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February 23, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-02-23

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n H GA CE T A AtteGadOeaHouse. The ex)inaio in aec willbo TOT SEW AT
AtteGan1pr held next t ock In the law lecture S;houd a paty of 71) or lss froma
Time Table oReised Nov.018,04 ' son itI eliecry: a idayv by lDavid! room as follows: Se. 3S A and BIt-lot- ay fraternity wish excellent oard
A~ST.aWES. 1 Scull, soas produced at thve (lun-; ay at 8; S--. 5 (A and S) Tuesday at for $2.50 per we-b. TChy can do ns
r. M. A .M
Mall asd Exs 5:100! Mail .. . 8431 lis tleato t last night axnitiade a -1; Se. t (A and ttI Thursday t 4; better than apply at No. 37 J,; Uni
N. Y.Seilt-a1 .Y OblaI-. 111 i rbl rpissoue. Ilosplot dealis Sec. I. (A and I ) Iriday at 4; Se. 2s t1siy as-. _ branot nowtb sat
A. M. t'arSU . Es -1 1: iSs tth life hoehind te scenles t the Ness IA and B) Saturday at 1. Sud~nts foe yo. MRlS. h. S. PiIYI.
Atlantic Es x-... blue7era"lita
ni N. Eporss...5 +o wesern i;Es--31toil p 100ostoite. andit exhibits seoioo-will please use te usual bus amnI t. OF M. CALENDAR.
G. I. Exres 11 0 ti. ht. E. _t t-e ryseesaclisie (0 utry. Thet asttastiibondrngwhtemoil,
~~~~~~~G. It.EtrcsI 0.L E.-..wsIiio ok adbigvsil bt-ito L-____
o. s. itt -or s, 1. W.IIlAs a capaolt o t" ato-. allt ltieeuditoof te eatit ionu onanotatod eopies of Sal, 1 blt. -t.Sniol lw l aos s 105ovn-
t. t. a . -tt., Chicago. Ag., Ann tbor.totl10'a oelittiatohtrssas culadtto-ot toh e11-Prof. M-elI ils printed (uesion.ion:11toicl ctest.
0011000 r--v nitg Su. - Itsthe ubect. AF'. i. S 'MII . St.. Ftb. 2. Setiot-lit o0cepotoionioat0
T., A. A. & N. X. RY. Ititt01000 ito ora. -. AlliI-LtA'S a -i-s eoorihl
ratotoog effect Sunday Ag. 1103Th.ecinsr Aahod.is'awll st._eb__S-____ut. lb (
Tits cavre totsn Atrboror oo to F t nl O (hr, t - of thoe stoec. il ol trs soNi t- ittttttt o oil ol. Iei .1 toooobI: -ol0 00
tootme !beas stteod itttie otlltoutc--tcntoex homeott f oProf. L. t. litosotto, 71
5ttottl 0-SOUTH., ite toonusoail otumbero-oo f -lrooto p- lO t- -ottitg ts follows: So~tiottoI and11010 1 Wostit~ass a so.
7:L5:25 . En. 07150a " ate h twllb nrdu l h
Ro: p. . . , lt3:70..i n. wat ito oilto-iorttt 1otto 5ill recitto too . IS aI i t.om ,alta ., hi.2000111o. l.1.0, Sttto.'rais.rn e-wen im .br 21.o -PI;nito sty hal;isctin.1" o r ti.1logo- p
I0s0len0i1 5. tak ".heBlck C000..in,, 00n Siitutls
C0 Ottoco Aoo c.oot oltoo ostoiw-llo (st eento heortto-nexI t 'c lto 7.Markly itt rooooot1 Tappon htall. A rooogy."
