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December 18, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-18

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J i

Time Table (Revised) Nov. 18, 1894.
P.-,I. I A. M
MNail and Ex _-:1 50 Mail ------------ 8 43
N. Y. Special.... 5 15 N. Y. Special_-. 7 30
gastern Ex--10 25 N. S. Limited._- - 9 25
A. M. Pacific Ex--12 15
Atlantic Ex.--7 47I.M
1). N. Express---- 5 e0 Western Ex.--21
(3. It. Express --11 03 Chii. Nt. Ex----10 25
G. It.Lx_-a-.-
G. P. & TI Ag-t., Chicag~o. Artt Ann Arbor.
T., A. A. & N. X. RY.
Taking effect Sunday, Aug. 1, 1894.
Tiains leave Ann Arbor' on Central Stand-
airl time.
7:18 a. II. *7:15 a. Inl.
x'12:25 p. Inl. 11:30 a. In.
4:15 p.mn. 9:00 p.m.
'rains run between A n Arbor and Toledo
All trains daily except Sunday.
R. S. GREEN WOOD), Agenit
W. 1. BENN ETT G. P). A. Toledo O.
Time Table, October 7, 1894.
Leave Ypsilanti from Colngress 5t., 7:00I, 9:00
an ld 11:00 a.mi.:.; 12:45, 2:15, 5:00, 16:45, 9:00 and
10:30 p. in.
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 7:30, 9::30 and
11:30.m.; 1:15,2:45,5:30, 715, 7 :30 a lid 11:00 p. m.
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress st., I1:30, :3::0,.
5:0), t:30 and 9:00 p. m.
Leave Ain Arbor Junction, 2:00, 4:00, 5:30,
:0and 9:30 p.mi.
tars run on city time. Far'e: single trip 15
ocents; round trip tickets 25 cents.
WTI. F. PARtKER, Supt.
'orn er of State and William sts.,
William st. entrance.
I 1' FiEverthingand LEverybody.
L09SINS & HALL, florists, 261Teleone i:;Ie



At the Grand Opera House.
"DIo'ris maide a great li. .'
.'he'situations are tliiilling;." -N. Y.
"~Miss I lisler and lDoris heatt ily i l
ctoiittd.-\. Y. World.
adi'anta e:"=N. Y. Eventing Sunt.
AAl;tile Grand Opehra Housek. 'l'linrs-
dtt 1.00. 2.Irce,3c ((.i",
Itt )ibills (for s~tV tl( a (liscountt tI
the D~aily olin-c.
I lopi')). 1:.,xwiii a1pply 1be4ore 'V'hui's-
V..W.V._'C )1.I DAAN. '.
Psi IVI loulst.
PcsoI '(511 vishiif. li iii-laliorlis to 'Tue
('HAS. 1. lDAVIS,
I et 'lriiai l (olt.

[Notices inserted in this column at the rate
of 5 cents per line. Special rates for longer
time, and extra linies funrnish~ed by applying
at the DAILY office.1
111(111 CLASS TAILORING AT 1ii(iE-;-CP'
Mr A. h, Rose wxill be at. the Go ok
house Dec. _iS, atnd offers s~a'eia1 ini-
,dteieets on)111all'winter ciothitlg. es-
pecially on Full Dress Suits. it wx'il
paly youtoI see thte line and get pirices.

criptioll of car's, etc., or
C. S. ?i1A N1'. G-. V. &'1'....
7t.. r iiit. . i«li
F. A. PALM)ERl, Ass,,. 'i.. I*. A..
201 S. Clark st., K icit ;., AL
Series of 1894-95_

itrr Alri''tildetiis xxt 1 1''ct) enitt'i
I toe Jrononing 'contest «will iillel t-1-
day, (Monday) att I p. Ini. in room0 4. It
is very impoitant (hat exe-itei raryv
c'onte sltntt be preseitt.t
'. 01" M. tALEN1)Al.
Trues., Detc. 15.-IJ. , k11> >1ml'tleeh t-
I ures ,at I itx- ciii) (1n 1 oiia~ss lt'i-
TCt's..,1Dec. is-I roniiuiliin con1(1(tes
a1t L niversit~y hall.

