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October 17, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-17

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Pfo aiu Chicago Law Students.
~ ~ ~ the studlents of the Nortliwestern
1Law school, Kent law school and Chii-
Pabd'sheddDailly (Suna y: ssopitl during
the Ctolegs year, by casgo Colleg<e of law, all Chicago in-
THE , Of M, INDP[ND[NT ASSOCIATION, stitutioso, have fornmnlated an organ-
GrFiCEs L'imeo buidin N. Mairi sf., oipposite )nattiniknownt as the Chicalgo Law
posa ffce. Students' Association.
Subiscriptio price $2.50 iper year,5sinvaaly The association will uindertalse two
1is advsocs. Stogie copies i3cesnis. Suitscrip- lites of work. A lecture bnrean will
flss say be left at the ofts' of te tAstY
. .. 044-,, .. ~, . .,,,--l be estalishied and promtinent ;tirists

Tho Adelphi literary society will
give the following program in room 4
at S p. in., Friday, (Oet. 19:
Mnsic.............Mr. Coleman
Inpromnptu slteecli... Mr. Plant
Declamation.. ....Mr. Church
Debate: Resolved, tistt "grinds" are
a good featnre of college journal-
ism. Alt., Mr. Wilcox; neg., Air.


of thse editors oeratihorized soliiior.
C'tomunicatiosshoiutld reacts the otitce sy
7 oecloek p. rs. if Sissy ate tot appearstheett
day. A tddress alt mattes isttesndids fsreituili-
cafionto ItheftsMasstsissg Editoe. All busine'ss
Comtniciatiots tashuidttesent to thecltasi-
ness Manatger.
Astt Aertor, Micht.

J. L. Lsssss, Lit.'tO, Manassgiag Editotr.
P..1P. SADsItER, LIt. 't, Assisfstsnt.
11. CLEM~tAN, Lit. '957, Assistat.f
S. 1. SssILEY, Litt. '9t5, Assistsat.
J. A. Lsssssv, Litt. 96i, Aftltice Editor.
J. S. PEARss, Las '9:i, Busitness Manasger.
A. P. ttts'twsl'tt. Fii P15. Il~aiti, '05.
Minnssie 'flstttset,'tt7 iE. IL. Evasns, 't5.
Cari-i V. Smsith, '916. ___________
8 DENAL. P. S. Nittiath, 'to.
u.nB. Gsassos, '98a
Allescopyssust tbe atfteoffi'eibeforses5 a.
Ms. of ftssissy ofpbicsatt'tiotn.
Thse editors do nost Ihold thlselvs'te eses-
sibie forft'e opintiosostatestme'stssof esrres-
ponsdetns i cs't ai it fintseI)AsLY.
The Daily has rteeivedthSie latest ads-
dition itsAnsnsAritor papestrs,"'fts'
Daily Couir'.''fTle papeir is Rtitis-
lictsssasidhis tated by th ue tDetroit
Joutristl, which is tetheavorisng to gini
a footinsg iert'.'Tiii'"Daiily t'ouiesr"
is about ftse size of te AVussiteiasv
Tlimes (Ins.), tand will compilete with
that taper for locail patronage.
Wrisikle's editorial refereisce to Prof.
Steere, in its first nusmber yeste'rday,
is not only offensive and uncalled for,
but shows lack of delietacy or good
taste. It is true thsat tProf. 'Oteerc
opsposed Wrisskle at one tine last
year, but the occasions justified the
action, ansd lie htad tise support of
the faculty. 't'hree yearss ago t'rof.
Steere, on accounst of ssn editorial its
the Daily, writtesn with tse intention,
anti haviisg the effect of smodifying
certain of the statemsents saade by hiuts
to a conventioss of the Sttate Press
Associationsiss this city, violently at-
tacked this paper. Tise Daily, how-
ever, thosigli more aggrieved thats
Wrinskle, did not feel tisaLt ,lie actioni
of tise regensts in reg;arti to Professor
Steere was te sigsntl for eithser cots-
tesisptusotis remsarks or evess comsmeist.
There is always a sese of decesicy
to be considered and it wotuld hsave
been swell if Wrinkle had takens this
into account.
Thle Assiherst Glee, Bsansjo anisiA.1an-
dolin _clubs will isake a conce'rt toutr
to Chicago during the Easter vacatiost
A football team has been orgassized
at Yale withs Treadway, who rowed
on the crew, as captain. The team
' will take a trip to many of the sinor
colleges and play a nunmber of aftletic
club elevens.

