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February 18, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-02-18

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f uilisbeil Daily (Sundays excepted) during
the Collleve yer, by
Subbriptiussprtrr5$2.50) per year, invariably
in advane rSingler opirt :3 rents. Subscrip-
tions tony be left ot the office ofi the DILYs,
at Stoffiet's, wtSatny of the editors or
Comnmunicationsesold reascht tr officerby
7 o'clock a.rt. ifthtey are to appear else next
Uay. Address all matter intentdedt for publita-
tiorn to the Managing Editor. All btuaiarsa
commsunications sosuld be tent t the Btusi-

jare justified in proisiisg te aud-LK FND NG M N Y
cnces sonic trestiugan well e
licered orationis. Great intcyest By Going toi ikulr & Miller's unit save front 2,e, 10c unit75c ont every
ought tsolie manifested by tele ste- Dair of Shoes as we musst reduce our stock to
ilent body in tier cluss contests, uttdtsuake roont for Spring Goods.
an enthusiusmtsihosvn by u large at-
tendance, that will develop iii the (- - = "
speakers theiy best qualities as oru- Fine Footwear IDealers,
tiors. Wit lope to see MIichtigatn re-'
tr ieveer defeat of lust year ut 48 souTha MAIN STREET.
Evanstoitity sending a man to
Oberlin wholie till be a surprise to teOlqncofohruivsitie ndrR E SO D R G IC
colleges. [O SRST O DR1ID OUNT

ness Sltager. Zir E C _ Z.3 L R
THE U. of H. DAILY. I WZ~~~ O
Ann ArborM. Hr.______________________________
EDITOS. ~Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
(' v i.5,Moign dtt Michigan Railway.
IA. tittititi. St. '93 Assistanit. I UoJANA.
WC. P1., 3 I1sI i t ll'3, Assistait. -
1.55.jitMiSS, 1. it. Lit., ItIiifSoss Maniater. 1..1i~ 01Cii
sW . ti. ites. l ii. '1Si), Assistanit. I' IiMd i(I it'Jtittc' bttl tuiia V2.VVt.
.5.t~.;c~i~ti. 11 a L-A. Horsf'ord's Acid Pheosphate.~%.iseetr-sy o) iAiiSbe
iss. - Cvu i / r
E. K. Towl, 1';3. i o . ' est, '!ll. 1; n's- siiil ii it orsit era) yea;ilti'. ~ I c c r ra.~'.'.,r~'.rrcsc,
111c . i E . 1 i ii ,,,4/ie ( v'er'te. ] th'e Lrc''F USNES.pa-
th 11:itt 2 i s i lrci'-.bt iili iii tfl ~ t-GO 05 eein ot.n o o1. Sa Ni itil tlisti.-ti. . .
Norin-ttiian at)ve , o,. .tR. '. i ll. 'ii a.. iiti'tlt l sii 111i nl5 1 ' li' i-it ld'' l i nil c- cu C r ti g e t eerssit argeinl te ndaes nres ,
tipitti si' tti''i idisici5 vii tiii li ia c seehip ritistet tivvll scnts psliedrain ss , i I~ ,p iAtillA i o viii ii . .., ~ e
r i t le arati ,e C.1 te ar. tciroois)m;.ii'ii i iis'fa-- it. i-c et rs S~iit'cay eid ngt c toi s
Stoi- t M e oss. : rit.'' il e - opethe cit e.ayeir' omm cal rdtes i 'Niet . . itisi -t'.
liii' statttivirt(o)the iN1ahietitir i t ; U ; e~e tutu - __2d, _shorthand _graduates __allSecurepo i'tions i (.e iti c.)12.
Ti i t ls v rii o til 1- ttu 1i t i i '. I"l ort titctlt-s antirei;itt Si , s oI ''isr~r; ad11 fStd ns o. 4 . M ila ic t ci . ........ l 1.i .
tiunitg;etaorAlerkco;tis o-aetth-ticitb'tiinittihtc ii 2u 00, $3.00e, addressliii eiletiii~i5
distrct.frRtoing gaitst teron-.acsore i. dTetlrgyo l Ioit (nl i5astt ll ..i.i itt!ciai.i ci
fifth eill bill teas antiexcesabl etiliveitsie $ .0 tli-f.iei0ns0N% 5tc' 1iv.It") t'li et ;r, ait.v tltt1)s i
eiiis a s e e ninfr -ellronductde- 11 a 1)fo tlr paItp Diourt iiesand ttini -I , e ne .) iti.Its. -'t . 1icil"ci
nesBspajserneta osake. Ao a matterlofA0,dance,1RI
fauctn Senatr arCliaredfthie tiscthe 0 Stiii aort ltiitiat tittis. Firt s :'olECONDy' daiHJ1eecND unT OIS
foa re yvi ote aaidit attrong- FOhrsALneeder Y aLdRUGGaitS ly
e it-n atIe LIsti oStuu ittt.tiltItS I.Etils EsiTe Ill' Sii i toEe s -riD
frebitlitelettigortaile a ond utud Dciptti veti. S e fe o patlt t itSce beit of eisM '-Fe er.itt;Is et-cit i.en i tltottiti et of 1
clvassgaies thisae. se a f ieerl Iithte of. ttiu a Jrrs ttlici eectil itis f otBeware e kejt li iI.ul
rolue w estern siniaersi y ttt W it L, G R U N E R, H E E HACN & I I II T k C O M P A N Yl O
fctt SrnortCltr-sup rted
menasrebeenis oe aof ba tnb I 8 IND T XT " 0KFRS. AiEBYALGGSStre,. tmAbo- ivest osFes, - Sae-tet
-vti Vaeat --atac itiuiii h~A FO. HESECAND& GO.ESERHN O
is tobi iteistis sealson th HE R H A ii ______half____(pill______________
wiid bcrintyematonhe, fot ithall,' ll Lxo4s, J eoi-aIIdThp-woYtCollege'Tetoksjrp lher!
7al naiagemnt ei tae atit-ie en__t.
eltis gattersoth e pa, iisund e 3atNlll ewll4 e tlw1ic". Weke)te 'rsl
iiy frs eedthed ts. l'h'ol d Notony n instit i tlloter E.S ermanSS, - MANAGre PS.eC0111oie yteFa'lt'
c sng a ethtic esu rem en oallh roer.e eseons irserleil RhiN te gs andl Ceo.th C't1'
sorewts, nw blieesivould ad \i- L R ,4 toSrnrtaait 1 -i . DHtlEsinit tud NI totsC til A N Y9~i
wth a ol e tidd to pluef Mchgan PASI. oly SHEto's. t CCbieiac O r irrH ut AiliCO.itiri E Iii i i iir Cur U.-is
futh ernihed iithleticaso.let te E ER LSis -i--ittyoadthti oehl. a ttiSisilnutruno
fretlimetiayfthes cessid l~~e "laldaer is E R S er con huo(" tillucesitnltnir o l aysolsiu
sallema e mentHQto EtakeiacIAioniinS akeSretNAP L N
mater fr te la shul b Ir T~_ ,_7,_L______ .__ooraMerLI
ETC., EC.certaintyS at__once,___ifat__all,

