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September 27, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-09-27

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GYM WORK COMPULSORY. The aicerage numober of i-patients Football Practice.
frte year was 239 'ad the __
All Freshmen Must Attena tsymna- average legth ofi time- remained by Hard Work Began Yesterdaq# After-
slum Regulery. each patiet swas 2.24 days The noon at Regents' Field.
ToT 'nuecn with Novembaeir 1, laigest numbielir sif patients is the he fooitiell gadiisid sits-first
FIEFALSITH$, alfrelitein i the liter ni) de part. lipta1 t any oiii time we- 85s ad lisrd lrcicse of the year yssoc
H IE FALSITNS H sit of the Jsiiersity isill blie i- the sissllest 27. 1'le-aveae uiiiiiiaternoons. Aboiut irt ny 55055a s isc
jirel to take regular wo rkiniithle her of ptiteits for tliis s liioil yeari out aid liiel up fori i ihe rt tliii
E mot/F (y nseiui. Tiwo hors eachlswek ws hliglher' ila liirthe yeaiiof 2 The soiniig mssde by the meta s ws'
%i m stbespntit cas wrkuner moth. t as 71.68 s gaiiist eiicouraging, wshleu the fsct is Cl
Director F-izpiairick'-s cliretiiii. 62.29 for the preceediig seliuiolyer. sdrdcioltlit tle wsriegivn 'i
h ee iwill be four reglatr elasese, The numssber of de atasduirinig thelii sfor i the firsrt timhe jst la ore
SWE CARRY THE LARGEST Tflies >aadth ethrt
ia techlioetthe followeisg hour- eir ie 2ell h' isll l lissii sp The Vrs ity line i
AjC1 STOCK l.,n 3, 4 and 7 1,it,. stdeltssi o ng its-jetets 2.7. li ~ iaist theiAnn Arbr Hi ghs Seii pr
INTH CTY j they may desecpsruvidedlitsat no on115thii yeas,elsivse if letiis, light The IHsis School i eleen i hirslIc
scectiion e is-silooe-iicsr wdeid. isg, i-epsiirs assd iispiss-su-stn ts scsiagaisi e diVNasity asild5will lii iu
L L 1I sery- eli us-se swill le requsiiseds $2 1,1;)012 sill1thii-riceis e re g~is hemlii <sisnssthsis Iftensi .t
o to i-ike a liphyss ic e aisilstiii st the $2,731) is 85 1111(00 iiore- thrslsieiei-cs- l o i's scki 'Fioirctiesesconui1sil fs
0 ht ';u iiis-oft Iis wirk. A ecordiofp leuoe-.t e - s t s-. ii ire pt ssi.t tl)
tOS E. WASHINGTON ST. the ei- cc asssssios iiwilbelei-pt siss I ' liiie spiit ibrissoutseitifict Vr i-ty I rot ili c'rIilutshst fii.rl
B~orae w i l-i'-l iithsthat takeni-s iesestroiiigly ithssi the si spitl isioveci Ojiis a sfI ii
s spln'tt the cl1ne ofithlei-ysi's o irk. cowdiied.-i It iiasicbiiilt toi) 5inioiii i 11
Thesa ll ' tiie ss- ii ssro; y bis aiissi atil-ic-(3patient- sutthde greastr lpait Cary-....... L ... toc n vr rsntn i
situse'-rilihsiifyear fris s oss 0 is 85 psi stuo Alen...
