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November 28, 1892 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1892-11-28

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THE U. O Ff' . DAILY..

THAT GILL you left GOOD ST1?1NG$
behin VOLS- -


too root. oootott a o tri'a eu tInstrumt nii. JK LF PRI~J I CE')L


Wh~en oo u 0go toooooofor ( triotooo


And te rices", 34 S. StateStreet
are Low. j

0o'oroooI at Sallory Da v

lilloool illio'oot.

S o (C0 000 0"! 0 000.00 1 t'1,ilotl S''11;:"'
1,mvrst r-C a l'-aIS t zoo z. 'L > 1XL'Nof yI O ]2k. P allDIl iosi__, ta")CP. I''h ve x1U (,
yi 0 o T 1t L: . , M~I o'(1 Io toTol to G tooet' 1 B -,ook,-, st bob-u to 0 Io C.1 01 1. r Sa 101 W . 100
St ock'' roi to'tlet ant lssorr uafting In tr00 0on
0Ur tock wVil befo tnd Complete and our Pvrices as Low as the Lowest.


tt~.S VI X'i)UI?. E 0ESCall on W mn. Fulde, the
Tailor.,oposite the Loss 1ii00t11, 500
'It' lioltocoto --,Toe R oya.ando'lt'Tte PoertionoStudoenl 0otoLapslaveotdeo- Wittioooo-ot., ttrst otoor west of State-ot.
Ior l te'otohttatt theyo 000' theosot toeortctoottot of anytolatps Imadet. 'o'tile toe tCleaning, repair0osinv ooepeo.ss one noeatly.
pices varyvfroo 010)contsto 1o $IechtheyIo allottgive toese 0111' iotty-010101 0101000-Soit. ssoore itospecialty. Aii crek first-cla..
A rvaooooL Eooooto. 5itt0tpoceltaonostoadoes, oot - - - - - 000 00coto It YOt VANT TO
toot Star C(l t burn00000srwithouot ooodor, oood oenot 0cha0r the soito.
CITY t 'oot gives oa oore Wtoite tigot, otetivereo t 0 - - - tOOcenots per goot BU'y $InA& armn Olook
Ol i 0000aoccordinog to capoocity, Irroos - - - - 20lcettoto $0 eeo.{
Too'oe os to tobetiev e.Seeoor stockt n ooooto wsolot te cooooinocedthttwteocsell 50orhvoe e p0000 aiO~~ring one500 5o t
toe toest Laniopoaonootest Oil for toe leost mooney o1'ot i osoe 000 thoiscotsy'./iA~r oh),3 anSre
44 Main Street, South. DEAN & COMPANY}


'Ile Noosemboeor tootaoootr orItrob-
W ill You Look al perti ek
..'t'tor junoio r toos Ctrco-Ioo 00itt tobe
At 0000 S 1t~oo ' W i odoot t Itoas 0 slcoor t lorot.I an } . ,3;9 00. 001.
it. oO'00 otoo>o'abotBliot too titt'A. Soloer, o o t olti00,
to o is1' .iio l,, r tooother, t tooooro

-Tiss Stoawo,tit '94.,000wasaiteotby
a ooooootor o ohr ofrts 000 toe oten-
o nc ofTh0 ttaonksg00000 too'1thoors-
dat ss' rrobao heroroo 0000
Ca.rt Sctltnoo roo it 1)00 0Who 00s .o
mernber 00 ofthIeo facooty00 of Ca00 t.'
(Citreg aodoot 100 0 ctltorothoe
Caorthoagr toolltto -oootedf 'tci
it he t yo' 000 S;illlloav

to A tooooototootRits t !o )

