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January 15, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-01-15

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.EH ^y .EN ELLI tutdnts intendng to elect i
Tme Table (Reels d) Nv, 1891041. SitiNGTo TE FRONT't THERWABASH IRAILROAD. 0o0150 in te, L'tin Tetstoof th
r sOC 01 " BSorson tveft Marsdeni s the tite In connection wththe St. Lo0i, Romano 1aw" (Latin Sa)'re rqlueted
Mai ad Es :31;0 'Mai 8 3 ot 0er interes~tingb1ook 001 hate Ion Mountain & Southern Iailway t giethirisatues itoon00010 i'Y Hpcil 1 N Y0peia l7-
Eatern EF- 10I25 N. S. Limited: 0 9.lustdreeied. tOi0)1the 11110 pa e ot Texas & Paciic Railway, ltrnation too to brot. ele or01 lioltt s0 thtt
A. 5. Pacic Ex_ -1 1 hsatrictive little ro-ottti the authtto al & Gret Northern Railroadt, iaid astttiieint numei o1 ooks may e
Atlantic E. . -S47 P
9).NE. pec. .5+0 Wetre E_ I i12tell1u0tshi s 50itteil it s tlI kookcSouthernPactfitteRilway, known aiseted o tho ule ofthei' 'Isso Te
6. i..Epessc 1of h i11. Nt. E Fo _1025o if 111s1p1rationianItl i Ott i' 01 to iithe "Only Tue Sothern Route," hsI imi 1of 01the course 1s to isake the st-
O. o. temuml, 1. 0.H 1 oal i oho 'lere ti ''liiur e elfl ii' - placed in service a. tlrotgth list elzso tests faisilir1 00itithe iistoi ' and(
G. 1P. 7n'., tlag. Ag., Ann Abo. 41t011 Ao g(hIII~ i of l owsldet sleeping ar and totrist sleepig ('lie the sibjts emaitter of theIoiii'iii .0-
T. ,A. A. & N. iiR'i tind 01 I ttoRiht ll his heleelrltleaving Chicago daily it 10:;,0) a. n. tised to 100veiis as ocaebusltryeofits
tiiioried hiseslt'llott itiltask Itstus v ia St. Louis to Little Rock, Salvern tehlis iet terls 50whil attenion owi11
Taken effet Sunday Aug. 1, 181. trationoi f suc0h qua1 liiis is allIroin (otSrnebeAitli al it dl i rected ciely o t "sb c't lmat-
1111(11(1 0{ii l.nergy' leotoptil",c iei'tttl' Laredo (where a direct toiiisictioiis tee, Opporttnity sol tbe "lois ii sit-
7Aia 7:11'm. iiFtlits'i Iiis iiousesi'madle witi through slepting~~~ tit oloiia 0(eletliik~i
-1o>. . 1.8 .n. C at cer et it i' Lii sisteilee siol te i- 'o leio) 11 .Spoeial study 'of the L tinito of the
415 P p9:t0p ii..theI Cittyittes if ft uiis sulutPTssisLas
"' isinbetwe~eniAnA rbor00 andiiiI li tiid li,1iilloii iiii t A'liO 'neles aid Sats Frniscso This is
ontly. ioip rv. 20il li iittiivel drhnrdis 01 iiiidets the only line from Chicagonto'iiii'ni em L. t 01. DII.
Al risd ieceSREnd Illtly In til lii's Ol 01 illknoosil ndii r; itiot sillR t G EE~i~e ,Aoferthis excellent seti'iCi' 'll Ii' .Adertis, i t ilyuh
W. ILII~sNFT G.P A Toedo .1 sfliieii ilon' siiei lstaliii iiiitil rtn osytce cn o - 0 _________________________
AN UIARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. RY, tiylls i0ii thesitofi'iug '51'is0bashior connecting linesITo
telsamte____ iprt n sntter shoosing time routi
Time Table, October 7, 1894 cr 0li0il ii i tiivo iis'iptions of ars, et., ofDIO'1 OU I
ievYpiatemfro or"es cI to -t700 151' 9:00"I ht C. 1,. RA\i" ft(1'P. -
an451"'is a.-to;(64', ':0 iaid il'tyl''I:11 1.00'w 'huInc iii11 i's'<inteestini"'- -sill.:M-
1i0 p m. ielcedfiiiiivi t.L~i3o
teal-esAin Arboi iinctin, 7:'3, .o iiiin l ilili'oslv tiy 'ti orter Fir ..A. P. tlil: , t . G.'1-IIT.- A,,T
SUJNDAY TIME. anF lt li ttotii "ii ieii tg per-ili"01PS.Clak St,Chiag, I1
5110.eve (00s(lni r000 iilitiii TEXA
.b0end 9:0p.lim.intouosi n 0 Pu10 b1liitishe 110youtii , M'iliii Current Topics in the SchosTE A
Leave Asn Aiborlutionfiolil 00 50 , &010.('io~ Lot stoli Mtlss, itl 5l iil ii
7:0 aiiil930p. m. Thi' sigsiiiol Iirit isvisyIiii i {LOS ANGELES
nan 011 o city time. Fale:siigiotripl5isen'it I11 it m n iti's5 1iiostpiaid 1t1i1 hoi1011 ii sil' liti
ethc; isP. }p tefes))(e itS np. I ]1 col hud srv o lt tlp
al biikiil~'i'' ler n yIie,,.(iii 0li hotSAN FRANCISCO.
