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March 22, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-22

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Prof Krohn on Hypnotism. I L7ECANP NEW11(GOODS.
?XIGHIGAN ENT Al aiin Haller las again 1n10(10ex-
Time'table tRevised) Nov 18 104 1 tke groi laps. lb.inmsyinlg ototelsiv-c lurellseo of Itr-naure. C-
EAST. WEST. Pirof. tiohe. thln ht livte y ' (--t pto and lDrap: ies for spring trae,.
Mail and ENa.__3500Mail-______84:(3re 1 ~t~l fpr:tiHiis0IolO1Otothree floors l erowded(l witi all
N. Y. Special--. 5 15 N. Y. Special-73N that 1 1have ever seenI II (lntplitcinds of g;Oos latal ices1and 01 tles
Eastersna---10 5 N. S. Limited0 923
A.sM. Pacifc Ex---.-12 15 performanle. Ily (1.1)ly -gr1s1s tti or follsing your h lses. Illillt;
Atlatic Ex... 7 47 a. 3 odiIiltll tntbso tSlie eniifeboms o vr1 er
D.NExpress.... 040 Western x. 2 52 lunr ru~p( fti n(- enntebsusfroe 1 er
G. R. Eapress -11l055 Chi. Nt. Ex-a.-10 25 ~tng,(httro oen truttt ] saqan-lwt l h Ir
. WI. RUGLES, i. I. HAes, LPsych~iology. I IhlilI the 1(1p1 olmlitjlrotl)lolls manu11factrers110(1kows
. P. & T. Ag., Chicago. Agt., Ann Arbor. ii11 illyev( t'llllo115 110LIII III to wvhere to obtaiii(thebt goods for the
ill alt. a- stdy o (f 117111)t1511t is1<110]castoley. A wall troghlhis s
T., A. A..8L N. 11. R'Y. plh:s-ellby Ihe matrs of Iat))-sibje(t t-ltlisllilelt will (0olniiic yoti that
Taking effect Sunday, Aog. 1,104. 1o11 (h continlent, :.celet l 11at ( 11(11 he.. iS 1(It1101)rstr lk hs isE fN 1lll
Trains leave Ann Arbor on Cetral Stasd- (.'lhalrISlnoot.iIt:flrilstoI. 4 (iracisei
ard time. h1111, 'I 011 tun Von Sc-er-lhll the city. Thflieslro loris t filled In ('I
SORTH. 500TH. NotUelly 1and(othersan1d eeln Sy Ithatoverflwing with 1.0)01s' TDesks, CaIn.
7:1a.m. *7:1a. M. i'rof. C~ts1.otuain r (ta l adQa1Fl
"12:25 p. i, t1:39 a. m. -R ee l' esttol 1 Sl i1)lltioll Boo1k- (ases, 211111Tres, Chit}
4:15 p.. Ol:tipm. to anyi I witlesed 11n 1 erlsaln, oleirsFolding B-d.Ofice Cllis
iTraini ron between Ann Arbor andTotcdo Francee or Swtzerland1:11(, a1(nd 1 11111od essDnihgChlr,(bp r
W RI.BNET0.P .ld . ' (ISlliiig111REENWOODI 11)5( 1nis 1(1EAkrsg-tdnBtrs POPE MANUFACTURINC CO.,
W.HAgNTTGe.A Tld . I t ihis Ionltry. His sitlerily is eni- Dratperies and1( Furnitture Coverigs illaRFR, OS
dece l1111at h t aswth a l e (differnt kids. O11 th1. Se 11(1d us Hs RTne OYRD, esoar. aras
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. BY. illno professionl hllbjcts. I thor and third floors wih are rech ed by nan.NWYg.otao nero
~sudentandI asit 1 5151ter( iatl,,1 b oeld 5 A At Ctlou of Colobiosaeenfee 1c
TieTbeOtbr,,19. 111lr'ge' numiber of Parlor SlsEsy 11:07ny0(0o0st mi oubaAgcyy, osl i i t toS bnuld Ir
Tim Tble Otoer > ,$9 \ A. O IIvOI (' hairs;, Lonlgs, Parlor abinet+Rl atsoB 10 scs ;jmS.Ti st,10,S s-lal
Leave YpsIlantI from Congress st.,7:,9:00 h'rofesor of Psyclo~gy, 1 iyelttI taly1111a2.1(1It:ed oe(r, Library (hairs.
