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December 20, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-20

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YALE'S LAMPUS AND GYM. Freshman Class Day Officers. TO THE SENIOR LAWS.-- ,
A Frmi Mchga Stdet wits \t the freshiman class nietn' CGv. Chase, of Indiana, Gives the
ClstSm Pointers and Useful
Entertainingly of the Eastern let itStnts h ittlte die
hedls audyteCmiteAvc.UniversityfI9
tr1i ftiesnste (cstlass DayInsofficrs repo ted in&
tite n te ft ii t otstn th iisti it nd Goernor Chaese visieil te late IfTPORTPS&
iiistafifirecrentlvitite evprophe lcteid instead f betangreprtent, yesteda, adIlade a '/AN "J~k
liaisen Connant stitrs as foditischosen hr contest, ted notice wias lrief speechi to te snioi~r as. DERIMC
sitii- te iiatrt sis snl t e n scthai t the ceicction will Ilerhldi Prof. (Grifi, in inrodarcing itihe
~teiitig heuiitstyad ihe 7distinuished Indiaianit, remarkedil
l-l g ti . Referrcingi i to te tI nir t the next t eeiii.o
s-y iesys It is loatedrighs lt lihe commnittece furtier reptedet hlit te . of Ui. iouild utiesit
o to wniiandiiaidioiiiig te pui i in ifavior-iiof ther choice ofortor siiui1igoernors and juidgs in t he future __
squeare- not onr hlfi as imoposoro Ipot iiy co itst prosirini that a- as sie has done i tice last. str
stle ir e asori ii a l ra oiahle tirittiiir tnf iriiihrs CGor. Chase resprntedifatetiutiy
s-esiti 1 siwsthe biinti te ithiitntioiiofiicatter ing Ie iprefacedcisiiiremarks Isy sayog
evciingts foeyet dii tI isnoltie jsaidr siictst its iecistriig thieir tiatihaing eentinii te i'dodo~k
oirtrei sis aisiis t ilitis tOS onitiournotryhrtheir ggreetitg w int-- w ieit rust the latestectrpettie ties
to findthitis w s Cure\Vaire r siptis. ore1Friay, fan. i, te fi st iriny surprise t in iti. C-e ttengave tetm ei ric ies sed fta tainnieteoi
"Their nuwricenitatoniliniiiafter teioiirays. i'iTre oiest somte gootiadre, adnonisititigE G
for juniiots andlseniors is linic The iwili e in charge of it commititee of them to get etarrier, o behioest ,H rsmnadspi aet eieItefcit.Tepa fcosn pihadidsros i 0,13I5w ~nu v.
ini te oldildtiing s.IThriuer-t heeoffiters is a newsoeiianti tiespeechs-itcetrycxsarmlyirreeiet. IETROIT, --MCIIIA\.
otis diormioieisrinbtl heCtecoiiiege inidcationis arthat it xwiiiiritg out ---
for th tuentns, sre aii aiong te a goodi dispiay of taet. Thi-e cor- A Lively meeting q Ithttod Straight Qa.
front of tue sqaoil thie street liiie mittee expects to judge, fron thte ' o
next o the puibii sqitare. 'theyitnuiber oftatmes hancedi it,the in lte rale boad ihadianin tert a ha CIGARETTES.
fae nwatlrdis tossardite otier iuilii-i trest taken in tiis esw ilat. And stig session ts i htinth S-Csee slT etting its t wshito
tips ostii itiprtiltA.manrs it sects tr-Cn uil iiito e ayealttl el
isititmostof iwi arr oiii it is serr iiirtatth tihose swisi- A aros. Iise s htiod chagd hiii th tho ris e °'hy hae a fnery igaet s it ind
flenriil btii *tpt enter the tctntest soldttiiatd camte froit te IiiineirstCitt-st ii russo tiitine t
n iu ,-'btlc edo th netsur. I Cu her naves totire. iacked aio Cu twpaes o finf hi i,' li~el-Sfria stSraigt
hutlortei ~i te iec siitrc t ~ ci tiathe - tlast for ,adta yyh ad to lit a iirlttts-are tite f ssom tetrigi-
is~~~~~~ Prgr m fei ~ i iil55 i l u - - hare te cpy for i t ii-tirdoitelrl ettasielipi is-n-tit ihs mt
an rgi l ol L at titanen!' rgi gtt iiisttesi
a ioil iitk~ sil ouli. h -Accorrin gly a g in sias is-iittenintip, ad asbouht(i t b s in et e tus the
riiiisii -s s il~ C tii~ a iej efferso[lan socieity sill give sownet to seeral iteiiihct 5Of te1e trAft lN tOINPFtlliejh
a Publtslitis- ieiistii --iti utcrtiuiintCat te inaw ho-scs, sW ises~rssrit approv0aii tP Mintre neia Phc omrbe nldn anctn o auurs _ ldschine I iriia.
