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December 09, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-12-09

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VOL. III.-INO. 5>.


YxicF,, THi,,FF; CIEN-rs.

FOURTH FACULTY CONCERT. Icamie lecturer to the Chicago Sinai MICHIGAN LAW JOURNAL.
- ~ ! Congregation, an organition forI ___
Lovers of Music Treated to a Rare! the cultivation of a tibetrat sett;oon, The December Number Comes Outi
Feast-The School of Music Con- bt Today, Full of Material of Inter-
cert Draws a Large Crowd.eihan tewie e est to Law Students.
stiltlitoldts ts positiont
Nessbery salseas seelt fittestlast ' lProfessor I tiesc s b e co- lse lDecemsber tnmbtet ofte Law
evetning, inth le occassions of the eted e th vs arious joturnsatssail at osuenal is ttut oin sale today. It is
fothel cotncert gitcn by te fatcuslty present is thte edlitorcoith Ie Reformt becomaing otte of thIe foreetmost jousr- .- -
of~ ~ ~ ~h stSltltfSIsic.llseecedjts-steate. Siore thesenig ofttt ag tssoft the latettoweptubl ishsedi.Its
In n alltst steaels~ tIIls.ivttetrsitts of(hicta"go, lse hIssarttcles ate scttsefslly preptareelasd
1programs stf seenssnstsbers a pasrti-tseett ptrofessot of Semtilanguags-ses rank5wth thels stishest legti.Iliteraturt
eslarly tisse ate tassrendetestbyIts tat inssstitution.sof thse times. Its elis ar.s.esniena
Priof. A. .A. Stanlee andsiss .\ 5I . \s asps~easker e 1s sIse of Ilse 5sf wseawe'ssake ittterestantetttorstssistly
St its. n sss sotarlyis nsue oein s t of I .tdaptledeltothIeswork
AI I-. S. R. Stills tstig escepttstst lit ,at tfss il tsres. e 11 c specta t Itt'' 1Decembert sssst thee istt
steli asndifrosts Ititsrendilstionss fsat rthoIsught p ileast"s ttsen;mne.Ikc ta frilt tiscussssonsof the ''Reforotfi
1title''aendt '''le''tseo IGrenadiser s," lrts se ll emp slsls teconversalto-iltiscliasatC(retuitSCourets s,"byal Wttes
thse sensseseas splainiyr eident ee-cif1altod ittudges attdt jurists sschsas Ilon. I'.
osne weeeuntable to uttndeesstad l tI . stttse, HontsFtest H. Aldicht
fGeranswsordls. Ste. Stillsts onse if Thse Dents Feel Honoread. Hots.(Geo. I'.Cobb, Ilt. J. 11
the fete peotple catpableof t omns tI t t ltoot e tHots Rollis H.IPearson t
itsg distinctetstleracalee swits tat hedntldpatii tead Hota JohstsAV. Stone.he rtet DF1I
bUniversity of Mtichigatc has been -
tonse. i a very itteresting articeott 'Pro
Its retteetits- Stlse frostmILet atlt tsttenlbals Ite tections of NaturaliedtCitieetns''by CIQ
MisGae soe elsdte strictest \lIS asselsac sleit A.e tChtaney, also an articl
sttessisss s5 eeastltist. ase eaerecessvedtfromttttheUvttesity sof tier-Iot~ t
ti. e is 1o act as assiststat to IDrn.ls
t thenmte teelitn" of haingts hearditPortugtal,"l-y CGingiro \osltis ste
Miller, thetfansosotal f-cterisstoettt
lisisstoeiti gtfetdrttw itles it eli nt dentist sof (eetraany.Ds lit Its edlitrsalt ate, as ussial, full of i
C~lrl- in ad elcae ouh. let is sdentist t thse sit itfasmsisyset
sst sei 5litie situ iteiis st hut Isnterestsit"-statler asndlitsthe ''Noles (
Whiens Sit I1. Eish Sh tsstal took tha StI'sioflts 5sRecentut D 55 ecisionis''a es I Nc
his positionits tsieiseitt ino e sa si seststse hess i tt ound I nysaluaft andi llrtnttisd St
teedtedinits in fur usst a petfeet I erstusats 1'hetpostite hstthe [a I "z
5 sless ie f est li Ii itetalt e cesisions andsui t t>tsicatieilssf iliffer- eI
voslsme sof taetltdy ItHisCsranasitinsIent sictsf sawlas'hef
feisssmte pr-lie moodas tithe~ a sei sieo eatigaye St Itsthe tioik of eliessis a fish asnst MantiSalig wl ermmbrda J
bseinigsos compstlete ass to s ass ls Siillt'til i eaitesis b otistlete rtietiCof the latest eatd

