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February 20, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-02-20

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711G IGA At the Grand Opera House. The exaiminatieii in Agency witll be HISTORY.
Mj§Hi AN GENrT L ! H____ eld net vv0k In the law lecure Air. Dews lI ectres in ourse I will
Tinne Table lReise-d)Nov. 18 81.0 S i p-tO dl ciiiomedy dranti of met- room as follows: See. 3 (A and Il Mo- be given Tuesda ys and hursdays
eans too olxIta ifIe by the welIlIknowtplay- tday at 8; Sec. v (A and IP} Tesday at and in Course 2 Mndays anti Wedes-
Nall aF. 0dEs iaeiii %841\v l 't DI) ( I. Scully anitinll( Ie "Se. 4 (A aniilB)jThuradaty at 4; days. MI. Jhnston's wor:owill be' is
N. Y. Speejal > 15N. Y peda..rI31 nt ienenl of . J.. Coleman. is-n Se. 1 (A and l2)1Friay at 4; Se. 2 fllows: Course :3, History of Mu-
xastrs Exd-1 5 23 N. S. Iiteo 9 '
.. R. Paciic 11.. a 5titlld"seejal li-Iivi ry' oivis playd (A and I3) Siurday at 1Q. Students ]lnd down In 1188, Mondays Weilies-
ni N. Espreno,._.* 5 '0o eser FExi._ it r: itililielt' Enpirei'C'heat, t' last will please nss the usual blu(,,exarnil- fays tntiFridays, 2 p.nm., roimi 3'.
G. I. Esire s .t11 0 ('lii ltEx.--w 5k''1119to uaCrowdediotuse. "The. (ation book, land(Ibring with temototh Cotrs , History of ngland sine,-
. I. Es----- s
oil. 0, llmoi,, It. Oi. 1A1:ri'- liayir,-sof iiiiore ititia sal iltsrest liiliiltioni uiiannotaVA copies of 16S. Course 7, tomat iii istry -
G. i. &aTr.nai.. thicao. Agt., .Asn Aibor.iiitnd ti- -oaiy liiilis tllyi-oitijeleut jProf. Melt-ilms irinleil iuestionlti ilCourse 8, The Revoival if Lerning ad
T. A. A & N.M RY' ito pr"ent it, theeib ii -ii liia5'ilie-1t1Ito stitiet. .CID. SIII. its relatioii tthe IReform atii. Te
tIIlcinthei cast. A ititttit'of special- (_ll-t lAL ('111I511 STiIY. last three courses will te-gtven at
'akiiigeffect Sunday, Ag. 1 is 1 nrdv0.'51ltri or sae nuuciet
Iiains lesi aveinnArbor ion 'Centi--ita"t-: Csiiriiii' .'~ iii ottrse 4 will li: given t 10 iclo ikbesssbIianoeten
:(3Timelll dVibi-it.ti Mstrel s'(itt-i11- which itiistd of st 1. 1'. I. I:R211. uerloy ° (Historital GIelgy, Sci-
oaiTii. 5i1 i ihs bens oroialty ingagivit for the-l'XI'1Iit''ndilSemester) mtuay hi' leedilby st
1:5p. miI-iila m N\i(4k.copsisiiitrd .1 r irsttutsiilivirshing o consult iith lijnts ho avonot takena Geology 1.
4asapm. 5110 ii i r. Thoas Ese~rl. sci-dtittl r -l SIAEL ('. RUSSELL7.
'ft'ain, rue betaeen AniiiA rtir asi .ltdiiimay hoitittilEioli: itit-ti pannu.- sil
ey diiilseseeatlnh baid'niandFri'iiays, st toy -siitini-i, No. t it- -<A1-linr course in la- isinig lortst-
All r Rh hRdailyo -( itili sO-i Leits Mat tissso.iimaiideiihe iggt- c-tti i 1 "tI1111 eeseopen to those wo-ehave had'
w. Ii. IBENNETT . P. A. Toeido i "lii" ofthci e-eniti ilit tistiiiiito1 lHA, N ETI. Spaist I, will be offeredl in the set-
AN RO PIAT TR 1'1ciie irs, siigiit, llt ~r"(end senester Stuients idesiring ti
r bu espcialy nl' lked Italh 1take the course are reqestid to coin-
Timi Tbl, Otoer7,189, i-'ctoberiv'tt:i7ir1894i.il -t li''-ti cuwoillbegienasliietfoi'n'llis:nhetrae-titftortei.eisThel
Leaeiisilant from ogresi si 700li:0Pe'itO eied:a ass o-ilinIca'tlSlodayshanl en'i'ne.Oi~
and 11:0 a. i.; 12:45, 2:1, 50 :5 9:(XOOand if thi thil act. Iirei tatti-al clastip il 1. 1'.MnJlysiand11tAdntN
1i515 t i5 'tt "e toihrenuitt t.ts; ii b tltia at 11 all. 'rromo.ILnENr-,.
