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December 07, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-12-07

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licoc Table IRevised)ll '0 ,154
EAS0. 1v . 47
V. Y. Secia1-__515 N.YN" pecsiad --7:10)
Eastern Ex-----1025 N.S. LimcitedI. --70
A.At. Pac'ific E07o 7 - 1:21
Atlan~tic Ex .--- 7 47 1.b
). N. Exp:ess ---5 0 0 WesternEx--- 212
(i. 1R. Express -- 1t00 (Chi. N .':----102
(). NV Ruca" I'E 00. 11 l.1 S
T., A. A. & N. M. RY.
1'<t )l's:'~c t Std::y, AOco. 1, I"54.
701 :1 .. Tn. 7 : 1 a. 3
4:1 2. . 9:27E 01).1) Afn.
Time Table, October 7, 1894.
a 11 0:: 1it.; :4, : 15,717 , :1:i, : 66an
I: tn . 115'_'~:,::c.10 15,'::30 a d :0 ) ) :.
:00 and9::30 0).:it)
FOUSIN'S & HAL La Florists, ! :> S e 0 f 'i1 .

At tho Grand Opera House.

Mililot t i- (Illot for o-
l)rttiio Thiel iollor, (11), (50c.

We me to have the rcate t of 1411 Sleep Un ParRei ci clladr 1'rr
1 draillatic successes. 'I'sle I rooll _I. 'n l.l>,
voice of nlcdinln coiupYi s, l()<.
1landicnp.'' The Mot of Ill,, play is
list ruinent nl
ollo of intense ilitcrc'st, .111(1 so (.oil- I I U11 ill fizt) 11 It1111
tit1'tleted as to 11h':lsc the ll as"s, nti , , , I'. . . 50 ( conlcdv and pathos are c(l11nll - t)Ic1)(1
"llystery \4-nchw - v111,( r:ll)ricc.
cd, gild team ;111(1 Init --hter olter11ate 10c
undo=r ill( 11lnna,--oll ent of Ir. _ llbro
"I1Iec°tric Storili <dop;., iCe- .'ey- _
\lill c llthnl' spiritcd ;111(1 brilliaalt foal.-hnnd hir'e'(',
The cast k illot cxcollellt one, __
i " W.
-I 11(l im -Illdc, slich li'ltll s :1- Atil)rcy- I
-Tlttto Fl loc o tanIoIt:" ( ( rri lip cl
.AIitte11hn1, fol llierl - of the "I'(1111 '
Idece of tiiediuIll (.Iitlicitl( v, .l:r .
Ka.llvaI ( o.: I):Ivcliport I>cI)tis, late
8,1111s ,t hover ic;- GoelAcle-'",
o!* Aut -ustus Piton*, Ill,
P1vs" Co.: ILc:?1' stockh id, , late NOTICES.
of tlic, Boston )I11ticltill ,Itclcl Co.. and
1liss Adcloide i Ltr Altcll. Int I lcadill- j I.111I1(irtaltl 11 (till;. of c -lltivo
support or 'I'llonl is Inc cilc. 1)oard of C)rntol ical Issoclttlrlu F i-
The scellic cfff ("t, nre th(I iliost r nl- (toy, Dec. f. it k I). ill,. room 2 i.
istic" evr). Nvftnrr-(Id on n11.v stn ;'r. "l. lI. t)t_.IItI. I'rc:.
<iilcl lilust: 1)"I secil to ho :i111)rof-hiled, FHN*C'1Nc4 C'tAS"_E1_.
n, well ns the 1)11(°l: n11d wiil dnuciu j ('lnsscs 111 fen( illy will lr )r :tnirc d
of fill. i'fcl:uninn :;" lle,;'innill .Inn. 8. ISIl:i c.ticic isc. twice
--- - i a week. Ice fo1 i:> Ic :<ott , to lac
Now Sheet Ml1SiC.
I)n1(1 111 odi allo't'. oily Il 111};'
I' A111c)11i the I)(Yccrllix r shcc t llltt:;i(' ~-ith n11d pzly ,-olii, fc e tt Alv. Pot-
Ri11s, janitor of 11w gz tu lla sill ll)p111)1icntitm'4 of Lyon , I1e.11 . hlca - I . ' lrc I
o. oro tilt follo i11 hours will be n, foliov\ s: ;1lcn, 1 lws-
(Inysand ' hlirdn.vsa, 5 1), tit.: Wi hw'-
1'oc il: cl i ti s nud I'rid t ,, i I). fil. 1 two
_ ( ross the t ill . l i;_;(toii ;" Lc Wit - c Insscs) ; Nvoilien, ll o11day ;I1d Wed- j
duct for ,oprallo and Alto, Dh, ,roc.
i 11csdnys. 1 t It. ni.; '1'tli ,(l;l -, nt)cI i
"'L'11e Foulttailis M in- lo NV itll fill(' 1'I1ilt sclnys, :+, Iti or f
111o Diver:" --(Blot for sopc% I o
<tnd tenor. 1:, 50 c.
I I'ersotis inkIlldin to talc course (;-:1,
I-"weet ,"e41dill- ,I;ells;- chloti cu I
I)rltuo ill 1°:li, co11lralto ill (" I;n hsll ill Clcrnmil 1 c"ic11tiiic Pros(,) dorm;;
th(, colld chicter, will llrasc tilect
,11141 Si)nni ;11 words. Iti:. 1
"'Pile lfuitl of bees;" _ bdlo.v -1-'i), i.it room (s (0 fiuisdzly, Dec. 1:1, it
' "15 1), 111.. in order t h.i t I)oo1: i11a y 11c
t (; I":1) ; 13b, t 1 1 o 111), .)o ".
decided illunl ,lcecrdill ;. it) filw prefer-
__ c file( of the illnjr)i its ()(' ih I>rcr;f)cctiv~

