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January 17, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-01-17

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C W . a inthse result; larger attendance upon LIKE FINDING MONEY.
"I of ve the meetings would result, andi the
interest in the various societies By Going to Wahr & Miller's and save from 25c, oc and 75C o0. every
Pulse aiy(udysecpe)wuigNould be doubled. tt is ojce pair of Shoes as we must reduce our stock to
She College year. by ojce aero o pigGos
that souse of the best debators wtillsnkcosfrSpigGd.
[HE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION not go thsrougb fosr or five debates, 1:P.a- d - I
5uhsrjsoousjricehsi.td per year, iavariablyto secure the right of final debate. ine:Footwvear lealers,
an udae Sinairrioot i3rents. Subsae- Tbey roust be very self-confident 48 SOUiTH MAIN STREET.
ions may he oet tist the sfince oftShe Isarse,
at Stisthet's, wts tis ofsitihe editoseor Ieople to tihus be able to foresec thse _____________________________________________
iauthoirizedsolricitors. resusli. If ithe righst to represenst tlse WVAGNER & CO., wvill sell
(Communications ehssrs srireach the office iby University is not sof susffciettaueAt7occkI.mifteartoperthnxtN C W R
day. Addlress ali matter intendied tor puhliica- to trk for", thsen let sonmeoncelhave ~ I
Lia to the ManuagingsEdtosr. All bisss it whlo does considler it oif souse inm- iISO.1 A 1N VA RY 1 5- 21.O F
nessrMuniaenriosi. S sn otieIt poctauce. Thse societies have week- Tailors and Furnishers.
THE U. of x. DAILY, ly debates, anywasy, and ltse contest-_________________________________
Ann Arboer, ich. ants couil as telllie chosen thern as A- Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
E...O n i~iiIitORS aisytilflfMichigan Railway.
Ct. A issue-S i' it 9,Assira nti S ir--ri-SrrritNei ls r
W.s E ins rsr I.,Lit 9, irisrresobrrrrkr'__ T ie iardinroeifet Sundsray, oy-tr 18
is sv it rrrrrr 5 t,'is Acres t , of 4+ caies tirrst lease tisecr -I
Li. r ore-ie c arisorerillair lestre, .ya.., ~/,~u/ it n Y N.i tort rro r in s at Ann rr,
Ai .Iii ir Isrre3'hi si an~t. i --P c utO nnoe eosns tt
A. I~iIIX'sri Illecrt.i)1c ', ettyceieetrfe95 cantitouyi leaverrhirrra
Iracir.lnod sic. jeweilryessnyseee';hxosxcerirgeeyror(l.1N rrr~ri.
toil rstlansre et, ettrieer~orr-eiitrruvigcnr'r i~i.ri~seor
xtostir toerhonig")irrictxii1 9s3. I /orr No.i 1 NailIndtsriEtireser' . s1'90 z.
sssB Stilio N. iteirisW.ttisiax', t situne riil s sct he LAiiGsSC OOLOcviSIiSS.Dnstr nl ' p -.
Normn IIow ts'06 ai~i)C A,. :'.l;e ni oric eri l e of u lia a isose cern F cl$2, n $300hrs lrg$ atedace $5 .1 'irito r >r r rand ireo )...... l'5artrrir
arciplatirig osenibe.ralsili4'9" sisotisiplinesbeeHir wor;twellsupplid ieairgrrerd trier.i3
g.K.Sc atth- r.11,'1 p r o a . om;dil f .,trs;Study vnigret ionrs;r Saire
'F ~ tirs. - S. f.IA. i ciS cia l.e - ropen athesrctut brsiesetil tirstyear sicomrinl radat e rrs i-reat iii i: (reI'tseers ArrrArire il
(cuta"hstyf grodetmaingd; ns beotanscted inrefeence 1esirall se cureuse ittisitionstrs;t altril
l tge xpne r2 oX.7 e ce Diat e otv4 (err itagn x~erri.4rr7iA1).
-ear sorth latrhreNSsrabaCATALropseGleE aenfd Leiistaer & f Suener.who - 6. ' Rd cni~diiii . .. liS l I.tSol
IsisPresisuboillhtlla it haskep licvsfivirledow addresses'. ?. ass hors1. -

fcons promnitent outside trorkecsl
bresidle other special lectures. A8
cssurse of spieciail Sunday msorin ig
lectures lby sarious hprofessrirs is nrow
beintg orrangeid, simiilar to thre coarse
whchl gate sarhsurivtiersal satisfac-
tions last yeasr.t
'l'si ar thea reprceseistatives fraomr