'too I. 05 UjrO'. Ii't p

li1 'lliooo


PRICES 0 ~ss11ths it I t 01.90 1le' ll~tot o fIii~ti
T11 N AT)O 1 '-' NC O.,0her0hone0in 000 t 0 .0wto-ootnboooforeoo0 totthe I iof l ooo
00Sot 000 '0 t M s T ylr lt'9,'0 ctinc foor tor ontto ig, 000e0Iha l~ -
so0000 of 0010rotdIrisoooo000rI0gtogivg;ant loa10edro on 'Moanhoaoa
53iLktI'.t( TL'IN . ) A too 'os Tursayoeenig. firtld, iNe r os'l , t1 00 00 oiooin-tdoo.
'l'th 0 al 05 00edN(win~ 0 s o . r tooo >> . sv at 1 0_M tos os beeno 010 the soror as520o 100 0to i a or ot
l) oloot>oooot to. 1 1000010 Pol e.
N.s 1 ute -00000 --_ --_ < >'S n leaoder ofthe Ito ee Cl10000 traooo A. t too, itisrt0itor too
pNioosooooo 0-lO'~ ol'oooo'oilp t'. 000 a'pI 0Ga0wood loit 'ot olIl Ciao oroo5 2 s1 ,s t Itootro. wslo oooted oi''olro'o"' to
00?.Ixr s a~ tI 1:lit 8 ''loiooko 0000 ' 00 toin the c ss- itoh toos -Moss (trtrodec ;ltrt. of N00or t tile,0
0.olanooorco oo. 5_o0. 0 chi Ni-itt I o 4 0-
0.0.0.pr __p " 100 0 0 -1 r0 000 0 Paiteoooools {7vi i ooo t lo 11r. tO' () 0000r oool. Wrotesotay ooiglot loot. t or tO 0 1
00..5' . c 00 0' 1oIo o S 0.5.
00 P.0'1. 4 t ia .00 'A t.00000 Aoloor '110Th Illioiso o 000001000 e000n00001d rxtendol o nrtl io s a d et
_LR.S'I' BPA 8 Kto 10jIootile lioooolbort.'i or sistoes oot ailong andoiohappylobf10to
Caoioal ooo' sl),0000rp oootosProfoto1o0,0tor1'rrofty
000000.000. 00. Ooeoloo oso 0ro '00 (0.000 ~ rof. 'I'hloo noos tectotrsoo to - Wrolooestay'ro-rootog thoe h. It. It.
Cij xitu sl, etr f rdtpos te ooo a w1.11 witl loregtoi 'ooroo(t society gaveitos ooirt recital at toe
bOO~ ~ ~~~P 000 coooo".('101,0'res. revooing atl;orclock, iitoohoelass'lc- ormoooorof Altos Soooots 000 E. tUnoter-
5 .00 ooooooooo.Cashier.
10000 rooom. ity aveonue, tbefore aoooaoooteooce of
GRAtNGF-R'S Itr. K. C. Osooooo o uooe phytsic-' sooty' invitedl guests. 'Thoeprogranm
(SPIOOLhIFl1'1A'\ ~ianI!0 n110hoe tooneopatthicthostpital, toas consistedlof nmusic oonodrecitastionso
iJU~j.U JJUVU . I 1JII resignoeod anod silt go into practice at and swas enjoyed by ottllresent.
loth Season, Octobe, '52, to May.,''93.'rThree Oakcs. Thansokgiving day wvas porotifoc in
(It'llNEWY HALL i05centrallyrlocaetd aooo1
everperosion bos been maodesorootetu lsWt, tt'oetetindafootbatl ganmes betoensrivat cottege
comfrtfoiourpatons.Thernar no tairn MisdWes,.lt'9,'enertsday a teveunsteleaciensoombeig'oe tscoresns.Tof c trseoft anoese
-oundflosr ie. a cdmy anads.nmber of friends, Tusa vn
inc~]t d aeeoo -o in honsor of Ite Misses Thonoas, are as follows: U. of 1It.ion, Coo.
C poe Res to by oxpreosof lElginfritz and Hubbard, tits 'c92. oell 30; X'ale 02, Princeton0; Unoisv.
Ptuotup inoeegantbe Or of Penn. 34, Wesleyan o; Univ. of
stritypoure.ega e ormao teale anod H-arvard freshman
V PRtESETS. Express eharges tasmti hr-ogtfobl Chicago 12, Univ'. of Ill. 23. Unix'.
[1 y 'iotbone.ert Addresso, Chiday..Of Wts. 20, Northwesterno 6: Perdue
~ C. F.OGUNTHEsR,('onfeetoooe, game in Boston, Satudy Neither
CHIAG, LINaS ide won, the score being six to six.13,Daw6Usv of a. ,
Univ. Of MO. 4.


1) r".',al(oooo sl Iitr
Tooooseriogso onoolIaooo


h'ooor I1"Iatt oootAittor.
42 $outh $tate Street,
tIsfloe ptloce too go for finToo ailooring.
Ile loss fle moost oelect sftock of
ino Suitinogs, 'I'rouaertngs, and Fanocy
Silk V'estingo inu fle -CLily, and
wotuld be pleased to have youo
eall andotexamineIle
makes a specialty of
Full Dress Soils.
No. 2 E. Washington-St., Ann Arbor.

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