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February 07, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-02-07

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so fortutnte as to obtain their positions j jl ", F T Dfft\M NEY.~
". f Amay, well feel proudtlof the lhonor' and LI ixu ElI DNG II iNI
--rest aissured that the plans Whichai a- 1,y Goinl- to W\ahl- & -Aillcr's and save from 25c, 5oc andi 75c on every
i'ulisied ~ atle 5 ts vas exted) (tuinmmigers If tilfis formning wiltl briiigIa Shill-tsar ofShoes as whe most redce our stock tos
(s Colie ee, ty csleet reteail Isior thle woirk tsicvi is vmake roott for Sp)riog (Goodls.
THE U, OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION itu lbeing requiredl. -,--
EDITORS. itnh)ators, Notice? ieFowa ~aes
H. J. ie's c i:al it. '94, Chuegings cites. FneF ot er eles
C. A. IlisteSt>. it. '933,Ass..tist. , (TEE;~A T EI
W. E, uits it "5, Assistnt. IThe vriolis cintestatits itn the 4 O ~ AN S RClJ'
It.ssi st. Ist. 'O. sseuti. rljijeset c debate will meet Thetrs-
Wv. T. clay eveinsgafter the Jeffersonian F 'J X l
5.Itster istt it,~tltt delsate, iii irder to assigin sides for R U E S10 PGM CON
F IL..A.G. t' . W Sthw tlttii'tit 3,tijWs.H. Es atts.. tie debate, "cli. 25
El. Ki. 'lTtwle, '13 . ) '. Sott, 'tt. V l lII '' A S
It. BI. Gammtontt, '94s. 'I'". ..Co-t imim ' I S011'.""]I l v D Y .
MAiss At . Shutsw "N . N. Sosswes, 't.13
Normasn Ciowtrt, '9ti. J. It. Aitill, 'ltd. - - &" oo - + - L- = O
tIZ',AMit''ttt(5 Isstttl>TIC'''tt. BUSINESS LOCALS.
Mttie E'. 5te5'ttslai. . .0. Stewattt. '91. ___
TNE x 1,5iiphiys for aIbtath,htstor -.~~"a Tld, n ro n ot
THQ ARUO PUS16HiNQHouss. coldat thse 1ostssllce Farher Shop.Toe ,An Ar r a d N rt
__- -----tt-1 hePlace launttdry swants your1te s Michigan Railway.
'btnitetietno s o1 tier tsssu late shlir t to Wash. Jul55 dislt & ('., ageitts,Lh)A M .
5 .State street. 84-5t- - -" -
literary sosieties this week ciiibe otit urnsihlitig'gooitis. olls il & ('o.,
iuusualiniterest, thing the siccasin Stitte Stretst. _IkIj ,j tWURYI( ts i t I Catrd isi t iSa, aissitis '.2,
of thcr scietidesatessfor i losin- !I 7 '. Ifff11 's, ist nor1 tof the Post- '."y~iiI~tt~ ti tti
s tlte s, lI s est liltiks, eSssssaItes. U"
ruCI rssi'tis 's t itteet this. tii t situhiorsessi11ttatisi'cits.'.Cirs' Mits. c ' t ' ,l 6 ~ 'I ~ sil'
colicthlite rartsy diii men si l tist he ~rilig neckwear iv it J.1 . ItBhsiceisli t ieewatnneor.Ot V55ES ;n' ' 5 1 ~tI'I1.. C i i
lcl ii hs '1e, eI, 5- ''l theal I os,"gooedc ts'v .scit ltiitt er t tiorwrktel titte n13 rtSet iler".... it1
i tItIti'ou iShoes ici' Io lti sit'Is oom1s ;. datly'tist ,tilst' Saturtteateevettitg rese~stto " - n
of iit Cu'eiiS ! 1 s setel l oils fati it 5 tiss I ist .tt itirethyetiltommrialtsgtsn 11 esi pieticcIG ~3t"~l
dm d;otiuutt dut es ll e ur e ositttttwt i t'ons';tl ttts''s i 5 is
W~ebste'V an Id i'l e5 '0an ' tt.sit, _ttts---- ---ite- 2.:. Mai asI
- -- ssett.eFo t l e c~ cuxdLtitst o tude nt s w s'hoiituuhCit " . I!i.i
'Late Oloit ate til sect slehaisig T1dT]rrll i t o.4. stsi s ti 't'ttse, ;. ...... ;p
ande li ill c on .ttlst tli s s iar e llt. 'ii 1/'i -tf'GP. tR. CLEAR'. Pret 'stiNo.ib. Ittledot Aciiiititttttiltitttt ... ; sil. .i.
ofe meontsoisrse theusitii detigtalent I 17 1 "' '" F&A $2.00,$3.00, $400, $5 1tDailysttCstiitsa.
we arc ssre, tell1harso e at d - Fr t ecatie IS tt stcilt lt Ili i
haIVeIewishe again to call te ttteii- OPERA {OUSE Doty [ F VI 1i . C.et t11. a"Aellt 5ocal gen
tiotn oit students to thte cotmpetitione SHEEHAN U&zCo. SIE EhAN c& CO. ShIEIIIAN & CO.
which is toew going otc los recone- TIIARSI)AY ANDILMY
iteenlation at thee anuttal election oef be ECOAND-HAND TEXT I2OOKSu
tieelto ho iseplaper.''tIhis <C' NItd.FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER i
ilday, Slur1 '8, leavitig cut eitII A th Sudns oosor. detssve 'al otis 1101tY;e
weke lseoksttve e01 fhors ttcteitcompsetCesitivhet 2 t swlu'sior'k. Tirhlete'teei'ii '' ""'~' uf1
um ehsus , lsstCs5511(llihil essi ltttCV511 (islg ' Text Koos romfishsetto
aerset sl a r eealso tiec lirofee- l'6 andis i nill i ciiitisonaisie h''e'ie ehslsl IV IIst'iculetv. '\Ve;
slaal eprtmnt. Ayon wo FPE S 2 I laeehe ble lst sei lsesijust Nor Ihi>ossiinthe ('iiti.
sotempei latecs dinsg nlissaper wosrk F
iii the Isttire, Caets do no helter ltane= L.GRUNĀ°E R, S E H N & C M A Y
fre al isiht nt te wrkrlo. nivrstyBooksellers, - State Street.
'I''8eielttt selullsu c - S.S Matn Street, - Attn Arbor.!-
We deusieloeavecompsitesoledlive-I _______________SIIEMI \ 'N t&CO. S11EEhAI.N 6s-CO.iQSIl1 EIJAN se' CO.
receneted, terinsucle aesetsits distc . il atlrae u issue 5 crustrcc~<.'i ANt IA R 5IBORFR.ESL' "SCI-{.EFR,
helcinothbstmion-teboard andill alsoe acss s i n - STEAM LAJuNPD 1 hoto rapher,
gathering all the new's. I 23 SOUTH FOURTH AVE.. P h t - (REt3 I N 1,1(N SS
WFt, are aitming to Ik ep Otisseatd- I Nut only ittrings, tttat inttt i othet E. . SERVISS, - MNIAG ER,
-YI__Jewe-lryo tsscwtell, Mitenr5Cl 1 lett.I s Stich and 5l.11G.R1ND51OPERA 3ed's
es closely informed of altl oiove- i c.t'nee i e c ell, O ti e e ses a s et- , r-,-T- > r" -I'f, : 1\TT') f l'P (RA T lT [!-!