ease AinniArbr Juncilon:3 0930ai:itsiall
SUNDAY TIE. : lii' if lii' hut-ststa-. wtnigs ever ____________
ease psiant i froms 'ongre's -I.0, 105 ~l-is: oua rcdpodcin BSNS OAS ati5 IE. Jefferson S.
learen mAbni nJastioiiiLe:1, 45.51,is gi'ii aill t'effourthi ai't.TheIllt--___
00-is und Cityp t ime. ate. dittl itip 151li-se bit-itei'byg iiieolightitis S -1i-itis ! t ( r N t inSPssenti-l iit tis :-::lims I[ th i ts))jj t '
st ent ;r u i ticet s ho e as i . Siit she'i-trtsiii it . tiiil a. litat ) 11 1 tims2 eiltn pen ti:-. 0 pi'i'itiTIriltus0, ings.OIAS 1
WM.F.o t 1- t'a I tin den- iilisrei neis fei Wsiditry pplyign
thlrtiighu.ha rlhichti i:' draw' slos. at the IilAiiY O'iie.
FLOW~ERS, FLOWERS 'iio Ni-v Yfork ticsttlii':'is shownuin I ; t7(ST.._ ,l---
l'rEeroybing and Esveybody. tii'Seco'indl.act. Ioiickt'ttoiik , amn a etitIilH T SRIlS A K~
tGON & HLL lorll~i26 s uniersty ave, At tivI ra:tad IOpera si oto -llititay. iuoney, snevi-he aroutihe ls 0 ts H OTtiRI GS A K.
LSIS&HLSFllTe,~rliened.,. I -or between 1j -.it linid Maynaii St Find+ v1ac17
er owt11 reeii'rewarsd by retuining it1
The NOTICES. townvaet. 511SS 1107SFI(It) !LOS ANGELES
Thelnleit j-AND-
C lover IL eaf lii RiIIA1tATE (1,U11 sit Old tetoks maemi:'as gioiiI-lniat0 i lii SAN RANCISCO
i siileni'iof ItrotI. A. 1Hintsdtale'.71 Cl t ole~ adUy s esSNewv'Tess and Caiforiia Sleeping
. ,, ou e Aasiteiiavvi., St. Febi28,at 7:3( Car Jine
p. i. r. Viiir t-- sisgttn stsands for (incinati Stnsay Tribune;
q ras" tr j"idiless tim -isitubiiu 'Iiiiiiunitv- A-.withti'ioersily ositi-tii andi beuttiful - --__________
L:APlease keep in mind the 'loletlo, iioriailtlinvitstiiii is Ii:reby- extende-d cron( "-siIe THE WABASH AND IRON MOUNTAIN RYS.
