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February 01, 1895 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1895-02-01

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L', )t l l)V 11 I,''
1_cha rs\ Bookstor t~le fit aoed tolet sa tp fr nArorMc.C ita w,500(. M SU ITS
Vortnely with George 'Vahe 191 OGTUSCLSAL SA ntet Stttr aft casted upon propetreeie aml o
K. Washington st. Headquarters for CLAESCLSA TOILET SOP dntficton. Sfety deorm oit ac to rent. +VitIeelelaSml'ln
eveirything a Student needs in the t.C,, ttsrras. Veerro.; clue,.? l e, ~oh (Ciynna~~l 11S 1S
tine of 'iext-Books, Stationery an 'toti toyla tttiaiS op. 1!Cshier MJ Fit, Assistnt Ctsir.t
Miscellaneous Stock in general. eolat's Glyvcrinle riSoa, Su 1 MTgood0(S ae 'nu1facturled b the
nlti."s,-white Cle9.ati.RSoap RNS
MARTNgaCe'sE, erma SinSopa 10,7ck STEAM LAUNDRY CO. Overiman Wheel Co., makers of
oTcahEotct DON-ONgOKSLLR SinlnosslPCcae . ant Dmesti Fitish, \tctr Cycles, wh~ch is sufficient
19 E1. Washington st, one block5 MUMMERY'S NEW DRUG STORE, i .S.SEjIS Mnaer uarantee as to their quality.
east f Mai of t t ortliitid3asMigtonpta.itanI'FOtRTIO ANENv;. 1 We sell them for less than what
REUBEN H. KEMPF, ~ itan CafeVK IVol havecop orifro
-- on, Roye lcyal otrvtor, Xto~i tot.N.~N opyfrifro
lo sntgat Grmn urtch Inn oom-tweeNt, ou_) 1 ethem b foreloubut-
Teacher of Piano, Organ and Musica' LFunth 'udti ewti l tingtnti totr gos e eoe~
Copsto;also the Art of anld City OfitBilding. Open0 al -AT-
nda2. Teaching. daMei, ris SELER'SilCY[EEMOI,
t tdi 'SS ivision St., AntitArbor, liii Mr. and Mrs. EdwardoiLewis EMPORIU
A NOVELTY IN I ahntn't
6> Bth Rbes Caps and Gowns
I Thfoiious~tar&Creoc ttlath~ot s OMEANWMN
SG1 Q F ACIG ( aLEADIN STRIPES I , 1 We ar prepared to furish Caps
'ti tarunder the pet~a al oton-Pl''aen. ieiincotnerto niversities, Colleges and School
I tepnc (l. rc y.t ctoitr7trnihout the United States, at
Mt n it It... itn. i$7;in utewoo tery, to.1ciccr . strprisingly low prices. Self meas-
iequited. Offic at the Academyj,,tround , not found at your dealers', snad to us uretent forms, containing all ne-
to hanrstSASCE4ETM SC. Piai. fetly fitting garments without
Ct1STRARECETMLL C.,hiad.,Pa visiting, the store, will e forwarded
5 FLAG PINS $1.50. -- --upoti request.
With U. of M. or the different widths, at moderate
year 75c. prices.
-Ar- We havte setthing new and supero in thb in linenpous a postal before tu igithers
WM. ARNOLD'S, Jeweler. RAPID PEN FACTORY. WASHINGTON. D c Strawbridge & Clothier
a The largest exltsivey Dry (ood
A L ~U I Are you.i tiitoedb your latop wickstetl? By yotr itips flling Iotse in America
the house with i a sickening smoeke atd gvtivuing a light the colir of le
OlRDER YOUR CO ALOF thtus troules will vanish. It gives a white light, toes not char telik, te.
M_ ST.A.,'BI~jERt. emits no odior, and will all lurout of te latopIed Star Oil St i t g., 6t..i Main t., and State t., cr-
Orctt:: 11 .Xanintont.Phone No a \ater White Head LightOil6c per ga., 7I° sokleles(Gasoite tic rgl.' ter of William t., have a
Yraos: M. C. i. It. 'Phose NoI E N & O N 5N1. oplt toko
_______________ 44 South Main Street. DE N & C MP _Ycopeesckf
School of Dancing and Delsarte. (livort shheohrhitic etelo ) lt I, NetndScodHad
Sturday, it0,. m., Genteman begianersclass. Tl'l i,- cle-i t l ubzttt Newtandm5legi Hand
Saturdtay,4p. i., Lady beginners etaso..l-.ittttlhty -itho .immciettytetithoe hi cal t Sou aduhe tdut'Sipio
Monday 7:30 p. im. Advaneed Class (Ldies' a Melilatihalt h ia afh,ri-tt tr , ,tt li, ;catit ,1lNe toik n dtery, S tinud.e tcs' uiei
'ruesday, 7:0 p. i., Beginners Class (Ladies o; ,ctlockl. I -te ifr a-the L -stPcs
and Gentlemen). BIlhloita Asyrila itdhI gypi, -- iYnr. eoctrcs
Pievate leona by appointment. VI. I'. Who 1,-c. c. . "1,1 aos. is .iItt , ctl
SCHOOL 46 S. STATE ST. hlo lt 1es-tiay -mihe ___________________________M'!_
L_______________________ ea-n lppohii,-, city itthoritmy cf 141 h attn Call and see us before purchasing.
