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October 01, 1894 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1894-10-01

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THE U. 01? M. DAILY.

Time Table (Revised) July 1, 1894.
P. M. AM.
Mtail andIExs-dt 05sMail-______8 43 I
N. Y.Special.--- 5 10 lN. Y. Special---- 71)5
Eastern Es- iS--1 25 N. S. Limited. --5 25d
A. M. Pacific Es---215 i
Atlastic Es_._.. 7 4175P. M.j
DJ.N.Express...._ 5 e0 Western Es-___1 53
G. RI. Esxpress Al1055 Chi. Nt. Es.---10 25 11
G. IR. Es . 1----- 557
O. W. RLESt, It. W. HtAYES,
G. P'. & T. Ant., Chicago. Aal ,ASS Arbor.
It iswell before leaving hoeeher
tsr businems or pleasure, is dectde upon a
hotel and theery avoid cnfsion.
When yousv-sit Deroit wesoud be
pleased to base you stop at the old
"Franklin 3 Hune," retr. Larned
and Bates Sts., -here yesueill hae agood
meal and aecleansbed at moderate rates.
The hosne has beesnreoated from top ts
holtsm, and isao is frst-class condition.
3trata, 35c. Lotdgings, 50.
Per Day, 81S.50
Represents Every Depairtmient
(ot the Utiiversity.
$2.50 PER YEAR.
Big Four Route
Throigh Sleeping Cars
Petoskey, Louisville and
P.assentrTrtlic Mr. Gen(ta T L..t.
A new invention for duplicating
copies of writinigs and drawi ~gs.

slid wlii try for ed, Evans for tackle,
Iunldel for center, Iysinforcnd, Stad- 1
len for end, Crawford for end, 'Me-c
Pberran for full-back atd Letoy 'foro
Of last years -lass elens there N01il
bo Holbrook, Diken, Bartlet Far-1
un adi Collins fromis'9. Swatilell'
uill be it catdidat for center. t
Amlong the new mlieti are ia.nsieril
sitb reitiations as tackles. aker,
tackle on tbe U. of Illinois 92adii'97.
will try for that Iosiio, as Nvill also
Brewer, captalii and tackle oti last
years U. of Idliaal teimi. peees,
giard oi (le Baker University '92. is
asoe ott. Reynolds, takle ott Prinee-
loll seconid eleve, will be out in a
few cays. IHays, a brother f te.
'vtrsity edad 19subsitte at tie U. of
Illitnois, wllii also ty for eicl. For
hialf-back there lre fot, hlitila st
yett's U. of Nebraska tetmiiHowrd,
hlsf at the U. of Iowa; Wteas, half
at St. Pal's; and Welsh, boher of
tue '95 class teami player. Two otheri'
men1 for full-bak se Bloomington, of
the Pnnsylvtanit-MilitaryAtadety,
andiit Mlhollind, capai It Aliollast
The tiieiiarlilt itpresetusingitghe(
diressitg rooms iii (le basemie'nt of te
medical builing, bst will get ito 111e
Gymsnasitmi next week, whelnlitiii
Saths will be rtliting.
Harvard Football Schedule.
Sattidtay, Septemibe' 29, lartmotlotli.
Wednesday, Octoer 3, .Exetri.
Satrday, October , Andover.
Wt'tdnesday, October 1t0, Browi.
Saturday, October, 13, Ortnge A. '.
Wednesday, October 17, Amherst.
Saturtay, October 2(, Willits.
Wedestbay, Otsber 24, ope~n.
Satrdtay, O-hler 27, (onel a
Nesw York.
Wentesdy, Octoie:1, Bostn .th-
leic Associatio.
Stuttrday, Noetber 3, ope.
Stturday, Novembiir 1i, (ieagt
Athletic Cltb.
Saturtday, Nol-ciblr 24, Yale ats
In t(le eturreum isiber of tile'Util
versity 'Mlg tie there is aii artiet
on "Battle-balls," by Dr. Strget, ttf
theHetetiway (Gymnstim t (ao-
Thirty-one States, tise Distrit of
Colmbia, atd two foreigscoutie
are represented itt Exeter Academy
Thlere arc 20 sttdets itt the isti
Cornell loss six lotie gaes('whedi-t
tied for the football season, Prince
ton and Harvard gaies sedlsened t
be played in NewT York, and 4Uii
versity of Pennsylvania gatt ie 'Phil