T1111 cass ioratorical contcests
prosmise to be of eveit greater inter-
est than those of previous years.
Tise contestants are all utesi of rec-
ognied ability in speakinug, debuat-
insg, anid in the art tof elocutioin.
Btegintiiig :Monday evening with the
sensor lawv contest, the tariotis
classes will follotv at intervals of
every fesvcdays for the text twvo or
thsree weeks. Thle coentesitrwillthtis
year, be pieblie, and wve believe te

___ -11(HOTLUNCHES ce-ut. t cuttitlcriasii' ei < illtiesitscial:
I - - = eoc tilio Bi i nii irt's grcea lay~~
W5ATCHESSiii~s have lieriiiost Ancithenveryochoiest Canldies nnotT'tj "O'TT
si'utrhftnue - ltis oii'aiiitio u e e
onti' l t,, most sperfeci.tttiepiecsthei-AT -.5As preseintedr tiitser Ci0 nio'lits ini the'i'ltere
wrilprouces. in tll. titut s i ti itio oalt~ t i ;jT " i f:et si _ C'racuteij.e, Pluts.
f'.mous inutkenst'euuask rs ciatcii'tt ittl Vi 11..L -,mis e e Msiai uti..tt e 'cti iied to'etirne4
tio ts'nn. et tif ti-s i- 4 oPRICES, - 35, no and 750.
a i uyru}ers i.Srcats loni stire t Irne ttitis' eicl Store'.
WO~t 1DF. G. ^ s STAMP E~
& 00O. 'I11W. Washington St P Wi GRPH
M-m-my 1 v Nv~ao- o. NO. 12 W. HUR~tON ST.

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