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March 08, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-08

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Published Daily (Sunday excepted) duriug
the College yer, by
Demo : Times building N. Main st., opposit
post (ffce.
H. COLEMAN, Lit. '7, Managing Editor.
. 1B. IlAnois0ci, taw .0, Assistnt.
A. W. SI, Lit. Spel., Assistant.
W. A. Opu.. Lain'1, Assistant.
J. A. Letlii, Lit. .5, Athetio Editor.
J. S. PEARL, Law %-), Buiness Manage.
I. W. Lee, Lao li, Assistat.
Ansociato Editor.
S. B. Shiley, Lit. 095. 1. A. Dncer, Lit..
F. L. Erans, Low'm,. E .1snderiaio,Lit'O9l
Carrie V. Sinitit.I. lliblen,Law'9O0
C.A.losglio,lDoi'0. C. 11. Farrel, Lt, 00.
S il bert, Engr.,7. i.l.tiemsoii,Mcdic'9o,
Minni M. Tonusoi, Lit '97.
G. . Hbath, 'lormiol l
Subsription price $5250 per yer Ivaribly
In advaince. Sigle coiscets.OSbsci-
tions may le left t the ofice of he DAsLY,
uts toles, at State s. new said, sith any
of the editors or athiorzed sleltors.
Commnniicatins slioold reach le oicer by
7 ncisek p.m. i they are to iappiar le iiesl
diay. A ddress ol moter iitedd for pobli-
catioii to thieManagiiig Editor. All bsiiiess
commnicatiiiis solsd be siil to he Busi
ness aiagir.
AiiiiArir, iic.
Thle editors do istloli temiseles risoin-
ible for thei opiniois or sttemetof corres-
pondeits ppriniieiIine DAIY
'T'e inlersocie lebiiotico tonighgt is
tni evenltswhiih'eiriiy loyal sudei'nt
soldniltten~id. 'OT- resc of lrg
niuiibis of studets at ltse iebti
'suliglt xvisy 10 the dbiters plaier
-'ny soken words lhat
-lV is very imuclini
dtointsorcisc d-
chose-. ill go there tkig
willshetli'iii. sympailty of the sintire
student boiiy. Let isinlooe our stud-
ien for soits iight Ialidrealize ishigir
duty thamnolviig so malny lrolems
in iialli'naties or connig 00oImany'
lines of Latim-that of clivaing ot-
lrge spirit. Tern'is 110 good to be
derived froiit tryinig to arosc olge
spirit aimong, lumiini ii Astralit or
Japan wheithfltsstudniet boty lt hlvie
is without it.
Soie of the locl reptrer for De-
troit Eveninig papers iiiy riid oris
of ronfor, anti perhaplis even justii-
ration for their "saley" quality of
news iii thle fllowing from tie Uni-
verrity of Chicago Weely:
"Htard, iided, ,in the lot of the stu
dent reporter who reresents a daily
newspaper at ai universily. He is
morally ure to please no oie. Hi-s
sacrifices for the sake of his college
iidiii sllaconscience, if le iiak'any,
are unniown and unlaplreciatd. Aid
lils course of action in regrd 10 every
delicate mlatter is certain to land liim
in hot waer, either fromi his university
or Ills paper. In the one rse i- ix
called disloyal to his college and suf-
fers accordingly. In the oiler case lie
has allowed his paper to be "scooped
--for in these days of enterprise aixi
competition in jonalisn, a good
"story" is sure to be discovered sooier
or later by some of tie papers. He Is
accordiiigly sflvun~ned bfoi'etie ed-
itor to explain Is negligeice, and hia
inda that lie has lost noro by this one
incident in chance for advanemesnt
and propeta of assignmients than ho
can wvin hick in log nmonths of hard
anrd faithful work.

