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March 11, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-11

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_ Mg HTGAN G 'NT L At the Grand Opera House.. Ship of State Tonight. W A N 'E D!
Time TbeRvsd o.ie 54 (hre' Aunt" will be on view in It is not difficult to find mntch to
PAST. WESsT. this city for the firs-t tine on 'thurs- commnend in tile1new isitoricali phia', _____________
Mail and Ex---- 3530 Maii ------AS 3 day -evenilng, \Rrch 14, at the Grand "The Ship of State," which was pre-
N. V. Special.-. 5 15 N. Y. Special--- 7 30l opera lions'- and wiiiundoubtedly stiured last nighlt at the Empire. 'i be
Easters Ex.--1 15 N. S. Limited._-- 9 25
A. . Pacific Ex--.-12 15 lltkOif a strong lilt. A yotung fellow local crolorinig shotlid tb interesting to 0
Atlantic Ex-.7 47 P..N xrsM--54 etr E.-_21.wbo for a joeigle iiiself as an resident thieater' goers espwecially, for
G. R. Express --11 051 0h1. Nt. Es----10 25 eccenttic widow worth soiie few mili- the actien of 11e piece occurs dluing
0.. RUooi3LEs, N. W. HAYES lions, is made love to by two passion- the var of 1812 with Englasnd 'and the
P. P. a T. set.. Chicago. Agt., Ass Arbor. ate suitors, and has to inivenlt fairy locaitiy liei'eabouts ectsitties -they
talies rapidly to keep til the role lie is background, tie lectures pe-ine3o dSrn,)elh
T. .A N .IY uwligyplaiyinig. Aiecletieis iinioratdc welles tie
Tating effect Sunday. Aug. 1, 1890. onaisltIrte ietoof(hsfiuosleyIivl-ct. iit'c
Train leave Ann Arbor on Central Stand- l'linaiidervill prettiloinidyCha. fi tor isi lae rie. hle 31tls a(le lli
ard time. ola ilpeette oidtr' nLhEi' hltidazt L IA R S
suveH. SOUTH. "Ct'rle's Aunt" 11a1 a phe ioienal iii soni' i-lcets is not cif aslugftodr .7:8m.*15.m. rcoidi odn e ok otntev~iu cshv enit ler
e12:25 p. m, 11:30 a. m.
4:15 p. i. 9:00 P. i. aiid('hilcago. ly hianidleid from a thistrical
*Trainsnrus between Ann Arbor and Toledo . pont of view anid Ike author:t
osly. NOTICES.(wovr h" ily b) s c-T hae yLa' Dp m ,
All traiss daily except Sunda y. wo-vr___nay__s,__Tohv ryLars i 01,
R. S. GREEN WVOOl), Agent trainly cognizanit withi manyO of '
Thu annual meetinig of tile U. of lii: fundamoentl dpeneilyles (If p-lay-, 12x16 with gold eal anid of,,
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. BY. _.t..lndependeint assaitonl for tile ntakiing of the resent dad-. Thai
<r ~thee rules for i111'ell contiretton arc fi~ial stamnp attached, sent
Time Table, October 7, 1894. proeo eelnnlil dtr o ap- svery exalted nmay be co-in-
Leaveea Ypsilanti from Congress st., 7:00,9:00 the comilng 7-eartswill oci-tr Saturday,
said 11:00 a. m.; 12:45, 2:15, 5:Ut, 6:41, 9:00 and April 0. Accordiiig to a rule of the eed aiid it is carping 1(0 tateex0'-ifree on receipt of a 2 cent
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 7:30.,9:1M and associationl til eittors shiall1' clttlbo 1staetreeap-wa sul
11:0 a. m.; 1:152:45,5:3,7:1,:30adl1:00p..1,. portionled as follows: Eleven tIo th~e to plase', aid. in th:'epresint instatice, Stamp. Address,
SUNDAY TIME. literary depatrtmienit, three to the latw adnil fufills tha1 t tl'o-("'Pin-.
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress st., :0,:0,nerily. 11e'pieee does: not dlrag. While
1:00 6:30 asd 9:00 pp1:02:0 depairtmnt, two to theIliediclldeepart-
L.eave Ann Arbor Junction. 2:00,4:00, 5:30, iwent, one to tile pharmacye and( one the hiistoricaul iltil~shli. r '>se' s t10
7:00 and 9:30 p. m. dignitfy tli- wo:rk, tlhe writer h as ap- '17
Cars runesn city time. Fare: single trip 15 to the dental departmtenit. It is d1'"-E L I
cens; irousd trip tickets 25 enits. srdtataltoe r ihil otyp re (te 1tile' li(eesity of ltiig ST " he ~ I. .s
WsM. I. PsAKiRSup1. iin'm hatnlinterestishngit,'tro1niiiYe'.lieha
foi pla ces hbegin contiuinllg lit onc(e. hiinitrs i oint i a
FLOWERS, FLOWERS Theiwotk don:' will receiv(',tdtle credit, edtsplaiy d goodi judmltptcgls 333MSigiiiM'L' ! t~ (Cmoeit of ll la aet
For Everythinsg and Everybody. and those 'sho~se«I' witing .,warrlants a o el,:r te CiltbI iarts o his .330 MASI4IyTE PLB
26 sS& AL .tUnilversity sve. lposition oil thie'boai'd will he recoin -platy. aiid mnity o te eelI ir
COSN LFIhhitl Tel eslione 115. ede oth~selaio.tlhtilliiig, while- otho-e aegntIsl HIC G
meddtoteasciaion'.LEIA humorous. 'The pre.' shlotuld hb_!a
T1he£1Mainagin~g Editor.,'viner, fori besides a nisce obserilt(e ~. -
ORDERI YOU't. S1IIINGt'LOtTItNG Ili' ttto, th:'reis iiutiiu'nisalllttiy,
C o e Le fN0OW. go:od chiaracter-lriwig. A miore! en-
As cin extra indtucemtnn for ca:rly thtuoiasti:' atidi se.eetr las(illbhld
R out~e orders previotts to the ruish. ithe'(ol- iIith'e 11inir'. 'The nasal bat:o it:
-den Eagle wvill boo0k yotur (mriers for the last a1(t was cer-tailty a tilrilling I,
.a.. a~ "a. delivery at your ipleasur tlr:'lte'ducedland movsig successioni of 'lisodc s.
,'Please keep in mind the Toledo, prices during th~is month. Mir. A. E. Edith Ellis. as Mlitletis, wa~s espc-
R TT-----.-r+:..<,.u. s, Rose will lie at the C(ookliotise Tites- ilth'acept'iable tolt'eauidie'nee. her