A .r ttitosdaly xolllY n , *. I niht.-liveor sity opol a to- o 00 r S.10 tioni XA sill totito-to Mit. Il[:il ao-li Snt. .l . 2J7-E.lN-soo t Itlimso
W. 1E. IENNETT . P. A. ToedoO t. loadoosof soelettO rc e t"' artOto gi050(layexcett ThurtsdaoyottnotSaturohay lbattittnnualaoddres to fool-S. . A. i
AN ROR8 PSLNi TR n'oelo to t strttolofo ts t led Io -tooo-litt 0ooms x, ttiselity hal. tUniversity 100011
ANaRO PSLNIS~ ry. 110 otooo AV. AV,.BIt litoN. IotiFeol. 2. So. Ttatootlee-~t c
Time Table, October 7, 1894. Avtiooolseitt the Diliy. BUSINESS LOCALĀ§. EngtishtoefooNuIe 1-il tol o
10:o0 a Ypsilanti from totogresto .0.700, : .l( ~rgi Ex icter. oy S ila
nod Oto0b a. mo.; 0:40,.,"12 :0St0, 0:45, 90050anooNOTICES. tlotces inserted ithi~os ooltm t thetto 'o n Fri,bI t .2 0)5cnsprln peilrtsfrano
00:10tp.mm. andto poorline fnsperoltbytaforin oobrr y hall. ic-sto ~soctt ~
Leavet-Ants Arbor Jotctiooo.: 0:,0 tod a notIYOff'o(-lIttsfl i ltyapllo ostoc al
tI ot oo - ~m t-ta,'3:4ab:30. T.tai59. le001(1 t:OOp.oo. Ali tisoot0 0tttoers 00 u oo: 00c o tl t"to!1S T tFr~ h Pi., l ar. I. - rostto~n l ao -os o-
' SUNDAY TIMIE. co-dltes ao-0for to-toost 00lt. tsr oI other (-attsooLST T otNORIio-oi o-al ito Gragers tooll.
Leatve-Ypollontlfrom Cooltcs.t I 0
v:e0 0:50 n ot boot :00 . t. - - - trTIo to-it tooCoht oo lt Ilicagoo oioil noia It ttoios ltit i- r. lt.5-itlett-tloo00
tLsavoe Abouooctiooo:.:00411>.30,5sag0 s 000"Trineor 1iteptrio r 00 my0-005-deIo-aters to s tset Notsrnbot
Colatodu oSOtpm. soroi Ao olletaseott( ran- ittoee 0rows of lahoo. to1lootoot Ior
toars run ntcity time. tFre-. loglo trill1o5 i ototMottotoyotxis-to-toa100e1Sto.
-001100;rounoodttrip tcets 5 enlt. io otbogltoo 10 tlltt'oot 1 r ot0 15 Sao O
the v i r W BASH ROUTE
FLOWERS, FLOW~ERS it-o-o:-fbo- ratotoiso-toree-oi o too e ro k fml -bar -t -;-iiso s
For Everythsg and Eseryhdyp. uotloutootv otooOle'it .$2501)ertoo-o-oo.-o.lake 000'00. 100lts -- UZ
NtUSIS & HAL110 11111111 I,nleaiy e IA LI i v 100 00t ootlce E~titt {T S]IO ,A K
PO0LITICALtE(tOONSX Oto-bills :ail ewery obtrs aottl 01A
Th lv.10mnryinItnul l hehily otio-ofor same-
Trlotstoosaliltotid1r--ol-ttstlif000' !O NELc
orgostioooiooi 01101for tr rttotgeooooot o atI S. h} SII , M us LOS NGELE
ClQ 7er ' .eaf - tperanttoo ouor of ottito' 1 i tist too totto.heb-t to attetdt it:-r-cttto- I A
So-oitay toooo.motsoly ay t-i5 Ito. ito oeoffurtitureattt-MarlinHal- S N RA C CO
atl 01. 20t t-tRANKtIf. ItXtON tots.r Porisht yotr porlots sbtleou S N RA CICO
R oute I can bouy tarlor furiture cieato. Every Noeso'Texas and California Seing
GEEA tUIL fiXy. otcoittt'sooi olool 000:Car Line.
j'Please keep in mnind the Tolodlo, itstoaod of it It '. C FE0 . 1-ltf
St. Lous &Kansas (ty It- I. I SY(1t1txtl. oltbookts maoooo ;_oionetaontootto-ITHE WABASH AND IRON MOUNTAIN RYS.
