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March 06, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-03-06

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Von. V. N). 109.



Men Will Henceforth be Sent to
New York, if they Qualify-History
of Michigan's Membership-Our
Athletic Interests Growing.
Michilgan,'will retain tieriiieaniler-
suit)ini the Iitceolleginl e issocia-lioli
of anmateur athliltis of Amcerica.,sal
rfports to the eouitrary notwithstaind-
ing. The boaed cif directors of the
Aibhletic associatioin inistruetedt the se-
retary to ascii hiiii tile aiount of
,back tlies to be paid lcd to forward
the sane to the Iiitei'eolleg-iare assoc-ia-
Uplon this action btacn a litble his-

Prizes for Essayists.
The American Institnte' of Sacred
Literature, of which WilliaiiiIT. liar-
lie, president. of Chicago U-niversity,
is principal, offers the following prizes:
1. One huiidred dollars for the beat
paper it.IHebrew. 2. Fifty dollnr-
for the best liter in New T'estamient
Greek. 4. Fifty dollars for the see-
cnd. 5. One hiiiitred (dollars for the
bis ofpaper cin tie EnugiohBibe.ft.
Fifty idollars' for the second~.
'The ipirpiose in offertng tiii se liberal
tirizes is to create ans interest ini college
students for Bible studty and to intduce
college faculties to add such ciiurses to
thetr currieiila.-Moreover it is de sireit
to refute the culrrent impression flint
college, students are igniorant. on Bibli-

Wisconsin Letter.
tadtison, AYis., lMaceli4, Spie ial
("orrestiondence).'-'lTe students are
rejoicting seer the result of the teanu
nice at Chicago, Saturiday, Saturiday
evening, as Wisconssini secured irst
Place ini the half mile rin. The out-
look for track athiletics is ciinsid(: cdi
very tirightf.
Glriat efforts are lbig madtetin se-
cure' a niesv shell fiii'thii' uie if tie
crew thits spilg. Thi- e me are train-
tug actively hilt feel thait they eaunit
idt their best tin the piresenit shell. 'flu
intintioni is to compite against Situ-
iiisowta and very priobably the crew
wil be furnished with the hbest smell
that can bielprocured.
Prof. Kelsey, of Michigan, delivered

Tries to learn1 without books.
Some people thougla try to use
mulsica~l inlstrumenlt~s avitla little
01' lnt)tone.
.We say Buy Ihose Which lava Tune.
We sell that kinid.
51 South Main st.

tory'. In 1886ia very fast stprintef cal subljects. a heTture on "Pomipieii," to a large
- vas ini the Univrersity in the hs'1son fT'e examitintions will tieic-ld ini cl. large atutience-, 'Wetdniisihiy afternoon.
of F. N. Boini'g. Michigan mlade leges where there are compeitlitors as0T'fl ecture is the firsf of a series '.o

,application for mcemlbershiti in flu' Iii-
O-treoltigiate asciaitioni and was ae-
cetited.'tr. Bonine a05scullntii the
-associlation's champiilionishipls in Slay.
188(6, and captureid thii 1001yvrds dash
Ihils giave iigsi;;nlive ptinits inlthe
lists of tile Itieircillegiate chasmpioni-
ships, t sumiiwhich- tornell has inev(er
.equa~lled until list year.
Thatf was the 0113ly ineflint Michi-
gan has beein rilil'set'lit atn the In-
'torcollegiates, though the mem'iibershipl
has r'emiained as n reinidlter of a cue-
s.cessful attemnlt to break in~to iaste't'i
ranks. Z'Ile lii'ubersiip loss beeun only
nominal, however, for Aticlilgan has
;nevrer taken alnylattive inti'roAt in the
asssociati ol's (oint~gs, at lealst to tie
:.extent of painig Ier dues, whlichi are
$10) a year. Atthle annultal businless
umeeting of the association, Ileld Feb-
ruary 23rdl,'Vermionit Uiversity antd
Hobart ('ollege were expelled for lack
'.of initerest. Whlen -Michigaln's case
,.amnetup, it was doecdede to give us
until April 1sf to settle up our does
er ho expelled. Last lllglt's action
:settles the question of expulsioii.
Henceforth Michigan will he aii ac-
tive memnber of the assoclitdtsl.
'Whenever allymni show up on the
track or field in form that seems
likely to win a point in treio itereol-
leglafo championlships, they will be
sent to New York to coumipete. Here
is certainly a good Inducenmt to
track men to train.
Vance Is Single Yet.
In this paper for Saturday, MNarch 2,
it was announced that Win. K. Viice,
.5law, had returned from M11onoit-
gahola, Pa., with his bride. The state-
mont was -ithlout foundation and the
-Daly desires to correct thle itemo and
apologize to 'Mr. Vantce. Those wish-
ing to display their talents by securing
the publication of such articles as the
one concerning 'Mr. V. would do well
-to remember that furnishing newspa-
'pers with false -statements concerning
fther prsonsis very apt to prove dan-
-gersfor :the wnld-bie smart man.#