STEW ST0 2O F 'cdso-nile. il... ortet-elin 10 tO~ t" 111hu,-etitotial tboardto f he,-515ll,-.
lit itO,.. titi~d nhiar dsott-t sir ioof ohliiitg 1, oct0, PA DI G
Thoirt ei e-ceos'uittin 11 Attey'lie sotelScoricsoawino'tgs. I mtirihbm- IN E C L GAT
S wa e r S te j o r Itt n is oill i ihthlec ehh to rotmay Ohse c e fu ther i frt athiNT R C LL G I T
oteto toeight itietisioc amdtt hhichassi by allitg ottoticaldretssitg h. LIWEA ER
S w eatei clitd. i~leehSpaihn, njt-:ur itonm dit oratlt
in the latest styles t ti ieo nitetatti Be1ht lh t a 1cm. l t - t tiic-m ll im stmd a n dhe ecluivelark t yaefromthiel
1 Lng lfl teqesinbo t te r tb-,in fiom- lshtmmy of (lee-mb Arm i, til ytheyatd legetbll lvn..nwie
Sh e a tLIOii8I1 cthncht Suudlat ll7:3101p. i. Saturaly hvetitglt llhisiioettn1 dm PRICE. $7.00.
University Bootiselte.s. o r~t hs posted a.lit ofllthose) itl i on oitttf 0 it-gme ttlmt oft1tim- SiadgaRtOi ndT ns ipde
IfnveT~tyBokseler. wo usttak th fnalexai t t's es, fm olgemes, andttmhrttretcin arc recogiizedleaders. Everything requisite
in IHistory- . taf t--ath h'cass are oe te gaes.
GYnASIMqti-ue oowhicli ih-emll-c-ttedh ltting'Spaldingo Trade Mitrk on ohityou pur-
ihm M SUT , eexaindintm totll ot tin -the1- bsacia agarattee tiat the goods ar th-
11 i1s1b taoves and reidenhtmuc itt it-- e bet.
sm~tiject. At.thillsea-.so of thit ler,clligi'A. G. SPALDING & BROS.
'YNSUMSOS The Daily board illoc i 1,,- tko-NW IYone.PAIAiEruuA. CICO.
GYMASIMkSOES EvrperymISitnthmIS c etgtldlitit i itgtlui lWild, Wild.
BEST LINEN PAPER requtlsttdto mt -tat fRandll'., o* lortyieaie fli-lc fGim
preomptl-yiel ac-ili- time.oc it STUDENTS, TAKE NOTICE!
in the city at eet ac a~eteFe oeo The Shloeoteuri-lan clsl 0hThiet-colege ortaln.GieeierraugOUR WINT~ERAND FALL GOODS
15c and 20C Per Pound. tdaytt t lIo lm mios'ngitiy:'~tejrnatis.uiioraty Oalteck as tt lat
"isttcdtoteflom olly wstr nuiestsathsalst"i,iy -Misc Padckml; ''Tim-W elonRdcin
FIRST NATIONAL BANK rsorted to putlisiitgasioio ete eSl nRdcin
Nainm''t ic b e M. IraolItt; "Imm iett
of ANN ARBOR. antIriceipts, for goodl olt fahimotd
Organized 13. .Jinih." y it .I loatitmth "-M 'intor a c lmpsa d Trues
Capital, $100,000. Surplus asd Prois , -($40,000. ty Aita i ptalwl oibo iot-akcE, for the ~ ptmo-'-mftot't-. any uing ad Tr se .
Transacts a general bunking buiness. inn tliict mt oter. The gosmt o laecl n
ioegexchanges boughtandnld. iambI hlciurmsb ty clty. Mr(irbly. __________see.
ofcri. tACi, Pres. W'. CLARKSON, Cashier. -f. Daftoftan-i tX. It-Ige. Stlsc ribe far thtt Daily. -Es Washington Street.--2

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