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January 11, 1893 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1893-01-11

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.-C.of. are M. 1 athlees should bear in mind ry O D Y A N U C
l jta they now hare something more Y
than local fame to sustain, our rep- That we soil cheaper thast the cheapest in MEN'S SHOES, RUB-
Publiiahe Daily-(ssdaya exee rising utation is set dosvn with that of the IlEIS, PUMPS. ETC.: LADIES' SHOES, RUTBBERS,
be tlica yea, by whole northwest. In the spring SIPR.Ec
THlE U, OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION training for field day, the athletes OF COURSE.
stTRS ill have this to hear in iniiotThe- -
E.. , iniivoY lit.'iitt1insagingir sditol% training niust he not alone for com-48SO'r 1A- WtEV
t,'. A. tirsN Is xI it.'5l31s5~ 8 0UII M IN STtE
W. . lLi ,, UtV 95,tAssisant.ii ( petition sitdh local contestants, bt nt
S. a.CiTtal '.it'. LitBuinessi aliagiiO1 for the athl etes of thse western oni- O
W. . liiV iri,,Fx i't.,Assisantnvsit ies, whticre rapidly forging ~ ~ L TO'___
"iV. tV.i t, ti.4 s i i r
I ITNARY. t A"v{i o he front in athletics, aind whirls o
F. Ai1t in Sari 'SiE t 9. til(cu5o0et sC
N, 'Iii. twe1i .D.8ilocata "iiwill5sonareplresentatives t et sfAT WAGNER & GO.
IL.5 13gamiiioii 'i4 ; H. i. Webieri'94.S
Norn(anN lwers'ir.ti'1tIC I wo runite worthy of our metttle.
c. reetiOP Vi lute weCareNsotoaccustomed1toTailors and Furnishers.
NC.iK. L itna rin8. J. . Ayi'i'iii . Wi le w r o cutm d t
look for defeat at the hands of our
Ietr oeo n opttrtersl f ,11tv; ix the ear by sutiscrili- the footbiall con test this fall shotild Michigan Railway.
leg . . 'o i . Seit ve as a gentle reminder that they
are !~Teme Card i eff e it nayNsov ti i,, I
srili lie ilrereit at yur roost for thearno Isyss they seeni. oiitt tm i eiAt
remiiiiiierv of the ivsersity year. -tdnt'Rgitr
N}itiutentsv Regitster.
1'(tw te next sitxiveeks theliardtestINo). M ilad1xr s .. 1).x.
Thec register at Newbnerry Stall is Nr'FasĀ°' r AnniArbor Acei1',)'noon
worki l of this seimestcr still lbe lsoie.!No1) MalndIlsegr 4 1.i,
prbbythselmtst conitiletc in te s the LEAvDING-SCcHnOr.n OF USNSS 'ag o.11.1a{ntigesir Snai)...5.10 >
Ath letics Ihave gu' iin tar toi th1Ii7ssatnoedisittliteg;suieiior tork;els u ledradnat
ciy t ia d it is to lie fotuntd in the Ot i5ii112asetastos al airedree
yirom; diliy licturs;arayneenytitiiirecepyiiis;
of a moe intelectual ature.open the aenitie.year;aiicoarcialgadualtsri at;Nit.?. tt andmuissaaeer.....I3.a
si nre iitlle sa iair. reatding 17t0i1i. 'l'e addsresses o0 1 t.eind; sotthCairadutes alt secreavpositions;.No. 4. M i adExrss........ts .pm
Li.teratry societies, ttthe ress (I h,l teissiarl t]u"l,%.geenis es- .tuoai.liyvasa lnpi't v ateisslfi Em'rsV itaIn
itel t 6.a. br sita assek tweeias d droes s ans No..o'. 1'rot-.r(unsiiationiu ---_.. I ni
andtt sarios aso i tat s o i ke the se swere addeeilall avddresses ont P. S R . 5iAt5T.Fraa. leet ttndatrdime3's.
natttre trill hare full tstway fty their q Daily etissiiv.
trr Oh ___ he 'Stewrard's httoks, aitttthose still F8 $2,00, $3.00, $400$ Tiiiatis ol nand aw'esunsitireenT'iod:Ia
.\'r the hicao out Iihiltthse postoice, so that the narneis of First Ctttss anditWaittrited'ihiTlednlssay, daily,, eeiit Sunao.
'rbahth Claroan 1hla ealyal tuetsap0r.I o-very Wit othiertrI.atiailyvrebeepSuday.
delphila attmi mteetings, lielilltritsg it1.t'at lid1t.I o- j ~ S tBENNEs'fT, i. .s. OtlitiNitoh,
th oidytietuetiuto '. diter to keep tilt correct, students Dotyr & Feiner. G~ea. Pava. Ageet. Locaitigea
-h-hldas te usto o . o iesirl~tsoie.aals~-osi
iict it trirs a 1,; ar riueti titiortchnge o

