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November 11, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-11

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Time Table (Revised) July 1, 1894. CONTINUED) FROMI FIRST PAGE.
EAS. ES. r'tinig 1111111to ti 1115Cc' (esiginatedl
Mail asd Es..--- 4 05 Mail ------ 8 413 01tltfor tO 11the ndenaingll thrns
N. Y. Special---. 5 10 1N. Y. Spectal---705
Eastern Es......-10 25 N. S. Limited.---I9 25i oe'lttrsationl.'l'liert'are no lecitre
A. Al. Pacific Exs----'l1,
Atlantic Es..---7 47 sP.iM.ihills inii 'hints iiitany taiitlvsa1111
1). N. Express--- 5 40 Western EF'.--I1I5
G. 1R. Espeess __11 05 Chl. Nt. F'----10 25 a-reth ie dcvic5 for rousing the Cinia-
t. IW. RUGGLES, II. . AVs'ES, 1111t a.cttnsitdt'atlitt ofchangilng
G. 1'. &- T. Agt., tCticags. Ant.,Ana Arbtsrt.i'religioti. Intiheicschools threics

Cillal's litole of a fiiti're lies ill sit'


atilityIl ttlop ith-iHtpllllit's iiill t'
fatrthast sleit'isliving iil hit' ttst.
herself. with hitr-got-it estttirt't' . tpt
bitt' her titionti hetlt'rocttof it rt'I

Moii. e'vt'., Ntov. 12. - St itil ttUlii
ttarian t'hurch.
Tcues., Nov. .13.--Prof. Stanley Ont
"The Columbhian Organi" It School of
111sic5 lt 4:30 p. ini.
of titiss ttffit't''till iMtNitlece ro'omtitti l
7:310 p. it.

