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January 12, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-01-12

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'A C. of 1JI. 1Pd arranged for this year work must be LIKE FINDING MONEY.
X9 :3U1commenced at once. Tihe prelinui-
nary arrangements, such as maing Ily oing to Wahr et Miller's and ave formns eg, 5oc and Ise 00 ever
Pubinhed Daiy (Sndyss exceped dudnig the tems of agreement nih tie pair of Shoes as se must reduce our stock to
the Cniiege yes,b make room for Spring Goods.
University echoen and tie selections---
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION of representatves by local contets, _j_ :,- - = j '1
fiubsuriptiinapricensnL.ii pen' year, ivsnriatny wiii consume considerable time 'ue tootsear Dealers,
in eiieene sine5' oi ie cns. Saiseip Thus a contest this year swill per- 48 sOU'II MA eIN SRET.
tiones msbe efitianthe oihce on she DaiiiYlaps lie itroswn later in the ear
en Stffet', with asy sof the edits'sori
anhnei'aesiuiitnns. tian is ndesirablel. The Vale-liar- AT WAGNER & C0., will sell
r'easet ae e achtn rpi timnes hr yard contest akes place next 'u'en- J,1 ( P3 ®
tociock v. i ihernn'ae to appear tie eenty ddeste
allr A mneeiinateintnedfot tolnia- neday evening, a time ot year ore I FKW A
ine sinhe Managing Eiito. Au hisnflSS diesirable than in the spring nionts. FI() M .1 AN VARY 15 --2.
co ni. ioenns Shoininn be sennt o tinnBsii
nesMaager. It is to le Ioed that the connmit- Tailors and. Furnishers.
THE U. of X. DAILY, tees this evening ill__________take_______________such___________
Ann Arbor, Mih. actions as will iplae the niatter insl f 1 ,n., 'RY c,, oledo, Ann Arbor and North
EDITORS. Ildefinite formi. Jundging fronts the Fl E Michigan Railway
E rir l Nnnn'n, iii.tiiMannginigo. e interest nmanifested, however, there
V4 i nno , Li: it 'di, Astinni. an be nndoubt bit the prelimtitinicymeCr inffc.Ftaa, u-.Pb 19:
si r npununstit 'cnH, Lito ., limecant i c-n Satn.CNxgni
o n'C ImsSien ( n.at in,, innieSMaagee wok will be puised. L 6 I DptncofiristAuAtkr
inwx isnnn inn llni i'ti1,Anoiotanin '. i
5Iinv~i'ii'niii mortant to Class otit . l Ji-I. 'ni
fA lan I3 N.HEi .".i' /-- I. f T /l/[ / !JL i > 7asgni iin Abo inn cis .: iUno
r.h o ii'a 5,'1ii . 1-t n n e r's liho intendl ti tai' '- '~'/ n. x. M ili inii'ohe'ie-4'.e",
IL I. (1 innmnin'1. 1. i'.; 15 5 11nin' , i 'IOL AING senoo OR op nosiness18 . Dnag- N i; 1111. 1 a'se,'ninvi' xuna ny .....1)ii' a m
N ii ninon I lwen'ns,'06 iii pa t III this coitests Ifor the ocliii's-of iinni mm~titIin eneasscinses; agieneeiidan,
I ' iI iiii i'rn' e.. ci ralir ,'iiid i''mi , " , snp~etoenwokell as hennd ea'ding (O c'p..r
(. nLW n'pnt I.I. ft casortr aniclpot ustn ti l t.fu r mmi n n y ;niie; Saiu nay evenigiefesetinin
.ini i' I~c in i 'get Nto register their n ite , eth Erdewiniiinihnigir y nd rae~sniieei'ieteaioaiiigi'iN il tiinininei e.
n pnnii inin,i$2toi3.79 eriin wenetk sn, prsifanoin Ni4 iiin anc " .v 'p n
'Pc1 i. sii mii;.: r il Inietie I n gym ly m i r in personi, ci fr r CrNrs ' ('.n0 t. erYimand L istOfddet wo N. iv 'rudn A~ctot 'eiiiniiinniiiinmi
sb, L ini onsi .' ' ~ r- rd y a I- withnkniaiiositiiniweekitoiwe kaininnic Ni.oin]V ' inosseu r nie dao' 00I__ ., .I
onJici'ci im'ui i nee- cmnsit P. S. CLAT. Prs. ivntasun - inna i.
IoIci at ti: n h :rIl. ". A. 'n'iI', - " Oi iec' un dainin e.
