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December 13, 1894 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-13

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, . 1a i lj .

Vol,. V. No. 30.



OUR BASEBALL CAPTAIN. Dr. Lloyd's Lecture.
The Choice of E. C. Shields a Pop- J1r. Iloyd's papei1r o11 " Ial ial C11ol-
ular One.-Something About (itiono iasthe' Basis of Spiritual Possi-
Our "' Phil King.'' bility," read before the Philosophicl
.((atilfor tlieo'codog season is Spcially so to studentsiloof phiilosophly,
1I) 11)110' one.1E'.-.'Shields.ccas clia who 1(1woul)dli;r aspiieii 'tn~tc ini
ions fanenviale luicee ini11ii.lii- conitiiio. Mlitiris oie think'. 111i1-


History of Creek Art. NO flflfl STUDENIT
I11 Prof. )'lOo e'c emoro e ill Hw Iloi- "
toy (of (reek An. c simls sof liii ler8 Tr'ys t' lla'n 1withlout booiks.
10 loin; og -adl by11the n miloro of tlb' Some peopilethou~lghl trIy 1tousc
c1l1oi r ortie fIts lo r f lt c til (mus'l i ) , 1(1'.ithlitl
as~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~W i ll(i' ii ls-lolg11( ~'-YSay Bey ]hose Which Have longt
cri-Rn ((11 ii immcedoe li ii-1or.-i
111o lid st iitis lii1i Os' oi'i'l. fill)-51 South Main st.
of t i opr 1(e)s lin .Iio iii Ii i-il S'P U ID EN'TS I
readtl: BU
lo-. 5. -''iii Bela iio 0 C rick Artt ~ico -FNE
he.7 IoIeali i biiFOOTWEAR,
Assortin Afrt. Seott.
'!'iryuc. 01icc Boll-id. oI". t
Dee. 12.---\y-enai'an -nc1ol iijan A (
'l'i1-sos.ic'. i l-Ilt.

pa11s atli st door. 0111( -lionditiosoanothoer: tl ttoler i
'Ill~dy''Shields, as 1wis 10familiarly simplly lthi. filrmer'in 1101. Air weii'
knol~wn. 1(s c-oeedIicier tilllonl think11thi-ilthei'grilveiiis uta hole,
lihe 'Varsily nine s o n,"-i iidill sll-litha1111111111- 0 isiu11n10s. T(til a-coy is
a cayethat1he Ims oco-oe lthe' 'Phil 1(s(11'111re1?'Or 1theW 011'toi hililk that(
King'' o)f Alichialoansoccill. It 0 is otiny ceo i-inditioncsowlilc-lin iwncc-
csy'Itinlig to iidlhis superior a :11d 11 11il 11l(1'r oibililitiecs I (aitoni
clielie 111011!," 1111r 1llili('ll'0 or il liiie is thei'realism iof 1nonsiosf..It
'Ioesioal. 'hehistmoy f11(11'is5 105'11p1lslc'( 0whieeer hi'dle i's)-cm
haelal -~ns or1( he(leaIlst; lithreeoiihcdvoni '00111. cohei'o.'r the

