici lnkC, totnce, toc
exelent:. ci Ii cl mccade tiihebelt 1lass gaicme. l ieltli itliil otiie lioger Sliertittti, 108 1Mttecteto
~i f{; ite \aritle. Il~e to ite lice buceking hall ''hoiiisitl liiiildiitg, ('iiil
®+++++*+++.. .. soneoIci offetie wtiii l i C iiio icl ae sloce goioiiendciruts. I 'iii' '00( iSac.ci ilhe ciliii ledit inte order
+ iiithielde iientsiv . e'v aiecilyuscciioyt ccti1113 ilatgiioi hdeeisive gacnle, cif lihi'receipt ofittpplieatiiins, thei
+ D octors liihe gutaitsCeblck fn ol fo tls ht ciitciini inp tileinioffetisive cwork, lbest seats beiig assigneteoictChose
+ icltngest gatill. 11 vet cc iii ii 1111 ( ies CeLeficereferee; ACtwocod i it- ictiose tpplictionus tre iiestC tc eilch
Prsrito s tul~chdwnan th t el anoth~erCor icir:; I niet Tidii aiees iciekecers. Nit app~lictio wiciilibecniee
C rsrpin h i rtbtheeig icad y ittless receivid ot or belftie'Nice 12.
+ ruts fouthCii.lencgt cithelieheld. Arrangemnents for Saturdea's Game. Apictio~iins muscttbie ini riting.
Shoui~ld t ,betieedii I ti si+ NO sictatcirscwill ice tallocwed ott MtaintgerBitirdiepiortsthat te Thbose utntccomptied icy cheek mcii
ply nl tnsstre iar~. Che ic'ld foriCte teestC of Cuiscreceus tarraigeicentstifcerte gamcewith Ili-ic-ctostimadevetally, cwiii not he cci-
ait"adit citsite eery lipre.iecii escrt tui et ttunt rct:pcil +etgciec
s1oficeto e1 tl y I.ei a ce il l hgive t i eaumsu he coiptupcciiattiCevery miniattipoimits .Alse t loted o te almn
WILDER~~~S 4 + tarestC work tey havmeciii thtis tte filet tihatte gimmmetrill he a tumd nut assigiteditim aphlicationtimllih
'tic atut state sret. yerap lays te m oCtoatfehgrger success.It is expuected thata ielacedonpulic sGe tC clouck
. + fny pasfrSatuirdtay'sgm agr rw fstudents trill g ow .in., Nv.14, a . .Spailiutg's.,
t.4444++++++++++.++.+ ih llnois. uwithi tue teaimithutnmieeer before. TT hos Ilce taltted to the mundergaduates
DONT F RGEe'1lieutp was as fuoos: sptecial trainis wihl carry time crowdtiat Attn Arbor anidimot reservedl by
O ' O G TVARIiTY SCRUtS. downrm, leavinig hiere at 9: 30 itu 12:00 them, wril also be iplaced osstle at
the OLt) RELIABLE Brown......c.........raimer o'cloctk Sauirdlay molurnuing almu] re- Splling's, at 12 o'chock 1100n1 Moti--
Honte. Hot andcold lunches Firanz ......r. g.....Alien turiing at 8:00 antd 12:00 o'cilock hum day, Nov. 21.
at alt hours. Chocolates and Ice t 'ye ... ........ ..1. g............ Iail time evemminig. Checks shuould be umade payahtle tto
Cream Soda Water, Pipes, Cigars and White...... r. t........... Larsen
Tobacco, and hull tine of Smoking Sup-. Avery ........1. t........,..... Baker Time U. of M. Baird wihl accosmpany Roger Shermnuanamd bear revemut'
plies. R. E. MOLLY &. Ct. Hicks.......... .r.e...... Ganshow the tea nu godownm onthe first trainm. stammps. No miure than ten tickets
308 So. State Street. Benett.......... 1.e...... Richardson This wihl be thieir first appearance imncvill be ahhlotted to any one person.
---- talt .....q.... .. " . Moo their nets uiniformms amidtwmll be omme It us itO yet musetted whethier or
'lTeetzel............ h. Mct~etn,Vernn ofChic features of thueutcasion. ''le iot boxes and carriage stanmds twilh be
Cough Balsam lnnon, bk... .... hiann n I3le hummad cwiii head thue lprocessionitof stit.-hprovided. In ally evemit bot ill sibe
I~lJ QU~l ___________________ uenits whou wihllmarch from the depottfvery limited ininmmbem'. Fuirther
Dr. N1ancrede Again Honored. til tCo the Ruisselh lHouse. animoumcememit ini this respect cwihl be
immeicnea bamihe s hi past Summtt~er Manjor INaiticrude Tickets niay be purcihased at onmuiade inite Chiceago papers as soomi
emeddcinecantb isadeti received the hounoirary deigiee of IL frotisiaiiyif the Athletic Directors as the mmatter is deterinedh.
jusetisuchIthins manethe D, from time University ofl Iennsyl-imnd at aity of Chie hbtoksoures. They CmnAs. BAtIRD,
jutscehnsa h amia. This is thuc lutst recemit ofucll hbhe sohd at $1.50 eachiamid iin- Graduate Director.
douctors use Cur coumghis the mianiy egreso cwhitchiiave. lieniciuthe time rundmiutiplsanid admnissiomi
amid-is Chie best tiing to betu<e pnhiiteoee' ciaiitimegae Students Home to Vote.
cs nitltm dotr medicahluegree tromniPennmsylivani iai- T_-'hie miumiberous tuidemmctis uoemit
Cotes. 25 cents. 1809.it 1883 ie receivedh a iii- Simons Wine. tomme totvoite is estimateul at abatut
E.h~ N ar degree roiimte JefferonmiMcii hie Webucter Jelf1erotuams uebate 75. Sevemiteens temnt tCIn ighanm
E. E. CALKINS. cal College at Phtiladlphuiia. Hl w eiild te last tighim. Citas. Simnm countuy otta um caratthalt titeir ex-
_________ _____________ also received the honorarmy udegre t il ccirsut, S. Saimgem' seconmd amid Geo.hemses wulumd be puail by te liotib-
A.. A1. from this Univerty imP e n- Kiumgshey Cthirdi. The judges tee cn i icouimty commmittee,andmilSmm t-
ow on Sa es Sylvaniai itt1893, aiud lhonorar~y A tiots. Bougle andtiXVilgus, amid Rev, ltur guaranitee twas semut toutite Unti-
t. froum this Chicsaimet schluui tuh o i cIilruy. T''fin uahdebacte betuveemi versity Retubmlicani Chub from ilils-.
New Third Edition of luiwimug yetar. Imm 18931 hc receivedute itertry andilahilsdec'partmen~its dale by thuse Reublicainlmansagers tif
anhilorry A. M. froim the UCimem ciwillibe hreld onuthme last Fridiay pre- tm congresionatl camopaignminii that
COOLEY'S sity of Michiganmcedimng 'lThankegivitig.itrit ________