Toig'etS~dt.Ag ,10. htvt' somest-ut'n'ttrs. Atitotg tilt Footbal Songs. ilS . .t~tt "'l ts tc i b
Traitnsleavse AtnArbor ot enCtratl Standt-ilS.LA.uo"TeasDysftt(
andtitintt. most 'ftii l e ias o' t'te tt'igthe liii' 'ttft'lci'(ytit5 I l. i
7i11.a. e. 0711. .. hearaof it'e eole it hrogh thetit-.0'1t'.,tiNotsvng1ttttltillmuuibsttit'l
'1225 p~m 1 11.3. i. no..havlbealusentittttiltt'i'atiin
tttty. Now let the reeze with11mulsic swell, Eti..,Ntt.. 1 . l1 itttit-ill ontettr
Alt ettiss tdtily exept Sutday. opens'lthe litIly tr IC'hiistiisswtr. We've couetcown hiere to do Cornell. I
I- . G OREENWODi, AgentWnwta ecndoi el; C.i nln tu ei
W. i. IiENNEl',. . C.A., Toletos. 0 Ch'lile'fint'iintti 'rtesitet,) Ag-l it- WeSia h t eci l t .wellov. i"- gt'. o t-r[it's.Conl
DIEAS SHAN, ist1 iis til'scitlit'tttiu' i ii ubWe'll do it here today. '-ti.ls".2.itt 1 .I"iil
DITA &SCAN, n ldsphsii usolo 'edil tisThe scent of victory we sitell ilt)-rtiti.
itotikItitnd tlls-i':' gidu tit's of lili- _We'll rush theidowintie fittd pll-
U. OF ~ ~ ~ ~ i iii (tiltng ts- ts rilts.pifiiig. o tvery 1man1emit a yell ___
I stst and test ctyes o oeg ntgtd ito-
ntsi ~ tts IntctsC eiit scts i. t1'l'tt t it vf't . titg 'heyll hear i Ithlaca.
wopkt ooln. lseanitdrocas-okg ara teeelyttc peeuitt-'ttnti('Tonbe followvedly tie . of M. yelli. Ntticres tt-iti0st-ol tto:tt Ie rate
retsiing natlydoa Clt O II I t gtig. As talt txrtssittnt tf grtftl C t'rt'ieeN:Ii , ' o f etprlnt seilr tes ttr nge
iii'.1:11' ' tste~s~crullie~lfttrtiset by tplyinc
48 S. Stan t. e 5o'tnt loorn.t, Ann Snbt.,'. itgrdtetoi et seit- viurs tofthiust Jliadlits' 'tIenv ime t'ad itxt a lis yIlt te 'ii- I ice.
iiii i ll rnrr tuCATERER, t' gettlstttsmanttftt ttt I 'iiiitfttttl'th tinhig's tiound to give awty
n IVu7 I 1/EN SIE i .totu ho ttsitltantilaittr it medtuiclhii olri . w hen "Dygy" hucks the line. - '(lI pit-Ieek.ONo. t,[71. Rul3iig-
it t utlttriitt s is-t li ttu 1t-Aitti erert's sure to umake a gai, ollst.
whr ntuStl sgve ontv when Jimnmy gives the Sign; Twoilfine suies iotfiOui, tfurnac
---hlpers.Ills utsptlitte rh tttsiis theu The way that Villa mlakes a bole is
som~etinig fiue, hea, usodern hots. $2 prr week
stloaitIts' :tri'atvIry'11001I1uti-c anti T h e bitatull goes rollingoil. ecrh, lt 19 'tlusout sf. p-34
1 lD_'('itt-Glory, Clory, olt Ann Aror, ToI'ut 1- Afioiisuit, mioernh
MA!R( itui'l tlt igly iie. wiortuk utth t fti Glory, Glory, old Ant Arbohou setitl t a lovautu i o i nnaculetuu-' ht-l,
Ilssl tt hu-til.111 ''ss Glory, Gory, oldl Anii Aror, btalttu om$ rvelt i tc". Frades
- hewa teyrol hescore up now ThOtoetrcuiith Nober hrltcuuseys
t ) A NTileNKhull goes\N11lpave ge0wry tousuisuisai witlthis Cotnllii'tit
ccslae o.We'll ever loot till'gtmelwe 1know tre perfect gess. 'ufl't keps them,
-- -wtluim yc ptains it, 11st-ll as tll tit- ..:gtzins.
hup iorme ave got Ile grit.
CnoGlryWoyold Annt Aror. urday evenng t 8 o-lock. 'Thos in-
An A ris'c90 Medo Election. ote thd lprocurt' tuitious line, wicihi
a must e shown aithe doo. All of tilt
11 jieyyrri'tu- juirisuli-is'shld a(laiss I O' clsst. sowsopenifr thrcetiulon ot
llitcnturdayuculu7-. i-hti'folloig puil. Nt. IIMaynrti s.
-tittie'e-ts: IGsL. litt-e., uf (Ohi,tures- 0Hase' yothsentOctobset' auth Nt'vm-
Is-i ll iss I'L L. (Irhicts. of Nt-os her 'Mutsy? Go o 0-' Stotet. 12 N.
rcquetly consistsMantbyalmasadgeth-
in lot O 0.oinIsg Tho dsk, 11ice rsidetltu M iss 7.0. .H111a, t. 1'sllututshlSt"ttusi
whsether o at once sofI (utund hliiuls s lu Fo~,tr It lit.-Ie(stt sige' rooumuoh'
/ ."""a...It../ by a hgh picedl suiteurnace isruat. 2 Wilitumtst.
- / ' u~~~~nstuttnnt ortory Mourse, tf Slihw Clit I'. c. tiecutsu'-. _____________________________
m_ ..as of slecti~tn ong utuxcitt 21 r-its phrit-cutt-uutr tuocr--u-Il.FIRST CLASS CUSTOM TAILORING
_____ ___________ cheop good.Noseoftutu tilshulits atut i ou ist latssio ial lru-tssiat V I mx'
e '." - ro~~w + Y its regard is the onrv~aeadrne t.
At hs rand Opera Hrouse. DROP IN AND LOOK AT
0,ujtI 1, In tha t iiutu-isuy populart n' 511t'tc5THE WHITELY EXERCISER
11 ( r ic~~ker 1ill it is promisistt.at uict s 1[th i ual o i ce 'euoft Icomp] t ons
y7n1.111u-llsei-u lhs.-ti-u t-' so utns n etttftoi-Iis. eit is I ni 11t. , isc~l it ui U 5tti
e Irtiut' itlsic'. t thudIy. All I' hswsit
u 11i1'iiiug nhyii st ct'11ev' it'll iuistly ranttrtforut ye a s. 7 al for i t ItI t itguui
C oontivei theonl t uarilleater pi-tt e tb yR. L BLOIJN'P10 N
A '-'uuiuu:ls'117 ltu-ith-uttt' I nI~ uglls st., Ann Abr
C" V e s ,sidi' uiviruatemu-pted;hhe.-ftniletol.71'
i1,ltt Igiuiultu-u-ut i uuuuse-itt- FLOW~ERS, FLOWERS
*BEST IN THlE WOKLb'10Yeace. tersityhIignt Evryiody
you ay pay as tuctits you00pitac on anoter ake NOTICES. COSINS & BALI oss'" Jecuiestcs.e
an 00ousitl not oban as hgh quaity ,on you may
cerch a lie-time among cheapen goods sithot finding OtCRIENIIIt.. 91V 7IN ARBORg
anything that at all approaches thenm, Whesn you're AtII0::0s-el Snudaty Iulouiut aST.AIn LyN'f'y
ready to talk over as instrumesnt ispet these tuaguifi-t'ls-- c atliEAuM'LAUNDRY'u"1 5.Sl.
* cent productiossxof he largst tnutsicalItictory in thefwne til esdneoL iax
vonis. h.eJiy arc sol by leading dealers everywhelre. o, ilhotul tublier-f 51-eie and threii iigl. (.1.ss and Domtci isl.
Beautiful Suvenir Catalgue toctaiting potaits ohIt0 lading Swerdenboiuuc. Anyone tere ii.'sei wouldl E. S. SERVISS, Manager,
artis, free,ultn appliations to teo ausuauoheos. he weIlomeit. '1Ast. S. lM A t. 2, uOIT -IET V N E
Studentus lwhoitee contditioniedIlin
FACTORY SALESROOMS solid and spherictal geometry tare as- EXCELSIOR + LAUNDRY!
_pnieUinPr Wabash Avenue and peeled to take l tiptwork either it 7'0 EAS' HURON STEET.
OpitUnoPakAdama Street the AtnntArhor highischoloor i a cGood ol(onGurtntned.Goods i-lled or
Chcg..Chicago... clsapcal rgnzdtttepnd dolivereo. A. F. COVERT. Prp.
ose, 1i. tHall oill nlet those de- 22Yar tote uins
siritg to fortnsnci a ctss in roons 17
at 4 p.um. on Friday, Nov. 9. The II
usal ee is 2 for a course of 10 le- CIY LU D ,
' Qv n sns Soe gets f or' o gan 4-01 --11. IW. BEMAN. . X. EABOLT, No. 4 N. 4th ave..

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