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May 10, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-05-10

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Time Table (Revised) Nov 18 1894
Mal and Fx... 3 50 Mail ________ di4
N. Y.Special--- 5 15 N. Y.Speial__ 7 30
Eastern Ex...-iS 25 N. S. Limited._- 5 25
A. M. Pacific E-----12 15
Atatic RE-__7 4 PM
. N. Expresi._. 5 40 Western Fa __2 1
G. R. Express -._.1 S5 (h. Nt E-----10 21
G. P'. & T. Ag., Chcag. Att.,AnAbor
T., A. A. & N. M RY
Taking effect Snday, Ape)) 7, 1894.
Trains leave Ann Arbor on Central Stand-
ard time.
8:7 a.m. 7:la. m.
*1225 p. m. 11:30a. m
4:15 p. m. 9:0 p. i.
Trains rn between Ann Arbor and Toledo
All trains daily except Sunday.
R. 5. IREENWO OD, Agent
WF. H. BENNETT G. . A. Toledo O.
Time Table, October 7, 1894.
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress St., 7:00,9:00
and 11:00 am.: 12:5, 2:15, 5:00, 0:4, 9:00 ad
10:0 p. M
Leave Ann Arbor Jnctioin, :0, 9:0 and
I:0a.m. ; 1:15, 2:45, 5:0, :,:ad1:0 p..
Leave Ypsilanti from Coogressst.,l:3o,3:30,
5:0, :0ad 9:0psi:.
Leave Ann Arbor Jnction, :9, 4:0, 5:2,
7:0 ad 9:0p.m.
Carsrarnoin ccity time are sigle rie 1
cents: round trip tickets 25cnti.
WM. F. P AKE, Spt
For Everything and Everybody.
COUSINS &UL, lrissi6l .Uiesiyae
Our Sping. and Summiser Woolens
are oss oil sae.it IOcicsOLis.
Call aid sce u.
49 S. State a.. Seeiinid Flor, Ann A risr.
22 Years in the Buines..°.EZM ..
Mt. M. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave.
Cleaning Pressing and Repairing
doie neatly by
AU a, .H9Cif01N .WAL;,26. 1V ashigisi.
God Worke Guaranteed. Good called o
and deliveed. A. V. 4CI( liT rp.
Ladie'and Gents Cloting Cleaned
or Dyed.
SMembers of Guarantee Ticet Brokers' Asso-
ciation of . S.
Cosby & McKeon R. R. Ticket Agency
50 Adams St., Cicago. Reduced rates to all
ponts. lranchi Te Kidlegrtei No.
N. Sain t. Ani Arbor Sielcia.
$255.00 for a 51 Days Euro.
pean Tour.
Weoee rganiinganselect piey for assier-
meeiticr io Europe leaving ew Yisels.Joie
22ed, foe London, Antwerp, Brussels. Colone,
tobleiit,Franlfort. edeleg, Sraisberg,
Bden-Badei,-Paris and Dieppe, rerineig.
nsiling from London Agust 2nd. Te pcry
v il be conducted by and under te peroal
cicrgeof Mot.OTO OvRONo.of Columbus,
veli known a5s eeof he firs musiecl is-
sructors of'America and ai geal~c getlemni
of large epriese in travel. Ech aron
will havena berth in a large promenae deck
stiteroioim, and tle ships slecidarene
85,5m on twitl screw steames. povided with
electric lights and stam het. Compe
itinerary and informaion nailied on receipt
of sef-addiessed stamped evelope 255.00
pays everpv expense of sighs travel and
hoers. hll Information and itiierary
mailed on receipt of self-addressed envelope.
Miention ti paper.
Ge. Tourist and Steamship Agts.,
272 N. igh eL.,
Lw rates everywhere. Columbus, Ohio.

Communicatien, iFR YOUR 0O1TING 00 TO PITURE5OP THA.T
lie:, Iso ilicllther oliicl u reispon::d- P O __________ ,
nit o tlDciy. 1 ure 1Eno1101l? ON ONE ANDMITSOFOUSAND 17 it11MILESllt OF11 t LAKE,1 A S ARIDEESE
iiis, e Ixcptinig thei: lliili1lgillgeditor:D --
of 01cc 1Dally. whoi ceitedi i l12 visit this Iistorical Island, which i the QHSLN r OVCIN
\vt big .cwrspn~m n ecatgrindest summer resort on the Great AHUTIGAESCNVCi.
