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December 15, 1894 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-15

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1111'1 U. OF M.-DAILY.
S3ellm1att, F.E C. STEBBINS, SchI~s Boahktoe !
Photographer Hl-41 UDYA IiForerly with Gxeorge XWar, 19
72 IE.\Washngon St. Headquarters for
TI-reveything a Stdet needs in the
> nttuAlaint..i Al t'r1O. L< w<llntg mstpl sooks ood lline of Text-Books, Stationery and
- _ --for $3 for ,$.50. c W Miscellaneous Stock in general.
191',. Washington st., one block
Spas pme ( '11ttall I 'ott I W'ork:. *21t . U' I .1 NM ISTU'il.'n i:i.-east of Aaio sI
,t' tti'atiteta'.t ltwe' Siwe.tolt iuel' T HEoi NNittt ARBOIR tttSAVIGS ANK A, , M MME Y'S
__________A__teour'.tttlie R. ie. BLOIJNT1.1 n n ,U it aita PER: ?,WtJME-S___-_. .
Iew t ~"Bthas neaMluN dR aopelYnCO ~ THl $500
W ~ ndytpiths U. ee ort. or h iIt ti nt It iitt itiiiihr.ft~ ee d ~st,,biad
yea ~ n. . S. Ero~ tV61IS, nagert~,( tid bytthdt eteonth e tiititc . L te o tt LN TOR
G~iley 111on irt Fuo. Taseokeepw o ted ,fnreadt h i itoti t'ia i ct(hpitbge orn, y{
Daily.,thecDat i$25alal r V
1e ..A.iilITI.IEiE... Ate nit ttAr odb~or r ll wicksnct 't tr ], n.; tyur I titST,~
t..its trh l- snwill Vttttittc ~. giesI= ie lgh. llLs el i!t
t yy, t - itttndofit iti tted to l ll o,(,. 4tSouheMaiuStret. ompleeistckno
W Ma'ay.O t. ttihy O ttLD St'tewl r. sat s.~at dtn Pn
- ttarty copy nott andit 'Ittit. lionc" U IVERSITYyNOTES." --I
IeiElv~i bntt Poe oB te hos e.iithi''..i ittce'igsmo ep'd ivi 't lli t thit''oliori ilS ot toofit te uethe' S. AIpiRE".
Irtcn:li.CI R Bnef.51 on hs een wlltigha l e gl ss:'ii f sti o s e-ourRitit'1 arit il, anidltie tttseySste Ooe t
th troitigt ube A. ili ti 'Itisi twhite lit o es nt car ti". Wi'' icki ityolr tIe aetS ie
SI~ellia n &s's " tuf itts dran il al' no ti it1aml~' tti d 't'tar ittl 'f'itti' l '. dsE us bEreRp
.MRS. yNNIEtWA RDttti OSI T ERiitt 'Sitit thu Wit()ic eItd t'icg'ht itic prgl,,cs eesCanii s'll'Itr iit ti' eIt8e pCalearrcasng
titSchttolllioifiiDa'ncingtitiotnd' ltie'llt'rt'ts.lltii lil'AF Ra i R a ST aSt e LSt i
IDEA('1Z & ill' s ii'i Y ne fWllim t aeaD
B 0 0 yl~.n..Gnteanteinnr .i4 bi ll th ain'wS t eot complete5 stoiit tlt E IE I INckI'IIIf
itttiitti.. ti4tpl.tm.itu t, Ititbe Co tateandciberyaSs
Tssda , iiitill n t iter i ets hoot .totiogib 1111 1 i I ti ii t1'i iitiltil[O tito iiph itif tTiti[sti'' ED A D WI, ee
z l e t hylt'stitn icisi a ti.'t soe eat ith', iton ie a'hiil 'lltatl ('i'iltiit'itt.ofii'tc tihtettd
:SC OOL Stt 46.tittett Sth. ofTlT'iEST.til hteisil l is' e t ucet itfSi'tsttin'wg' m errytiit coupest', Vttit Cr i' tttewlan1 Ihli Hand
daysa sit he iaht'.ecadthsmiiitiettdytitiflit Ithe i' i nt z.hs't" Nt Bok an th euet'uple
Z rtierooprtas i itt il itOe A .aeli thier 'eiii51 tg. r-o eieioh et't eottat'il I o FieSaio Sotn Gos tc hc
Itmeihe hiitit s'shu itiy tiol moie rningsetialtie iM, lithur ih'ouilait t h'i e occa's~t'tion.ils s e elel'hsi ti ti yofeit h1LwstPics
Sotsetr m ith tae ut trf t ( o te pronA. uci I.I.ik''i lt, the e'e-ss'ior ' t hi ita tlttcit itl} wil il ORF RS LA SME L
t'liast".teviahenoySrlo sell all tootsatsofsttiipre-trgn.
