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May 23, 1893 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1893-05-23

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VOL. III.-No. 16S.

VOL. 11.-No 168.UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN4, TUESDAY, MAY 23, 193. Pse.TiteC~s


MR. WILSON, OF WEST VA. I tatives when Judge Crisp, of Ceor-
"'omething About the Distinguisned 1 0,ws lce
Gentleman who Lectures Mr. Wilson has alwasys been a
Wednesday. great adnsirer of James Madison,
The Hon. Williams L. Wilson, of antihosig ini is the subject of
Wes Vigina, hegetntleman wohis lecture, together iwith thie thor-
Westh nowre-ciapothesewho
ectitres before thse S. L. A. coarse os skosldg'ii.lssss o
tontorrosw evening, lies hualabout as American lhistory and t1esitusylie
-variedl and distinguisihedl a career as le aeo c
often fails to anyonie. CGradluating there rats be sto doubit thast the sub-
irons Columbian College its s 6o at Iject is in teihaisds of ai toster antI
thse age of =7, lie enteredl the Cots- that the lecture ihil be htterestinsg
~~, aisilinstructive.
fopr tP r ixtt n f i 01i,

shouldered a ride for the Southlerns
canse. For several years after the

New Athletic Board iues.

close of the wvarlie seas a psrofessor Its years last there has scarcely
its Colunsbian College, bitt iooti en- heelsnitn inter-class contest withsout
tered nison the practice of law in somie disputing about thie legality
Charleston. tHe was elected pres-' of individual players. Protests ltave
dent of the West Virginia Univer- been sent in to tlie athletic board,
sity in s882, hot had hardly entered hilt class spirit has generally
01p00 Iis duties, wehen he swas elect- reigned. To avoid this in the future
ed 1o the 48th congress as a demo- a consmittee of three froms the
cral, and has repiresented hIis slate Athletic Board, togetiser wills the
intshle National legislature ever advisory hoard nmet last wveek, and
since, formulated a set of roles to govern
In addition to his Iposition as a all protests. Below the rules are
isensher of Congress, hse has beets given in full:
chosen as delega te to several Natiots- All protests ttgaitist attytienther of ta
al Denmocratic Cotiventions; was class itsanntis-itter-clttss baise hull or
tou yers rgen ofth Smth fn-tothball gamse or fteltdIseetig shatll
fost yers regnt f te Smthsn-be submnitted to the Advisory hloatrd of
ian Instituste; antIwasvanat elector at the Athsletie Assoeitatiott, tand their
large ots the H-atncockc ticket in ilo. dleeisin shtall he fhtal.
Mr. Wilson is one of te very !Its itating tetr deeisionth ley will
be govettned hiyttte folloinig rutles:
foremsost lawvyers of West Virginia, 1.MiT lists of all flit classes shall
and is regarded by nsany people in he hosted it leasat seven dtiys before
thielitrnt gaine of fteltihtmpioniship
Washtington as the ablest landf de- sertes or fte springtigeld dtay.
hater on the Democratic side of the 2. All protests shtall he nmtde in witi-
itig and fte giotttds of flit protest folly
House of Represetatives. 1-e stiteti. Th shall he lpresetitedl to
makes fewe speeches, bitt whetsliete ist itsor o ard , Itlhrouigh thflimatnt-
atier of flit base htsll or fouot btsll fettn
does rise, the buns and conifusiots ott sr trick iflicst
the dloor is itnstatntly hshled. This 3.Al ists sall he Iposted iby 12
oclocktiiiotsn, na(a tlatsvetn
of itself is the highest comsplimntdtys befoietsfirlst contestis lpro-
the noisyIsouse cats bestowe ups: i vled hbystile one, atid iillipotests
Si1hul e Isaidedlin 1byia sitlock p. l
a niensher ansdiotie accortdedlbitt fw sithflioslloiwinig tdasttd sitll he tde-
times its a session. Mr. Wilsotntitled bthli Adv istsy to td it least
thsree tdays pior to suchliritt cioitest or
never has iseed 1o resort to aisy era- fitld13ay.
torical tricks. lie has an easy, 4. All sttudents shill be conisitdered
nicfu emibeis of flit depaititenst inichlie
pleasant manner, and the graceful they arse registered. Stutdcnts re-
dosw of liii words, the splendid situ- gisterin iitiso departnients shall he
1eliitYanddirctnes o hi s ti enmed to helonig to ftetdepsartmtentin
plicly nd drecneisof is iyle shich they are first registered, pro-
and the clearness and force of his vided they still ttike work its said de-
arguments, arc his chief characteris- partmenst.
8. All students shall he deemed to
tics: He has had more to do with belong to the class in whlichesflty enter;
tarif leisltionthanwit anyot flinht is, a man in his first year shall be
tarff egslaionthn wllsan oterdeemed a freshmsan, in his second, a
subject before Congress. sophomore, in his third, a juinior, etc.,
etc. Except.
It will be remembered that Mr. (a) All students having less than 30
Wilson was the presiding officer of boors credit on entering shall be
deemed freshmen.
the National Democratic convention (b) All students having from 30 to
at Chicago in 1892 which nominated 60 hours credit on entering, shall be
deemed sophomores.
President Cleveland, and that he (ci All stndents having from 60 to 90
was also a prominent candidate for boors credit on entering, juniors.
(d) All students having more thans 90
Speaker of the House of Represen- boors credit on entering, seniors.

