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October 29, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-10-29

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Ptaisiisht' italiy (ata jaysaexceptelid)aring
('assCollegetyar, sty
Sbsitionl pricea .:222peraSar, isara s Sy
iasisalwo 't' gl oss sa. ls. Subscrip-
iosss ay5 baelt at *ta ic al eoft he IttItY,
at Stsfttttt's, awit ass ' the1s 'sitors or
o'cocj. iifthey are toa sppeartnex ct
,fyAd -sls :s.1 satt''ttertddfrpbi
'ass toshesitrfrisat saIditor'..Ai it Ssas
Ann ArborIMielh.
F .. '5. lit. '93, ]litsgitsa Edistor
. . 5'lt ON, it. '9"i, .5lsssjstslnt.
i:. iottsss s , fit, "35, Assitstnt.
. a tti sii t>Ill'93 V!tit. 2 esshaaatstti.
C.. a. tt~tt ,:'i, t' it. 'tl
X.1I Iv- , tia. ':)3
'. sh. iSI.1ti5 , Lii. '9:1.
H,. N.K. s'wss a, Lttst''.>t
C. Soy; . sss st'M dic ' i3
{t'. S. ST'TE. SIL, Lit'91.
C.s%.STENAT~s ',sss0ttstt.,s'.t3.
it. 5W. Wtststttsst, ItaSit4.
Aliss tWtFARt aNlt, S5 tslt
fTeEsttd ssssstas t iosdnohldteseles'i ret'sponts-
siletfoStt hei'ittsrs ttatemetas ofcrats
psodents, appesarinag ittii teI)A.t~sa
Esditars of DItLY:te

1 wntto ,k ora ew lisilthes New Firm, N ew Goods, and Low Prices.
I) ~~ to repytosthela -ilet hisuttta L1I hr i ltivllea IGR opti nioiu
I ill su. tsis sile.Stt lit letitiss'ilt
onty alsts cers'tinbarsi ilssihosturd ist We hsse aItitd itsltslsat's'Ltsarge.Stock of Seasoitilt CGootds.'We,
tat ters.1 itlt intwsttsstytlitig Bisisglt ('Ieatis. 'lWe Sell Cheaspi. Finei TFooitw~ear, lBootastwidslStoes.
atbtott tisa.bitt susrely it is nittitesas- V 7.A IEZE .. 'F-" /iS ILILJE .
ssay thastt it athelecasbsattolid be 48 SOUTH MAIN STREET I, - ANN ARBOR. Iiic;i.
isl: 55Toaledoi 5i55tst'S.Ann ArborE and North
sbuy'ststt ,iformd1s t heti meeits-ha
Illr' in omA ytenoieohte Michigan Railway.
bit]ltt sstnioad. J f1 , y d TJ) imes.'Card itt e'ff'tt; Stsitty, Augst 21, 1K9.'2,
_ossathis niectitig sasscalldlto strter Dep.. ttIartutre'a'''~it i tt ra'
sctiit tt tassmtuy prse asit tei tis at- - -tsts 151
silly atitheSits.' at freshmaitin imes.tili. 'Nt . Frtttt' tttsotEpatSit.is
ThIsa sstlig's Orditealy, stantatltoe (T.. No. 55. FraaAntIArtMalnIssst'stast . iS
Nos. 5. lare Mail I'tassenr.'t ...'.1 5 p. ms
sadit 'lsch ance tt t llltti siti e iNos. i. ''oe ad sOwosrtisiiiso udy
p~ti'leae. Nit litme55 wattompeltled .toolyi)..... .95: X.ii
ste ss lst' 'bsiaasrClittg isatuse cliquse," itst' LEADING SCOOL OF 0BUSINESS. hag' Na. sic as.'ldaant i soSaundsta}
l'e t buldinag; n~ie teachsets;lre a Ittndac;ittly).i ..ti ..... . . I;it is. Its.
bitt still, is si.ttiue, thee a ts bitu a ~ ~'tQ1 isC al piucsss" tps'riokSatuday w et stpplieadi tlG0 ICS OUaT H t .