Excursion-t bt'g, .I. . ~i 12.--Concert fotr btnelit {if
Atlet'lit' tssociationi at lUniivesity 1ba1l.
Of the Value of an Established
i[Please keep in inind tile Toledo, Reputation and One of the N urn-
St. Louis & Kansas City It.I., erous items of Expense in
The Clover Leaf R~oute, "Fast Acquiring It.
Line" for St. Louis, Mo., andthie
West and Southwest leaves To- (Extract from ai Columbus, 0)., Newvsllaper).
ledo Union Depot at 5 p. in. idle at Dispatcepor't'[rtL' NWis
daily, arrives INew Union Station staninlg yestertlay tt the counter of
(tile largest in tile world), St. War'd Brothers'tickett (it'a gentle-
Louis enrly next morning. itlal caime ill) aitd l purc'htased( so1me
CONCINWITH AN RORtcet, to the wxest. Whbile the tickets
C UI'1IIUIIUI~ AN ARBOR ein0g fixed thefl'eustomnei Said:
atntd Michigan Central linlesat "Tis is the first trip 1-1ave tIakt'nin l
BuffetRecliing Chir Cas SeatyFree reineinllcl'thleelast tickt'ts I bgl~tigt
Bufet eclnin Chir arsSeas Feeof you ? It was ill 1 SS1. I1 l)1ia'ls(d.
anti Vestibuled Sleepers with- fir-e tickets of)1 iou to C hic' t o at $.-$5
out change. tachuit h Iiyour i'rnte that Whli
~ I . KI 1, I gdot 1(1 'hicago I could 511-lure it'lktts
SItoint theritilo 0111,1ahani t1 i inatt
(general Passenger Agt.,-Toledo, 0. y22 eac(1. Xou sce't n xflit its ias fIuaits
G i~vi. L.J I i ~ 111h1d to paiy $2.5 tet for ft'e lickt'ts.
lbut you paid tus tIelit lft e'lc 'olit 01
Julst received a sani j)1C lne Lvt' iliade sintce tihtt timie, antd I x.,a
bound to kbuy ihent at Wardti'tBothers'
of tiv'11na15iu11 Sits. fThese i osbe o o etil i
goodS aie iw1~Iiifactiir'etl by the fairth iingIby 1)1 1 te ltst Iris) I made.",
Overman W t heel to., makers of been l'('1)itiititith(11tislimili tllots
Victor Cycles, which is sufficient of loss of simhilar iautre (during;dt. ~1-S
rri'( os(f tlh'ir t'xperil'nce't' ile,11 ,licic
guaranditee as to their (Inlailty'. rtings are talked about feain ndwie
We Sell them t or less thaLn what an1( t; oi- Ward ,bthei, are ceo
YOU have to pay for infleriol' th(buinesoff,I'listoniuf~its ritradr
goods. See them before COInL buy. atnd stean nship trnsot'alltonm. anld
their ormers for t ickt'ts collit' fronii al-
-Al'--'--most ee' ystate in (t'e Tnion.
Mi STAEFBL ER'S ICYCLI EMPORIUM, -oe I Sigtpyonl o ut di
11IXW. Washington st. Brothers bef'ore taiking Lr l l'lally xeded
Sulbscribe for. the Daily. 1tr11s.