luteg tinin osorroce 7--^t .i48Th'ltinipu t. 1 F H8 $2.00, 300, $4.00, $5 otssoronn isaidIn lnnn icen Toled oneil
I'I'IIaI cx'il ~e an iniportant metie- NOTnICEnAll menbers of ' Icost'lnn miitiinite ledxaoN cni, iii, eceptcndnSiis
ego ~eI lorl tees p~pointed lby'the Webster, e- o ],'ery tni uni.tenoon iin i3cpt S n ay
It5 ernayannlphdeb atnd Adelhii Doty & Feiner. Gn as gn. LclAet
'vening at 7 :30. i enessary lfersonian, Alpainietisil nmet Icv.an.,eni 5icatei
ghat every rnitinber le present. in Roons.:1,Iis evening, 7:s s to
- ' sake arranigeoents for contest ie- = 71-= = - lT h= 21-T m
lclass o 'y6nhan'niande allin-1bate. Wi siNn''en xii
nosationiniiithe nanner ficsoosinig J., hilinunoo. I
freslinsani oratnir anidlpet, which,' i ''" n edro TeDiy'i odal nie oatn
B3USINESS LOCALS, n edro TeDiy s odal nie oatn
igorouisly fonllowseni p i bytie class,' SHEEHAN & COMPANY'S
wiliproeshlighlic nesirable. A no- INniices insetedn sthisnoum at Oe sum
o 0 esnta pinslinnt. Speilrts or onin e ret
t iee misa s bennistin'ed notify itg ll tm',and extrns iesun ni std inn' nonunionat
whoct nesire tnt cnttipete'thtina imien'st ncILYn''sOinLInDcof helmnecci-in
nitinl le tnnililiiiInnsnir o I e aAi i e'nuntiinlei nte 'i'''nnnlt'fene LJI D .Y + BO K *
must hehaned i toorrw. 1ver iiillunial tecollege et i ree cnnmpe
Ireshmnninonis liian'Ilall onrtorically fonll elee e afe ape
inc poetic ally i nieineni shounlte'" is- cer. lint3. nc. il i n s stoear'ii Wei'avet' tis N icest (nFoins fun' Hin'Leht M \Inine.
Ser himself as tone f tie cnte't'nnts onnin lnne twx'svetunis's boannersn'. All
Saies nir gentlennen, on'six nit such lie-
fordiheelass onors. ene. Ilnte, a.i t per xieel. it The University Booksellers, - State Street.
litie actionitfttthe Regentsi cs- 'ijmcvtnutein emeniiesfrht itnimiit i
- ,i hnilrr suictins. nn ie. I K N SCH ER
tei dnuv, it hias binesplacd beiyondt ___-TertMor m eaveoitodiers ontilIhecaIntine cxx t R N S
idoiubt thtat the tuiersty willhaye stnds. to rap hteT'
mftryn roper eduicational exibilit at thise A single lantmIeth, it cld, oni
Columnbiani Exhiiutionm. Tine idea ce___________________ i-.nu tt hit1 s Ptstnnhiee an en Sop.
i '20t C~tIeu 's t MAI N AN ONS'It's xx
oIrngto sake any shoising xih Nt olyr 5mge, bustt mtthtitr's GRANDIi ltERA S-tOt Ni.
ie S1,50o first allotted, ott ,00o0 mae.GLAITnePjOeledRigs10d1P3H
Square feet, woimdhmiiave been almost damstmentctaQ'mnichstes 'an ' AN Atitui, NENinal i ia'
preposteromus. Witht the assurancei DIAMONDS "~gmiNs"silln nmmme-hm hrdy a ur 2
of at least . ool for tieswork, a OPALS * tie (icunmni iperau1n11emoensi iigt itr. 'tnstnng Romaunatic Actr.,
EMERALDS lAtlcni.thy star wh'ihesthicuducedotht'eiIli
creditaaule shoingill nu be made. PEARLS I7 1' A = -
'h ln sans of the connitnitee ae toot RUBIES i N t r isncnipal'part init. i Theumlay ea, InT ie'tursleMeo~i
TU -QUISES .'mI~ttiAt beenI Si' ltered ' ain dhpm c'ohm nde'tnsedit ix' o'tc ttmcs in ~notumnnm
pehensi'e,'insetcointemplnsae anmnecx ETC.,ETC. Ehuu i ih-'i nui 'mnl'n'nm n
sal. umet'itxx's lu ihi tdseen, tmtm ES
hibit, relresntatisve of tie ns tuiu'er -- xiii -cutely Sic-reeognnzi's'd thie snmne,
ity.Own to tie lack otspae Im- iea. it'.Ardn ill smt iue tie mtvn-
wiA'1cIE5 mmiiitss ven'mi'urmet Inge nut it ixielic-usi1,tht ~~w itt Asistd by 'Mutt Mro uncinn an
tie aulmni exhibit msust seek tther oscatenmc-os tierecitin imeimem' in'humeN1ns tnulon iihmtnilnd im F rnk EN1fl EE Ms. TCeanhNnvc-v,
quartrs or ibave noie at all. "'Asdpoduces-. In aittiminn itint' Losee. 31Iillsoih'tou h ie umvan- ' cIli)EiONN .
i timmaesn eshkseeilateint'inu huge' ntfnamnumec of. etrnusditttcy-___
___ tinoemenTl osneht perfec tlyal- Seenie effets. Amsong " xi Icn ie: 3e 0e ul7c
N mmxicc xiii be scent esewhiere niedmox'c-uuem n statnt, sc-sne smmng te siud, ni l al lcc Sat nnSae lmm .. Watno Jc- Su tol Pee.
.'~~~~~ f I- ' ~~~~~~~~~~som m wich tie lightning xxii l t- ____________________________
callingaomeeting ofte cmmiuttee WODWARD F. G. te aaenscintaiisnowutnmin5Mm iius ainsO
AVRffTrTT storm of cueal water. All these noel-
aonteriyhe ltearyoitiesoN- PTREET , ties are ihmplly ptnm by wany of elao- G BS N
hiDoserisrgadhmamRntr-ei i~nthti. SON~S rting the piaynolt in order to strens H T GR P E
tegiate debate. We ae glad to note & gttuenm it, for tie plotsi5oittusfftietnit ins- IO O R L
&C . terest to peaselitn atiheinci swithsout
this action, for if a delbate is to be ____________________ an elaboracte seting. -NO. 12 W. HURON ST

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