FLOWERSF OW RSis11h n hestdye,,_riteic
1olvutinganFcryiiody i BUSINESS LOCALS. object i'schoo'il illtri 1N 0 5ilds lii ii -t pii
1 01 Fsciiiiieg 01-liteittsiieri'iiie. splscial laltissifoirtarglut
~BUINS & ALL FIIIII i ~ lly '' t iiim, .cAr ~id ta ines urnshe'ii byiiiii tt~i Si maltis tiii 1111 01ii1liiso iiii th ---
h ti-lni 1111l11c .1 eeiit ets, tit siitiigliete liri'jTHE WABASH AND IRON MOUNTAIN RYS.
tFir milirilil'' 111 is-illil DtO ot grlowig indnss IS t li'sveoipltheieblst
t' Siilleildili~oll 011 0 ciii iiiiiiil Io i ahvetiagsirateid ai iei ly CLie of
ppitels o"0oI00 EllIOT CC \. lt.nm"'hodtaEI iont'lld o il
C over o 0 1'el les '1 S Ssi' ss oliplisil thesi icstils(heifeOcohr
I b-1t' tO L t I itONS lutst o outsideosthe ttbooks istiisCHICAGO TO LAREDO, TEXAS,
I~~oi~~te 000\ 01\ytt to buy ' 51implltctttionsslt lift into his tle ciii- 11li 'Sklu ok.iisuiso1.il.i
tiitl 50ill ply 0ash o tilse on c111touietthtiichsiool oSklic oith the lieti 1 11Austin and tinAntono P.sseges
..a .w...,." reeipt if pie askedilis satis'atoi. A11th ought of theirayispeciai'lit5fo ilot Spings asisonyine ciange it ars
Collections shiol tit si'ittby reisthe lroadter thoght o01 hli gre-sfomtO (at Misal e 0 0:0 a. iinet diy, ariin
WPlesee ep 11nmind thio'toledo, ttecl 11ai11o01epress swith lttet ill '- itlelsoltd 15s-cfit tlithle kniown1 to at ilt Spiiigs at 1.i0 a. i. Si Hours the
St. Louis & Kansas City R. i., ti ilCtllt5 i o-r5 Ot itli i ilf' s uickest thoui' le ieping ar lie betieeni
''iClvrLeaf Route, "Fast gi rc ne eaaecvr eteppl nteShos 'efrtCicagoand Mlven. Alo diy ine it
'Lne"Cfo t o' ier 1.an te si'iil tperior lapprovas'ltshitet o I- 10quisiolt i oi flo siii'tesfi S tdy OtToris Sileee eiig Ciciagooilsamsnie
Line", foroSt. Louis, Ito.,iantIvtheL(>.
West and Soithwest eaves 'to- -Olililo itest'inAtslsii i'sholi ngei lesiCl.olliiaih'oitscito
ello Uniois Depot at 5p. ii. ' \000"1I 00 1 t i\C & CO teahit 10 ilis lhisel'f i 15i lip'thlsty ets
taihy*, arrives New Union StationuslnaoAih rdi olLe ihtebs huh 'riat, ikt a ulifr rln
the targest in the world), St. Ilns a l d t iti 1 ltIt s'hu h 11(021 oif thaill' alii' iiused iasiTtexsti-pi t
Louis early next morning. I yuaesr ofn htyuwn. bo;oeta vl uns h ic ,H RE ,HLEMN
CONNECTION WITH ANN ARBOR 50WHY, 1051 Ill'": ssrvu'eord oi i's-tltsndo u-oii Ouh iii hiaS.gt. Ta. lA.g
and MlichinCeitratlhues at A tip tlto I lou a ucIlst i oit"ii'i hiioioil t(011V1,''ht---~-
. b e ione of thie mot peissant thins oari'ety- Of uiin". 0 iii silohir ouri TItCET 011FICE: (Oh tlaekf .,ci..t'lilAtl
Tld.ofhlttf it Ifsaty of 18Iaul e'iitese gl the telcler canumakthe'y-'tu'd110F HTrstram, F. . Dombaugh,
Buffet Reclining Chair Cars Seats Free jcred Messrs (Greenwvooid & tilmot tiicurrlntltoics or 5 areals'entittitfas. gt. lass. & Tcet At.