110 55 s is-.- ti's st sises- s d iv yt i stis cliii 5 c- in stii isio e ss st-sii
r is ihouri lfirthesexa i nisistiii. paitests smssus o rsisio-siigtbt akislenss iciseft,c. 1 L .. I
G I.4bDh iold -1'I' - sa-si i will bei-foundsiicl I Ii ntos thespsc itajssl ianiithuss- s lgaist usoss..... C <,.L
ides 3 - i desi-sctiss DirectorisPs g -sssssti1 uui-eessiclci- t lti 1Itii
1 0 S E E wstieiuinite to--noid)-et been s-isd-sesd isiethi-Whiicos-si ..1s I, - -,t
you toiiiOusiii l ircsss sss is sisisi callibirequirieid Wisconsin Backs Down Sval es-..... L H ..t
Y O U stel.ae . You (1l i w rini s the li (t ia-isssior not. Oiles eiofithes t erlcititssslle- i esil...s...si t
tr ily 'is I it' isor i iso u Dr. tishlitr iwill sic e; tin is ssatter i c-te sietiu t h\lletic Assaii t as ity'si5 liii- iai'5it 5i(
hirys issit i thesslie of lDru-s sisislisiss this is-s ii lie tryiiig tos sele te ifoostbasll stilfse is liiass mc ngstis ti ts' is ,is
lrri ti ' s'SundseriesPhostograpit Iiiithe i s -ct r twtsai 1.-s1i-is-v-s- si-hi reii t i nol estothes ile ing e1 w hsirow d s sill sll s-e I- s-.s ;i
WILDER'S u PHARMACY n utte- i _h sssssss isafn isi-d sih isa s iben cled.fortmi c _I lbac1s, 1 iii iii isaIa oss's v '
.,. 55 hom Soill, ittal( I k iriue5 . 1lsloio( iii .si C h (ii go, to is sicis Misli i ntlt broikis ,s t h>tlsas
i) i s~r'etrh deshertsiitlh'tl iss , (Chicaigo asdsI llinoiscwill ocS sid v iisi lists iiidlmeadsis alws 'r
j id i oiit titiT icit tios ii i i tic sbetva sit1 11s iaisii t i li s iss lalt hisdsi 5 ,
t- rsesiitplsoI ' csI I ii- cii aisdsl- it iii 1 laiso isi
itN' s OG T le' totillr1-t0 2(2 lisht Iii sv slicitsttlcitit ~V~ihittit ack iiil. Wood-tl "t vLi
Illseisi- -a lestIt isissliti rsiladidasifons its ~
w t(ists is'ts lir s , i -ar- Ii} :o 5u li tii J tc iil iit 1 t)h ssa i sso I isis-,thatsui-the seyh eelnitil i I- uc i iu i
lu i -I oussah sil l I sassst siiud iss "-sit - iiioeeii3 liii s we sgsep elled th fri o mssiiihsia s sitn i i i isb h t it it
- - 5' 1 'scre i till'sbea15.st h fhior li lausst . tli cuti hey i rsil s edhito L-- 55555 6uitss watisis forii 155-1'
lities.sR.iE.JOusYstis u-s 1 s-h l it rc ull uaoui s ahletio mseit wsupass c Wisi-iiiti sut 153 his-sill t l.ve se itIc 5 e.
30sTH oLOGState sliii hues lislsigishlytmishhisscuaiisis situmlitw1111 isl(ssuh, u hssar-ea'
i- lsa usl 5iis o r(I iP isFitptickthmiss u- aiim cssi-i hss t ;sy itum grsl i c s itu us msitssollusuthe lit i h10ieti
[H S O O Y it tis e l-l l hi ii th u ii aii 5 ~iii 1 ireptir nt iu ich f'si sui t 5te I :S oori of he ~ i i 55 i r
Coo PrieseBtt m -kspteii s1,l haSt21 lu's i sislutg; ssihIn ssetisg Pim ittusi ui sil bes c-ll hi-id; le u
B ACTKIOLOGHA~ AY iworki iscoiplstorye-li )i stsseit rofe~iessotage;IN p tsre origiiiitor dolie ll., it 0 l~i i
T bull mmiiatt scsid t i soxelet euts. ee fii hsse tt aganlst i s W ssstico s iti t a s v i s s I l s i ss-I'll sei -
sATHOLOsGYs.l ims- 1.h1 hitiiysl(shl iileto his pmstn-, i sei it iii iiiedy, uisi5i
ii suite uses tat nmth aimti th tetu multIalain sit e Qucre its -s' ei suit i;'1 v )r
hnve adiis'srs r t cs-ts t ke rtistsfessii Iulcsip iertcon si tlrtiotby t hisadu t on o 05) s tl ihit V ie it Iis .',it
Ou sir Pr i icie ii s tto . Lstshes uig th eren - 'iSs AtltWisc usuum. iofuswith-c iis iii ytlplayedshlf io i tl t
SiltS istisi5 isin ilusyitc1s10i.ssOfitsisnumber h isa esingis daysif tistucdisettii.e m es ussesIf elc'asmt0--i6-
A L 55555KI ' s i im is iu - l ' vvhu e 1u p aei ,il ie n tsei( i. iti o ar es r se l esto us iesld u isyc e a il hl lite r ani ti tsue h ugus ht ss upsrit heuh lt 1s >e
5i tshehsptlan6ou-aientsihereumpitioni of isilsticussretioen togh Cdates ut hisc svu us se
55sssiusssm iceetss --i .N se ryoso - -th s1430 Wo he t ta etyisouuusuui it a d1 u co iusti sh . ciito inrm igoursi levess t hi h rtw itl ml
slliuibersmwerusesieni and the0 resmaissn--er--w---------- to Ciiesucmoitdesrousof obihe lstger done.i at~swill___e__ evry_______
lonrisn--------------------281sl thurat lscr ibs tousbe u, ng W w rststsethniew. Icuhuuicl hi
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\re - eeictefpueswr sflo scsherntisos. user TahresIuss foothssuhiInuuar i
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11 vESIFadanrfeaeaOherwSas------------ t1.reald.titheofootballonsorktthis fall.

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