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December 12, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-12

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'rlE U. OF M. DAILY.
_E T L I 1.()1 1 . t.ALE5DA1. INOTICES. eic i o npnnl)OStld 1)oni t }r
1/TI l'J S1 't * .co titcico c. Tlkl ci -cud 11c) . 21_
710 1 aliii. 1-c I No 10 (1)4. I, 0(e.. D. 1.-M1r. Lloyh l :0clu C I 'ocsiintei ngt11) tii o tlCc ( e0:c 01 22nd . l al ndI ilinic 1to I4n r10
EAST. 000. 11c 10 1i(111111(11 l il i tCidfill t (ciolliic Prosc) lilinll 111 LI- n . n 11
Mal01 1>. -115 lil- - - 4.1, liol 1th11(11111(1)0 110 clul (1100 o l81)01 Oin cc-atler.nctthancciii11011):511(-
P. 1041 0 - .Opco 0 N M. l +ic~ . 1, i ttitl.il 01 1ie eo d i m str i ll 11plea1 I-ncs.1(-'lllo
Yal0 r 11 1 -- c 1cc 11 \.01 i t d. I - 110.; (-1100 of itoshil-le)troomofI ii iiii)0i iilit
ofIl i ii,1-ti) ... 15)).1-Li-c-ft.. icir.1"'l.t 5. l aorl. '0. 111 ch15ipI.in,1ht0)trder)1thatilbookt 11011.)
cT A A &e -1 f 'Ii N tM RY 10Ic-c-11.1.t11111:1" on1e,1 ii fAthe)1t111111l1 iii 1of 1he 11")1 li ll
C:I I I c 11 \i'-.\ p) I csa tO 1111)1 til tl
ANN Ati crBOt _ YPSIL,1 ANTI SRYtl{2 I c to1"t L ltl -I tti 00) et t c a tss. r n pla 1c o~ i-it)l- t ii iiii))1)1)4111
T. i e tble, raO tob r ., A1894bor 01111 li uu i 00 101 1 0110 0lituyha l.T.ii 11 1- t otl1I u-c 7 ii bt t, bath1 1ana1 110+. 'h -- 21
( rart vvs :101.t il ill))pl) re (01101 m1 Iltlt ..I'c11111 -- l - " - - -
;,,d ::. ii2455 tI7:.inime.1-: b as1 of11 ; 11). 111at 1 (1 10-c- hall.Ii) ('IL>I: .Ii 11 111; i 11 olys t 10 Iiof onei 111 u: . Tick I c ii
til) IO clilil 1-1)1 oigi - ".t.-.i. c 4 :'. na1-i-fr1h ru d ti1lw l IIra~e<
11 .. 4a0 iiIn I ti.lilt Due. 11.l Ct iti dcii- )1)01 iiill 00114.~ h:u L a: tirr
d r p. m. oo1 plic1))0 I . n,0 - it tolei1 1, - It iir, 1of 1th 1111,0et111111 i ai11) i) liici ii. ian. o e-21 114111 20
t ta ,111 111 a An T or.an1 ~i ddi 011 110to -. 5.. 1.ia-.illllI 10 ,
Y. at..ta . 1'.-( - --P t t u lt f of ( it 1111110fn a 1111v tltii111 11 deli t o be1H11 d110 ti. 111. 2151anil .. Inic auri
AIcRST CASc~riee4tUSTOM A ILRN fl yc S iooii-igot clarc UiS~l I lcd y It, n .INESS.OCALS 1.itcI,,c i rags, LAMF1
tiLOWERS, FLOWERS __ sed ic o ftlblmoli.--
p 01 1511)) 1 ) 1 71 .wlonS 110 t1ud11n tIOei il fi o-Ic 10 1104- I . 51 1.0 4IlI- O tth.eofD.e A.e C Ar od ILE IJ wil
ANNAR OR Y SIAN I &,RY ; At thFlianditiea1Housei1)1, m e ort 1) 111 1: 1111 c 11:i i I 1101411) c 0111).
c.Iar.I~ ct.71 _-1en~ '______IliII-1 -I - - illt )10 11 Lt'estaInu a 1 i Ba o bth S op
A n A rtistic li 5, L t,5- .0u0:5, .t Ih ,ly1 ticchonuchw T iand ritaor o
ish*f c-th ius- if lit l e lh, fit bI ael
o lu It Ili. r i1 l cIti111 51s1)1.d bl tlt lilt I.
