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November 02, 1894 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1894-11-02

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Pbltshed Dily (Sudays ecepted) duingti
the College yea, iy
OFFice: Times building N. Main st., opposite
Suscitiont pie$.50 pe ya, ivaialy
in ldvane. Sigle copis I cent. Sbsrip-
tions my Se left at teitlle of the DAtY,
at Stoflet's, at State s. otto stnd,wsthll any
of tie eitoot authoitzedjsoticittttos.
C:ommuttteutooosshutld reahithitofficeey
7o'clock: p. m. if they ae to aitiee the net
say. Addtess all matt e ittedet foepbli-
caion to the Mtanaging Ediitor. Al buies.
cotmmtniationts sotlito st to t haus-
ness Mattatge.
Anti AtSin, Mici.
J. L. Ltitie, Lit. '5, Mantging Editt.,
F. P. Stti~tt, fit. '96, Assitatti
11.COtLEMtA, Li.'s5,, Assistant..
A. F. ROtCeWELit. ~t. 'i9, Assistati
J. A. LROtY, Lit. il, Athletic Edittr.
J. S. PEALt, Lttw'9l, Bsites Mlaage.
inniiieTiiompsoit,'9ltF.IB. Iltitill,'5
Carie V. Smiti, '9. E. L. Fetitt,'95
i1. A. Datcer, '5. IG. i. liatrriso"9l.
S. B. Sliley, '5 EDICALt..
DETisA. 11. B. Gasinm,'90
All etpy mustSe kit tle,'ottleefoeftt:30IPa.
m.of the dtytftuliationtt.
The etitits dointt tthold tetmiseles reotn-
sle foeittetopinionts orstatemetttsitft'itet-
pontetts, apeintc tg ithie DILaiY.
Ilie wsrie-uiptof thle tdiffi'r'ien tls
flu' varilouslastses b'Oanti ilpatl litlf
ate ol alive fto fhiir ilifteslillufiit-
ball, andthiit the gamieosils year
wsill be more thafitn usttlly infereting.
Lst ytar, osing tthela teitiess ill
111e .saon,lte lassgemes lire first
postponedt ill srin, and thena iro-
lis tSifogeher. -Melgr Bairt, ii
orter to aioidtlsci tomistaeetfils
year lis wisely larrtiigd'this'glles
antis early. Fie gimie oill be tf
iiterets,inot oly Illo tt'e whichicla''ss
dtevelopetdi ilitterialitfier' is iti the Cii-
vestiy fsr niit;tyt'ar's 'iarsiy.
T. iiiiilof everysttien totty is
sraying fiomitim othe iiife fromiihils
bo~ok end tioelin inilstintilit'
fooball felil now0-lhurryigtostrts
Itihitca. Our minngto ml et a sfrong
ttiai, fHished, if iot wihlioroy, yet
tln inferior teamt. 'TeCtrtiell eamn
this yetr is: thelHarvard Sws te-
tltres, the srigest temiieser puttlin
this-feld1fromflthtcollge,eid lar
vardatislekl from exeriene. Our
teaiiuoii Pe onfrary, lis pllydibut
one strong teenmfhis season, nd still
remains badly cripiled. Te otoolt
-Weinesdy wis most glooiiy aiiiftle
sirioigest spiorfes of lt.eem stood
dismaesd.-Nearly all the old "stand
bys" disabledl andi Itgamiilithosilior-
nell Safurday. Yesferday, howvever,
fhinogs brightenetd onsiderbly, flu
iien lyedth oi Bnews life, eid hope
lien revived. The prospets today are
as bright as they wyereloony Wed-
nesday, and while victory is hardly
to be expected, yet a close score Is

to be hitpetl foi. lMloieover, tihieem
fieel eiiconurgesl, Ity ktioswfty'have
liie sfudetsobehlidthum,thitfft'e
biisds of ill-omeinliart'as si-tre this
yeair as ftley otri'latsi i-iar, end
knoswinig that if defeaited thiey wsill yct
be ieeeisedl baicku-iit oen arms1, thiat
likte setiry eciildrseiitliii'c-nsceti
hiomietonss, Ithey' osill lly swithi the
int oithi ybit-li snly ihli cliiiiitly


berto Jonas, at Uiniversity hell. No. 2'J . T. JACOBS. CHAS. 11. ALLMiANII -
in the Choral Union series. ________
Jan. lilt 4:30 p. in-Popls' recital.
Jani. 17, S p. in.-Faiculty concert. I-
Ja.23, 4:10 ip. il.-"Piano Technic," JACOBS &AIIM AI'IU
Alberfo Jonas. liEAXLER'SIN
Jan. 30, 4:10 p. ml.-l.Pupils' reeital.
Felt. 1, .S p,.-i.Choral LUnionlconi-
ten, at Uniiversity hll. \N-hI3tsf the +6 . I ~ 4
Ch'loral Untion series. COME ANS) SKE
Feb.li. 1. mt.h.I- actly sctncert.
I-i-l. 14, 8 . .ii-(losing concert.