usents in athletics, especially in
baseball, of all colleges and univer-
sities eith wrhom we have dates this
yeas. 'fle following from the Illini,
of the 'niveersity of Illinois, shows
ltce men of that university to Ice in
active training.
"Fifty men itre ini trinling for the
bsaseball team Slid moatstofthseititre
making rapistd ipov'emenit ii their
playineg. The poorer players wilt be
dropped front time t timie uthil only
about, twensty-five are0 left, whten out-
toor practice :commnches, atnd frome
this Inmber we hope to see the bet
line (te University hiss ever produeed.
Beause a man is dropped shioulsdtot
discourage hincagaitnst tryinug for the
team next yeas, swhilhe those whosn tie

sortmett in
W'ATCHIES alas hare surimstt
watchflc are. ttisneraiaint procre
onlyt the mosst perfecet timsepieees the
essrld produaces. ta addithion tosalt the
faiosus (fakes Ite ash spteial attet'ions
Ite suronspecial F. G0. S., S.&-f5Co's
moveenst. The mtes erei'rtt-i.l
assesSmovsemenst etant.

ND .LJI 1I )'-t1).
andsitizhens. Don't rndt ftwnr fteset
Candy henlyoui CanttettjussssttoadisEi
Jolly'& c'n's. W5e dont'ttiCharg' fors ty'le,lists
give it tos yes, antat is nes-hsaf. 1ot and'
esil lunestOat all lsoutrv tsof it e yandl nighit.
R. E. JOLLY & CO., No- 26 South
State Street.
And th'e very choioest Candies!
48 Sousa IiSTATE'roSTRETtn.
Cioal !

'sTe F'ssnhcs'tl'Comeyeer Proucsed. Origi-
stat See rk Castitlsthe iSnscaalhs.
coeian, MIT. JtMS 5WALTZ51RS as Horatio,
Xtiut~stOOTH-A Sees Teamtp its Tst.
Unosurptassedl Mechainicaitlts'atss-es. Elatbo-
rte Spsecial Seesere, %A iPiay' esisthlumorseantd
PRICES, - 35, 50 and 75c.
:easons ssale tstts' Jewelse Store.


11 W. Washington St PH OTOGRAPHER

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