By seeing Mr. A. E. Rose, at the
F'OOTBtALL. Cook hotse, Tesday, Oct. 2.tHe will
The class football ganes will be save yen frolil $10 to $15 per sit on.
pltayed early this yea. Mnagers anti Ann Ahes'lt'ris, aid always garan-
captains artetrgedl io gtt their ins tee qaltity, fit and workmantaship. 1-
ot at once. Steward lIated. Inquire at Daily
CHtAILES BAIRDI, Mgr. office. tf
The training -table wlliiibo strted at Stbscribe to the Daily whiile yos lre
hrettynien's Tuesday mouing. All Hush, $2.50 per college year.
tutn wh-o1 playet iniit(le 'arsiy in The Dily has beea entrged anid is
three inmportant ganes last year will a tootnetition, bt the sbsription
lie takens at once to the table. Nell price remains the saite, $2.50 per col- .
lege year.
tut lvii e tket ~s Iey re otsid Unless yotlwalt to be it gritd stib-
wvorthyS- iy the coach, scribe to the Daly~.
C~HAttLES BARID, Sgc . 'lie Daily has already miore stil-
1'. OF St. CALENDAR. sribers amiog the co-dsthaim ete'
________before its its history. Co-eds, sb-
Motntday, Oct. 1.-WXork beginsi liii'e scribe, yus are represetted oiu the
Univiersity its all departments. boart.
Offer eatonsMusicu sLovers.v
Offr t Muic oves. s tdot7-our lautdry work: 1. We re
Brainard's Mtusical World for Oto- resposible if any aricles are~ lost andit
berecontiains besides the usual large' lIill rpltacte stie. 2. We will rt'urn
yor work 1'w'h Iroltiset. 3. Ci-
aitioti of reading miatter, "D~ancitg foemnly goot -sork. Wlagner & Co., 21
Fairies," by (. Bomi; "The Ltst S. Alait s., rpresenting 'Tledo Latn-
(Greeting," by C. L. Rek; "ilty Der tdry Co. 1?
Little 'Maitd in the Moo"' walt, Sy Do yout wanlt boarders? If so, vd.
Anita 0Owens, attd "Farewsxel, tPl1-_erise in ue Diy. 1-4
ic," by George SMaywood. 'Tiis msic Stdentts, titti tll nte t-comers re-
fs lon wrth$2.Th Wold s 1..0 icititer te ld thteswss sttnd, 12 N.
is iloe11ot11$2 Th Woldis 1.5 iit. Detroit,tChicatgo, Nell Yor_
per year, 15 cents per copy. Dring Cincinnati and Toledo apers. Iesi-
tihis aiontit the ptbisiiersofoier to setd tehts east of State st. 'sttieve tiret
the Stusical World oi trial for for orders at 21 S. State, at Jtly's. 2-7
months on receipt of 25 cents itt Nobe's Star Clotinig I loose sells the-
tamps. This lIill inlutde tie t'l'lati- best $3.00 Derby itle- ciy. 1-12
fi Christtmas atid New er's holiday A slendid line of itte, Ceille,.
'numsbers, and te fotti issues will cion- 'hTpeistry landt Silk Cutrtinlsst SMartin
ialier's. 1-4
thitn about 20 pieca of new mustc, e-
he Dialy is thit'otly hldls'pplr 11
sitles a large atmount of interesting Ana Arbor tdeotei exctsively to tie
mtiusical reatditig. No tusic 101er tlhilersity.
shouid ftail to accept thiso librtl offer. For the nx itt ww Neks the Ns-i1h
Address The S. irahutrd's tois Co., sowvyute Ot lrgest antI best lies
(Chicago. of Stis t $1200t. Others will chrge