and 11:0. m.: 12:45, 2:15, 5:t0, 6:4, :00 andY
10:30 p. m. (f Illinlois. Leather Roeloro and( (oiches, Pale
L e v n r o u c i n i : 0 a d 1 1 : 30 .m .; :1 ,2 :d5 ,5 : 30 , 7:1 5 , 9: S fa n d ii:0 0 p .a s . S T A3 3 h ' C O~ L T C t)NL O S . 11 a l1 a n d(1 Rl c e : pitio nl ( 'li r s i aiirta 11NA1TM .W e w n 11u11 0 c l e ti nUleR w c l , e o o e s, a l o ~l o H L a e Y p i a ti f o C n rUsa .
5:0,6:3and :00 p. m. 'and i a y cs o il -11l00 :115 .1(.liitlO. D
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, :0,4:00,5:30, receipt if price lit-ell is satisfactory.hbts.iRugs. Att Sqtars, E:xtIlsitl - -FOE-
7:00 atid 9:0 p.m. Tbe.SuetTbeBb .ar
Cars run on city eime. Fare: single trip 15 Colectios should e sell) by regis-fbe.SdrlfbeIay a- HOT SPRINGS ARK
cents; round trip tckes2 cents. f ' 1hle tgs i A hl~ J11Ile ~~i~s
'It.ar ~neOne eenalilior OxPIts wt lt er l-1,5ad.ipn~" M tins
Wm. P. ice11151crselaratSco-er.WeSrinit, Bb. Mttrlss tlots, Pilloors, edpieudrs prt oe. \TEXAS,
F LOWERS, FLOWERS sened superior appqroal seets 10 rc ('01f1rtitbhIs, Iroti a:1dIsrosItBeds,
For Everytbing and Everybody. ponih ais.WieEim-:I.~ls - I-- LOS ANGELES
P ~t l W.Un rs, ae I'I. J.LAWII ENLLC &('(0 Sands.'\1r. Ha~ller lhs ;ut I~ne
CUSINSS& AeLL Ul~hhhh1l Teleobone 115. Klamalazoo, Mihl. 1 a sg' assrtllelt of car1et Sa 11s
DIBTS & CHAN, *-- -orf O. 'I. liehrllidsoni&A-o('no SuhIIr1- SAN FRANCISCO.
DIEASl SCANr Ae yu lsi1I, fit: f' 11r:l Ohio 11'(:1 o il ~retJlt oIfNew Texas and Cnlifornia Sleeping
1 0 l-('o.,1'77E1I RIATEDO SWAN (lltl-arptsill tli'0titd Sttes IlYouarLie
U. OF U. TA&ILORS T1\__Ii___erec'paerfoarLie
N it is 5 Il-c fet ioile af:t- llS tteil lt l11a11 111(0 10,11 i(
Our Spring and Sumnier Woolens I p it 1111or is-t. or Sati:'etery- stock bfoe'tbuying yor ;goodsd oli11 THE WABASH AND IRON MOUNTAIN RYS.
are now on sale. Prices Low ief P11 atIit or tttell:1- orot t 011 I ban nawille anw abeLnen
C8.S all a, ecnd seeus.orl Annt Aatrbor.lto.FIRST CLASS SLEEPERS lom
45,saienrendierAesainm 'YO M~L ! . P I. S. ASSOCATION. CHICAGO TO LAREDO, TEXAS,
22 Years in thes Business es T~.- will nteet stddsts wising to jon ViLtl teOavr.Tsraa a
CITY LAU DRYthe1I1Clibrl Plitcal (1(n~e 9S etibe, Austin ad San Antonio. Pasaenges
elation, illtie sia ll lo off tisi east ftr Hot Sprigs ave only one change of arn
CT LA N Rsennary room of fle library any (at Malatern, :50ti a. mn. net day, arriving
M. M. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave. f terisooni except Saturday btoeell :t at hlot Springs at 11:10 a. m.' Six loansvtim
and 'lc.Temmesi e quickest through seeping car ier ietweeo
4 oclok. ileboeltbrs~ilIfeeChcag and Malvern. Also daily lin of
MERCHANT TAILORING is . 1 $1, whichienetitls tot te treel' lll Tourist Seepes, baing Chicago on same
Ceanng, Pressing and Repairing /h lers of tim.,tpubliations alreaidy is- trai, through to Sa, Francisco viaLe
done neatly by oSed. C. 0. ('001EY, Treas. Angeles Cal.