"tDespit'abees is thl e 111nt ouldDi1S M U I
iinwillinigly Injure the alma pmater iat D TS N US C.
t ithii of wvhat it cos. lit it does
seeii peculiarly sifortuiate that liii "Six Love Songs,"
iioih:ris press (shic-h mens the piuib- By rash E. Sawyer. Transaiono Six
e taste) deands iil.ws of it scus-of leiiis tinet lyrics in eiini'.e muical
lional, aiiiu, if posible, uiiiasvfnioel, settings. Havy pPaper 75 cents.
tliat theipoulalilr appeltite swil not be f''COLLEGE SNGS."
stisfiieith thelii'saidI aiid bginmat
llillier that a univis-rsity or li l0lc The standarmd colectisi of College Songs.
iiisilsiliou is wiling to gise out "of DOver.00000) sold. Heavy Papr iily"Ti(,rpre'sec00a a et;CohGl,$.0
journalist depndcptoil .1101 his getinig1''COLLEGE SONGS FOR GIRLS'
tlii-,Ihindl sf nmwsswhich his 1)1111
demndsDOly boiick of the kid pusblished. The
"After mil1110sIien asaidlosvc -sevyoPfape rdio1,0. c ic oei
dilly.i liii'Srictesiti-ell.(isiflh'
s1 ud siiiirdito sii-inhiti thenwpaellanill~r FOLLECION ISRUMENAL JUlOd MOST.'"
*should b l d lt-is10vigorously 15sp11117Egty-swopieces for the giar froms te
iothir. Put iis5 11alio-ti'e01110. le bes sorces. A spenodi colletio.lHaid-
of thei:olii inheren tilii llieeeiand iser- Any boki seit pospid on receipt of price.
"phairoes of his siuiaiioni i nlii--y partiOIVi.ER D ITIiSQON CO.,
of 111. Tocomti hnioisitiuiiiss 40AtOVxssgn 5tIots
110 h111d as toiheia 'noral laiss 7 e"C Ii Ditson C5C. to.is.
i-ri., Marci-li8--Li-clure: in MAl.E. SERMONS OF REV. J. T. SUNERLAN,
clinicshby Dr. . :A. tobern, oil"An Seris of 1894-95.
Aftl'riin iiii cithe: at Mi-ln.'_____
1ri., Mlarch S.ielo ay idbste SEPT-The Soul's Cry forGod.
ill law lsectiiero iiiOil o the 1111sioin OCT-Jesus as Humanity's Ideal.
"SothicUnieiates build --a-NOV.-Sectarianism Iu Evils, Canes
cihotrol11th iea-ot aal?".d- and Cure.
Sat.,..arc l .-E lll-es' indor DEC-"The True Cross of Christ."
nicit1 tiii'h gymnashiumihi. JAN.-''al's Jesus God?"
Sun., Mari h 1-Rhev. J. . 1.lestn FEB-"Loyalty to Conviction."
oii "t'iusig G0d" t1. utNwberryiiail,
1~ i.li. SOC. A YEAH. 5. A NUMBER
Sun., March 10. 12 in-Prof. E, . 1. or sale at Oleias's and Stoles.
Jtohiisoii oin "t'sithieandtPrisate Lass -,-- -
in chei c C(hristi x 1Era" bofire' Fi
vority Bible clss at Mlehisiist We
)loi., March 11.-P~rof. AMeebemi be- -Y le
forehio Unityclsib onl 'rthe Origin ofYo g
So'e Famihiar Instituthoin.' L a," W-Nen
Thulrs., SMarch 11-Facu-slty recial atito sdstrbte
Frict'Sheiomal all mets is pst parmens foe aigh gasdo AM
iscle nichwsend thIem on appoalN
'h'nrn., Scthi11.0.PIror. T~h'osono kdone until thu biycle arsies and pses
oss "Thoirs' to mihion of theiJ- ges"smig 5fa0 cr
i till';SMosaic land lasv seiis at the IYoung LadieSes e~eurms
lawv lec-hre1room1. If born corgisppltermustbewelhreom
mended. Wite fopaticuas.
Fri. eve., Star. 15.-Sophionmore party ACME CYCLE COfPANY
at Grange's academy. ELKHART, IND.
Fri., Mlar. 15.-University oratorical
contest n University hall unider auspi- Membes of Cuarantee Tie eoers' Aso-i
ces of S. L. A. eatio of . S.1
Sats., Malrchm 16-FirsttOannuall aluimni Csy & McKeon R. R. Ticket Agencyt
banquet of te class of '9-lih. 0 Adams st., Chihao. Redcedrtss to al
poistsnBrancelmThe Iiideigartesm N.3
-Sao., JSarchi 10, 3 p. in.-Mteetiing of N Main s, Ass Asor, Mihign.
Aim Arhbor division of Collegiate alum- - ,F STE
i fslcert Nessberry hal for elecln f FIRST CLASS CUSTOM TAILORING
Sunm., Marchi17.--John R. Slott, se- Coes of State and SWillh, m st,
rotairy- of the Studeits' Chrisian aso- 5Villh' 'i st. entrance.e
ciations, before the S. C. A.
Sun.,SMarchi 24.-Shierwsood dd, F R ALL H
secretary of the Student VoluniterrsOR Pl
before the S. C. A. $1.25We.adTusTr.2'-l-
sirni conference.
WAed., Starch 27.-Annual S. C. A. T 1T.?
WedL and Thisr., March 27-28.-Ii TT
(lassical coiference under auspices of U f M
MicigsaShoomastsclub. U o fM
Fri., liar. 29.-V'arsity indoor mot
Fri., March 29.-Junhor lit social i'
Granger's aeadeiiiy. be delivered at the you
Fri. amnd Sat., Alar. 29-30.-Mleeting the College year f
of Milchilgaii Schooasters' club.
Thurs., Apill.11.Faculty rechtal lit
FrieaelMensorial hail B' R I ~
Fri., April 2.-Intercllegiate debate .J
r. etisoen Northwisetrn and Michigan
at Chicago. 1 fie ie lc
Thurs.Maiy '9.-Faculty recital at O fie ~ e lo
Friesozenorial hal, Dr at Paul Myers, Sta

Gents' ie Iao Shoes
Washingo locke, An Abor,
P. S.-See our Show Window.
Jacob Lis laborue ind'iiuciiuiiof the
Stirrig Naal hramao,
Astory ofthe-histuorysofsoar cuoa,-.
Graphically Told,
Magnificently Staged,
Superbly Aetd..
PRICES, - 35c, 50c, 75c, and $1.
Reserved setI on Haleat 55attsItewtlry
6 E. Huron st.
From the RoiyaliCosevatory,
Suttgart, Germiay,
Teacher of Piano, Organ and Musica
Composition; also the Art of
Stodio 22 S. Divison St., Ann Asor, Mheh
Ann Arbir, Mih. Capital Stic, $50,000.
Srphs, 150,00.
Organised underthe eneral BakhngiLaws
of this Ssse. Rieceivse deposits, buys and
sells exchange 011 the principsal cities of this
Called OStates. ilrafts rashecd spoil proper
ideniltcotioii. Sfey deposit bos to ret.
OFFICERS: Christhin b iack, lees.: 5.hD.
iHarriman,, Tice-Pres.; Chis. E. hhcoc,
Cashier: 5. J. .Frito Assistait Casier.
Metropolitan Cafe
Lunch and lining Room. No. 18 N.
Fourthi Ave., betwee Arlington Hotel
and Ciy Office Building. Open all
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis, Props.

,ur room I he
for only $lj

r of

[BE >

k, at Stofliet';
.te st., New


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