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February 10, 1893 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1893-02-10

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KENTUCKY'S BRILLIANT SON, tomorrow evening, made a great and BEST AND JEFFERIS WIN.
-- inistantaneouis hit on its original pro-'
Sketch of Henry Watterson. the Jduetioii, aiid has since grown steadily Interesting Debate at the Jeffer-
Most Distingushed Living inipaublile favor. sonian Contest in Law Lecture
Southerner.IT7I ,


Her -Vtesn wolcue i Tho Poetry of Motion.
I tins itv Iill, tomiooiwieit Iha'- Vsile Ifie itrlemten tes~tli r iot
iadli'1vaited aiididistingiieisheli e r, ~ lalst ivittlie the (-anid op)eia house
Ilie wss boriinil X .shiiitton, I. .i asit It tliledtiwhIccthe c t tiffilr1oie
fits tiii tyetrt an.id 5is days igo till the flost preoettilt o "iinic
Betcaise oif d uebfe se si;ltt is tediit- gis en ii lt tie luipils cif ir.
calibi ii aschefl i stustedl to 1111vate at iii ,Ms. boss (triuiertulder Mrt
tiors Ice so ttIis touriiilistiic ct-1 (-t ccis diiretion.i'to sais flit the
i-err ini X'asliiiitoiiat theI-ate ci 15. Ilaretsst'ittlagt''i' -ispleaisedl ~itlh tie
Dintig Itiele tilsltleusati Itiess. I resetiisutsdoigst-act juistice
froth Ic t 1 t-),I tie served as-sbill uffice1 to Mi. C l--n-i
achi ofl t scoitts ill the Conifiederite Ih isititiossible to luck ou t- those
iitiis. Sootite r Itthe 5warI iii tioit tip sshoidi ttwiell wtithsoiilntiioitig euteli
:.:itlne conciemiei, but Itie liltIs of Mtaster
Briadlle F.tGranertianuitthe foturijitks
w11re1parthiularly gcod.
1 lie isittis Varsity stuttenttsi-artici -
psating lii themtselsves credlit. Probta-
1Ilily Itie "goiyeonscress oitheitpriesett
tioni was ex'pected byblttfeIw, aiid
-- ---.. ceirlainly the coplete stitcess ott its
e *y ' luist apetatanicewit~s .111 greeable stir-
" pise toit1ill
Tepla yers app earedin fu tll idress;
/tt~A~jgf~~"'the "atrls" li t ttitits iostumeis
fIff/ lift (ibecminge their sepa'ratie paits, tint
it tlt iasy c-i--ce they plasedit 1gattitof
i~iihi ~ // Avhtist tlti moseents o iii liing ;,i
~ lii ititbr -it-it ars beingte;teetit-teil tby
- - ereeltl -it ctobintiittof'move-
or'a t igtiatedl ly Mr.liosss Gran-i

Anuaaicire of about cite huts-
ireel anditfifty' tersons sas tires-
cnt last eeninog in the lat e1cr-
ture rooin to hear the Jefiersoisian
debating rontest. The programmen
seas opened by a piano solo iby 'Mrs.
Edwvard Crouchwsiihet sas sto sell1
reniderced that siteseas re-calledt.L..
F'. H-arnmes opeeditheitiscuitoittoc
the iquestion, 1''That the Govertn-
mnit shioutld01own tandilcontrolt the
Rilroads.'' I-it0p01kf 015the inega-
tive side, and gave eight reasons
w shy the goveronent should not owen
the railroads. C. it. Steswart fl-
lowede in the affirmative. D. 0.
Rideottmaintained that govern-
ment oswnershsip wtould tenil to cen-
tralzation and monsarchty andI sosild
destroy private enterprise.1 -.R
hest, of akenturks, deliverted a weell
psrepared orstio01onliie secoctd
question, That Canada shoaled be
Annexed to thle Cniteid Stiles.''
G. W. ITipper argedilthat annex-
ine Canada teotitl extend the powter
of entette s. A. W.c-

101, 183-18S5iiOODtI)stttAvr
~iehmofld Straight Qcit.
Ct-crette Smoekerstwhe
ar e te wilingc t Dayealittle
moriice tani the ptie
chargeid Ioe the setititte
tra ig-arttes, illifind
5' 11's13HSlt itituperiortoS
Cultt'.. it'orettec aermtdetftt 11the bI gbI-
elt mccl ictel-y flviedansd hig-hestecost
tGetlSectftestes is Virginia.This i steOld
list Origtnal Brandtie SitraitCut Cigarsettes,