ym~~~~~~~~~~~t irtsIil'lci ihsi)))'i c~c 1ieo o eriaiii sills 0 itbout mis-b.IDIeh. 1 1. 'tll' I '('lilnic i ( rIil c nt
Y a.isf. lsledibNvilhiii' Ialict ays: I Iblic. mheh
plays is laiuctl.'Che ualit sas: I is ec.r.i llpbe nod I it i In14-BEAL'S SHOE STORE
'hubiiill o in'e Shie)llds 'mirlh year nit I," buts)ece'thie'depenodence ohf1))11 atiC ins. MSalo nborniliiiiOpp.(Ccurt IHouse, MlIcisSI.
oil thei Lln. Helis ow1111111'91hc.moo allmateia-nl tllliO(''iir. :ot"r l u.l -ii.h5. 'li thl'tc'l'hiiitilSr" Ip If you want to get a dine box of
ltitit gllihllli-i ililh hieii'914 lbt. l cc honoks. -lothe's. moneyll'5 cliiiry. hiar'. Hils liie.
stleanII.11cInrrt 5-ionlot"-liii ohhc-
mis-spi con In- 'iis cia' n (thingIVshi hatrbA10e (11'011(1 iiii-''1hbfciliffs(1(1ifhelllslhllo n.IJ~JAE~ u~-ON
I. Ils ii'lliiil 111 cli' 111 ' ~ llifs.Miscl~ocldon.Cheap; Hot or Cold Lunches Either
11onii (le 'aslein trip oiif i ml yell'ari '1(1111101I 'lilly is thlc-als iiof* ali . 11 .-Thn'elgi1-ii ililcs itiii Night or Day go to
a \-hl' i se ra.c) 'ocinn.I - lsiyear lii' Ilao. All bii sIng 1111 ii och i 11'' e15 Jan. 1:>:-''lii- l~ri-htitt'io 11-hil
1)11 ai o'i~lll f teL'lentand)is H onclll. 'ogs-thc ith1111omisehvo.c. Si ic-itl Ileficcalce to ih Scpi -l Bt .E.JLY&C ,SttS.
cole ito say 111111 liehig;an 11(v(er1h11d111'' liii10111. Ini iilhii-rvoscowls ice i-i rtions. Blooimiehil. YI A ti
"lllil 11('c ii' In. Il.- ili ' 110of OIn tollo ;cotil\RANDALL mr ehit.:l l nso1. 'Ipilsohes as r tau.Iiat o
Corithelintirests of his ilin. fist. ''Ohaisa.ic.'' an111secoil. '"What Ju.1. - 15. IllilOWi'ilI im iliss{A rti sti c P iOtOS.
Nt '11110oil I1('field lao M.1. tilli s not0 i ht whiitclhil-iIs not."-) l'lii'sei Illlllmlll
ic-oed il 11111 intros of ibhietc, shol c on l ct5Iin no lii i 0-111 -h- lan.?22. -Thei' 'i)'lnhioh f i lyiimpiiit
bait heImls oin(hitli i.llroiiliiil'i'h 0- ioins diciiieltn'11houigh iiati'riachal- lns iti Athiens. horis'. N~E'W'G.ALL.ERY'.
tto intheatlcti concl, f te Lonssnei s eucaionandthelielin.3-c aeho e Ano do LARGESTL OP ER IIN(' (OM IN STATEI
ha'ni-ity fli"eer sal years. 'To liic h1Ialssays ii'e i'ii most )10 ii-ii'i il.hon.Ms hih" _____
cci l-lug ceal aid S''-lime llili Ium 1i115111i'l'5. lii '(1)-Vise l'alitihii . Sls Isinil
Illsi be glven 111-101of, the emdl)for Jeffersonian Prora. Jan. ),o.-_''lii'Contrcastill ''- ''0NO. 15 WASHINGTON BLOCK,
ih' lottlewnenl of thi' Iiil'lsyc 1('xi'lg anideIomanacAi. ticics.
hishcli )hllo ' followin1110 Icc gatiiNvill l iii gio(a 1-ib. 1.--'hei'Ibligloos SI l-Pi'ni Ann Arbor, Mich.
4lby tIel JeffIrIs onian soi't-l th Iis '0151 iI'fillth)l'ODIST Ier. 1-.(1. lBce), loomerely
Vacation Ouestion. 11mIlie. 5.--'Ilii'('onse of lb'efDeeadenee C withiIlirN.IfeesrisonmtBoton, niw at;
insit (cierl. Aol. Miss Sunadeland. the, postotile iiilinig. Warts, Corn's lime
lledln. 1. .. Mnn;shrll IllhiO. _____ 011~ionIigrocolug Nails, cod 1111dificuielties of
I - n' I...D nn oit 1d t1._till'flent succeestlcytreated.Ott. tit. to 5:3(0
Niely ee-ryonie'semsiti'ri'ste'il l 11I. .1.IC'rosbyr; impromptu (istcussioni. Paculty Concert. pc'. Olie cose'd1Satuidays.
1 al r'('pec't thi' pres'en'ilh st) iiof ltff., (). '. (Iari'm-l. 1neg.. 1). 1. 1'1~;; O T T C N H
illalitilhi is to ho'(.hanged. For thoseici'dibate. R''lh'ciiot'at,111a11 tahhll r Iii'oi f custhfaut czcr1
t11a tioi'oiii'iy li1itlii' calilhal 110 5'i'at i li el 111111litoflMsic. 'Ili 1.cn-LO'WNEY'S CHOCOLATES
th olychng iad i i held ins i-tnttsan hlill'e popula'rh
ho ny eini oe i i i) fr. No'. i'1;1It" 51. Slehsi: 0 . o11(o :ie 1)') il 0.5'lol iil Iill) REoEIlViii or
'thankcsgic-iiig retess. lcb'eti1001 511' .slnOtli. 1'FIlanine'ry. All lme'n- 5hilllihh5 nd ni- cins. 'Ilto .ie ts + T'U'TTLE'S,
5111 lii'ocly onle hay. llryon(chi11schers itendilig to11111' 1p(a't- n ti}( an11) opportuniy to1eb- i il 011(')"-1111' 48 S. STATE ST.
nstiiig tiliiti isIgnoc-i. lii Il~ ii-tler-colle'giati' debte mast b' 101's-
noti''s defini(t' 1ist lkyolgnlii'Th 1i'e1 th- bs iourg.melioni'le al-nt. Toniight's 1lil'1121511I11
_______snatis________the_______ ent c-illfuiriiishi rnhertilm o fr t11' Ju st Rece ived.
and w'ieii at satisfac~tory s iiis15 Dr. Nancrede's Cenerosity. most rti icl. 'Cii' 11011iiliiis .is fl
tfoundllit coill lit'prese' tedii o' t he 1 - lb'-o:-
'flc 0 it rt t 0 f 111 'h ti ," :t - - A .ltiio'sa..-._:.1

