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January 14, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-01-14

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'ZC W T ti~q iei'e by the 11. of IN. or the U. of LIK' E FINDING MONEY.
ofquestion and side. 'The place By Going to Wabr & Miller's and nave front 25c, 5oc and 75c 00 every
Pubtished Daity (Sundays excepted) dotring tproposed is University hall. ' lt es e Iair of Shoes ax we must reduce our stock to
the Cstte y eat.,tby make toomo for 'Sprin5G (oods.
are thte contlitions as proposeti by
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION the local coommrittee. It is to be- -
tbsrttntt platc etetS itper year, invoariaby hoped that to difficulty eillI be cx- Fine itFootwear Dealers,
o deance'singteextt cntst. Sautserip-p~eicttcetd in making tarrantgements, 48 SOUTIEMAIN S'rREE..
tios nay tbe lect at te officee oftthe tDAMt, as the coit-text shtotuld be dlatedl ax
at Stotftet's, ttttatn ofth te editors t 's c ecatlv as possibtle.
a"tttttdS lctr AT WAGNER & CO., will sell
tCotmmunicatios houeltdttStrecht teettlicen SnNot a Public Halt.
7 'cltck I'.tm.iteyare ttt appear te sect NE-iW AR At V
tay. Add'recsttallnmttert'enstdett forpubtica- G-rattgers' Acaemy, etectedt tyyAft. 1-I~
tto ttote Mantagigttt orttt. Attltbtsinessanttger foc its special putrposes, ill- IRONtE 1J.'NTTARY 15-21.
conitntotcattionx s hould he setto Ott ttc tttet'ctttdesItis ftaily ttotme, ad otlctntaittsTalr an Fu ise .
nes tttlapet. te fittest and btest tarrantgedl rooms, for T iosad unses
THE U. or X. DAILY, instrttctiottatidasemtblies, to be fotttd __________________________________________
Ann Arbor, Mich. ]tinttte statte. 'Ilte tlotation is centtral,
etprivate, beintg otnettlock west tof .a oledo, Anan Arbor and Nort h
EDITORS. Sate shreet, ~tentLiberty antMchgatRilay
tWilliittnstreets. 4% I E S ihgn ala
(~A i;s>t,[it. '3tAssitn.BUSINESS LOCALS. --N
Il(AH.[ iti t I..w it.tte s stttn lnd litbt Ocetttt is s t'i1 It I . I d IY tlea f'ran tA nA b r
so o 5trsn ttt S s'ttt i ttrt. Sttisribe ftor it. r,- -
13tI 5 ,be t'0,As ii . ? J'~ty*,-;t mn tter if thte InttrOceatttn
iOis ri I . Ctntatl t heo ltftte ntttc eipo tnd t' 't NtO seo t F OtS~.a' ot.t. t . il a n E ptest ......t .7 'otat
rl 'r'nt ill the gr~it coleirs t e ti t t ''tnn'Arborce texettec; se(t' nttn
IE.tn.ltttiiet' tt)'t"3ttt.1..ct enietic t cttnt'etcetcittt xett cxnttttcd4ee5dt.
Nom nVo (I lte I itt' t' : tonigthe. 31t'et i g ne te ee st lageee tt e et
\latti' i ttit ice oftSpecal.t' to'tpe'tttn'sthe ntit er mria s l gdai te s inre t i l atdAt'tttttttitttiit.,...1t
N xlIi,:ttgc i 1d . Itt ait 'h l l it (mnt d;t shorttandc rdati t s all seurett tio n s; ti'4. ?t'tt.....t...t....ittittit .
A sl~lt Iatill)t o cld fr t1P. tR. CLEARY. Prest. ('etlstandTtii't i.
tttimusuttal 'matrissottiati aitat tc tts, ttat t 'otiillicee Ittit)tnrSttitj. '' Dtty ecepc tc111ly
tit t t0 a c 'mmt1 ttpontt sttdetls is t8t2il'i I $2 0, $3.00, $4.00 $5j T'ctittn att tnd 0 uslicntocl n ( v ie; o h 1tiO (aitt0 osol.Rdcdae
ttsd facutylutingit" the I li-isttuas itl8ote 1'tsstntl id mtt Op~erttMlisec ttt'itFirst ('taCaos dtttWtttrmtein 'ctitts 3tdi it co t t'ciccAnntiti oit t tt
0 Ev'ery "tyttvacatttn. ttte tsdilty eso t iunda
lit11:tPress Club itauganaltes its College sttttettcantttttttffotrtd itto ii doJ yF Llnr. (fe'n. ttss.tsctt. 1sent Abect
I withtot the Datily Intter Oceant.
carter of) lractical worn:s this even- Get youtrc'tmtto trtttite ewitti oitn
itg withIthtle atddress of Nl r. Sntow. suscoribinig for thte best tpatter intihet
It i expcte tha al peole ournl-rest-the Daily Inter Oceant.
It x cltctcl tattol IcOIle tsrntl. Get a free sttmtple cotty of thte 'hicago
isticatlly insclinedl will taddc interest ttt Itter-Oeeaot at thte postottlee tottight.
thte occasiotn Iy tlteir presence. Mr. Foitt llxot,-Very tdesiratble suite of And reader of "The Daily'' is cordially invited to attend
Strte ttotli tae agoo todiece.rootts with bthttheated switti hotwatter: ISEHA &CO PN '
Snow hotil havea goo audince.tatiotnary ttotoe'lwith tot ttndcotdSHEANtC M AN '
- wnater. Ettituirsatt47 sothtlDlivision
ho~t is:secets Iito'ye btet street. ti{ (it
Sttserti ftr ltettIn~lttcr (Uceaiit' ~
mtakinsg NoleStllubrct ro tdtepill o'ithte cttics. H LZi' Y 4 ~(11 i).i~ " .1
thl it besidles his religiouts 'tvaoa-." ntetr tOceatntinste(inst.
Iti'h ens orfatifta ilte Datily IntterfOremi owill Ite oe- 'We' lttavIto d lercst Gototts tfir thLeasl't lev ttis.
It i tlc ststtcs srrt l atltef l i eredt1.0to n otoiitfotr it0cents, tte
lcvt ┬░st'eiis attentittiota lplace rlike tttndty tnter Oce'ttn andttlDaily foir 7;1
'tNtiv )en-Iy tall, whs tnltertt ts per itotttttlt The University Booksellers, - State Street.
ip tnilsitilcanntiileasilyi le ikepti.
-R' katn r rtsarthtos";hewoe.
i vte esigtatitt ittF.tA.IMatnnySI Tri ltnl KtaieRober Tonight. F{ENT SC-LEIR,