A single Blathi,liot orcoenld, far l10
rents, sit thre Postofirle Baurber Shoprl.' And reader of "The Daily'" is cordially invited to attend
58-20t HEA O PN'
11leius,,;just norrthi of tire Post-SHEA &CO PN'
offlice, has the best cliacks, e rit res,
anEhrses rinerct. r i.tfI oe for the Intr ic)eianiiat HOLIDA-Y + BOO K + SALE I
thre oPostollie aisil Oliera IHorise, iiitttnds

tacs literaso eciets-, twhoi are to Evir hhEstr.leer ldeirable suite rrf'
coismpete (or the honor of repiresent- rormsi with brsthi Iealeelwith hotwsater; "' o haisithIle-N ice)t Gorrrrsf
rag ltre u-nivs ciyin teeprroposedlIstitiinary irricl tWith loirt alsl'esola
- seti~wter. EIi~rlisr at 47 sourthr Divisioni
ifs-iate , shorusld be chsisen ibyal(-,(-treet. l66_6(t The University Booksellers,
tion s sicalready bsersdoa'se y - -
lisa elelpli is cerarsiulyin sot (,rn- R] r0 oiarra r Oli re elr ai e -.'' i
Incise atotsaeliest reuast fr h 1- 51 1 v~. torr'ev'e-rt rrf the sesorntaill o r at r
a I ~~the fOpresIrarirse-, ott Welirlsic, -Is is
soiseties. If lots interu iesiyd -Is, senirMr. ('.arlssB. llarrfr(i'l ani
baste has ane' suce se, it t«-slI be irl t 4 R 'h r'y'~ his irsti r'.r'rllerrnilriiv skill preisenrt
I i i'' ' " for tins'firsttidme5 hlere Slrurles ears''
sruisisng deeper 5istarest irs thec soirke--_- = irast;naperlva.Tllioca(soln.
oforliterars societies, adelllrNtrnuinru~,bu aford,'r whosella' sutesirt nof 'Malrc c n< te
Jewlr osa-a lelei ii sti eins r c ri e ty, n itnstri eade lAutlnvr''div'id e Ite h i'orsawithi 21r.
slly in sdebate. 'lhsaglsorytlhat may ,tie. I inusr erwlesd Sings anrd Pets- llooithlin i r. lBarre'tt. urn t'inintlcoin- GP
tersity esver as-otlier its of subordi- DIAMONDS a4, sincr of (rentrepr55uationria)Is:;atihe' I
iuate valese. Chosorinsgteecontest- OPALS craft~' 'C,'ao'11ridl Mr. IBenniett
I EMERALDS - iSW- I 2ittlit (5pl150 e"Bruts-tna" T'j1m' eris I+
ants frostseacsocariet', liy'elecrtion, I PEARLS Isaly is inn eteli timurl sitsongion-,j
atssn reeccsiaftleisars f RUBI1ES to tsir 1 i g(5is s trvrirl-ttNi sarIste.erl
ato c'dsto srafst 'ners ul O31iNA'Iurt t ssiri is sltiiulI i'nsis nt(i
T QUIE -I honi. 1dvdavtriefo115(,I-TE I tesocieties ins tierecseuIt. It takles ETUCQUOESTn rwor.. '11e cnr s hto h an
aatssy the orlitrunity forroutsideurs soirs BothttBsatrrett I 'tuintay so l isp
isseelinuevrt it}'. It Ierirs .toil (t'- I ti
to jsoinr aisociety ad rcompsete (or tWATS ait haeourtint-itt ( ti, ar 'oi- thes'iil't'5 ll .isJ.IV
tue hoors ofnithse debsste. It Iplaces ol hemsr eriricirturl 0 ' '' sstine lei Oe hu-lir511'tni Ys i
the result an the centestit ir e hsasnd tsiorldp 0 ~r rodcs naT er(''l e luis hVtes t lstsl ',I50
nsf the usess siho reay be telies st oouiten pca .G s .&(os cially fire thre Itooth11r1(1biurelt rehrre- PRI
ser trri, t'a fuir supriori to this' cees
represeintativeso, ansdlwhso, Iperhaps, sirr mee ntd 55i551pictirial wosrk 'that lis kept in tsockl ir
sat' sot be. It, at least, freees a5olsiiAat F the utteruaretre, -,i(ilwas ottla sesle
outth cnupaatvey sec ssesbrs asAVENUEIF" iG.ssfutuigniufilicre thist cotpulrrlhedlthie uid-
ou h oprtvl e ebr ND TAE t iraitiosnsf thre asirtence. T'eIli e l
seios eebain qaliieTae Ryt EmTous s 's Scenie, the SenauteGCuasmiber, thse Masrket
whos deatin dulites ae yt DTROI. S NS lace-erget tnpitiure of the six tare- P1
hardly knoawn. Choice by society &- Co sented duingFts-e eetibigawas strik-
contests wosildicreate lively interest -ifnlyi le.adsoeo tegadu

'nit theis' f1rstM ) urs'
- State Street.
hot o grapher,
litti 5 . i it t't_ is its :iso-s e
.ANN A 1030((iiONE Ni I 1'.' tet'.
ednesday, Jan'y 18.
i. irsnel''5. iis s s rs M 1trs , lzphc
p rouc ini thecosu ta n'svill rise ilrrrrstlt
CES: - - 5oc., 75c. and $i.00.
,at w5i be onis a 'Modiaysusrnun us
1. 'iWttis' J uelsy-ertre.

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