d01110. (liii'thling' seimstertaiti. ''Theiimi- ,c~ c"
ihlhiios c-il e lilnglliiillhhi-shll ho lDr. .I. Nail-
a1bly shoriteniii'l Whetlor thils siill rih'I ci'tfIohlofi''1 ie
ii'ii tolteose' colligi' lily earliei 'e oscitylto the' Ifotball eaml. Il' i-
iliIls i lde00.ior(?'il picifessional 5 --ei-os to0o ililts
player's 111llihefall,. 'miutiii;-lio I
James Kay Applebee. cisid'i'ub' cliii, ildhrt'set'hllil to
lb11o asocit'inllhis l'hl'miltellblill fur-
t0. Tallieis tils'.iplletlm'' coill givetes' 11ut
"t1(.Xtr~ t re 'ioci S;halgeslr-lhlc's
l0'lllect." by 511'O'iitl rtedsohtils ''IT'e maniagonit t orii'' Noeli
('Fllhing, ini thie'U'nitariiani ehuci'b Oil- Ne'wsc las orilten ii o ;ot. .1. ,1.I.
lhilOOii 25 centc. tHoldeis if 1I'iiy Sill, . I. . inI-sterrI I K-os-1. i. klg
('11111 (0u1rs1'tickets sill blii'- dmilled fir tui11i rtil'i'o5'"'l tim Is' ut1111t olil-
tree tryi') fill' Ihim' lau:lm;;-issi ciof lii Nm too.

large stock of

Schuiboert-Iielier. iDie 1-imeille.
MS Chn'ilrlitt(' She.
?. eai. Frum the "Chistomas Oreorsio"
bi. Aria. "Mlighy nordcud King alilt
She. A. A. Stanley, She. lCxadei-S JLamsioni.
3. 00 eoia wolil. a. Obietass OMozueka.
h. Duclicro. LeMeniit rhor
Sir.HiriiancooA. 'Oulto.
Andantlie. Allegro. Molto alligroe vvae
Adaigiiioeou rcusmirn.r.All-erosivce-
She. A]iieitii Joiias.
t.iounoh. "Nacaeth.",
Me. Ga-urde 0. Lason.
6i. Rubiinste'iin. Soata, iiniiiand10Violin,
'Modeatocoi-ismoto.odelircaio. O'ar. I, Allc-
ceo nonotroppo. 'nir. I I, SModeot ssci
Sceirzo, Molcu-eto cn mt. Allegir ci
moo. Fiiale, Adagic. Mlodeato icsn
Mhes.sAlbiertoi .Jonas acidiI Hermannu. ti

Gymnasim Clothing

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