'eit th l. mii hoardiitntat ivaancy isj
c t'd, titbelie1l letfrottenetior
literarcy class.'ITe place in sent to
cottpetitiont andtlchtoi~e still be
nudte itn estont timet. Ansyonte
leiri)ng lt t-stttpcte foir tlhe place
wi~tlloandtlhis tnime to noose menmber
otf thte boardor ite thinatte attd
clans totatty itemis thtat tmt'ylie plaltced
itt tite Ili boxittes. 14trktrimitt t
IU'niversity of W\isconsn, itt swhich
titat untiversity in askedl lt enter into
a dtae sitht te '. of M.I.1t in
proposed to arrange thteconttst for
ntilatter thtanti.Inlay eveting Ilarclt
[. Eaither twvo or thtrec men will
reptresent eaclt untiversity, ansosay be
arranged by nsututal agreetment.
't'sree questions are to be proptosetd

a tt'' o nrig, ut'vt in al ohe
rare n. tt tnic'sweld' itt tttt n d tttt
RUBIES tN Stttt' Cll
on 'l'yttil os tpefcitt t tie tteste
to sit'ow tsviSenialtiF. .5., S. &to's
movement. 'T'ht'ttmos t 'eetly' imtt-
51ce movmettxtnt
ti01)lOt S 0N'S

'J'tt'o' t 'I: Tt1Sin cI u oun;ot roamhepr
atrlesst I enced wet 'scnit tt isVJ
Campbeilill's greeatentt ploay letroitne t'tittE RttktItSA5N0DtItIttti's "
hose tit 1 I fatst'tmit)ttgt tttiany StiOti G!lAIIITID l OPERA.. -'l'UU'OE
il) tduring; teeitire pterft ormanse. Miis ANN ARBlOlR, OENIHTONY
ton uinceandeilttditateti othepit SatrdayIJn uryI 14.i
hell's tioftalirsThe'piec s tltttto''ae- i' TheJ'-jBrillin Yon ~
lam tentd ptit tlt lint t i t fcrint - sc +
sli'ting it gi nso he mo tsttacts.T he t I u I - -CaI~el' R~<< I- tc ly
aind livssailit'e ol.iatpurlmse. Isttlit S L1CgA LCI. CEN IER'
titte lisibe, tte sttar'oittthe t'otttlistt t
ttcn'''lllrmrn.mti oillc Iit I 'S"' thoti''e'i''"its', i'i'ii"' stndIthe cettlistic
tic at ectotne visitotoit aIt n Sh snit. ttte et.
gmitet1 leni'ty f goodrt.htotest tapplause oj ~ -;~.50c. ad 75e.
bty honiest, trtistic souls lT nsp.'. m tOt ot1.0 s' tnt
pitrlitt5itttiittS' t 'i seelent ott', Seats___o__________________________________
tonl thn piecec istbeautifully stageti.
'lhecre is t ire scetne inttaosnowostortm. (r (
"A .Heroite ilit Eags" soill tie givenet .
every Peeinthi'stweels except IFri- o -GR JHE
dtty igh~t ttnd Sattuttay tatttetneeovlteto
"aconlt" still tie gtovett.-)totonO..
JournatSt. 7. j NO. 12 W. HURON ST

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