Ilafl mntond ~n tht en oenth tirIe'ye'ar; comarialgadateson "ea~ i tat 'ldo ATilxpes...1Ia
(mad tisssthttsitglsad at taes'alseuepotionas; , f.ii T otstlle tstaclx ss ....... ;t Ils.
tisasstlglt at itis i a lhial. Why diislnost exs 'petnsesIV. to$2.75 pst'ssts'in vt e a i-as No.sIi. 'TsoladoAccm oain . 0 iti.
t Ieor Sis me~1adLs oftadetswho No. a 0:i. twsso andss t e (una
tise "'kilsers ' tibject s'l ts.' e lit est - ,aony)a...................i9 staa.us t ests, istis e s'.,II,.
iag wtas5o515 : ii' isirito'e 5tau tldenyythast N .il.iwoso.d Itd (una
this ia Is St'etregulisa tinsg of lise We AsdviseStuderit~s SnSee' Ceitrlt5Standrdtime
lss o "6 "riinDoty 6 ru ilt ln Arbor an
.ititi'it.5ts'otsits~itDtyi oiis: y ~e- & Feie.aaas::eo n asisiaac isit tiunii 555
i ts i ckei 1(1t s l e rs in 1,i 0'xt , 1 a3, and tl04 It'nt"NIIc nots
tENsIt -ias'ls'isaai sastbttsisSHOES - IN - STOCK, l.PsEg(n. Localsist
tathseabsean the verssay fwit'ssN chp
tiiiit weaeapresat and oppsotisetheLia ST I)ENT SSA V"EIJIFkI' X'~R N1ONEYAN I) 1)), s.Y
tiictLsassid hosld anstisar alectiati.
This is in the same anssy thsst a craowd
triedl in -NewaYorklcthis spritlngtt hldlal -0 AVIV*:~
a sacondii Demacratic conantiotn, al-
leginig that te farmer conventtonlaltI d ATlTITS
beenaeit1~lttooll aj~lthoughit ithtdit

vwTBAQ!PBIHNHOB. beeti Held taccordinlg Snoilaw. YoualsiSTUDENVTS' BOOKSTORE, STATE ST.
knows hos thie wbole coutrty ipokied
The names of all persons whose full at teseconid convetY~ion, and I
subcritios re ot ai onor e-tintes smka teipplied hteae. Gacek, LEti1tEenchi. Gern ata ntld all College Text-Btoobs, lNew-
'rirpiosaent ado o e talk of wardI-heelers'nmethods is tatd seconid-Hatnd.
fore November 5th will be stricken "Ibass,l'oarte voters wsere asked Sn cast q ? i
from our list. tlseiaballiot faartesPont noinastted, IL1A.J AIND M EDL.tICAI..L BOOKSJ..i
- _- - -tt-'_becase lie sa Sit goo ad nitfoarSte
'Tisaeleventas Noathwternic1i . hasve circulsiasted aong Sheaclass
Uiesityl'aS Esvansston todlay. 'i'he sinai'eteelactiontsantd huaeheardtilit- ~Q
t'eitbjactiont, tand it seamsitsoixme ttat
fact cannot be dispatedlthtat te the fauttfinditng is miore ini te iias
teanm is itt sery poor foart. Jewetti, of She wsriter of '.A Iiar'e-Facitedi Out- BUSINESS LOCALS. ANtNOUNCEsMENTS.
D~yget andiloiDcke amsotigStse oid rasgs"'tShanl elsewshaaereai.ss u f ssete i isasst Ns'sa'itsttsata
mien, atsstiil sufferitsg frott theifat IIt contclusion I msilya5y 5tht ittatid furtniising gods tfsr mentivsll Sit
injaries acceisedtduriig ter cass not (slis ittthis'caowdas'tssyou cllshownit tistthis'Cootk Iloisis, faront Nov of all classteatms intentding SoIcons-
nestse tewtesnnothinecaaiteti,asdushsimtpily in fsaaorof frsea Ist toi Sue'sit, iby C(. JiRlaiseis,thie Scat frths ie chtanionship tiss
gaie. i Se' pisay So all . .)4li it, selihatltusanhabasaisssiiea 5sf Talaets, sand nantes of thitacn to nmeba
a .~~~~~ - 0.r' . ELa siia niess sot tnoveltie~s sla 1nd s \,i, ss ''
lie pred~ictesd till theys hiaves sad a saiasstsssitEsaaaGstts.siiiSi ia1it.li Iasit iztkiil' sty
aitance ho sihow swhat tey ace capable Or. Thomas' Lecture. poisust car~ateristics atfisis hune. VriyFobl
Plesat sit se ofsfrosnstt'5room5s to retnt -"+
of, Noitiusg is known15 here of t 0tb 1Col I. ii05V in.)it. I a .S is ustaps$ .25isaweek. ~! Dvson 225Catalogue Free,
strensgtih of Northtestern teamut, Tue wsitticismti sbotiDr. Thoats' 2.)
