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December 15, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-15

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f :tesetrte1ttf i or i d t)t ttiot trep- FORMALLYDEDICATED. 1WOMEN!f WOMEN!
C f ol c f ~f reseit,('I 11,1NIoili of 1w -tilelit I dyPAGE.

.1114 did or did not lmv(. a rhrht. to 1110 SPECIAL SALE OF ALL
us Sunk; b " the ;iucliencE . It i
nin i iuln. =1'lierE con l c lo n iilcllc doubtful it' the Doxolo 'Y n'<is 0 cr LADIES' SHOPS

the C(olle'ge.yesar,Iby
pot office.
Subscipttion prttieo$2.50 ter ytort', 000101(1
int ad cet. Singlt'tcopies :3'Icents. Sbcrp
11050 may to left oa t' Itfie of tlt' tonY,I
,(,tollet'atto' S otto".ttateistonewosand w ty
ofteeitrs ogthorizeditso.ltto.'o
THEclok U. m. OF he M.retaILY.th, e
tcIayt., drs'allmtteitended ftorp'li-
caint teNn A n dtort. Albsns
commutiatosshud. e'wl.tot.eBui
TH. Ui ~t.'1. OFV. itDitsIL,1
F, A . I SAttt LEt , t. ' 167Asi stt'. .
11. tttC Totttpottt t. '7,A sit ttt.

ground 111(1 fit(' question should ll;lNo
been settled one war Oar file other.
Tlw action tt cil. while it do(", not.
jni;c the fiat-ernitic doe',; al. c v('ry
other or-anization. Accm-din- to this
E rule if the Atldetic ossoc"inlion wishcs
as an as oci .tioti to -ivo an indoor
meet it liiust pay "- 100 because it is all
"4or-altizcd bgmly of stildents": f1w
vm.ious classes who Nvish to so-
vials or "hops" of their owil as an
"oru"attized body-" must rent I Ball ill
j to~ -it w1wre 111cy got it for one-foltrilt
the aulotilit. I hc" rcr-.vlits by their
action have slalt out ever- "or-"allized
bode" of .students except flic Valln-
ditlttl fraternities. which alone :trc
able to ptly this trice. The gymna-
siutn is made common public hall I
wb.ich tnctr b", ranted bY those who
havo the inoner. The students who
hitve worked so enthttsiastic"ally for its
erection and have deluded tlientscl c
inio believin~; that it was theirs to use
havo awakened to find the it itiistake.


(horns.ittt 'Ill, ;go ottilI 1111'11(1o toit'k
sell t iotto vrr wthit to etr a
'98 andaseb;11yasMe ting.dN'el
II It l' ' l o 'ttl Iteutt w o ititi
11Iotnt.mtttttl e-oftiti ct o 0 itIotbito 1111
iTh tit it' titons ae. o 'tc1,ta..

Jacobs &.Alln~and,
HAND. Mtagnificent building; tenteahr;lm
attenance; good discipline; stuperisorsalorket
sopplied treaditngroots; daily lectus; ..Soloed ty
evenintgrecepios;opetht entire year.iExcep-
tional tiioilitteslifttplacing studtentsnposttitn:;
Btordanroom $t200to 00.75 per weoto 1private
Lttttilto. Thesstattssredtced to 51sto by self
boarintg. For Catalogue addreiss
'11111 GR AN I)011"RA\ 1101S]".
MONDAY, DEC. 17th.

m1. of thte daroftIpub1licationI Q;. M cN ulty's V s
Te editorsdt oItttt111thd tems11 oes r coeptos,
edoes'op .":....., $_ ? y }Al t. s ' of 'i. r";Ati ll.. prciO t'i~ e, ]
bee. jsotlyet lite. itWi i'hi 101I Sitl1'. f \11 tot."..:yelt:::hrough.Sl eping Car
t 1 litit11c i 'it t' I: ?l U' the 1' t'l mt 11 i 1110' li it ',S NF t 'GP _ ;T u b lAreIe IB lLakna d}hre
CapslyisaPaldimhaitn-haeAtesK. O IKT I
110s011iotith'e0he'stlspo m~~tt o ' Itnltul theomanitioo -Itott GI'eit~ ~iil B G +F U O UT \~ Er.
evtf issty 11 u fatteito r' l ilt' o'ttare. mtttoei'fORh btmEN aD Weril nd r
Th fill'tinfo. th 'ol 'illbI 171- t _ Weiars preparedhetodfal'lnish CapsiCstwihIVicttrlBicycles
hurolot'and Gown of talthighestananot.
soy'ls 't i ai l ' iitit ot011 11111111 l i 1Toh ie rsb i irqes edColi e n c o o lscIr
plOiee J Qlowpies.fSelfNAPOLeS
1vas conifotabl,- filld andnearl AllntldiormsL.containingo orne
tul~l~o 0 50',hot lt istt Ile rglt toeiool aoitiontickeits, ill be~ao-i Ssryinstroos toasecures, pats, LU ISVILLE~ ,
.11 totdt-stttattteatkenia trecpysfttig armnts witosteveralI
u-f'uiiiodtu'Vio ~illl'Y'I 11.91 Sit itted tNte Hrvardn ong Book. upot Tnse s , Rackets,1894
-gn of-} et h pe~c>iid t Ii Ates tttltfoosthe C oofn ltnotfi10ELEo
17010~~~~~~ens itallofuoio ~lillltl ytIO ~Ittoterfs tcents. p. RBONSRMIN LWOLEELCOOSSuet.aig aainaeco
to alllll tetulto. il fth t'iy e COwlldEe .smniONGS. dffeen witlsat0odratda- ivi ETWmaENr tr hi
Bso, Piapri, haduatrstadinpetoutee
a , l~ -Wll agant line o of i CollegenOtits et
pldill a glat' gtrotoul ilil i"tthe iuu'tuitie ufl setoI at tyt Saon o F ra nciso. L s ge lesClothi r eslaanalGodS aesdot
cvoliegt titoil S o ts liot." an 000ded Hse aheaiofClbs t.
1toit 1111eates It-oe olta~ l~ilt I'l fintl. etue.PHIL, dnAcDELrginHIAAK.F R etc.SVI
t. ol a slnlG wso i 'otn t itsef iailysout in t he 1111101 }111111 H ay Paperr. innstClt. it. TWaret excusiely Dryoood A.G . SPALD NG + O T ..
ofben$1.00.te Housen he.vo inPuch" OAMEricA.DWMN
11115-. TDl tst ltoO li ltt tiulpsiiilitl 0-AD-/ I I .oseng Trfic .&_-r G r1. nT. AM"
of _____orPros. _taneyaHeavy; N O KPaperrepre$to.00.shCa s tude nRcratihon ed
'ln'on f h ihs qaiysy ht o havOflie ldon ellMht owar'stl-0 1'_'TL -iitoi U nivesit'is, Cllge ad quar i ters.
sein g tood umeto.115'i I'ltseiett lls- I throughout111 the UnitendmP J NoONatsssteat
tyl~~sllIhe Col'lege x"Vrhtr ~tos ~~oSeos surpisnglAlwNricARBOR mas
ilten hfovoei Oinft10,igal fior LIVER DITSONmsCOcnSTEAMg DYE WORKS.
and the to paythe deb, and oLtdim sodsitigts'e torotltll beCfrwardd
dispeos o the ueshen Le a tllc A ll53-403ew r~ionhi gs ofNE., Ilstour ~ ~ r yd
leamsticalercent llT'e:Day. alsoI O LL .GT O tt,1 cs.c h.Yeadq~ W utrONs, ANnsect oel-


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