yot $13.50 andli $135.ttOforte stmie
The Daily only $2.50 for the college titntg. N 0111,1'S SA L THIt'ING
'year. H_________ IOSE.. 113
BUSINESS LOCALS. Watger & Ci., Tailors, willi be-
_________thletsed t iterest ot iithe mantiy
[\otices isseredt i~ttts Itlnat t it c at ewn 'tihigsthe tre offenhg for fait''
of n entts peehlln. Spt'ial rates o iloger
ttield 11 etelliles Ifuishedhy lapplying wer. 1-t3
Don't forgt to siscrib for te Solicitors wated for te 1. of AF.
~~Daily. DilEquir at the ofice, Tihes
1 ih.buiding for haticuars.
If yen wish to have your roomsrti-
rn-e, atdverise thetmits the Daily. 1-7 f you tre lookig for tie aest it
ftiand thwinter goods, Se stre aastt
Two hutsters catnako good mioney see1i' A. it. Rose a the Cook SHouse
soliciting subscriptions for theIT . o MTuesday, Oct. 2. 1-3
S. Daily. Cai at the office in 'files Stdls! lly otrbksnt
fbock.tdns u yu ok et
weehk at te Sttdents' Bookstore atd-
Btl your gymnslasituottfits of Sie- sa 111011(e. Cut rate hprices oh al
hiFat, the Bookseller, ic they carry the studet phurciases. 1-3
ltrgest and best hue.e
'Te Daily wil print full accounto of
Junior or senior "Medic" wgated to al footbahl gmues this fal.
yet as stew ard. Call at Daily office at
:15 this evening.t 'Te largest notebook in te iy for
A. lrgeassotmet ofRug andArt20 cttts at Sheehan & Co's booksooms,
eStuares in splsenidt patterns at SartiSte .1-
f lsHahter's.Jous reeive,tt new- lot of dsks and
fltokr:tcses t'Mttartinlit Haler's, well
WVANTED. aatdfrsuet'ue
Studients to occupy three tunfurnished ttiitt o lleis ~e
frootts in tt convenient and desirable W'aguer's & Co.'s U. of S. Collar.
s qularter of thidcity. Withl1-ct eiter _Doyouwearit __ 1-13
singily, or one single anld a suite. Each WAT! WIT!
is large enough to accommlodate two Mtr. A. E. Rose, representing te
I- petrsonss. Coveneuces as to coal, oldest Etge Clothing Cotnisli
wood anti waler. Price 50c. each, or ny, of 90 Woodward ae., De-
1- $1.23 for the three rooms. Ctall at o. trol, Mihth., lIill lbe at thte.
02 . Fiftht ave. 17 ook house, on Tueday, Oct. 2, witi a
o Leave your orders for U. of A. Daily fll line of satmpes of fall and winter
at Stofflet's news stand, general agent goods. Mr. Rose has eatrrOtto the
for daily and weekly papers, and students for thet past six years and has
l- moonthly sagazines. Give mo a call always given satisfation in price, fit
before placing your ordrs. 2-7 and workmanship. 1-3

Frsm as sriginah, as ordinsary paper witht
an17 pes, 100 espies can bte matde. Filly
copies sE typewtelr smansscripts produced
is i5 misutes. Sesd for circulasrs asndstamples
20 Vesoy St., New York,
- Organizedl 10(3.
Capital, 150,000.OSrpussand Prolt, 140,001.
Transacts a general basist business.
Foreign eschatnges bought ad sold. Furtshh
letters of credit
P. BACH, Pres. S. W. CLARKSON, Cashier.

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