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November 16, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-11-16

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U. ofA. Wailp.
U .OF . l ll1 i rder eeach side of each table SOME RUGBY NTES -
1 111l E I 1wetu row ofseveeachhv
\N 1. ~FM. I/I IT t ng aee wrow of helvboes, each tsax Observaions on the Coming Naton-
We Claim the Invention of the large enough to take inSi vo panph- a Game J(II&O
Card Catalogue, lets. In these boxes were what "nStra' aeItld f~oT5
Card Cadlogyesiswered to a card catalogue, ISaudysgmatTlo lPOT
b one serious defect in Michigan's ANtLFtylRS.
What Prof. Ten Brook says in Reta xtre tiedsipsof pl ayin" was made cospicuous DETROT MICH.
Bard to the Dsputed Claim-it the height of the ossansd the - -P
Undoubtedly originated here- writes a well-posted observer, to the
ATfese, ihtebosdecisc~~~. Ta a atngtoln e eeks since a gentlemaan completed the nomial ctalogesebefore rallying. Our eleven is made
vsiting the Ulniversity library iiide1 andthie subjective was wanting, ex f that material whicihl caisantd ro es
thyremarvi that while a studet insi cept as contained in olumss wxt- ally, but several times in Sttrcday'
th Uniiversity of Rochresteran it enou t and occupyingshelv es aroundlgame this sas not done until Ithe
assistant iln its ibrsry,he insventedthrthIl e Iw als of tie room. I Iis Iarit Chicago team sas rdaigerousy near
carsd catalogue, antI that frti haIii wsas useless except to those who ichigar's goal posts-ts making
nistitutioiiits tses spreasl elseswhes utelnela stotct-down permiissable, or a Whentso teawsithe icist etpeitnsicacii
Iset their time ie fly in the i ot Ni rshshes.t Se to $1ic pai- less Slice
1'mm the intimatioii given rtue ot brary". afety necessary. A rally cats just Aim Aebiii ries, sedt ot-Cteioguetoii
tine date of this occurane, I amii My catalogues, both teso nisal as easily be mare in the tiddle of o
qluite satisfsedt that sucs caalogise andth ie subjective were sinile the- he fielt; ant, if nmade tenei, it is of
as in earlier tse in the library here, tris, tie fornmer gvigte three tines te valse.''tg 8-8 von.u~t.
arm send you, therefore,.ina'ccouint (nanses of authors atphabetirl ar Manager Brisc oe, '95, says Iis DETROT, - - MCIGAN.
of ts iitroduction. ta ilpoal opeearne
ratiged, tie latter goernied by tie cn vl rbbycirlit rrn
1 was placed iss chsarge of the i- chief words indicating tie subjects meits for a return gaise on tirearn 9ue hnJ1ondC 5Tr Iiht Qit.
brn y in Septesiber 1864., ard began treated. t carried it so fr -s to pus next Saturday withthie ps Ns's
at once to plais for a crn catalogue inlude the sbjects of rie rtcles Nornmals. Ie cai not announc; CIGARETTES.atpentwthrisemwilCgetemorwb
without kiiosin" that there was one in the periodical sets of tie library g~~~~ tstsrIi en x ('ewieso S ltteeis h
in use sithins country, or of tie a rmeasure afterswards rsdererd liiimeet te highi sciool before tiryre 5 o the wit 1
iter-class seceeiluerldate. taecgrte.wl it
samte kind assy swhere ese. liretneces sary by the putblicaaron of r S~T-is BiANgserioriltoe
stt5C~~~Th igarncad see iy'Pol'wIrdetith ii Oberlen college . h5~ I~SOirs.isutert
iand shape o h crswvimsooesinewichs inl nernsvhas -suriss r~roleg ii istiere
'sue~~~~~t~t nio anIto i 30l- iiSN ,,Ila tc stine deiomthsseigts-
tirehechestetic fild' a S . n " i ef imcfavwest a ndsiit tt egt
WWIconceptin ndtes hetof beerssuppementecd uy sin cooper- tinea Leatisletficrn 'ieleinus Thiasiisiis est toe
sh rs hr Saturday, swill te the last htr nonse gd0nealiji~ian it-sgtcut Cigarrettes.
ra-wers to contini thenwaus pian- aise plan. In som ir arernee ad ishouhctyvaintheiyer 1t7i
usedby ne i cotreti~r sttti sc sasiuee a nickearl ros tsst ~ganme of tie seasotn. ie cays later irer ciiitiattiini , aneilobsere tht te
net'by ilein onnctio wih te hs ben bacwar moemertso iscname atinbelw Is cieve r packge.
mehncwowsconstrurct ii liiifaratie utility of thi susbljectiseconnes tie secondiCornel garne in Te At NICC&ONTtitit iiccc
sty Ofntxlo a erni. * * bitg mt 11the AeiciiToblaco Ci.