Bate pieteeyud''tliialecitnns. t.ryo'Is t . 1 .l'ii tleties .1 A n gSiiflyt hi e sp - :i E I E D NI G P RO Rs
ni1l1e011 lelio.l t nIw stle tomorow o l to sooni -ls(' tii ill pt' ingsthour.
t ie a et tey avenofo e ce ed50. eir st llve thick]rott foth eii'tioia(tihris e s' e geatllts iftrBit'toardeut Frsw ted AS.AB E
iStaiittalte neotiss o theea son te i i ( ' ilit crl t at . "h ur g rsiiir s'iuicli ( xitt' t Artu adc t end 5 1) Peeftet'
Aro New A th e alshEitttt th sa li tesi n Black.n' ft'is the i s a stll knssli otaeti'prdtoutAlt, tis i e-J.
r a t hefrsito ero r ices.lallallils ''eheiir a gifts isiiiigitmt'o Sittietione )11
- aeeaaitosal'.eEpiies. T.he fol Msong icbeth '6 it's tion of a litl. iie'.B N UES +A+SE IL Y
iosellees nwttisat eii. Ourhlah e r hey Thesdi L A.ti iealot ItIcli ofu, 0CC:ve (in or gnawd EBlOi "'9123
Reeme y t ha it w r nl hlsl opsnto' Inl yesihth oSiet'rot bait- g Thep'lgTt fstbtill tate ullt go tte g-fc
Orcethreynn AersiO alR. t- lug, e . D.tt I,1ig ,lrftrs i ilt F A lre . Thys'l te Si'
salehe 83.Aou )iitahr flti laisce Sigtis iiliStolltii lthst a, ' H u eT B
''.'.tapitada50000.rls adP t, d,.Laeseioy. ie svea iiiTdhosl. in sillcoitro tbyeecosiest fot -___________________
FArtrCalesehasgsor egt1e89t5. uris wilt',pofkSit te r ch of Sl t e rhailg t ri efot'e n ls sae . i F IS CL SS TABLE."~~
letendrs o rits. lug ssr s a preraitin'ilcĀ° on tu e fol- hichile iiiii sernentSk e opIi Si 0 . r . Vt- ~~
fiP.bACs-Oxfr be .'t. CA iSO ,Cs ier. lsiii t r.tt mith i s wllc knt oasts: an allo rSilued oputill bn ite lbro
a h ms Haie Long, andeeoB..Alresa lared ilhn Left ercndTuiteleftebet aklepWht-IAfI P
'Gftr andl n'an~~ d Bno '.Bns. llit ". o iuit es eisr righ t gurdale s;i'gitL IIItL AIO
aisetand 'XV. and sAeiitiwhetbertyou buyrOff foS;lhalfg itnaWolnwndlres.tcki h
PESOAL PRPRT LAN. The e clutliadoflthed laItoni lbhlrf rih'PHBadei;f~ ac 11 iy OcN'et ay1s3 ec
anyth ee weryno , thm adcatl fi Un vesotythed hdeic irst biani- Teat i fo taeno amubltlef o t- thnyuaelo igfr
mo-F RT A TOllte AL AN K.adsh et o' hi eJ e sna vn ianii onn t 1,o he X ' a a
an Old aheed le86 iry Anicly re 10man m erso lclub s g r ssi g t tii nw H i Scltl. lter oa
pJafired. Office at myresiadncefits,E0. e senrap idsnd seeralinvit dgu' f S ivh at wllO MobabANbethSEEstUS.t
i oet. cit. hases bouht 1 a n., sol.a un ibSsh utoges at c nia es of i' eve - ] T i gm ejun or l e aw ifn tis s a e up t kx feei.l g w s r g an il w ic h o - ''it en m n w r a e n the ir, C X F . W
IP ATr , . . C. A TS ahe. ]o5 hg-ert leork inBlalelon nxtoeed2e.rabnton ttonersatns:

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