fiillowis: ttebrew ainit ew Tlestamuenit
Grieek, Oct. 10), 1895; on the EnglishI
Bible, Jisc 1, 1895. tCirciulars giving
full piarticiulrs can tie sectureit of Geni.
Sic. f). F. Metn at Newberry hall.
The Sallust Monument at Aquila.
The Corriere~ dell' Aquilat of t+eliru-
ary t9 publishes in iacknowleidgemsenst
of tho receipt of 380 lire (abotut $7t0),
contrilsisted liy seven Ameilricani uut-
versities to th' fuiid which is bieiiig
raised for a imiionunts Sallust in
that place. This sum,. which the
(Corriere says says lian a moral effect
far beyond its itrinsic value, was eol-
lectedt by the followingg nimversities:
Chicango, Columbia, Jlohiis totikius,
Michigan, Pin~ceton, Pennsylvania and
Vale. Thi subilscripition of this univer-
sity coiisisted mainly of ive antI ten
cent contributions received from the
ni'iiers of the classes ini Latin.
Aquilt is a towis of 1110 Absruzi,
abiout 60 nilles northeast of lhome, int'
Is' near thie site of the ancient Ail-
ternumo, where Sallust, "Rtomana pri-
nuns in hisoria" as Martial calls him,
was born in 8(6 B. C.
Th'le fund at present amiounts to
t,6t59.40 lire, or about $1,301).
Pleading in Equity by~the J's. I
Soet(ine ago' it was anniounced
in the Daily that Prof. Thompson
wvould require exitra work of the
junior laws In. Equtiy pleadimig. Thle
work in detail is as follows: Plead-
ings in equity are to be conducted
fromn bill to Issue under Prof. Thomup-
son. The students are to be assigned
cases in sections of four soon and

ii', givnoil classical stibjects in(
iovildiii every way a worthy Is 'guI-
Ali-xander tGrahams Bell, of tele phionei
faimii,.has lieen lectturinlg Iftlt'ent-
versity duriiigithe hiast week, Monday
ifte-coisnlie spioke biefore the clnss ini
Amiericani Chairities oni liii'"Edtuca-
ti of the Deaf uind Dumib'.' 'tiues-
oly mlorninug lie delive reid atlectiure cii
ttahinhony." tdescribtig the traus-
miissions of sotund, at Ioung dishsui-.
without the' us(? of a wire.
tOther lectures were deliveredh i the
course' ii Americatn Chiaritites by Puof.
Wilkins, of Virotqua,anid Presidenit
Salisbuiry, of 'Whitevuther Normual
seciooh; the former stsoke out "Criminu-
ology," the halter on "Thle Feeble
MSimidy." Stulunton B. Peek, of lCii-
cago, lecftured Frida~y on "Conveyinlg
A special law coturse ts beiuig given
for thle bemiefit of the ceirks at the
slate capitol. 11 is exhorted to coin-
tiuo thle study through the stummellr
vacation uand in this imanmer give the
benefits of a full course.
Joint debaters hlave been already
elected for th~e annlual joint debate
wichl will occur next witer Athen,
this yeair's victor, will be represented
by G'. H. Miller, '96;1: I. F. Cechenis,
'97; and Heniry L~ockits, '97. Ices-
periat's dlebaters will be H. S. MtcCord,
'961; J. L. McNab, '961, and P. A. Evans,
Chicago A. A. Indoor Meet.
At thie Chlicago A. A. indoor meet
Saturday night, Wisconsin won the
Intercolle-gIate relay race; H. B.

HAND. Magniieest biuilding; tenotiachers;lhone
attendanice; good discipine; superior sect;welt
supplied rmadinig rose; daily lecturrs; Saturday
evenigreiepiions; open die sntiresyear.fEscep-
tional facilitieslor plaing studentsinisposiliosa.
Biordoond room $2 Is $2.75 per weekt is private
famiies. These ratesreduced to Hs-us by sol'-
boardi x . For Caalhogue address
V. R, CLEARY. Pres.
+48 S. STATE ST.
Go to RANDALL for
Artistic Photos.
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Latest Improved Barber Shop
In the city. E. iWashington st., 1st doer
rant of Alale St. Ann Arbor.
JOTC7LLY Z& co's
at SOUTH STATS ST. Don't fall to comre.
Hot sod Cold Luorches at All Hears.

sible thlese sections tlhemlselves froom Crager, of Lake Forest University,
persons of their own sta tes and quiz thle mile run; ttopkhns, of Wisconsin,
sections. thle half-mile run, and Hirsebbherger,
As a genteral thinog only issues of fact of Chicago 'nes tvute i
will be reached. but should issues offetiv
law be reached, the students can argue fc,fieIhes
if they so desire. Prof. Thompson There will be some extra lectures,
will hear the -arguments.- delivered to the laws next week.

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