-' ~iton was, is nsarly -s I c-i's cataloue is concerned Ireer t oit. O erlin sill binSer anitisrc t " - tieitsn . n 'irgii.
aemenher, Ignc rsirsn 886. 1le lthettenmpt to divide this into si vbstemadacodoyllnd
amue pisece of furninture still standts eral parts. No such dnvsisnnsr in opes to mrake a beler soinit UNQUESTIONABlL Y
ii1th liray radng oo. ehast hesubecs teaed n an Abion rds. Our boys will try TE IHETet -ne r
u.5 to -ns' aito tmy inventive rlibrary, atd no tswoIersonsxswhethersrtsiot iemdrv u utrii. n ys g T
there sas a gret rshnat New 1 FP.E1Uf dqiW3ff
'ninwers it wilnl suficfet to say that 1 they biecthnose whio make or those haeI ee ae' ~o hr
issrowroe tinsn fist years in Mutrn is, ! io consult a cataloguexvwil con-tshe 1,000ticks to Saturrday' s Andi urnLauest nsornnntentet
tis capiptal oh Bais a, asushvsas cive the tivision alike. l irtis Yale-Hlarvardh ganme il SpringfieldN .- : Z rtM
s-nili-r ir th tire tutu Royal ibrarivs san rinemtust often niase sees-l swas hot On sa. 'lie line was
tins ex w inci h out i igcontimnts n attemips to findth iemtter soughlt formsedi arinightfall, .ndthelist tuent s s AEnMADill'in
us', unisin ltonlsd ne, it t ndatihIeno perhapsfail. k simpuenreminiedhall inigh t, playing crds O H & S N
anndvanrisuis amusemnts to ass thii orrluvx
,)O -coo andni1i000,000 svolunites n n ndicionaryof tie subjecs, Iunesshse.1-ii sae uicaSOisps.
. s alimge roomu I thinnk 5 ' Ouei 5 techinicaldpthe tst, 0a sof nll tie tickes.colecPa"hi"lntt;s B to .
.y ,5 fe-i, kun n 'u i ns iei ta-(t ose nf lass- ands eicins e i s e :is nt--t----in, n...n-ns intnis
i 1 oom-i--asctots" Ii Iso'plaedbythemsseves uis s. itWEBSTER LITERARY SOCIETY. P. J. KINN~lUCAN,
tcoutained nois ngsi"butlthecasa- scosts io insre to ook otisa.wousin un A se --i - ane
0, Lesuwhihxvwuskept finstsIinslhboonnl-s'aone-solumrsed counineiss ,oo0forT oigta.
~aetesice oflth inercsintiss' ilshantne nf r ooTonnht. rA E li 1 1 C 1V N
i"account bsouls.IThese cover- (Jne recent invxetioni tea - lestno 'tgsu
if somans'taioes, extesndingacross raseient of books inn lirrisr il society, ysh tonigthiromssioude ote itoouh asocetfoppanialoter.nove}s tniht s olo eci-il- AIO
itd dleave sufficientitpassageway I refer tolie tecitmal systm.Thin is 'brytMr.'vucel soltto' y s1snunas i u
betlween and around them, These once adopted, a mats couldi entrsir riovclslsbyMs %DIm l
tnbes were the ieight of a tman's ay library in tie world n d knwvJie sa by Mr. n asr . eate
besslanted boths ways, and soI where to find that swhichi ht sought yMr runy-ad r Hgero W 'S 0 T .NS
lore..staffirmative and DMrTro anti -Mr.
--nrc~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ shdtootsothbokANN''T'Ilosound for tie neative of lie follow-
In these hooks was entered a nomi- + -i in-qestion: Resolved, That tie 55 WT FORT S2'_,
rush~~~~~~~ Tahoo fnthok uuiheI 'ie Phi K'appnas may piaty P si Us Fxpors of the United States Exceed
before the year r825. i Thursday. in Value tie Imports. Detroit, Michigan.

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