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April 01, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-04-01

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Published Duly (Sunday ecepted) during
the Clleg year, by
OFICE: Times building N. Alain st., oppsite
H. COs~rmA, Lit. '7, Mlanaging Editr.
G. B. IkAnnISON, Lust'i, Assistant
A. Vw. SIH, Li. Spel., Assistant.
IVA. SrILL, Lan '55, Assistant.
J. A. LlesoY, Lit. 'St. Atheic Editr.
J. S. PnEAs, Ian '5, Business Mnger.
H. V. LEVY, Lan '5, Assistat.
Associate Editors.
S. B. Shiley, Lit. '15. H. A. Dancer, Li.
E. L. Evans, Law'l. EI.Suderland,Lt'.
Carrie V.Smith,Lit.'i. L.iamble,Law'i.
C.A.lgoughto,let'i. C. i1. Varrell, Lit. '8.
Mt Gilbert, Engr. '1. if.B.Gamson,tedic'98.
Minnie Mi. Thompson, Lt '7
G. A. ieath, Piasmic '5.
Subscription price S2-lO per year, invariably
in advance. Single copies 3 cents. Sbrip-
tions may be left at the office of the DAILY,
at Stollet's, at State t. ness sandswith any
of the editors or authorized solicitors.
Commnications shuld estis the office by
7 at'ch p. mn. 1tshey are to appear the net
day. Address all matter intended tr publi-
cation to the Managinsg Editor. All business
commuicatios should be stt to the Busi-
ness bManager.
AntsAror, Miche.
Five 110y8 a' still lft for thoseo
wiso wish to try for posiions on5 the
Daily boatd.
A recnt eritiorial inLthe' Duly r-
gardinug(thedirtly expeisnetd by
(le tax ollertoosoiiotsiuniing list
fsnsliesitifor lass putrtoss hasb
taled forths asirinttd 'ejoidter, as
will be sens by a ossssisitsioss publ-
lishied isanaioher coumnn. The eply
is maisnly irelevastasisis it is eassily
setn by the Issne' of the sriclti atsi
the writr employed waosltthlh'provo
ration e (ad for sMaking an aiswr-
to idisorage ahleicis, rslher lha
oulilfisig why eact ineiassbr of ths,
raos clasossesiold sot pay Iis
share towartlds tesuport of studs'st
enterprises wises the taxis have beni
duly authiorizesd. Whatlthewriter
says about inpostors aid sekrs of
charity has abot. as mus bauing
en the subject which tie editorial
trtattd as his ry of tprofessionalismi,
Vie toleration of whirls is specially
prhiitedl at this university. The
article whirls provoked this ucltledtt
for reply did tjustie to no sudsent
whateceriis means. As the witer
says, the statement was insde that 150
man was excusable from the payment
of his share Vhen a reasonable sun
lid been levied for class purposes.
This assertion is again enpasized,
and by obtaining the truth frons the
collectors it is easily shown that it
is not tse sorts who are the least able
to pay lisa amounts who fal to re
spend, but rather the ois who oppose
every class enterprise, includig belts
athetic and social event Let a tax
he levied for debae, oratory and
music, which he writer hints at, and,
tbe same stdens who support thst
ther affairs of college life would re-
spond' as "redly and in a rach
greater degree thaa he oes ho terms
Inteloftay loyal The suporters of