SUNDAYTLME iltllls 1.11Ithe pa)).atrHAaGSTERFERtal
Uee. 17. t ,i.'.., li0istint el;ili-itI:'iETAn _, &miS o ,AN 2;
I ,ce. 1p I ant frone itititt I. coniifcts .I t dit lu-gino it l itt i i . 51)11 !114. 11
10 1101 knooIin. in Q, II o tlthg ir:;of0 n i'e. f~ty 4.
Dndnn/. c n l oIlio(1. r a ty 1,1c :c ndrteluu i tt-wlt to(I, %J1 .kh heart4
abrnorctulm t it[ ra 5 lrsa y 0 11111on Go]i~ct Eio t.ii andicctipldtIfn ti0┬░tic) 0i
/ a. t n c rs p. Ices Irtc nt n-i bury .pI nitt b ouuiniti -ut-aul eiii- 51 0isp
(1,T tibinitis1sgOld Jat. l2ciiin0)li -ouhict ici
ofsleto a og ioc iSl u I"1 re1lt 1tlti t urn44 1 eotlter it nJIt11 AaA i
1n W c-hcI)a. 1-1good o5-no 15. ftst U SNt ESSci OC ActLS.it\-l hut it\lt{^l
_____ - tt.3tjut1:vawjt. titi lilt .er Walt Oxford
\it ii 1)1i1serteInilllIihisIeliii tnts1ata. curate
I' _ E8 81itt 1 10l) Ii~t4 I al A It Iif. 1110 nt.
FLOW RSFLO ERSti l ttlain titt ultt ll~yitl c1100 i~nccAito tuel
1, J('So the)00i ili II 1( I~lI I I tt i.
COUSINSI&.IIiL10 florists, 110ally.t oI11, tt 2 eas i h
It I >letlt e 1 ,m.>as:- Q ,'>po 'lt"ii1 huat, c-('it' sl lllc ii t11 I t,111 1 lii)o a t
BES I~tEWOLL I2 ~ 1)001)115t 1 ;LatesITY L2 ANrY, So
J1.1Iti11,c". I" w 11)1111.Istd((
antigta)talapocolteo. Wo 0 - hv~ oss Itian e 1)1011c t00Ily ur of adiist s1t ly1,iey
readyc tonltalk ni-or an incIrititnonteahii ofcPtnotheteil$tignib-L sccc
cetpoiitoi o i AngoA rtnis atr nte , 0c1c-tno cc-titi etoctiiic Cmp Esition , 4 5.hWinhrtgof
wol. 'ie octlareedigdair oo-o-looot i he forc11t1(l5 ohall s111 ke Ii-T eachin W
o~~crt s e iXOal lo (Sitte1111104 l t atitilito
aelsis b enna titiie iioi c in i ino raiinoitiiiiees.
freiulquenrCuaeu estiss n ly 1c0 onissli-DIETAS- Mol&llS ChcOtit
Wabash A,-enoe t t and Coumbe aorihoIldi i ct- iiigI it. YPSetl W01n In cs5f1s s9TI4 MIVIL t
Chicag... n h iocagotra..ill eiii o tu i i i tcY t to Snt eptiinetl dni.
m of selection among o Arbor on DI. t ,Igoo to8 retuTrne. a S aYeDINNRScuu F~~AT 5 O'CLOCK
aha oos o Yo iiteitteu for1 ..1( ...If t(it-11)ftl-om sclt.a h ta-c sosO m -
ther tregardtro okitnoY ltnhe
liiirtch oot ti' 1) tii'itl ili 011 1 Itt1-.rile Id b t onc llem l y icithat1 i sue tonIer- i
Boe A en s; ~ L t i ll 1011 it he (.-1111, 1cclt Ffic-,. ,gin tcin l hly qar
j/g~ A s c-itc e iou 'terloiy ctostudont icd W. H. Lc "dEWISoarop

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