CONSTITUTIONAL Al-Freatman to Plae A. A. H. S.
Co.ach Clarik's All-tFi'shmuantitea'mu
LAWS mwiii try cottehusicius uwithi te Ann
Bin ANDRaEW C. McLAuGHLIN, Arbor High SchiolteaCcciii'1iisciay
A.M., LL. a., erofessor at Am. History, aftermoonm at liemat ietuc fiehl.'Thme
Usisersity at Mchigas. freshmani iaveieilihuoved uconderfullIy
Cioths Bindhig....................5 nder '"ikeycs" uteage amid haice
$ Odefsated every class teiam tiiey lucre
Frill Law Shseep............... 3.00 played as well as the strung Aimma
colege shevemn. AnniAmrbor Hight has
W.,vr also a dleat record amidChic gains will
W ahr's Bookst r no doubt be close and exciting.

'fliersetrill b'- a lnit-mmg tsf thel
Comedncy Cilh u ta,at 5 p. in., ini
itui'ii9 tiCd te Matin IBuilding.
1~int1 for tue yeumrcc II be udiscumssed
andc omme uof Cle seerai~l plys nowv
miutci'ercoiusider'tationi tillIse chioseni.
A dlate lot therxatuiitatiotiiofuewr
uuucauhero ltothus botard ciii be aim-
mounced suon.
"iJack"' Condomi,uwhoutblis beenin m
the semploy of this Calumiet & Hesla
Mining Cs., is home in a visit.

Presidenit Elliott prohesies that
cohiege fraternities ciii, in time,,~
canoe Amiericamiumniversities to be
broken tip imto colleges after time-
Eniglisli 1phian.
This Alumni of thme University of
Wisconisini ied a ieethig at Mil-
waukee Saturday eveninig amid formed
an aluimni association.
'o2 Medics vs. '99 Laws, at
Fair Grounds, at 4:io This Af-

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