101. 183-185 55' sit ii sitott
hmond Straight Qtt
{- ti-acctte tsmoes iwhs
a~s nre ittiing tso n Da Ktittle
mor'- itie thathe tp-rice
- Isd rar is aru t ts, illindi
igtitIte itti I t rs .i tttleiets
a. hi-arhtttis aietmade htit it earigh5.
itt dicael t ttituiat itti e t n i he ist Coit
riialBrndofltrllaiht i't iaet
lit Siugts ut by i n t h yerIia
facturers. I ithmond.iVilitlt
Ant ithetLart isoitmeti5

seudiee a wt its suitndprtestehintm i as c ii rtoe unZ
nmaster of the ists risesit also sclais Dr.ti. lter as a -radusate.
POESRHIRSCH. heAlha Nt i Siciety swillI ren-
PROFESSOR tder te followving Isrograsilltoorowe
tieS Synopsis of the Life of China-eetl~ ictsso, Ii.Nlot
go's Noted Jewish Rabbi. i dslramatioit, 11. R. lKelotgg;De-
sate,''"Resoled, 'That the "orern-1
Professore -Psiil Itirschs sas lustiitmet5sousldowasiattlcontrol the
ait Lsuxembouirsig, fGermniey, i slnteis se ''tgrit .''Afira
l~eattnelst he ssii i seisila t aive, J. Wi. tasef, aIataieec Sterns;
te (7itsstesisiss usntil Iis fouriteeith i
5 negative, IV.SAV. Criffint, C. It. ttor-
year.waeneahIis heirensts etmigraetitSet. General sdebate, stats I.
Plsiadl~ssie. ''bee le itenlesJli ooi.'s, Alexanseer Citni tgs.

mtost implorltat lase pulticaitioits tat
are bef ipglast before thse legail tre-
Alt back inautbers eats befurntishest
to tiewsu sbscri bees who care to tare
it frotm the first psublications.
S. C- A. Work in Detroit.


toe twvosears tile acaei ofy tee
Epiiscopsalichurceh. tHe awas "radii
ated eae the t_-iseesite of IPennsyt-{
va a isisa 7~.-
Retutrintg toGermnsiy, lie conitin-
steelhis stneties finthIeology, tphilos-
ophly, ands Semitic phitotogy, at the
unsiaersities of IBerlinaand etiepzig.
After taking this degree, ie returned
to Amserica and seas for one year in
charge of a Jewish congregation in
Bhaltinmore. tie hetd a similar po-
sition for two years in Louisvitte,
Ky. tn s88o, Professor Hirsch be-

Iton. N~irt 1Leavitt, repreesenita-
lice-elect tot the stte~ legislatetre
fromt (ceansa coutyt, sisitedsthle
hsipital its conspany wetthiC. N.
Sowers, of the D Ats I staff yesterday.
After sitting ott those unicomhfortable
seats in the anmptithieatee for three
tiosirs tie said ie svontd favor at the
oncoming session an approtpriation
sufficiently targe to reseat the amttai-
theatre with uphotstered seats.
Hirsch, on "Con tibutions of
Semitic Languages to Modern
Civilization," tonight.

-'or state timie a issumbier of stt l rit' t ittae
dtents have been tmsschsisiterestest itn____
nisasiona aork in Detrssit, andast els- I College tiFia.,tnists. Bttns
ally at tetLarisesd street missisois
coindttcted by a studetlfroti Ober- P. J, KINNUCAN,
tin, Ste.'Tracy Mtc~regor. Arring-,
mnets save seen niade foersatart) M RC AN
of sworkers fronthSie S. C. A. tio
stpend the hsolidheys its hletroit assist- f
ite in ts swork. It order to bring T"AILO )J
the msatter before Sthe stuets, Mri.I
Mc~regor will visit Ann Arbor thte j ADIPRE
tatter part of the sweek. Ain infornm- ANi1tIiii i
at reception witt be given hinm at-
Newberry Ihalt tonmorrow afternoon, F=NE "'7OJZENS,
at four o'clock, by the city mission
workers of the University.Mr. 55 'W_ F~ORT Sm5
McGregor will deliver the ad-
dress at chapel Sunday nmorning. Detroitf 'l'i -hiano

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