LOST.--A ten dollar bill, Tuestdty,
Dec. 11. A rewiart i lliibe) givern for SEPT.-The Soul's Cry for Gd.
eturn of sainto No. 9 E.i'nhiix-'m' OCT.-Jesus as Humanity's Ideal.
ity ave. NOV. -Secterianism: Its Evils, Causes
This dance wxas introdueed in New
York about the ,-ear' ISA-. At that 5OC. A YEAR 5C, A NUMBER.
inme tine quatdrille was thelftshiioalteh F oin sale .1lt ( tihan, and Stolktt'-
danitc, but wits ktnown as the ctiioin.i ED A. CADIEUX.
'To make a tdistiinction it 1101 el thtla t I'iIOI'ITi' O 6T)' iH
and this diance, wihmwxas )mowinxl Latest Improved Barber Shop
Europe iby the same trante, this wast5 In t' iy. IR. Xasliiigtoi S., Ist door
called the ''certiuan (otillion,' gratd-ast of lMaim s., AitnitA rbo.
nally tileli-trd cotillion wxas droppted REUBEN HI. KEXPF,
(lie daiice ibecomling sitmply "heG'1'o he C 1 1011Ito1yal I onserv ary.
mnan." 31r. and -Mrs. floss (;ranger, Stittg mtGeruian iv
ill Grainger's Academy, niuth~ lis Teacher of Piano, Organ and Nlsca
danlice andi the waltzixa;"'eciaily. Composition; also the Art ofU
iT. O M. ~Teachinig.
1! F3.(IlIISTMLAS A'IAC{A lION. Studio 22 S. Division St., Ann Arix~r,Aliet
For the TT. of-M. Christenas and Nexx
Year holidays irates (f tone anti (llt'- G B. washin
third fare, for rotiud trip xiiil be made V I toas.
to all pIoits in the C'tntral Traffic PIETAS & SCHANZ,
Assoeiatontli'itc i'oy t) students and
instructors 1tpii prelnt't'iont ~iof 1prop-IMU.OF'X. TAILOR '
er ortticttcs. ickts oldDvc ''0, Latest and best styles of ForIgand o --
21 and1(122. 1894 ana11lliitedto'te I itnti'iimestle Woolens. Fist classfit and firstclass-
not later' thanIanht 8. 1895O. work guaranteed. Cleaning, pressin and
T. &A. A BULE'i'N. Irepairing neatly done.
T. &A. . PU LT,: N,48 . State stS.S- . -'toor,AirnArhor.
For the Christmias and New Ye-1"ar 22 Years in the Business^
holidays rates (f one anti one-it
fartte for the rotte~d tripll vi be tiade to I a
all points in 3Michigan0anth(ental CT;AU D Y
Traffic Associatiotn territory. Tickets
to be sold De. 2, 25 and ;1, 1891, and
Jal. 1, 1895, limited to ietlilil not :cier' M. M. SEABOLT, No. 4 N. 4W Ave.
than Jan. 2, 1S96. MERCHANT TALORNG
Rates ot one tare for rtoltnd trip xwill Cleaning, Pressing and tetsmircg,
be made for thte followxing meetings: done neatly by
T.Lhe annual meeting of the knights AUOi. SCIOENEWALP, 36 E. Wasington
tf tile Grip t Grand Rapids, Decc. 261 EXCELSIOR + LAUNWDRY !
and 27, upon11 presentationl ofnieniber- 20 LASTIHU RON STREET..
shill certifica tes issuetd by the Mlich- Good Work Guaianbmted. Goods1 caled fox
gan Knights oft the Grip. Tickets sold anrd delivered. A. N. COVERT, Prp.
Dec. 26 amnd 27. limited to ,Dec. 2S,-
F'or the lttcttiing of the Grand Lotig
F'ree anid Accepteti11 sons of _tmchh- "-
g n a D e r i J a . 2 2 a n 21Ti c k e t s s o l d Jla n. 2 1 a n d 2 2 , I g n i t e td t o
return int later than Jan. 2, 195 D~H4
GR . 11 ENWOOD. 0 . A. \ - ARETIFBU
furac chal111Agndi ta t~ CIGARETTE SMOKERS %wtino ill - -'
ing to py a it tile more Wltics gin
1110 1ENA'i'-lA leasntt.site xxwit bchrged ot tueaoi in-ary Ii t' ai ariH ,'
Airac hetbah ad igt a $. illhamid THIS BRAND supc;Wmhllr lo 5'i.
11 ". state st. The Rihmoond Sirait Eat NI
I iillo ,liid tgh ti ' r at cs GOLD LEAF
TILE WAABASH ItAlLIMAD) groiwnm toi iriti.
In conlnectiont lwithl the iSt. ' BEAE:FLMouis,.an b~'.'~
~tlt, tmat tilhe ie of nt the iauijfactrrs is
I Irn Aluntin &SouternRailay, below s oi every ,jg age:
Texas S. Pacific Railwa'~y, Illttrnation-
al &l';Great Northern Railroad, and t' e GA( ieal(, -I G r
Soutiierin Pacific Railwxay, knowits 1tMAC t 71IiV*lt
the "Only Titue Southern Rtoute," Las
ilaceedlill sri'idea rthrulust ep is
hs ls r H R&sleeping car* anitiMouit se , lt' in F
leaxing (Chicago tdaiy att 10:51) a. in, _________________________
vi t oi oLtl BcAn-r ER IMC.(ot Springs), Atstin, San ATtuoll I It is well beforte eavig hme v.1-tI
Laredo (wh-ere t irect connection is for busines r pea ssre., to decide n~o,
hotel and ther ey avid coialion
inantte with thirough Seepig car for when 30o1 visit etrot 1,3 (Stl byI,
Pleased ItoV),ao ou stop t.t t cll
the City of _M\exico),El.1aso 10s "Franklini IIouar4,w cor. IL~twe'
Angeles anId Sail Franicisco. This i adBtsSss hr oxw~l1mvu.0
and5 Beatand a lean bed ayt rii'isl irs/~-
the only line froit Chicago wxhic'h (canTt ho house has been renovateit'-illit' - --.
bottom, awlis mm-w in fuslt ckc+ ,.u,.S L.t
offer this excelent service. Call er l'secuitly,
write to any ticket agent of 10W-H. 1-
bash or connlectinlg lines for printed cas3c..ogu-,X.
matter showing timge, rote, raitts, des- eri<. 1."

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