Teacher of Piano, 0rgan and Xo 51 0
Composition) also the Art of
U.0osF e 3w0. w M,o
work nir~nlr~. tIc: sili :: i, o1 11
"11 tie.th SrEABOiaT, No.th 4t o N.tave.
iot l 1217110a3erte ,r~ .1 1
CRAN ALL 1 -. ti 11, 145- TYPE WIER.N
"t i' t ;7nl, t tie i1iJ.ti11 1x 10
he;1411(fl, t A's yw rd t
i rumpn~~~rrv5scFen :tt n c~m rnr
22 Years z :0;;I: c 7.s77'°

9' )i:::: l.:::)o: ic1e:s ::::o:'dly::11 d:: iisple; Ourable,; Writing in Sight.
ni10AIMI011,1-1401''7 Permanent Aligol cot, Instantly
Od::l 4 I::s I" :::Il1'l::::. Chanogcabl ' Type.
' ' . 1)1' 00tit. Mrs O (1' J. S P"ARL, Agent,
frequntly 5c)1nsiss1ls' 1 )lll''1li l)1".5'EXCELSIOR + L.AUIN'DR"Y
bi y 0ot k n o IN%-:i ng1)1: 1)11Te )c111 <Is ;e,1 1)f' 1l l,) 1)'- 1:1 'the : 20l EA:o ' 1:' l 5I. i 0 )51111, 1'. ~i
y aahil 50:1 .gold. .No v'i 1ro m1 d;1 - ,. s I llt1i)' ....05 0 '0 .5.... _ 0_ -
to btinaIgodin-:
ofseecio a on11.1>'and.')) :11 111 t;1:i rii 11o1 c I vel F ILM aka - 7 . 0s
. BEST IN lElWsK> ('')'Nf. 1 1 :1:-ull 0: t lc 1 11113)s s> "
)'Itll01to1101)1t10 i :)' n-::i #nls i ~' 0I
ye(ab:y -I~ll .s y: envfr a oo~r1:00l edI: to1 the' proper 11:' o fls II:':: '1 11cr ', t l1:,0 i 'L R rZt
an1e siln:t011: shgl : jlly) or e ,m y ti ll ':;11)5 Illole i'(cl:-:. 0 . 11:: ilo -t I o i >NAtIO A
! (carob lifcthee amonpehownpvrtocolb oslIaendfiding * t11:1 :11 in') go: lo. DI TTION.,-
anthngIbtllal a petlssIlemtWo1yar
re dY to :l xo n I:or nc t I:Ict lcc :a nl-l'lllonlI 1 ill 111111::' 1 bcto:-::li::t 016ono sf1:.
i:ord ''lr :r cld l'Icdi c:Ics c rysi o. 110'' 011 I'oi 501.rne0 I">:itt).II English,,:<
'I~li eo AvillAS thasio11iheiliiles
FA TRaSL SOO S * 'I:'1 f):ll::os i7 :I:'you ' :sc ll ':lIai::-
O yoit on ayPrk uc a ouplas fr ahebakenueanoto)1:1)' ills::ll:Ile11:1: ls51:11en1: eit ilex ' : Lbrryio11 1
Ad o ilnt bana ih qult:o o a Stret 1:10' o11)10 :1 louci. ':loitln 00. .l::iRicr of 1:0 1
search a::life-t1111111n, cheaper.4goo2s11;thoutOfendinat StandardAhor
a'nle llat o l'lsai. 11 1:lII S. wS.3151017.roior: -..)
anythi1; thatsat-all5a.proaches them. When'you're2; ovrtoCovel ir. clel:. ::) Ie'~.
picturelsfor.5 mt) .,ntil ' Christmas. A 1 Dols etn o110:of
S woelAge T ey abe sold5 by l'eadingc dealers everywhere.bs I or ie D iy

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