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December 13, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-13

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TlE tU. O01?i. DAILY.
.y1I.(113)I. CALENDAR. NOTICES. sarte exercises, One ed; l-to lsaies-
%GH &AK9 __ENT__LIproperly. Soildly tetin clas, ill.
Time Table eisellI Nv.t,,1893lt. 1 hirs., Dee1. ii. JOTlIy coil lI t I 1ii .Ainfrce iug idofy the lro I St i -1 ti e w Baue', a t:'(lrll ae
elsa. tEST iuaee Oeorll hall. icalledl fr l-aa feliei 1 taught. Iit' s stepwas ttiltodcwlt 1551
Malld . 1i. a H4 o'cs, 1C 1. litlr i ~l: 1 lok i thr_ ciapel. 1it ... P'1,11. weeksaho. Nexi-Modiay veCingdtlfA II
NESa.eell Est.1 Y. SpeiailI l idrnero 1hall.All ecllilillt5 for 96 lit basebat~ll Tuxeto oil iwillll dne t(agh-
.3. taIfela .- F 'Ihur. Des. 1 S.-l ~elltiolllto Item11-talllii ill plels iitieI il Itllol J, Fi- 1 141 I. 111~i1 IMb 84VAA'1'ltN..-
tlatie x..7Es
r). N. Espeess 1 +0 SWeternax. isht f 8.:.4 . 1 t ewber~y al ilya 4: l.Ila For ill(' . of 'M . Ihrsma~s anedNe-n
G:. t. Esprees.. 11N:'it.Nt -115 Tms.. Dee.:. 2. lames . .Apple111( IA 131I) .M. l lAMEli . year lholil~ls ra 1s oal'ue(i d a ,+11(,
fi. c cft11IfVam.~ l~-., be-:- 11fo( 1'nity t11111oil.aa 1kes5- 1:1(\ l tot e. hid fare t'o '0und1trip v11 a 1:14,G . ill h is- IAaAro.llies"f ioile1h reiday rnuci~ l- oll pit u h lta I ~ui
ati e'lock. Iriilyafemmiin -asim 4at I ocdoR. l st 11114015 npou1111 lll(l1011 of11 1 1 (1(
Ntr. 7 a .
,.Sar. " h~a !ddetDcc 1 1011t1 anot1' 111-14 11 f5111'l-.- 1 ltertho rll . M-illl lt'
1:S25 p~n t3a) t. lDe.-. 1 leebin hi o(f bast al BUSIN ES LOCALS.I- i I-N 1tm sil'o ra ls.84
only 8:tt, tDee. 1;.-- 1t'Ie t litstullee- a~et s e I nc1 S(1 pcial ate- l(as osget 11ee n Its- i op a d ll. i 1411 814. 10ti
tI C sttctsll 61), A 5(11t hiles before stdeut L..s 131: sto- a(tt eIIC (Ilrs'ttcs~ . 1ashiglalia. ,
W. 11111 EN ' G1' . 1A. I Toledoll I. riatiol. T~fI1'1')4TIIlI IN 1113 1112M151. TOI' 1 \ I'-A pl(150501t cotta11Oll
ANN ARDOR & YPSILANTI ST. RY. i De(. 1'1;. Il. 1E.: . I t1 :tle fliTis (taller tas 1 tl~o:11t llr.( iiNw 151: 111u h i. 1,111 and(li rt sl t :
ANN s.C. A.(in 14411s ' ir5 if 5Yri abu:1111 till lS l. 1t tlafl 11 s. Slait:- sl.
Tne Table, Otober 7, 1894. j lhig'Bieilithe :quadr lille' (151th1e1 Iishill-Il (111 1s" 111he 11C~iE 1 f S I si I i-II.
Lean A:::: AantalfrIom lllle 7 :-I 0.3:3 0 ttn. 0).1....151 11 ilt~t:.1(M . - - (111(1 dnce bth vis 015. ll: (Is 1111.' CO LEGE TOWiPU PIT
an 1a a. (:1 .45, 2 :5 ,115 0 :) :1(1(1 11:11111.11:. 8tti.. l as. 11. .1. :1. 1 m s bl-t' l t 1-Shop a by l:i 0:11(11' 11:111(1' th .' 551L EG EM O NP
11:1 ait 17':4..11,1l0ari 1>318 ::::a. - - ;;tIll111 1)(lt::1I.-"1i1.14,itSRMONS'('REV I I, SOOERIAN
s~,835 tall.110 A.. 7::- - - I- 111 1:: 1ttllocy the sa11 ( nametl th5is11 \a111( eiesof 1854-9.1..
