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May 28, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-28

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Publised Daily (Sunday excepted) during
the Colleg year, at
OFFtCE: Times building N. Main t., opposite
post office.
J. A. LEltss, 'i, Iaaging Editor.
A. W. SaUc, Special, Assistat
W. A. Seats, 55 fL, Assistant.
E. R. ,SNERLAaN, 'l, Assistant.
. COLEseAN, '0, Athletic Editor.
G. B. HAnnSO, '55 L, Business Mainager.
L. R. Ilausson, 'T6 L. Assistant.
Associate Editors.
HI. A. Dancer, '5. 'E. L. Evans, 5 L.
L. A. t'ett, .16 Carrie V. Smith, '5.
C. A. Hioughton, '96D. tG. A. Heath, '6 P.
Minnie Thompson, 'W. IH. .ammon '081M.
. H. Farrell, '5'. . E. Kinappen,h.
J. S. Finlay, '0.
Dr. Vaughan Made a Statement.
Thse Deroitf ret Pics this miorinig
priolts the following sat. ismeit po-
iarstI by Dr. V. (. aughan tlpscllnt
itng the positio of tiiyasedical faculty
in liht rcceltnewsaper controversy:
Duringtighle,11001year Ilic Detroit
Evcinug Nws hItsshown tmore ttan
its accusleatid tenldncy to tec worst
fornma of lnewspaipr' s'saiorulisn.
Vast fall it published a Hallow'n
story, in whichs it was staeit that
pat of hituman bodis frsiiiteic s-o
secting rooni wre brnd by the sl-
dents 011 the 'cstitt. 'fTer ever
was one oa of trutht in Iis story,
ansi recltly tin' News itelf ]as stated
that ifowas false.
[h le tt tiing was the fatmous sa-
sssgc story, in which it was stated that
a metical stdait who wo ithte
lhit of briging Salslt'to te. dsli-
sectinig toomtoIcast15w1ssered ri attl-
ticttl joke by his fellow sttidients, wo
took out the meat of the satsge sld
rple sO this with humiao fles. This
story was ttas ihapieig dturing
the present school year, tand te cor-
respondent of the News boased, in
tiletU. of A. Dtaily, of being its athr.
When brought to task about it, e vol-
untarly furnihed tie following tde-
nial, which is aow to the possession
of the itedical faculty:
"In rrgard-to the recent ntiuni-
cation appeariniglit the Daily over my
niaive, concernitntgthe 5illage story,'
I sicrely rgr(t that 6othesame svs
written. I find that I was grosly
misnformed atd imy reflection on the
nsstdicl trofessorarad students I find
uncalled for and unjustifable."
After writinig ila retraction, Mr.
Cameron. again attmpted to claim
the story was true. Itc told tie dean
of fle medical faculty at first that two
ladyamedialit;students ad informed
buin of the facts. When asked to
noisefth lady students, Ito was un-
able to do so. lie next clained fliat
the joke had beeii plaed upon a male
medical atudent. Tie none of this
student bie could not gvo. Finally, a
dental stutdent, who, on account of a
nervous disease, is supposesd by those
who knew im bealt, to be unable of
all times to disinguishi between'what
he imagines and what actually hap-
pens1 stated that two years ago, when
ho was of work in the dissecting room,
he found in a sandwich which le was
eaing a. piece which le thought was
human sldn,but he was not sure.
Studenfat who worked on the some
body with this dental student nevr
heard of the story until it was told

with thse object of cleaingsgAMr. Caill!- I'D[ DIIfIg p uro
,ers sirts. HIWO VR LIIUDUII.N f1~ u '
~~~ ...CNTS.fStilt loter, the Eveing Nesvs told a______________
story of how baseball 'as played in EIGHT PRIZES VALL.E $435.