The Second Game In the Inter-Glass
Series Goes to N inety-Six. AVU
Sobhs Outplayed,
A large crowvd of cistlusiostic '95 ; /~sICi&
atntl'96 iten gathered at the field DERIMIH
yesterday to ivitnsess the aniual -- - -- - -
"'resh"'-"Soili' baseball gasie. -
Tihuornss atnd othier munsical itistris-
otets ireisnumterous intshle grands
statnd, ansd fromi first to last bothls
classes kept tpsuch ,a tiltsthat
coatchintg oti the f i is-as aintI
itmpossible. o
The pauseivas holly conitested.
Whte outwstnt te Latest ,5etroaiitn Siiistrc
At the beginning '95 forged ahead. of V, km sito.-$',Stioes at 50~t 01 a pair iess
'9-' itnfield nmade nmany costly er- stesn AnnisArber ptices, seud for Cats s'e toii
rn, and at Ite end of the sixth in-
ning the game looked safe for '96. *0
In the seventh, however, '95 began 101, 183-185 ivioiiwaitiiAr.,
to bat Hlovey, and alnmost earned DETROIT, - - MICIIIGAN.
the score. In the ninth '96 scored
again on errors. '9S got two men 9Jdhmond Straigt iQat.
No. 1
on bases with two out when Thsorp CIA ETS
Iplled in Park's long hilt and ended CI-G RETSmteaS.
the game. Both pitchers were hat- ,1ยง1 - .are wiutu-gto Dtasliti
led terrifically. Guthirie and Evans chagedior-te. >- 7r
trlide Cigarettea, wiiitind
both caught good games and St. - ~ TEssInsitNDsaperoto s
Chair nmade some fine catchses in left TheI C Richmond Strainht
Cut.Iigatt eessare matie frmhetbright-
field. M1'any of the hilts of Aaron ost, most delictelyiravored ad h ghest cost
Gold Seal getwa in Virginin. Tis is tseOld
ivere made after opportunities for andig intal Brand of Straight Cat tigareties,
ivinning the game had been lost by Beaerimttona inbsretat th
had errors. The ALLE2N & SINTELI Bach
OfteAmerican Tobaceo Co.,
Followving is the score: Manufatreors, - - iclhmond, Virgna
14ssert,e'1 ------- - t5 .1 4 5 51 it0
1505kevz,-1b----. __ 5 129 1 0 0"
ti0seti, 1)-------- - i 0 2 1 0 0 t
Alisidtei, c, f-------- 1 2 2 51i0
Batirsd, 3)i----- --- 5 '3 01 2.i0
Thriot, o. --------..22' 20"
-oas ----- - - i-- t4 1415 ii 27 1:3 2

Esvass, c--- --- --- -- i
H sst,tt________it__ 5 1 5 9 1 0
Parst, e...f - ----- 2 3 3 0 0
Austrin ,.. --- --- 4 1 3 10 0
Mailoy, u.b------4 1 1 2 3i 3
Aarn---------- 41 21 2C1
Toansl s -------_ -- 41 13 t727 10 10
Innings------1 2 3 4 a 6 7 s 9
Ninety-six-------1 1 0 4 4 053 50 1-14
Ninety-fieS---------1 3 0 0 0 5 7 1 1-13
The faculty concert, which was to
have been given May 25 at New-
berry Hall, has been postponed un-
til June 8.

55 W. FQRT ST.,
Detroit, Xichigan.

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