and NVestibuled Seeperosoil- so-ll 'arranig"etor L,1days5tiltsinitheir hoit 11010'toilthe' scholas.iustto imhuh i7thluave. nd smith- 307 Mladion s.
iot change pi 110ate ear . $11..:50 will 1110 1111110seli . A 0y\Itill ornl itiiat firly feld st. P i sirg ha. 'Tledo,O
e-l",'-IT~d ~ cost 01 journeyiicdingmelcsiberthl tllreists ll stdtstt ot ey implortnt V .I'U E
0iC . :. sJEN'K.4.F.I . ,n1011t1ransport'tion. 0'ii no1511'?"1'publtliciuestionuu:ondi 1 uliiaii r M.hDy - -T
Ieieal 1Passenger Agt, Toledo 0. 1 eth5ihiis diteiti' loud Iliiiyou mtsi't0theioICreqirc'iiil hts 1for ith ottstu'dy iii l ii to Miciglail
nile. Iof turrent 10101's ini tille 5 ct s.ih + fo ithe
DIETA.S&SCH.AN'Z, I cl ororde11(1rs ioii deli nvf P'ublic Opniin, iublishetdlit '55h 1 1 i CELEBRATED
. M. TO hiaeo iaperslithoiI.Sotillit"t 0 .01111ihitois ID.fC -t $2R) plrtearth
U.O"M I~L ~ S 5tilntcontribuhtion of tienets a'icle"oitiliS SIR
atest and bls stnyes oh Iouiun aid tDo- io SILIESKY SIIIHIOJl,2 pplswllp~yfr blcOpnon.
metiiWole s. irslust ci.1d5 itandistthass tl cOIf~i11h c. 0 O ily ea,Ortil a110 1Ce1tubhc 1suhuuo-lls11othe:~hue
wouen nanteedl Clenin, pesn nd hh t tiiuhssettsits bill of flilt tol 100tio ieeisiieo i tiiiiclhs
repairuig oneaty doneuetfle s itsof tilt Stident Life. Pir or otit foi sue imont.Tia e t eklyt Ann-, 'iiAubo,. lnihi
45 s. state t., SendlF'ionn", AsArbenm t le'us sltlOl't uucurll'5 issuoates 0110 I'iusedl 's tet books iii' i iilu i5 ai le i i 1
22 Years 10 the Business.-''° ervisuon ot t Specalv 'f'ramietdCook the 'readiug etiastos'hd f reservo tO n t eur h
iid is alovys 1-reoh, 55loesomle 'isl 'iidl bo they t ile5'115it viali'ile( 1(
CITY LAUNDRY, simetin"whod's ee -om over di titoor 01nucleus ttea asthool it -BEST SHI RT IN THE WORLD
stiultinfods'ndiscrrttng o- ril. es' d folr speeuihen copy.
R. M.SEABOLT, No 4 N4th ave iisest . hirifltto ftl t (liililatl'ifothOu' positliho iLo 11111rk- holdicl iil.ii is u:hisliii taeaii itiu
10110 Healhlf1oodssohihetilisluded
er 11and catch'i'n.iiintu' t'r 'ardi lsi' ie i iiip1 ,vcito axyis ci hg1t ois stgati.
MERCHANT TAILORING . in its neus soill ptooe theitlmeits N liil ~silfitudiei lt
Cleaninglresine and Reauirig othirill 55okert.Both Ladies and ba ll ta t( liiliieihhilled ill teir nmsNo1111u1hrtfotune hi.we

dnone neatly by
AUG. SCBOENEWtALD,' 26E. Vashimestee Gentlemien alre corialsly receivedi. No.
It Mayinard sO.. netxt to Sell01ouif
Goed Worik Guanteed. Goods ealled foe LtSS'1'.--Latdies' gloedark grisen,
led delisveied. A. Ft. COVERT, Peep. 'retd stitcsiilgrsolth reel butttons. F-inder
ANN- ARBOR levatsesI sofi.
STEAM DYE WTORKS. It is probable tha~t thle date of. Presi-
Ldie 'and Gents' Ciothiag Cleianed det Talmane's lecture iii tie S. L~. A.
o Dyed. course wvill bhangiloed fiont llob. 8
3 W. HURBON ST., ANN ARBOR. to Feoh. 1tt.

Thirenmfaeti app111115 lliedleol tile
foriliel' hllsstiouiixietucfli thi ttW~.
'hb 11510 sill tlcgi1, 11 rctii'ii llitW-
tiately. oith Mr. Ketf'O soci.
Theyliaco itraunecitosgamlecsowithi
thse Ness'Yorkt League teamin, ovtetet
soill to aed115'Apr.toi19 aiid 20, oilthe
P'olo Grounds, in Newv York city.
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