Laikes. It only costs sout $13 from Sy sakex tlie, hosth11e "Smalley" an
edition of thatlpaper1 . I tinti 1iv tl Dietroit; $15 from Toledo ; $10 from caught on wih the bo:yandsii gils. s u'sl a
ii gedtottp la:k 'for 11111. No ( lidt ttat Cleveland, for the round trip, including the "grosn folksandusn'ct it bovcly, Sni:its
hlicisef yestterdiay, covetrtg lhimcsl iseas and berths. Avoid the etsad in te beatifl alumin ~cum cimel-a ses-ovi.
wtiu ii Ill guey lit .-,dusit by traveling on the D. & C. loting process knowssonly to iihc mkiers ofC 0bs-
withall or gory ie :1. As an111 lesr. The attractions of a trip t the Smalley." Do yoge, oi: iccibnewmehns4
t niliecxliii il picclicltosvariosDoS-. iickinac region are unsurpassed. The ofspokiglie whiels? Cniilc :r gets oun la
troit anitd (lhlt :170ictiuc cx t Cclep t :o ,lad itself is a grand romantic spot, its tei adl emm ales: i l ctoci s 0n ttom;ng
tiiim it to prt ps-. e 111 i ni- c d1 'in lnate most invigorating. Two new cimbs up sn toitus- fok c n i d sisljumsutas'
iti-ilcils . .. iel passenger steamers have just been to the cank iuser swis the sieel b-
tor Sis t after alill,: hat siugse of uiiitfr the upper lake route, csting Iseesi two bosxandclumpsn te fceinicma
whcat is icvs-a,100,000 each. Tiey re equipped with the "Smalley Bicycle seems iia ike at.
It tt-h 11:11:w's 11115 iot rptels-ed Il-c-'very modernl convenience, annunciators, Never cm scuil, icitci go-an, iever ahlresh,>
ciath rooms, etc., illuminated throughou'-c icclte ieigt is 1 Io 21 pus.-westaa
lttiugils of t1cce Dcily boacrdlill fll by electricity, and are guarsnteed to be Ilarulare compiiy, Sut Lake City, Utat.
cciil i cld abori tic:- oe rlutliprogr: :hle granidest, largest and safest ntemers____________
iiadelu iy ci:' gentlemenic on- tatuuoici ifresh wter. These steamers favorably
it is b1: s t15-ii:pulicit-iiiiiuot liike iiiompare with the great ocen liners in con- A A Y S L E ,
tructiou nd speed. Four trips per weeky
Iio rscud1thact sosct ofcl' ctier. It is ietieen Toledo, Detroit, Apena, Mack- The Linalley of 1895...
Ii poltlitc ciiti notI i c-the ic::tuc- citor :sac. St. Ignuce, Petoskey, Ciicsgo, "Soo,
tic-corri:sic::icl 111: wh111: c:-1.rintic: trtuuete aid Duluth. Dauily betseen -
slc~~iil IL- 1 Ct-cc) 71w: Clvelaiintln Detroit, and Cleveland and
tic l~cas:f l1: s pricu:ed. Hpe:",Pui 13.Tle palaial equipment PLMOUH CVEI I C19(4
I should ike toureind-"JI 'L tIitr ciakes taveing on these steamers tor- PLYLLTHC 111 M . ta h UiJ.nel J~u, o uby noal. edfrilutae
whlichc I asoccrlet:-idurintidc-ilthrce dc-riptive pcmphet. Address A. A. PLYMSOUTH, IND.
ccliiit~a :11 i:- ll it ccc,: 0 1 CIIA T, G . A., D.& C., Dtroit, Mic.
tirse.f ah.e'dii ll( lut icacl cctc: ndcc::d- site s-THE 1STANOARU"CYCLOMETER AR 746 E. Wilis Hn.t.