whokno thy hvethecolegeN Ill'eretiarel'lhaitetrs f 7 firafeuriies The WsintnBlock.
it' them, t C(r0111111
Junior Lam Meetngs,
'T'e juniior lawse tllolding ily I ii
lii'stins antiaiisispeptrtioyt i5 ® L [ ,
flit'e election f sass otuihi fr h .peen cr ' ep i lo ilht TLT Ca-I __
fortheptsiduty ad satelie, re er shrpl dawn eah f te fveIs te LEDING SCHOOL OF BUINES and ilHORf
serysliitlly res-il stclisilfit'HAN1D. Magnfent uildin; ten tees; latg
ctinsdidates for thail flue ia~.viattendne; ted dinipline; nprir est-;el
g ~. 3spplited redingeroo; dly etes;Saiiirdy
rI.eenigueceepin; opethe entie year. Ecep-
irt1'llig tinid swtll tOrgaiziedt support,)1tiota faciliiet fr lee ciigsit udens in positiotti
utniiistfhtceiliftssr'are imde in the immnse Victor faC- Bfamilieuheeateyed e nt hiupeiyse
pubisedinTusda'sDaly battingie. FoTtalge iddredsus tuh
ttllsis i iuua 5Diy ondesof unlimiteti faciliis. VictorhudnPe ealgR. ddRets res
Thie otily Cstiplefes late in i lditi Baseball ansi Tnnis Goods, Footballs P Hi GRAN I) OPE'RA HOUS,
ftius ftar is titf the Ohiii110t Iitti- and Football Supplis, Gymnasiumn,
thiough stiriouis ctiididatesshlie-ini- Sprinting anti Sparring Shoes, Bfoxing FRIDAY EVENING NOV1 2194
loutled flenselses for the different Gloves, Indian Clubs, Dumnb Bells and FIA VNNa
offics. Th'l'tectioii tf peittsdetltoill Exercising Wos arc leaders. We -~ -
occitpyythilt iiiu p oriotn oflt'emeet- also restring Tcnnis iRacts.iR . '
iug for elrnih'tne trgizaition, taitd______Sbill ippeari yslitti iretuets BsEiA1111E
in tt il Sspeie,
tesilit figt iorte minort'oficeitlll. hastll- OVERMAN WHEEL CO r"NUCH ADO ABOUT NOTING."
lesstfethepartsan ivinhu.iItis (-n- 1 si upported iy itt ,-el tu-tutit ttiiIrtty. i-
c(1dt fby tll fac'ftis Ithat. e o51115' - ' e-icyie litig CDR. W. S. H ART.
Botontte. hiitttktpttt'. eteet, _____
ladsy mieimbr'ittfthe ltiss soill fit'giilen ous.. maotteutsi.nwai. n V t ewlytr
tcie -e'pretsiden-cy. San FrancittoOs-tilts'leJ.-Ptt-anSty Sttioe
Alisu a Aiii itie. Se,5' efttrtthtileefitiai', yDthose d-
rt-fly iteretedslit o uueutliootce i-'s
ion one wsek ill trdr to aloiomItei-
bieis of the cltss disiring to go hiiitie
t trigistert-fot'iustityti lectin a
chaneiseo0pairticipateh'lSint. meeting teIt1SAN
inl personinlsts-ti tf by hproxy. 'flis
hasben igromlyoposd b ohe .D ilem m a
nienbers. Si's--i-tl stormly' tlesss tiet-( 9
tungs bae esteldii, tndiiiwlit-is-ilnlt-
fiolid'tilt' rofiable- whichtmiay causei- freuently cnists
flu' w'thdrial't'tof soimle of tiiieJjuess'lit/ in ot k nowisn g
5'iiiiiiitti'5 i-u oitlitil l''i~littlt ,whether o at snec
rt u tiie r o fsit gn ttu tre s ill h it'p r s ent -it'J!in tru m e n t o rto try
-(to otinagood to.
of'selertiontiskinig for attutti'ilg t 4 m h-hchenamong
a r chap goods. Nose
o'clot-luthis afterno'onti orifit urtlShr I- -' in regrd to the
cosiieritonilofit hit. ~ter.e..o._'
9Scbool of Musu Program. -' +
gthe l hy' lit- s hs cheule ithobeit s
11ihibt'htu Iosilig i stitliti Shol of lie
Mlusisc form the first semestosfro 51'u";:r - s
Nut. 1. b pi.- faclt~y cnt.ti i f~
Nuts. 7, 4:30 p. i.tthiysuulogyofii t.
N t. 13, 4:30 p. Ill." fT'he oluitfmbian BEST IN TH E W ORLD I41
Nov. 15, S p . it'citly scintert you may pay a much as yen peae for another make
Soulg recitl, Garneor . Lemon. and you wihi not bain as high quality; or you may
Nov. 21, 4:30 p. ii.-"WYabler amd search aie meamon cheaper goods withut findng
anything ta at all approaches them When you're
Dvortk" A. A. Sttnlty. Ilusrainlg ready to tlek oer n instrument inpect these magnifi
syhmpihonly cons-s-t progam. c en poducions of the largest musical factory in the
Nov. _", S p si-Seils Orteista, wold iTy are old by leading dealers everywhere.
at1 Uisersity hale.No. 1 of tb hoter Beautiful Souvenir Catalogue enaiing prtrais et 9 leading
l1i or 'i ri~i eis. atits freepue appcli tuontothe minufsacurers
Dec. u, 4:0ii. oh.-"Phyistil Bsis
of Music,' Assf. hProf. . 0) Plecd 1.FACTORY SALESROOMS
of 31. physical lboratory.post Uin ak . Wabash Avenue adi
Gardner S. Lamison. Chiao. Chcago...
Dec. 13, s p.nm:--'aculty concet
Dec. 20, 8 p. nm.-Pupil'snconcet
Jan. 11, 8 p. in-Ph.ano ecial, Al

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