lie fssundslnresily to ait whatever is
of lits lest anisntsented ferclaisissel-
lowshipiiandsispiirit. tCavftl isvst-
gsationsinsuithsis commicsiatini rea-
iet us ahas shownisthat tlist sns who as'e
de'pendenit:itupioildayla sbor tess ((sir
college cosrso' aresin a a iijrit o1f
casspasying thseir elast, twardl wat-
ever, is aissthorzedsiby their class.
'Thosse'who are0optosed'to 10class
sundsertakinigs ir st lib'ty t hoslw
lbis n itissrls ithroughi(the iseiumi
sst this papr, but it is prsfs'redthalit
1they Issve15notiutato 0teir pin-
poes 5 iisakiig rplieslisi[ nt sisiisics
isiigs'tnausc pitssit, wh-ninsi i.s'u It Iy
thirirenal intentioni is to tislrcests'
athliclsand oler stdset pivtils-i''.
There Are Others.
Editorc U. of M. Daily:
Ass editorisl i Tlsrdsys )-ily finds
fsault wills iii5gsne'rsl sirit of a.
".grsestsmajoriy" of (le stsiesits, bs-
casess'of iIicsly ii colecting (th"
"assmisst sf ttundss lvitd for suposrt
of sathletics."
hti 1(p11, 701ut resder wuldtisay
thast msany siudsinsts csnnost se sisy
reasonatle grssundslfortrying10o(sles
mionie'y'frest thossei'who ari, not iii
tlsid o costrihut. A trw ii''embsers
os a csss will gst togs'llii r aidle1vy-
t (sx suiossll imemiber of tecss'tis
resis'sbri, 10 sssill ' hssst ssuci hss
nst sa so evtry pennily, 110 lmatteri
if le hsias tiesldtdgery for liigx
pensesl, .is taledsuponlol10py7'ills'tI;
anid musst sdo s,ortbse seouces siu
impliostor. ''is is tuujst, nsi ts no
hes ai long this sause of atileics. list
editoral say "the',,(0s1n0 rsonssablse
groutnsd for iiy ratas ii (iis isstiutiosn
bsseig exuessfrossi tiwsmailsll 151-
isenl." If thast editor colsl iisvs
lookesd frosm his cozy roomsiasd besildli
the' worthy 'stdsets who ais on-
polletd to sai'wiood, waistialses, wis
lisies, crry laundssry, etc., for fiteesn
resnts ptrlhour, lie migt have lsss n
generous enoughi to qsatiy tast as-
sertiosn.ie ailsoates tes'plan:i sf s-
pivhing deliquest sttssl of the
trivileg s of athletic. Leirsthis be
doise. A grat nisaiy goossildets
wotuld refuse to sed very copious
tears of grief.
Ssposo(lire sossitibe aproposi-
tioss to 'levy a class tax' to sppoto
such iitellctuial enterprisss as debate,
oratory, music, etc., whuat a lilies anud
try woulsd otor fros thes saint fel-
lows wiso now tdenounce otiers for not
contribsting toward athletics! Sup-
pe, for instance, list classes souls
bes asked to levy sa tax to defray ex-
ponses of sendsinglthetro sbbate~s
to Chicago for the"reining intero-
legiate debate. Would it Bt semn i
odd tiing to do? Yt sonic good
umens are inclined 10 rssik such Itel-
lectual culure even above athletics.
Tue men wise founsded the isitutiosn
were of somiewhat similar opinos.
No doubt, the good people wise now
support it, hld like views 011 tie
While the writer would not dis-
courage the right kind of college spirit
is there not a tedecy to rank ath-
letics above intellectual eterprie,?
Wishile physical exercise Is essetial.
yet; should we not discourage profes
sonalism?, While liberal ecourage-
met shoitd bs given college spirit,
should we not be careful when In-
dlined to denounce our fellow class-
mates as Impostors "and seekers of

CfrdDefeats Cambridge.; JUST ARRIVED
~~~~~~~~( JTime ussl otst rare lsetsveen Ox- ____________
fortd asiti asobridge Satssrday r« sullsci
inHPMN the lsvcuty-.'iglstlvictsory tor Ox- ASIPMENT OF

for's. Theo offi'iahltime os i liewiD,-
ning bsosat .as520 sminusis ( s'osds.
'This'flrst rcseteets n'u ts se collsges
was15rowvs'in ii1829.
J. 1E. Beal will hlecture i ist the slisl
Lea'sguercoullistomorrieow nilghst eli
"'Ihir 'ssDomiain."
comse heaeverywhere.
01(oumbia. l icycles
: lTHERE'S a whole sermon an
Ik te above. It preachtes the
economy of baying te best-a=
swise economsy tat every onisc
can1 practice withs Co'aambias 6
at a$u0o.'Thenews'Coloubias are
mansets of strenigt, lightness, "
symmsebry, beastly asid speed.
POPEMF.C, Hartford, Cann ;
BoG.onNw ork, Chicago,
®uuSanteraisco, Prsvidene Bufalol. Q
An Ant Catulogue af tolumbias too be ibad
lrestat ,e.anyoumbia
agecyeor it illtbe "
maitedtsoretwo 2-eont ff
stampss. Tells, too,.of1
$80, 555, $s0i.
"Six Love Songs,"
By Franh E. Sawyer. Translations of Six
of Hlene's finest lyrics is exqisite musical
settings. Heavy Paper. TB cents.
Thse standard collection of Cottege Songs.
Over 300000 sold. Heavy Paper, 500
cents; Cloth. Gilt. $1.00.
Only bosh of the kind publshed. The
songs of thse leading rolleges for women.
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best sourres. A splesdid collection. Band-
ome Cover. 00 cents.
Amly boek sent postpaid on receipt of price.
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Cents' rine Jan Shoms.
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for the Grand Opera-
Clover Leaf
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daily, arrives New Union Station
(the largest' in the world), St.
Lonis early next morning.
and Mlichigan. Central lines at
Buffet Reclining Chair Cars Seats From'
and Vestibuled Sleepers with-
out change.
General Passenger Agt., Toledo, QY.
Lovell Diamond Cycles
I Are unsourpassed for
Good allowance made on second-
hasid wheels.
GED. F. FISHER. Agent, 57. Uis.Ar

ITS HARD TO DO WITHOUT ctae otrie fluTb.Ined-Oherfet
Teer dealerhis kltso hae em, if h e ah',swietsand welIsmnd you te normtionyouswnt and
otr handsome ilustrated essalogue f re. AIMbiE 0 PN COSiJAAN, Jansvillen, W .*.
SHEEHAN & CO. Exclusive Agents for Ann Arbor.



y .,


EDo rIS &of
-1.0 00'
IN 1894.
Send for Agency'
Boston New York


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