t.'2 dissectin~g rootmioiie afternooai dur- tat Prize, 00 nca s lr dea tne, valsue __'00 to The society or orl
lug te past spring vacation. The 2d Price, 10 acres Florida land i, 50-5510 .. O.u which has its
3id Prize. 10 acres loridso land, vause--500
detin of the tuesdical faculty hsas il5'2.5 4dhPrlrec( estenoestold wut,,vusluc. 40.,0
tigatett this story, aisd is able to psrove 5th Prize. laies' :cold %%atehs, value- ---- 5.N
6t Prizecash,value. ..-----------.ttPRO GR: M S
by stud:ents aitd demnonstrators, who 7th trize, cash, va 00---------.----5.00
wire Ipresenlt ivory afterntoo, that 0th Price; a Fluria curiosity, value.... 5x10 M N
notiting of list kind ever recurred. Total value ogPrites. ..----------''3.00.
The editor of te News states that the cosrc rfr the largest nomber is! ETC.,
st~ywas tolismt by antey '-sittics worda out of the letters found in the price Pitda h
toy'wood Pitda h
butt the aaase of thse eye-witnsess 1112 S-E-N-A-T-O-It,
under the foloing reguations sod condi-
tofu.ses to give. Thsire are a unibe'r tions: A r u s 0 1
of re'spectabte younig isen vho were tar Thist price trill be wn tre 'rtlstesc ondpieb h et lagsotsr-h omeer ordrn hihls uont h ihh
Id. Eahnestant inust sent hanisis or her
it was otpensthtrotaghout tile, prinsg va- list beforrsJUNEie bths,toil5. ,
Cation, astd they ar'e reasdy to give Oattht30. Tie list ofgwrdasmset be written ha WE CAN SUIT Y(I
inkhandsinsied bythecon'sts nt
that itothintg of thte kind ever bap- 4th. Any Esnglishwosrd found is thse dictinrcabeudIft1- oos f le
pined. letters constained ini thse wird Senator. No
abbreviitions roer sames of pers'onssor places.
Cornell at the Henley Regatta. 5ths. The same letter must not be used
_______tweinrh ie samewordl
6ith. Each contestat asust tie or become ai
The crewv which wtill repsressnt Cot- subscriber to the WEEKLYsvTITUvTIOvfor o
onse year, asd must sessd his or her dollar tos
nell is theIlHioley toces has hoost pay for hio subscriptions wsth Iis list of
swords.m Thss a ei r ;
S( leeteit. To' memO' rs are: as fol- 7th. It: cage two or more price wiasiag ists hssac sr
contasisn te sems' s oil, swords, lthe one
lows: Hoow, F. Al.AMathews, Buffailo, that is first reesived sill begivess preferessee. fo the
Evrryecontestanst wro-e list contains as r Grand
N. Y.; 2, A1. I3. Spillmn, To maita, smany as tea correct wods will receive a
price of some biod.
N. V.; 3, E C. Hager, Bufflfoo N. V.; The WEd'LO NSIvUTI'csOiIso an oelisht pagte House.
wreily. publishsed ast Aonticello, Floridas, ha
4, to. IV. FTttvborn, Ithaca, N. V.; 5,tise center at the best sestion of thse Stats'.
Every isse givsovaluablinhformations cots-
T. WV. Fennel, Elmira, N. V.; 61, V. cernisng this seetion. Thse price is otie dollasr.
Become asubsacriber ansd try toe a prize. Con-
Haoll, W1ashibigomo, Ont.; 7, C. A. test closes JUEt150t1, 5895.
Loinss, Brooklyn, N. V.; stroke, It. H.' THE WEEKLV CONSTITUTtON,
MIONToCooLa Fox.
Hilitosn, Ithaca, N. V. FIRST NATIONAL
The mcnmilsa ~il May.'i29. tb1, DITSON M USIC. OF ANN' ARBOR.
ilsii Itg~lt~i oul ie osse muOrganized 1800.
