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April 28, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-04-28

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1C. Of Z . T"4),
Publiatied Daily (Sundays excepted) during
tar College year, by
Subscription price $2.0 per year, invariably
in advancec alagle copiea 3 cents. Subserip-
tons may be left at the office of the DAIsY,
at Stoffletas, with any of the editors or
authorized solicitors.
Communications shosild reach throffice by
7 oclock P. At. it they are to aptpear the next
Jay. Addlress nil matter intended for puhica-
tion to the Managing Edifor. All boiness
rtomtmunicastions should be snt to the Bust-
Ann Arbor, Mieh.
C', A. Dry,, eoN, Lase '94, .Managitng Editor.
il.K. Fo(wl., i t. '93,Assistontt
NiliORNfe~owERS, ill. 'Cii, ACitant.
I. A."'SPLINi'sLit. 04, Asiiiiiit.
C. 11. lic. Ii.,Atiletico Edilol.
S.N. CSURISS, 1). G.Lit., BustinesbMaitoger.
A. lxii i rDet.t194,Assistoot.
H.1.11 CCC 0 lit. "94,Ass.i't.lii
,T iTiiiilt Y. I Ib.
5. A. trin.(1. . I eos 'Ni.
11C'y . Iot 1, 94. A. NV. LcEtone, 94e.
lollie I. Mbilret . d. E.K. Mart irille, ill.
All copy must loot the offce lt'o s3Ct m
ofthi~eidayeof celicailee
Tei1FrF w'ili be 01 adjourned omeet-
iog of tile i).oi cv boorii tonmorrotw,
Saturdlay everting, at 7:45 sharpi.
All menmbers ore urged to be present.
A(vAIN the wtrasuctriumpihed
ovfr the cost, otod the lair tnamue of

IT ix a matter of regret that any
trivial mlatter las intervened to seri-
oulby impede the fofmation of the
Debatinig League with Wisroicsin.
The ioroi committee appointed to
make arranlgements for the perma-
nent icague has made every reason-
abie proposition that io consistent,
and it seenms necessary that we took
tol anotlier university to unite tvith
us5 ln tisCproject. It might be weli,
if V'iscossin tioeo not see fit to
make anyv reasonahie compromise,
to aok Cornell or some neighboring
university to form a I~ebating
League tvith us. The League is a
good undertaking, and shosuld not
be allotwed to fail becaune Wisconsin
doeo not seem inclined to enter into
any reasonable agreement.
iN..J., llays 1ays Yr of N.tilrile
Horsford's Acid Phosphate.
'I thave tisedtit for several yills, tnt
oilly insimy prtactie, buit iiillmy Iownill-
dlividuaillcase, anidiconslidelr it litter alt
circuslltancesone111o1f1the beet nerve
tos that eepossess. For umetal ex-
hausotion or oterworik it gives relielie
streugthi atndivigor to thei' rntire 0ys-
A rmost excellettalnt agreeable tonlic
anidi appetizer. It tnourishleOst ltdinvig-
orates thc tiretd brain anti bodty, i-
1nsrts renewted energy andt vitality, liltt
enlivens tise funtctions.

Surirpse Utill .t V'"si ,it t hel OE I N ET hlie lh e Io "Ru Isia, Tn ,andl Patent
I' tlifIi".




A ~pIndid

21 S. Main Street.


ri1 c ao liilllltla,001,e
titeot bouilding; nineteachners; lareatisteance; ntesi ox1.
good discipline; superiorteork; wrll spliedeasdinigNoi.?alndE rs .. 2fi.m,
rom ee alecrs; Saturdayevensing receptions;Nt . li)lid 1otle'
Oecthe entircee; comnecltgraduatsn sgretesNo'. Ii.tisgr AnntiArbor Aeetoi*'..00 noonte
demanod; siorthand graduates ant secure positions; Nc. 5. Nia1ltail Pabsenger-..... 4 25p. in.
lij-""g expenstes $2. to $2.75per wechekinvte fnsi- ON .~
es. oc Nate CATAL~OGUEndList of Students whoIsn ttlfi
cske positionfrom weekito week, addtress No.2. bail mid lPatssner'... -1173"?it.m
P. R. CLEARY. Pres. Neo . 4 Mjai andSExprets*..0..... I1. :;p.m
__________________________________Nit. 6. 'oledo Accommdtim onciiii... ;SOi a. im.
ivi $2,00, $3.00, $4.00,t5 Central Standard Time.
F('rains 3bill6runietween An lou Cii nd
I j First Class snd WarranltedillToiledcotnly, dail",jece'tiSinayu.
N 0:very Way.; uOter teains daiiy toiepitlliat.
Doy eie . Cv. .BENNETT'. It. 0. OIbEENtri111,
E S IFDoi'& F in Or e.IPabs. Agenti. (LocalloAgeCt
ARll. '.11(151 bENi'. Fit