The Clover Leaf Route, "Fast
Line" for St. Louis, Mo., arid the
West and -Southwest eaves To-
ledo Union Depot at b p. im.
daily, arrives New Union Station
(the largest in the~ world), St.
Louis early next morning.
and Mlichigan Central lines at
Buffet Reclining Chair Cars Seats Free
and, Vestibuled Sleepers with-
out change.
General Passenger Agt., Toledo, 0.
Our Spring and Sumnier Woolens
are usaw Qn sale. Prices Lowe.
Call-and see us.
48S. State S.. Scosnd, FilsrAnn A rbor.
22 Yearn 1in the Buies-""M5 +-~
X. 3L SEABOLT. No. 4 N. 4th ave.
oleaning, Pressingad Repairing
does neatly by
Ariu. FSc~P)F, WA e1,, 2.n. Washington
Peed Week Gnarapteed. Goeods called for
and delivered. A. F'. COERTvi. weep.

day, 'Maclm12,Nwitl: all the ltest 1n0v- manne~i:r being lively :1n1(1itte caplti-
eties itt wooleni's foe spinlg land sumil- i-lting, while AV. . Btller wais manly
user w-car. All stiudnts are ivitecd. a111e1r('lsit as her lover. Ge-orge
____________________________________ tWood gai's'e a golod p~re'sentatiI~oh'oftit
odhickory limb. Tippcanhioe T'iun.
THE WAB SH ROIJ1[ Iharry J. Ttm:nas. as DtuncauDore
aTory oiheeu', and Jaumes 'Turner, asv
--FOR___ the campttaini of tihe British slip, Quesis
('harotte,were stronig initheiiir respire-
HOT SPRINGS, ARK.,I five parts. Tim love scene in the
secondt rbt's'seeuithe Tory oiicr
TEXAS,1and(1till'heroCine, was14 keenily relisle~l,i
as wais the suceed:ing scen'e'ill whiht
LOS ANGELES Bob pilayedi an impolrtlant purt.. the
-AND- playet's being liberally applaudedl.
SAN RANCSCOTyiiical backwoods lovers wvere ade-
SA R NCS O quatchy preseunttec by Ed. M.Kibl
NewTeas ndCalifornia Sleeping and tda Thhowhas, both these echrac-
New rTeasnandternshslo'ving ta iettoueh on the 1art
of thi lauthior of the piece. Other
roles were taken biy J. T. tFord, K.IH.'
THlE WABASH AND IRON MOUNTAIN RYS. Htoenig, Eu.nna Lathsrop, 1,iLtleor
Have Inaugurated a new Daily Line of Gore and Flyd Buiggs.
FIRST CLASS SLEEPERS from "The Ship of Slut"" will be givens all
CHICAGO TO LAREOO. TEXAS wewt ntlestdy .~ , ay and Saturd'cay.-LEast Mtonday's
Via Little Hock. Malvern, Texarkana, Psi- Detroit Free Prs.
onine, Austin and San Antonio. Passengers The stuidents should not fail to lie-rr
for Hot Springs have ashy one change of cars Meiss Edith Ellis sing "Marie, I Love,
(at Malvern, 9:50 a. m. next day), arrivingYo"Shposseabauilvic
at Hot Springs at 1t:10 a. m. Six hours theYo.Shpsessabauilvic
quickest through sleeping car dine between t'ils one, of tile best actreseca en thle
Chicago and Malverns. Also daily lise of stage.
Tourist Sleepers. leavinig Chicago on samej
train,, through to San Francisco via Los 1.01'.
Angeles Cal. The person who. tooL my satehel
from the basement of the gymnasPfnl
For maps, tickets and full information, audyatriouMcrIwl
apply to please retuiriithie.acme tto im offie
J. II; GREEN J. NALOERMAN, of the 573'Onlsiulit, or to 21 Parkartef
Michigan pass. Agt. Tray. Pass. Ag st. My name andh address arae pntedF
,.---oa:-in the sinichel.
TICEET OFFICE,. 201 Cark st., CHICAGO ~ .W'I
F. H. Trstram, P. E. Dombaugh, FORt SALE.
Cee. Pass. Agb. Pass. & Ticket Agt. A Victor Bicycle at retlueedl price.
Cer. 7th ave. and Smith. 307 Madison st., As good as ew. lnxjal - at S~ .
fild t., Pittsburg, Pa. Tolede, 0 'Main at.

2200 to 2204 State at. , 1330
XssOnis Tomnp~e, Chicago,
will vii Ann Arbor person,
ally during week of M~tidx
11th Location will be an,
.soounod- i this week's ~w,

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