of the country will be secured to ad Thomas. Geseral discussions les The W~ashington Block.
dres tti asociaion.Thelectres by Mr. rs'isn anthi. Newtonia W R F O E S
dres th noocitios 'fse setresCritic's report.. ....... FL.E.. L '~'R
will hi' eonomsicsi'atndspoitticli, wiih Music............M.Sirtis Foe E ey ting ad Eeryltody
speciaslre'fere'n'e' t legtti sttdytutuCOUSINS & ittt Flriss esUieriyae
ptroced sre. Junior Law Football.
lamtiss L. Vigilsillsde'ier the opis. 'ie' siirsesedaitetn e-EXCELSIOR + LAUNDRY !
Thejunor awshel a eetng es- 20 EAST IlilifN STREE'
tug letusre tatd lisosg the others sho terday afternoon to consider footbatl fiGsod wotrkfitGsuaranteed. Giods 5ctled for
stllfti't ir 'ltins'y I hs pirosptects. Theustn of $20 was raised, asPdue-dT(51. .('os
Botrke f'okasi, Tihmas B. beed, and enough imore will be subcribed S~fbcribfor th{ e U.oM U f Di1
tGov. Achisley, Itobert G.Igersoll, today to enable Manager Itatisasay U (
C'ieitf ustice-liler, aisdiex-P-rei- to iurchase suits for the teamu. Al-
sitsiilrristss. Thes seondtiobject of thottgshere tre seseral green isesa Te DAIY contaiss official noices
ts- trgaizasstioni is fratsernityisotig siltong the cansdidates, ysstrsday's from the Jeaclty, anti notices from
thenanlbrsof heChiag la sutie athleic teamntmd other istdent
lis' ts'itlcrsofth Siss-sgs lst sim practie shosetd goosi mateisril. The orgaiziationms.
-itents. leasm sil robably' be te heaiest Itcontaisicomplete reports itS all
INTER-COLLEGIATE. cass e-emen in he Lniversity. Universiy evensl of iiterest.
It keeps yon posted on your owsn
'Ilie stitis-rush has been bolised To give the'Best on Earth" is te aid every other deparment.
st Lhhigh,. motto of Witters' Palace Laundry,
Yale swill hauve to scoaces tssevery which leaves nothing undone that tsn SUBSCRIBE NOW AND KEEP A FILE
man o the eam.be done to give perfect work. We col-
lua 5h fit tstit.let Mondays and deliver Tfhursdays. $2.60 IN ADVANCE.
'fhisre sill be a ill seret footbatlsl Leave orders at Fulde's Tailor Shio,
st Ilarvairdshilis year. o. of State and William sts, or ad- habsuriptiohic received at the
Wvillissiis ha stereds'upnishuestone dress cardt to L. D. Car, 21 N. State st. DAILY offie, 'ilimes buildimg. tol-
luimsshs'sltus seesmsh yelslets aid by all authiorized ssoliitors.
Thussoedssof lerimisonale'sforlusio h ht
si Wstiuemns Athletic Assocititiomn. N--
Sixten hndrd dolar wer re will broaden your slsulders amisitale t
cemtly sibcribesd at Brown for te the stoop from yer ak. Will de-
'varsty elven.velop amymnseeor st o mutsles
iuthit body. All pars guaranteedo L
At a imtass nueeing of Sims students for tao years. Can be pt up any-
it as eciedto o aaywit hua- wheye, without taking up ary
it ws dcide todo aay ith az- room, and is noiseless, self-adjust-
thg at trincetomn. img and adapted to any age or sex.
The desathm of Oliver Wendel bHolmes Indorsed by t he leading athletes of Ithe LEDING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ansiSHG-R-
the day. Call for catalogues and AND. Mgificnt bildig; tea teaches; lags
leavesoomly five survivors of the faint- insect it. Price omly $5. For sale stendance; good disipias; supeior wok; el
ym sppet eaigro;dil etrs at urday
en ls fiI.by BLOUNT & VAN K , aseveig sreeptions; pas the entire yeas, Exesp-
ous class of 1529.14 N Ingalls st., Annl Arbor, Mich. tioafaites foracing students inapesiosa
Presidemt Siuermsssmus ttes sthat he famsiles. These raesinredaed ios1.5 by se
bording. Fie Catalogue addess
idetermtinefidsaboisihi hag 't K C1)AL ~P R.CSAP.Y Paos
Cornell, amd adds, leswouldi txpel n,
wvhole class if mneessary to enftout
Lelandi Stanford Junior isersi tsit F ICE: sv svssisatonsf ,PisneNo0
has 70 graduate students from other VARSs. BC RR,Pone No 51 This space is reserved
colleges. Cormel is reptresentedi it1
Stanford by two gaduate ma advaned AG SPALDING & BROS. for the Grand Opera
standing. FOOTBALL' SUPPL IE 3.
Every Requisite foete House
The University of Chicago keeps a Gaste.
tennis team of eight memn in trainisig' Spaudin's
They lose their places if they are dial' Intercollegiate
lenlged and beaten intw-u gaines b '- Football __________________
outsiders. Adoptd 14 y the
hTntesenlloic tAsaoeia-
Mlr. Cochtrasn, of Yale, recently de liton, anidstafm a
is altnmathtins.
livered a lecture on football at thus PRICE. wih inflno, E5. S -~' omlt otal aaou
University of WXisconsin, ilustrated sent free-."pslidng's Ofsicilootbal fGide
for is894 edited by Svstes t'm.sstcontaisnin5
with a hundred view-i of faumous play- the new saes ad othtermvalabe snfoesta- Pa w
i-ni, by nail, pice t0 cents Spldng's ยข
ers andtigameas. tesd-masko h atlSyo ituy is the guarastes
that the goods se this setE ^ f+f:
This Co-operative Book Association N'w Vanl. Climeagas. Phlmadlphia
of this Umiversity of Wisconsin tisiinmu R n nnrn
a flourishing condition. Its ainm is to MS, NNIE YYARD 1USTIR'S
furnisht books o the students at SCHOL-OF
wholesatle rate.a Dancing and Delsarte.
A second eleven has beenm organized 'Thitld sesn opns Seast wek I~ Novstbe.
Ens pariulas enquire between dad 6 p. m
at Yale with Treadwsay, who rowed at the schonl,
on the crew, as captain. Tie team 46 s. srA TE s' COTRELL & LONAR,
Awi~Aas, N.YV, d472 NoD 74BODWsAY
will ake a trip o nmany of Shemnor MERCHANT TAILORING ! Makers f CAPS mand GOWNS o the
colleges and play a number of ath- Clening, Pressing and Repairing Americas Unisarsaies. Ilstated
one neatly by treatise. ec.a upo reais
letic club elevens. AUG. SCUOENEWALD, 6 E. Wasingtn V. A. MURJSRELL, AgE , 44 Wiltaima Stree t

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