AUGl,. CIOEONFWAL,lO,_E. anhingt - - - -
I'l s 11llblebloiiwisi 10 try for at or maps, tickes ard full inomaion,
EXCELSIOR +- LAUNDRY ! VICTOR M ODEL pinte on t i eam 1111wlith co uptel apply to
20 EAST HURON STREET. aigailisf '17 in the relay ace at the J. . GREEN J. ALERMAN,
Goocd'Iorki Guaranteed. floods caled for FIRST' CLASS. inidoor nseet are' rqueoistld to rport SthgsPs.Ak Ta.Fs~
anddelverd. . . CSTEiT.Froi.Reduced Price. Please cab and ex- to b1iIl the ybullisil IVry day
ANABRamine salne. for practice. II. T. ilEALD, TCE FIE 0 lr 5,UOA4
STEAM DYE WORKS. No, 88 S. Mialrt. (or, Owiliar St. '15 rack AMalager.( F. H. Tristram, P. E. Dombaugh,
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing Cleaned o Cn. Pam.- Ag. Pams. & TicetAgl,
or Dyed. - , ~Cor 7th a.ad Smith 07IIa unSt.
3 W. HURON ST.. ANN ARBOR. feld st, PittsurgPa Tleo,0
Members of Guirantee Ticket Brokers' Ass- ~ ici c~t
elation of U. S. 4 UT
Cosby &McKeon R. R. Ticket Agency OF AL '.- '~- AEbOLUTLT
5AdmstCiaoReueraetoal.points. Baschi Tue Kindergarten No. a - - 13
N. Main st. Ann Arbor Michigan.
$255.00 for a 51 Days Euro. ->- 'er -1,rI
pean Tour.01
We re organ pizing a selet ary o um-
mer tour to Europe. eaving NVew Yorb Jne
22nd, for Losdon, Antwerp, Br sosCoone a
Cobleste. Frankfort, IHedebergSi anabeeg )
Baoden-Baden, Parin- and Dieppe returning ~ .r ' .-
sailing from London Augst2nd The ptrtyv I
will be condncted by and suider the personal
chargeof M.OTO NESono ofColumbusu
well known as ose 0g the berst musical in M T~A"H ,IS
nructorn og America and a genial gentleman IAEILTEf~ET
of large experience in travel Eahgpatron rO~p~'0 a.z ~,viu
stateroom, mnd the nshps seleced re nestLwCTtho1ET o facPTTn
85,:I17tont twin screw steamers provided with 0OMAH1E FLYGARAlTE5I; AA90ESN FRT/OUTSAM.-
eletricights nd steam heat omplee ' M tL E'C H (VA (sVrf CQM
inerary and information mailed on rceipt - ,!1 s-R /
of sef-addtessedsttedevlp.850'
pasevery epes o ig00 rae ad .IrAIri Of CE Af I AT0PY LAKE & IA te CDIG COO F USSSTSOIT
htl.Full information and tinserary 'EAI L, totROOf'tps 2BO*\ABA~foMli A'/L 5--+ h LAIG COL FBSIES-nSW
mailed on teceipt of ef-addeenssed envelope. 'E ASTRNhriARmtEm-toue 9799 ┬░Rpj45E ST. fEkIYOR KJ 255 Magnicent bidin; ten tio..ree;Son
Mention this paper. r ' . .---'endnc; gsd discipline; speiirt inc; cels
PORTLAND _ , eliedrdig neim; dily letae, Ifatoseny
W R BRTES~' SANf P. soon tmrg eepion; oens the estileyrromE~p.
WARMBOTHRS fkiA -? mai ,. , ts; ~ohr phing stdntn s topesn
pen. Tourist and Steamhip Ats .. 5 T- At K I o artioom rest5o 52 75 P erek si posf
Ag.".'-ts". ri7 '4gerte eucdtoPs i i
27 N ig S. ?/ n t~it au..i oe _ taring55 hor Coigse address
Low rates erervYheret Clubus Oio. 0-.. --.7 . A-t'I,1__ft C A'f. Pel.

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