Micign hs cunilroliei il~rgl-Rumford Chemical Works, Provi-
ou1 the scientific c'rlnes of the colon- demte, RI.y.S ,1cl B-,
try through Dr. f olikll'llis5ccess-C Beweare of Subsitniites and lililtilt. iA. .ioidiuVB Iuqi a5' Diison,
fut victory over tihe greatest ciselli FOR SALE BoY ALL DRUGGISTS. I til II Oi'ce C Pnrl'ohyGc V Go,
hosts of tile eost. tit s crtainly trec
that a University is to be ialiueil li HEN RY HALJG,
tile men 0n its flli C 11'this c.ri TuieStlidielii,iiiii _clicl_)li.G)pa i~ aiH epis aj~v s
CC i 1 eY' l i"ll~it ilttilp llGes
tenion i'sfollowe it i l , te Ilto lid4S. Staivwt- a1
of 11, i. ' hv: tlli 111'tilfeaIr 121 YerFill the ttaImesy.
from thu 1(5lt.1L 1is l11.1 i t AUN AS 014il V IT l01) C ATA'LOG tE+.
orclievern t>as D lr. f 'auill~it' ! t 14Is. 1.Senabot, No. 4N. FosuathaSt
ne niay c'.slu.2vt t eA CIA O F iuilu L
utendencyaon;ogscentific r 1.1 Il.cll.
'h'i oiwaho sawf the ;games xvitil r it 0 tlT ICa 111 itij .Lri3ITPL7
tile I). A. C. lost year, it Cis sper- l.h'y. k.' Ec (,luooioc, 23 SOUTH FOURTH AVE.. Ieiltu''i NADltItNci
duons 10 saythoot tomorrow's gantes ilccivcko, IE. S. SERVIS., - MANAGER,
will ioe a fine exhibitiono of bal play- Doir"c((ii) 1ts5 L lTD j 'P 11USE.
ing. Whl« v r ofdn io ol .-P1Swlr~
hiewarcofdnthtw)Aht N TC .-o fl)Isor temafter their victorious tour life liit, 01nd1itizens.. DontC'il it itt1nd moCteo twnfoiNE:IGIt' ONLY,
rt~5;oe ouh, vii wnyetth IAiI cndy whtuntyell coic etocestaIs 01111 iiatR. E. MVONDAY EVENINGMA ost.
thog h o twl yt theildolns & c's. iC'u'toiit'lelie fortile yiC. t M Y i
teano thoey willmeet on teathlletic 'i e iei i Ol ttlSCi c-ot o tu
the(d yourov wii p rh p b coldilil111 011 ititttttt iatllihitits iof tteldly ante lilt. .'iv Bis ttIG .11ci (-1II xi
fied tmorow illperapsie R. E. JOLLY & CO., No. 26 Somthn
strolnger one thlan thley have net 'i Statec Street. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN
this year. Thoe D. A. C. teamfl have 01o.o 30-HI(Yfill.-30
been practicing for severatlIeets, 1)it' HOT LUNCHES Two 30aTHIRTYdOPLE 30~ APcko
adfeet ronfident O . succeso.y. (tiiAsMarkt.eEverynd leeriPonyConricse." tic
-sA'- Moe Qttete. NeIt i-tos, Neiw Iauttee,
'Pie students shoulci tu~rns001 1o- . ll r ,New e itu i et irtlist e w i.
noorrow and encourage our boys by '14fi hls * * T L S
thleir entihusiasmo, wihich is no mean lO ..tiiiltui5 45 " 'Il i51.2TIAT E~ i FIETOS -A.S - TTSTTAEO.
factor in winninsg or losing thIe ganme. R1tRtR ~ ~Seeture Seacttott' Jettelry Store.
Te studento of the U. of N1. sihould .foi~l.. Mtfiut. VI6CT OR CYCLE S
lie moeloyal toatiletic intereots, y(u <fl1I-IITItTITTn.GIBSON,
as our prestige aonog neighlboring Ii.I MII, UPHOU.TOGRAPHE1R1' lttu I
colleges depenods to a considerable tioiodwarl .doc 1lad tte .s'tetil Cycle Empsriam, 11 W. Washington St.I .O 2 .HRO ,
extent on onr aolteic contests. DETROIIT, - - NICIHtILN. -


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