cip ri fi l l. i:uiii ts:t l ci::-11_Af- -- y
s. ::ad :l 'ccc:-. 11:Danicclus u::cdcc lue1 t-c.. c
te ti1 11 l- i e i--i 9 1:15:o 1 cccl :1a cee
tic:: f pace i till ': cc: c- ta I
Inga..021do1: 1 ii: l I'::-. :1::.ofil :- 1f ; ht A cl' t-t 11. se
t rii,t" e 1: c l 1cm ly pi cl "d 1-.11isc i:- tc ~sc t' -sciid ___________________
'ti~ lp-:-Iud tc-ii:llitas ndcl -10ils-ii i luCORELX1LON0D1
ml:tll:n ledtoru to a ic cillic i: incarclyci lvc:noAt-sF910
aiccizie nystgaciufji'.nd :,inked -cRETAIPI'CEiOLYc$$2u.00.i::: c: V M R E L oclA et
itcs.A ndi fu' ther itc was.dniutoItheLuDevscsitoriAccurately r egistor-
ce ~and Sc able throughud-111 r ii5 5tble.11 ist I ey rv eslrri'. SE
lilian s5' and: fucceclcuci ll,'e191 l ly Ic icc yel. ITR LL & L ON AR ,
511a the1 c laterf 551c ifi to pr: i ntlirclili'ki, pr~to 1 m rh
seccuouu,:,rI:ve ccit i__,uccconl SiiALiNY, NEV YOR1
excep i~ ac-:- citlv l-it-lei fi rma doi 'd tptowi r t l~ic aeso asa dC wi otettiest
l ii:::le. b i.till It cuu ;lit I:of !I .a:t - Thcahchh o f the'1)5 Ii h i
tpc: iliun ,llc lmil - 1-d ror, t t ..,JN ES. ilams.A nA bo,'1l
ic4oiic t~iig uIte cciii 1~n11 1 cut Dt -ills1 ;adi; lutiel attrie(
1:1111-C 11 51_iiio911:iicltdidl J. S.PiE;ARI1olio
11cc lic" i-i-cirv ciriclil 5:111 c e ti cuccHAVE . MaiS t.N
ec t 11::-r uunl ndt of tic I tsly oried ,y hio dCyiOSRILOF5l :lndS
cull tht't1l il ici cicdetis Ga ' 55 . legifieuih clutig leNMckis: at
c -c. 51:0e y ie 5b cli' . IuteMnsatodniepiuc upeis oh:i
cro ell I Iis t'uue- c c-11th Ilinun up:lid 'xucuc rom:daly etoeeldol4ya
ohrl slt the arou, 1 ii1.. suigeeucu:oe c mt ee ue
The uI ll ucc: Ic la-1u c is ie. Siiue cr pueo islan O lO c
Poecanyone coomiislIabsao erpeeIweek4in.pMiinlSt
MAY, lth eior fiteVailyoray sth EAIG COO FcUINSsdSO RT Pie Shamples Bookstoe!
N~l2SiN .1. A~ci~iON. HeND.Mgi fiTee buahing e te cho eru s ll
lio l ill' Ili lucuc i Xy, li icislcli spi ed"readiFormerly waily Georgees;ahr, -I..
111119 ci Ileceta0:: uiiiAc 111. evenli ng H e pn s;AF.oR heetieyaVI .G EANKScsintr t.hediiutr
a i it a ux lloIedul sudwil i A1acibrom lac c piuetio si000ti eyhigaotdnnnessnte
Bo r in o m $ $. 75 p r wein pi a 0 0 A l C . i o \ . a ii = h s ae elcc.d to50 .10(b sel la o f 1e t o Sto ery ,5
Mu AYing scii Mc ' 19.cf hiR.u:.lii CLv Eposit, lirys.ue
(cnecy(11 Aliclc ccd-i Scy- tC~(~l lciS il Ncu'$1,5 'uat(:, e tc.1 itle o OWex t o s ttoeyai
goodretuningAlay20 istea of'ca- rimoiuc. Viii- i e: tlcci. n isc~to'tscla -sSokOW n geel.l~ EI
pi0in onCashloco iese: S el. Iveh c dsaicitsCuy ind UUSLLL
sells_________onheprncial_____e 19 the AsINgt t, one block
A.AVA\1L:.-nistMs.rt, abed upon. astrofeain --t
10. -Creri: 1J.ite A: icuiiu st., L . no y e
~TN ~ A~TNOI 19TE Was hingtin PsIt.,oGeRAPII
i1gbGloss and DinmetiesFinish. B EBRIR IFY lIA. N' S.
s E. lHuron st. Special Rate toSenios.
EW COLLAR, E. S. SERVISS, Manages, 2 OT OUTIAEU Subscribe for Ie Daily. ' '


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