wtas brought ttp and discussed. The
opitniont was vunanimotis that somie
place should he provided, prettuiti
atity ini the Michsigan uiiitntg, wrev
Un'iiversity aluniu, students, and
pirofessors coulil register sait make
thlemtselves atS litimie. The itdeas is a
good o sne. hrobialty iter halfttt
thse l'. of .1. stusdeiits trill v isit Stte
fiur at one stiesir alnothter. A placef
shioutlhe ftrovidiett, 15ssggestedt,
whetre tisiting sttdevts tcotilvd mhake
iheadqluarters, whlere apptoiitmeituus
could beotaite, ansi twhere, tlut ibt-
less, mnty friends ciouldlhe founds
twho srttoul othecrise lie missed
entirety,.It various trays the pro-
vision twould he useful to University
people. Tlse idea shonuld he follotwed
Ar rim meeting of the Westertn
Inter-collegiate Athletic Association
held is Chicago just previous to
t'hristimas, a considerable amount
of imoportant busitiess was trannacted.
'The ftootlball cliampionsiip conttest
twas tettiest just as inilghtt have beeti
expected. The lbasehall schiedule
atid field tiny' date are of most imi-
Iportance to Silcigan students.
last seasons left usswtitli the has-
hail championship, whtich tougltt to
he kept this year. utue 3, te date
set for the field day evetits, trill for
te first hose shots our relatie
strengths with the twesterni meit. tU.

addresses to the general secretatry or
niake a note on the hook for Stsat .. .
purpose onthie library table.
_____ - i And reader of "The Daily" is cordially invited to atte3
Importantto Class of 16.,n Ir- w . n hw ~ i.


All membsters whsnti ltenid tss take
arintecnetfothofceofclass irator antI poet nitst tnot for-H L D Y B O S L
get to register their l< iuts, eithetr'
Irihac, Jaiil. i1 ,with
f~ S - 1,.t. \Xi~ o vv.usrthy' Nictesttoos fotte i'Li'mtstlottvv.
- tsi tti .t ti The University Booksellers, - State Street.

Net onlr in rtttga, btt itn altlsitter
taewly as sail, ear vartaty is richt asd
rare. In fine jewelad Rtags and Fan-
dents aecanshoari t u nsurpassed at'
srtmeant in
WvATCitES titrtO s tave tur mosat
swsichftlicare. I isasuraaauto proreiss
ontih m ost pyrftet timepiecers thv
swortd praodutes.Itttitditionttotalsithett
ramsitimssakes we-askistieit tetitn~
to cue ownispeialvtnF. G.5 S.,S ut '
movementasi. 'The iost pis etivait-s
ailed motvemtsex 'tant.
& Co.

fNiiiie itiserted in titsclumti at tierease o g a h r
oe 10 aents tire liar. Speiariiates ft oeras F L. e
tmer, adexteeiners ftunisha'red ytplig at
A sitigle-Bath, hoin srcold, for 10 1 o it-NEtStifrAlND SNOitRs t r
cents, at te Postoffice BartberShsop.
___ 4---__ 5-20t 0GRA.tTD OPER.A FOUSE
__,Thursday, January 12.
EdxiiniArdhen, the icur~lesqute 'ietor = DA ?
of merlodramta~ti'rotmanee, still atpieari itInieiuirstiue Mtielodram,
at te (GrandtlOpera -louecn iiii S t TA
vhday ereiing, Ja~nua~ry' 12, ini his highly A L ;
Scesuplyo illineet11Eagle's -Nest." Mr. Ardenis t is 'v- sasisted Sty .N-iss Msariotiilmore sitd
rosudedl tyacontsstyof exeellenit play'- AirSt. Fttnk tise.
ers, inludiug sitehieever artfsts as5 ENTIRl.E PRIODUCTION NEW.
FrankIiih osee andviMiss Marioni Elmore.
''Eugle's Nest" ftstmounttetd itite most -
Sutmphtuot usiatier, the stage setftigPice: - - 35c,.50c, alW 75~c
being both brillianttaitdbeatitifuol. As Seiats oitsSaieratiB1F. Watts' aseelrySto.
it producttiont, it stanvds in tee lx. Its
te role of Jack, Mr. Ardein is seeti at G -.~ d 1
his best. Duritngte progress of the G
play a tiutmber of mussieal speeialties IB S O N
ire introduced initsts naturtal mtaenerO RA
amS as is resutit of the eotmplieationts of Wr
thse plot. J NO. 12 W. HURJION ST

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