3Ia l l 5 fom1 0. a csn. 0 {i , I tli- ttte 1 l(c~'illlilg ts:0 lly I l: I ____
::1 IIrt ~l.101:a:gl 11( 1: -.thic1- 1111'Sr itSt.1:s 35(0.2. SEPTON Th eV.JoTile Cy fo God
tI'ns:0 . , . o I.'o. T ta'. 11 lpt- 1(1 it1115111(11 r, -la iit. (If' I eh ig oeut .1 1:11 ay. (1:15 - CT Jensa H usniys et
-aw- Ann al '-jbor ffllyunctio'l''n:- 0'0,31111111'lt:t0:1ai i~l~ N V Seatria s m: ts Evls, a a
FIRTa l AS CUT OM 0 ) i TA'ILO NO IIsI.iltIe1.11thellchoonces 1.181' .1 :1:1 t 1 ((lbs 111,ol. Gcrnt-Cre
yim. ae: i pt i tMea1111 .1 7.-t s 1 li A50Cbe Ae-YEAR 11.bO- A NUoMtBEuRSr
F LO ER S F:I. I % w7t, sup. luI t it-(11::1Nill.tcot le I ot 1of 111. :1111(111 2 1 '3 111110 i
1:11s.1( 111W (sit.-0 1.111155.App1l.e 1115 I.. 5 OCT.-fJe(1:us a. Cu aniyI deal.
NA _S_ FT S 5_1115011. 8i1 ild (he waltz:a r:I:(1: (11 0 5
FIRSTS CLS CSlTtO M 41 lLOI It. tie it I nit'-11(1('hub inllDl5'lt5I isi. .1 II 1. ,im:It Eil, ~ae
Corner of Stae. and 14illt rt sta, l u'oleo n d 111)11lMIr :he - I I I-
VVla,..etac.c ~lI-rio tt o s ttu ill l 511 tri tt 1 I
'1 ii t ;l ( tli, taloebti u01n it2-. oIt .tom chI s igh TeC1A h ERof KPi Ano rg U MBER.
AFLOWrEsS, FL5ER fu'rnd 0118eefle:'Pfite ro 1 C Pi osapestiohn' land einr.
fre-eoptoy onsi)a;f i. furr1'enl tril s cI D E A AN
ldti ssoi(otn g all((tits in Mish1ig41" Iatt IIp c I"itrB
"i' / n a hgh pciaciili tltt o1 (1'. 2 25 t 1 1 18o 1 alootialylts I go all 4)
trillrnnillltelloroynd Vol t list- 8~r1 lastr ii tt
a A r ooba istic 151.1; , 1 n15r e forroun tri froti aC mp aston4 alo e Ar t of
/ 3 f o clcton a onil t cs -a of t s ira 'tie f1 0 10 j ssTeach 11 ing. eaS
"°' ..sy +ats cheal11 gooda.. NOW (a.;iii.idt fur n fit., filillost' 'nP1-i;E
:t1id 27,111110 l r-s-lta (a.~L
~~U~~i~ V~~ tottaInhtC ofistasI1rdN.vIll eatt HANGdt S Bltttt E (1 11-(laTEr-l 511 ai
tli- II l 7li mls ae' o ntandii I-ird 8 aeso ~-lm-'sA-itm.htdsss:
cifeunl cnit ae o h ondtililbemd toDETleliAittS'il& i:lSlHtatN iZ ,
in ot Un 1pEIng al pitt i(((stall lit.c 1,a
ynd you l o baoS.hg oahsletiorn m ayg 111ats 111one, gare to ,011ERriCilHtsSS a Ne T TAoLORI8 N GA3
searh aIll meamog hapegods itots.NdigwII C~t ~3SI''3 t' tlO reon a a
FACTaY litecbthee d ue onthu 2taast 2.2 i tiiis:t 5~
anyhlg Iatalstlaproahe t e yad o htn41 e ,'Ll e11y
cent '- - r--l acttoa nualofu (he lar-aest inht
0trd0' h2ar od yladnofaeaesrttle.tillGrieel C 11 ndlIceTtally eer'1 l W"itg ,Jx o
arlilatre, sas iphi ha 1011-a asaclres. adle.npoue exars-io oqf tlaiaitg tl
SALSipMS 2 e all trtIue b faOtel dowses w I/, n e dnata ai,4>~~e
OposteUno PrkWaas vead po ,g rseta lleilles, ste., ltut 'tISIL R nTI M IIrsel a
1aor limgelan te e (rdi thnd Lauces 2Y asi h uias
otalta, tdIc ste ec. lldalaof limo is odstl -lte taldsa
ttttttlllttleir lt e, drqa IrSI_'S ssl4.o ale palG ti
Soe gnt, 'I 7ibO~a~ srets carr7 age, reepio, Itouto a od
i a~~bos h poe ny t limitead Dl [tou: ~ w a

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