bat it cannot be anytihing piseno- lectiurs'befora Unty Clubi, ssliicls ap- Stuissiis'll lfia s iuaalie l t' f ttofiiis'ssts as ri.aii'itssssol
gealred in te DTh11i f's' s 'say, at Ituites,'seiclly'chiocoastes, it C . stadr lan i1eet imu~sic at5ctsper copy. 5.atadoguse
nienal or thesews of s tis cxploits wihicihyoui tpologizedi50sotfratkly atdils aso'nard 'i's e Mte tsreti groac.-o oe h4O0 eections seut FlEJ t
aa'ols~ hoe rackd ss. ilt raoltgenierotusly tar yestertiay, seeissto ihaeTr' imingli'biastgsSic.:I curliing bass, 5FI~tiidres s. Nct S
sith liscontlesS willtie aswaitedi withs conv',eyedi te false iiprt'ssioniitoimanytt10'_usar'icutti eiiin, hiralressinug, .oi.ta iaIi~u'Sttc
ccngrossinag interest. itimiSin sttihelects.'ttaes a p let a lt usifors i.Wiacssii i --sala tet lds )
adatutbt. iPermt n eil sa t isshesad it t his r)t~. L'll .IhI ,iti
isi is aa shas'slSis sti asy Shast saithwits nat issasacter. 1asl'siitt- s'isi' itst'G"L?A NDTP ER -T
luss inSiteacstas i iii itle i ett'ashis promitefsthese istFtrakasle c'shea'a Nsetsone'isss sit'iasnsssei sii
T uh letr ssf s at l a' a'le iaise of .l ktisiT' i'I s' N w A mem A nAbr isellias'.l},I~nirt
just comntacedt isla clstien1ng at expliined Sss tte ist it ofdoiubts,a 1us 11it1v ouriaohssis at wiolsalesit is i'NION.DAY5OCTOB~ER 31,5
Naswberry sall . Profsessos Pricesoitedtas tSlit s arsly ilaesit lias ftisnlist NatioasLibrary 'Asaittiii.
assInd olsssc arts bthik I stet ts5ii its istin, ni uit dressa'aatiss'-Associastion sfii a ist isC u a's. r
sakes asisalossess thuscl tkofibu st sonecst asdituiteiiigast tinssltiry c Itus liiI\IAY HH\IV S Ii
msainug iilsltuidy tascinalits5itg s iaS s t s'siusnbelter viewaasicfStuft), ,1s' ii. {i:" l t:N't'l)Ll rl81,1VYL el a ntutv.adhnet imr onain o adt cie i Iiiaaaiougme S pote tsiiltal oirpr J..nI ie
____________________ Iitti toIabtild uponsl. 'Ile tureii a s studc ti saeferred;s entpa lo iS nt pltl- os J i .sasass (,)aa t tte~t.
isiyalit andsst in'lsauli ino btisak hi'iiiii ----
Wi., besar lthsere is a possibiliy ealy otlteatfttae mast sibieandtttpowiser- Ades ainlLbayAscain
of ligiting tise library awitht electicuc lehassfur faith-rasonisiabletushd223Wsabsasht Aveniue, Cicasgos, Ill. ChIANGE Oh"BILL NIGHITLY .
wsahi grounuded tfaithi-ever'ea'd it)tco-_Itt mt
Igist. Wtouhld that it swerea aprob Aint Abor. Ihiss IBertinla 11. Bliss. SteicheratfSite
Silily. , G'''DNa. Suita~r ad Bssanjo.i97Souith is 51 Admission, 15, 25, and 35 Cents.
street. t-t-s-Ii-hiSS

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