St. Louis d& Kansas City It, It., -j tii sll stideittsits ti 'adtsitischo sliol TOI111EN'l'1A iil fuiished fronit HaeIaugrated a nens Daily Lue of
The Clover Leaf Route, "Fasst ndto haill members of thei:faculty with Istll'of ito3inis Fsroii litrn e e ti '1j IPSCLASS SLEEI'EFf115 foniAS
mLine" for St. Lotuis, bMo.,,andtIe tilei iveits. Siniors woebay -snut I' Wsh tlt. NgAOT AEt esanSohwtlavso- fihdterndcr ut or:ndIFnhadGrmnbk ondn
edo U nionsDepo1tlt5 pIn). atin owsenitiriing li'grndiit shi-sool5a1y'styli' lt liii' Argtiu ts ib to Il c-doe, AstinandiSan Antnio. Pasengers
daily, arrives New Unilon Station i:sc - iespeially iivit ot. i-s is stil ~htlii'lint s.!lo ~tSringss- enly acetssse of ca-
(thii'largest in the sword), SIt.01111.3IN 1. I'(01. SiAs . TO BENT. st Mlstsn, -9:0a . nexnnt (ay, arioing
Liulis rYnext morning. Assi ?f o't s oittat Iila Spring a 11:10 - a.Six haour
early. Iiornirig, Itplesani ssllsige sieo om ithqickest trug slepin car siebteen
CONNECTION WITH ANN AtrDRO All thosi' desiitg ii tir) cttielit-os furnace heat, lightntl bath. Price Chicago and Malern Also daily lue sof
or-our cotis --A Suttmunnuyf tei -$5.11 sti'e h. Torist Sleprs, leaving Chicago n same
sid Michigan Censtral lines at Hlistor-y Of Fen- riit-ie1isrturt lre STM'CilE OS train.trsug to San l'aucieo vit Los
Toledio. akeud to me:et ini Ilesit 2 t-I ocloit We -ant utobby slaup collections Anels-Cl
BufetReliin Cai Cas eas re iA euned .st, 15 . 0,ito t ii iipieniaI std swill pay iash for the same oi Ior n as,tileteand fll tInfrmioni
ufe ecnngCanCrSetFIermatnet liouri. receipt if price asket ishisatsfletory. aplly to
aitt Vestibuled bleipteros vill- ITiltsN I7 IFFINtLE'l .1r Collections should b entll by regis- J H GREEN J. HALERMAN,
titt change, G t IistlA'l'ES IN ills,'IttY. ted mail on express swih letter nam- Mihiigans Ias. Ag. Tra. PIss. Ag
0.. C -J irK N-. v .11 ~raduat& stud:ents hving-.itht- rug nsprice uner sparate cer. Wei -O-
tGeiieral Passenger Agt, Toledo, O. aoilir or iniiiol-in Auntcsn Ilistor end sperior'apprvanshl sheets toie- I TCKE T OFFICE: W1 lak i. CIC~tAGC,
_____________________tr.- sked to mci-I;iiu- Tuesday at 7:0'i spoisiblo parties. F. H. Trita, P E.fDombaugh,
DIETAS & SCHAN~Z, jIt. i. lit Seiiinary rooit. v0'. J. LAOVIII NCE & CO., Csnl. Pas. Ag. Pass. &t Ticet Ag.
A. C. tlcLt IlIN. alamttio, Ich,' or. 7th si .and Smth- 307 taiisnst.,
T-. OF I2. TAILORS ______________________________ f__h Oied st., Iittsluiu Pa. Toledo.
Latest and best tys oh 1oeiglen idIDo-
ae -Sc'ok u 'biSetsslt1 tse. ~I3gE
aort-gsiiniinteed. Clenespiettus 50 nd n tnd 1i FO A I OLEE N WSIL - o y~
eparng neatly done.'$NE Sii I yj~
-iS.S3tate t,, Seend'iiiorAnn Arbo .2rF.AL U LLLL.__-LL
22 Years in the Bsiness,-" 'It .'Tills IATST TINb IN
X.1 X. ,SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave. IT T of WI. IJI I dX BERR AN'S
'haning. Pressing asd Repairng
- don neatly 6 E. Huron St.
t't..syttt iNlOOA,-i,G~. Wa iagiui will be delivered at the your r0omtile emahidtr ofSPCARTETOENRS
EX ESO A N R !thit college year for only $1.25. _____________
th- oisWorkGuaranteed. hoods alled fr 1.
:addliee, .rSUBV.H.irrp. SCRIBE NO'\ .t. W 1K 0.1A.' L
STEAM.DYE, WORKS: At Daily Office, Timies Block, at Stoffi t's News Stand, I Op T A :3 tE
Ladies' and Grabs' Clothing CleanedT irrv tWWahiktilnsS 'hniN '
or W DHUON ed.NNA O or at Paul Myers. State st., Newsstand I YARD IuCILS.t'.Phne Noe 1

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