July, 9,ill, atit 11. The raoce is roswed c aia,$0,0.SrlsadP
inhaso"hreseksiv5as ~ ix Love Songs," a~a,50,0.SrlsadF
in eat 05 tsse sueeoiv' dysSoTrasacets a general banhir
By FranhkE. Sawyer. Traslatiosof0 Six Foreign exchasgen bought ands(
only twso m,:\s orosy at a tilne. ofHneo's fisst lyricsinisexquisite musical letters of credit.
settinsgs. Heavy Paper,.Bcns .B~ rs .5~ LPK
Bicycle Races Run Off atcet. .BVpaPe.i. y LAK
"COLLEGE SONGS,5 To arronge fot priva
Tueon-ilie iccl tte, s'oitm The sanadard collection of Coltege Songa. SP CI L
vasno rn ffatth lf~d ayonOver 3000,000 sold. Heavye Paper. 50C A L C
ss'as ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ens toru olatte111ty515 tCloth. Gilt. $.0
sccoutt.tof this track to ot being tianked,"lsonstDncnc
swas held ott the Vpsilantli fair grounids "COLLEGE SONGS FOR GIRLS." tossno in Danc,
track last Saturdaty afternoon. tt. Only bok of 'the kind! published. TheC an e' A al
songs 0g the leadisg colletes hoe women. Office hours it to 1 ant
It. Morris, '97 A1, took trsl, thisbrothmer Heavy Paper. $1.00. No stairs to umotor
IH. L. Morris, 98 Al, seconds, anit 0. iRhUL £CULICIILH IN I[[WAT [UITA-'IU MUSIC MRS. ANNIE WARD
L. F'ord, "'9tt L, thirst. 'The.trle., Eighty-twos pieces for the alitar from the
beat sourcesa. A splendid collection. Hand- School of Dancfag and]I
swhtichm sas todecoisdess'hio shall go ome Cover. 500cents. Saturd.ay, i n. m..Gentlemasbe hcg ihte 1aktaWAybo etpspi nrcito rc audy .mLd einr

f ice.,

'refits, U%1000
xg husiness..
sod. IFurnisk
SON. Cashier.
ate or
,all at

a loaf usntil thte riders turned ito
tloe back strethnthem slmmmll oaris
brotin rs easily spurteit chiead. The
tiniv sas 2 swisn. 52 '1-5 see.
Subscribe for the Daily.
you see them everywhere.
(oliumbia l6icyckes
* '''HERE'S a whole sermon in "
* the above. It preaches the
economy of buying the best-a ;
" wise economy 1hat every one "
4 coo practice with Columbias
at $100. The new Golumbias are
" marvels of strength1, lightness, "
symmetry, beauty,, and speed.
POPE MPFG. co., Hartford, Coon.;
" Boston, New Yosrk, Chicango, "
B an Francisco, Providlenae Buaffalo. "
An Art Catalogue of Couiasannete heod

45a3-463 "Wansngton tIt.. Bston.
C. H. tDitson &Co. N Y.
Ladiea' and Gents' Clothisg Cleaned
or byrd.
Corner of Seste asd William sts.,

Mnany, 7:ao p. 5m., AdvanenClass(Ladies'
Tuesday. 1:00 p. a., Begisners Class (Ladies
asd lGentlemen).
Private lesoos by appointmest.
The latest thing in PHOTOGRAPH5Y
6E. Huronsit. Special Batestohenohors.

I'T'S HARD TO DO WITHOUT cn~woatsmTuanrFee-tmprrfesw
Yer dralehisikeseteifin iheiaea'5, write uss and we'li seni yoes ifmattio yogsaunt snu
eta handsome illustratrdeaaloguo tine. PARKER PEN ODOM'ANY, Jaes.ilia, Win
SHEEHAN & CO. Exchusive Agents for Ann Arbor..
Th FsTahesAgencY

355 'Wabash Ave.,

Chicago, Illinois.

on Phace, 70 Fitth Avenue, 803 Tweftth Street, W aash keenun-
(,MASS. NEW YOROY, N. Y. WASH3INGTON, 0. 0C. C5m(r50. ILL.
.h Street, d20 Century B'ldg, OLYMIPIA, 12S S. Spring Street.
Send for _9gency Maual and Registration Blank.


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