- -i oasaccredltti t that -tt'ilti 13 en es heedIeare ofimtitations, sand obserethatite
'54 ss cee elietnhue tookthe irStsnae aselowhitiris tilteserypecehace.
11 E I, tv I .I;ON. trtsti tate.The ALLE'N - LINTER ltniselu
tI-_-- i ii_- floor. Ile rgulisthat an exation.' Ofthe AneicttaTittiecout
lill risitelet'itt.IouuisviltieIK.. Ill -- It itor. the agiteul tHichtondxatVitgi-iCi
IseS. illconintet iontith N.ti5,N. Haite - New IMen on the Faculty. woutltitake our rotngress tutu large. Mctctri,--Itittti.h ii
itati,lie foundttiil te'"Loutsvile Cors'-Itmerica has alr-eady enouteh teeri
er-Jitriul, if wiclie ]it)itsis eet It the enditof this semester three tory' to govern property. V.C. 1 ' Unquestionably
-intee haeti thueueditor.Ti heiotnly public tiemubers of thue faculty swill Itavelm althte Iast stpeaket oppioseil aniiTHIl STill GA55Dilt11111
utlite eheereshelxwisthiitchfconges-Iseteredh their connecticu th ulsthe cauosSi- er ocettesurei FRTRIT EW LY
iutai It tnt Iugils tit it ivtt~ersity. 'Twso of thsese vacanctes Ih nh sseeU oauos
iuut htsu oll ett5 Ihasve already been filleudanth the I Andt the Largest Asotmenct ori
Ilie hitsitepresteuun1ted etuciefivlue J uniusFI.lHeait andtev. tier . XX I
wit na dueimtu iuuttaltttiltsonenutontspie-tirdl sill be beforethue openingteof Teetross. XXhule tse judiges swere NjQ'7_ T.1lT1_ 4 S
sitittie itser thur St.hDutis cittsentit 11te next senmester. ill of. luelser tuas makuig their cdecisiontMrs.lCrotuchit uti
htilt Ile Serv lu-us t-ehiii it othoalready left Attn Aerbor anud tatketn aveausottuer p iao solo) hf ~ RO ~ & S
u-uu-utcu15~ i uctt i- up hswotat 1 he whrliet usossaOtuaate
piuoius parit- fiet hu t lue ti eti las the chair of hisiory. Ar.alr AV. 'iJeftertes atud S.11 es o re1p-
ti ofi1st' 51her hii'lis uck hur u-u-- silt lease unext sweek it ibeg-ini hits eet tas etItiit oeujeeetttts'ii Ieesttitc
11i111 utlfai til it -iiit, acritic-at Iwsnrin tsthe Grzsad sads ligh Is C usus ersibty, debate it-eli. 25.ous
mtuou entuelt iut n iuittil iititohlyschoot and tdMr. heel rehtrCs ftronim~~KN U A
ltor e hith tsit te e ss all the faculty on accoutut of ill hacth. The folloswing commiittees hiave P . -N C N
Air. WatterS~ soas i it ahic anit Neg~otiations for fillinug Prot. ]Eel-beeti apspointed front i94 hats sfor
tuuterttinclrter.tieSAs asword-painter ser's place hare not y-cttbeetn etansFeb. 22. Receptions,ltopkinus, IPark, M/ERC1JANTf
hue is equlledit by hut utie Anmericait-taMeted. Wylie, Welch and Stonet invitation,
lIgersoll. Is a litturer hlis tntel- Mtri-tall swill be stuccecded hby i-cCabe, Eliot, Jones, Buacklcy and
hettial, poihsled, fluetnt. Itus style Poniery i~adne, B. S., of the class Idars;mu i orden, Dune, TAILOR
resetmbles Itat iof Wendtell Phillips. of '90 of this institution; andI Dr. Edvad; nsc
Amotng liis notablle aiddresses there are Leser, lot the past year instructor I Cory, Woodbury anil Cadyt pro-
thtree wh-ich have attracted national in languagme at Depasixe(University,I gram,:IBissell' Webber, Woolman, N t'irno
tttestion: one delivered at thie late will take Mtr. Levi's placc as in- Garner and Felnuleyt ticket, Hall,
banuitqet of the Army of the Teonessee, structor in French. Videll, Chamberlains, Fiske and
aniothier at the unveiling of the Granst ----.t..---- - Oliver; decoration, R. C. Chapman, 7'I0T0Z, 1OOj TS,
statue in Chicago, aod the dedicatory A nunsicale wvillhe givens by M-rs. Best, Lockton, H. IE. Candler and
oration delivered at the dedication of Pres. Angell, this evening, for the Leonardt ushers, Mermen, J. E. 55 V\7, FT ,
the Worlds Fair. benefit of the fond for the decora- Richardson, Batavia, Moore, 0. Et.
ils famous lecture, "Money and tion of the woman's building at the Scott, Adams, Hartzell, tHoward
;Mlorals," which lie will deliver here World's Fair. and Coultier. Detroit, Xichigan.

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