T10110Clover Leaf Route, --Fist Stdetl s ishing to oslt oio00:Atogls Bintdery. Iaeinaugated a nwsDioly Lie ool
Liiie" for St. Louis, Mto., and the Iliytnt110 roo o 1 o 0.01 ItIttTAbo-h ortsoSiIoi lT tLASS SLEEPtERIStronm
Wet and Soithwsest leaves Tlo. Fritdays lb.ooy rosiolooooo.No. 7 Thttr- Sut( of roooos. furonoce ha.toot. CHICAGO iTO AREDO, TEXGAS,
redo Uinionu Depot at >> p. n. lonth S. . 1J. tIlGibAA. I. Wisioogton st Ta Little (ock. Malvern, Teoorhono, Pal-
daily, arrives New Union Statiotn - (tIAD tHtt8it IN IIISTORY. Fteerolctatool Germasn books houndttinllestne Astit anti San Atono. Passetgerso
(te largest iln the sworld ) t. All gradtitts ttoiC-ats haing ier baylsSty le tothlitoArgs IBindery. tPri- (foriHot (ping ae only one change of ars
Louis early next morninog. itoajo or I itoior ito Anooeriooott listort(- cs to stit toeo.otoms.lot 'aler.,:00a.M.n et doy, ariving
at Iot Sirins at ta:10a. m Six ons te
CONNECTION WITH ANN ARBOR tre asked (toniet toe Tuesdoaty-tt 73t t' RNT. olaichost throggtl seeping cto toe oetee
01lot.i Seinary10010. A pleasatolatrge suite ot roooms switit Clcogo nd Mater. lo daily lio' of
onditlMiehigati Centralolinsat toA. SAL LAbllH1IN -forutoohtooat, ight antd btht.liPrice Tourist bleepes, 1eaving Chic-go on sae
roledo. 1,11ooioooso- I sil t Tooc uoesoday, $1. 1ll Stte st ngeo.Ca.
Buffet Reclining Chair Cars Seats FreeFet-to, t l, ott.ini otooi. t t sicli h LootsaotthelbParlor stian -tin hot l-
ito tulle O. ll maietto1t 01oo1t wilt boe or-ler's ssitdotttode in Iio-, esblish- Fo aps, tieets ad full inortO 0ilon,
and Vesibuled Sleepers oith- : rtgoli I. 50 hltltt.o1). toent. Price $,5.5AWill toosold at $42 appyIo
out change. tJlIlS EM Alobe otoi oto ~oo~7ts . H. GREEN J. HALDERMAN,
C. C.0 . JEII INIS, AtotGttanogers otndSrs. Fsters dootorPFalnry roeo-s aonod oians;tll comoe'MihigatoPaslot th Ta.hoss A
(General Passenger Agt., Toledo, . ikhoioNlsfor this satson comntoonessinoooo Iis slte.
tatxt ses. :tickts for eithecosschool T) REN,1 TICET tOFFICE: 201 Clrk st. CIlitout
DIETAS & SCHANZ, 1ca1n Ie otineoolat theo-Itoiy oheoo-aotoA sitt of rootos owitt loaltit ight F. H. Tristram, P. EfDombaugh,
groathy redouctotprices.ab 2 E. efferson t tet. 'ass Agt. lass & Tieet Ago,
TVT-OF1r I. T.A61LOnROS _____________________________________ _ 700 thoavs. and Snith l07 Madsotist-a
eld st, itsbrg P.- TledoO.0
metb Wnooln. litclass adbs tl stForisnand Dostctlatnisse
weh guiranteed. .Cleasinogpotngd n
rparing seatly doe$ L OLG ES$ .6P ai o y e
485 . Sate st hSeond dIoorAtnArbor ______OR____CLLEGE______--____
22 Years sn the Busess -'rTEh LFATSST THNG IN
M. M. SEABOLT, No. 4N. 4thiave. f-ATII XiB RR MA-
Ulaig rsigadRpiig.,. T. O . DIYdne neatly by
AqUo.acrid xWALIO,. 260. Wathingttoo I will be delivered at the your room the remainder of 6 E. HeUronst.
EXCELSIOR t LAUNDRY ! the college year for only $1.25.. SPECIAL RATES TO SENIORS.
Goord 'ork Guarateed. Good called for
otnd delveed. A. N. (CVERT rop.SUBSC BS OWKNU
ST AMDY W RK . At Daily Office, Times Block, at Stoffet's News Stand M. ST'ALB _ 'R..
Ladies and Gnts'(tothing (leaned O -os 1 yeln tnn- Phone No.8
or Dyed. OYlmn: 11C.ashinP nne ,N.
a W." HURON ST., AN AROIL.. or at Paul Myers. State st., Newsstand. YRS .C 1 ,"~

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