ral"letr oo o ig t T e f tlw iltwi t he cop sassm ilidito
" r rgramti isill h strnded , hi p itrs 1
Ninety-sin Mandolin Clan. "lion iolin, cotneC, ands isatiss iI Toor01 tresienibes oChit u usto al
As ws annoiunsedcsiits yrsterdasiandstsMr sCleernC anth Mc I Thoipnioad hailjus earned the facts,atie FRATERNITY JEWELRY,
Isuthe freshmainjiIslo cubths siI Presireitsaddrecss ak t1.as seeal of heir frinds swee
beeni chaiigedintat andoii-nesic lutbiSans. ,.s IeclamatoniC. KiepeI r'otuicithey- nate a decired kik Assltt aiTnt ci tasortil it
cOs-wig ts a lck f sufiicii t bhjo-stll ela ct tiotn of hic 'tiosrhii to ti hit last cinigt ICsdil ni gorth os- IT1 r-r-i--r--r
pIa er-,, I hr ccaminetre isId miii-iiHmn a ilyen.h 4 \ sital slo e-ccfocte grinthd thhrll isee nrinted.~. I
ager anniunssitis e i perisotinsriof tCer.Soity ipaper, J I. Acrangenents swere hris ImateforAR t+ .n
clubf is foPsi sFsirtst atsni irns, 1-aIr. ii Voi hoo,Ils. I,.iH ite s-ticof Cihebok andhothec bust ROEHIVI& SON,
Joel , E ig W aead o tn lm nt.i . IDebatr: icrsiolveccinesrssmatter s after wi-hh ajousri
,dl mndsh liii I s lls IIli I'Thitithic far oh uis tnis it is a na foslloied1.rsii- - - i l-l
- ueitr, I iiiifoi ii ~lride, Sull -,emrtefect Cupeni n'~ s IconucthColiii digs is, and etilayituto-
aini 1liIii ii-Cloro :h noV n ul - i iia irthe hpe of riwris . - im-l ehJolIiu rt ss
uucslsiish cinrnlcri is-cD.I).I Iidue.u Negtiv, ih-aflttriisgs ofer o ti-ech-sr-c of P. J.KIN~lJCAN,
Sic hee aitiionus a numiberi{ - Betc .iraton, .1 sans. hicsii itti
riin ci t onl i iiMa n a g e ri r . T i o , c r e tCil i , a dliao , t e w r ks n i l l. o r a t os r i i i i i i s i( J I E1n3 - ia tK {
_ eelsagercitetrClisatiinhi tisli C-h Summeri ssely nihchil i a ( I ioi
,?t tinh isoul tli it iiicy in h (M .anhur. C e icaid ir.i huiiuiscn s orus-seru seh JjI\ A
I tnl Cu tutuwisor i s isctngtuc I letei
club. ()f coarsC thev cl isrdilv} Thrp. ThissrisitIoilla iisl en uhed ysPo f. -- i sisacu -
be ica, .dt her 1esnih ut sit C aiihi li ITiAiSLaiisa
Poaeesat il Ilos p Iiiiicbii.phWicPalmhrncecnl s cciiu 1c if hint us ii li ofi I emit seio an
naton ad ir 1oioni irfi tes aof thds isent tec hrso. E L i
scil~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~o Ih hWaiois l tsitrss liaorii socasis cmis5siion
c uI . tt h s ft. i r h us lCte s s. !C u il' -etrd-sy it si-rchin i Un rsity I hies c r ks i-ll hc sutriti c- - f
willtiteesannouncedi insttomo-tithsiT se orksi C ithite Irce ssifiiu lii
The IDeani's nfficnis crowdedneetnsri' sm ts a de islifsiiChic s l s at thei a isetsve plac ilt hic frioiiihtankI of
icion with -otplirants fr ecutses. conin ontest intstutrs in elhin.Deiitroit~j, 2Mi1higan,,

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