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October 28, 1895 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-28

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Is unquestionably the fr
on the market today. 11
mess and durability iss
favorite with all players
Price complete with
$5.00. Victor Foot-Bal
containing the new re
chapters on the game b
nod others, 2 cens.
Also a complete line
foot-ball clohing,
of Victor Bicycle
Boston Newa YorkDetott
Sac Franciso. Los Angele.
Football Supp
c Eery rekalsIte
game. JacketsPI
sets, Sweaters, SIR
''1 Nose Mask, Rbbe
'. Picc Sin Gar
liasness. Siadin
s7 Itercolegate
mtust. be se inIsa
G aes. Price, $5
- Splting's Offiia
s Guid-NewRs-
of althe Ladin
t+. .rice, 10 ts Ia
tIlustratedt ootbail Ctaoge sent
News York, Chicago, Pila
Organied 183.
Capita, $i00,000. Srpun and Prfit
Trsnsacts a generl bankingI
Foreign echangs bought and sold.
letters of credit.
Capita Stock, $.50t00. Srpus, U
Resores, $1,00,00.
Organized nder the Generi Bak
-of this Stat. Rccies deposits,b
es echange on the Prinipl ctith
United States. Drafts cashed upo
identification. Safety desoit boaes
OFIcERS: Christian NMakPenn
HarimanVicePes:Cs .N
ashier: M, J.SFrt Assstnt Cahic
27 Thompson St. P. C
Want to know (mos
the boys already kn
where you can get
for the least money.
is at
M, Stadlers Cycle [mpori
11 w. Washington St., Ann Aeb

Noble's Star Clothing House, y, Main.GEN TLEMIEEN I
- - ---- You hae been wering plin and omb
JUT'rtO.HA.M S SO coloro for the Ias.t fee years. This IweSmwit
JUTATUC OFW A UMUST SOONiEXPECT., te etin, sat ite mre etlsiastic drss
eswilltdtpt tie ew colos..Tite oodo
Boy that Overcoat now, it might save you a large doe-cshown arc grandct. browas te.t dash
ofua brge nht- opiaids and strie. You
tor' bil. Yu se w areat ll imeslooinw witfin5d a be'atifultdsplay of thso fabris
torsbil. Yo se we re t al tikleslooingafter aso a fine in of Oerctistn : In ery,
yourWelfre.Mctsns ('astor. Partand Patent Beaers,
yorwlae Eskimos. Shetands, Astrakhans and Chin-
chlls at
Mercant Tailoring Store, No.0 E. Huron St
T E Is complete in all lines Prices extremely low, but the Genlemen wistin to ibe Informd on tio
shhirts ar.go0 adlog to calli and see m.
________________________________________________________ I nmae a speciaty of Dress Garmets and
Street Costmes for Ldirs.
nest ball
t'g light ET oA.CMcrwof N W M C I ES O
ike it a DAH A. C Mc~raw , N W&TACOE.HO
inflator of Detroit, force a settlement ADE HUNTER, 3 E. Liberty St.
I Guide, of the estate. -Shoes had to go. Bicycles Repaired or Rented.
Ines, and H E We bought 3,000 pairs for
Dland 500 on the $1. Have opened Detal Instruments Repaired.
of finest the greatest slaughter known T O O
- in the history of Ann Arbor. Tffl62Pf R . STATE
U It will pay you to investigate. 1'~ W Ui STREET. + a
g g, Fine Lunches,
O F * o s ee ' , Fine Chocolates,
* and Baked Goods.
D2ce 17 S. MAIN Sr. Try Our Lunches.
tYortl'an d
j~Try sOur "Ried Star" Oil. LAWBOOKS!
lies a No Osmoke. No offensive odor. Will not char the wick Buy all you can afford, for
r.Perfectly safe. Light gravity, Hlas no eqial in this present aid future use, at our
or thec market. Delivered promptly to any part of the city in -LOWEST PRICES
ats, Jor- or cans. Price 10c per gallon. We shall be here for a few
100, at, days only.
dfHeads44_South Main Street.C alg n C o
00. UNtiRITaNOEi Music at Newberry Hal, AT SCHLEEDE'S, 50 S. STATE ST,A nnr
-Pitrs sAhr
Fn e ~tdftciYtcisOlS t shci 05 yetstrdaty siaftnonst 3:0 to icecaiiGRANER'S ACADEMY OF DANCING.
aah~tphics.aIlLyt' livinig. Prcof. Slit'snthe tJu'iletSin lgers Tele yerscf techinig i Ann Abr
i'io Fik U ivesity 'Lna. Peit3 itic a ol of 103.0ppls 'st sasoccn ae
Str. Ncil wscseeced per~liclrma etic "s S'c 1rit.~t. icai cihent gcaraccte' s tonorabi cliy otechi
sonkis Ottre'et'ttctt1''13'renderedci iy 11cc d'cgaes itsihold i. Alt classes are n-
,ANH. catacai of i ith 9 ccotblleileviecs, ati I lccis~w. i brti rc't hepersonalgistutio n of Mr adMs.
nz0iititg eccf ist'irs Ssticc'cdcy. INaioccIal scration of basters of Dtacing.
St. litticwill tct'titlchiscorseofcfltebci ccg c'yocung womenisitu sttor inf acormation regcceslig casses and tems
a, issis lostin 1hecUivetrsiy. lir. hi)ttgc°0sitfr- alat thficne ,rood flor 0a55ayacrdt
X4 ectutes to1thlicest grsdtlave i(.t'cisss Crclars atMosIt.Stors oMacIciirt.tiilttuScf.Scli i
businem., onSIntijicionccs sandttIC'c'iX'~st'odayttitt' tt i rsand'It itt Prot'S.pA.en cch
Furnsnh t mfnitprsiet fthii.. %reA cnnIi nPRnA HUEJW TR
Cashier. 1irtsidtiitHatrpe, octh1c[-his'crsiny g +1'Lcibrief talk cliltily reiciicstct Iin tl 0USEJENH 10 B
- ofir ('atlio. hascissued Itictttelqir ecth'i t' eri' an'dcitouItihillil icupn the lit OaGeneral strekof Wtatheas Jrwely and
BANIK ht no irol 3e1' suiitc-ca tltbeccomet litutilts cclliits'tt'lwit it'e foninli., NoeltestRepacrinn of X tehesest
citA cs-ihtl is nows- lie fturising S. (C. A. edry, God Sfcas. Rigsan.ad Spectacles
Sucitter5'sof asiiGeek C eIt':t'retiater- ____________ sspelataty. tasic paid foe od god ad
ca55. ntes. - 11-I1 LADIES AILL DANt 1 C. H-. KIEY ES.
ingLaws Thae "ttb sitss hl t w mno't1ttu itit: i,(, (l ss s t Graer's .acdeicc.
toys sand innee.let Ii NeN'iltt'adcit to cre1 crrtc55 r a i t S M O K I
proper icroleis Fridayitn ticeI S;ar eeIAe
to ren. . i ittc'ttsci 1:15 o'l'k. LI s ani's dd ctllle ii
I. W Dtci ttics'las 'ond I) fs.stud L scodtIcd'itotIc+t n.a ttiltnt or eo.bat
lcock, Hacl itt isSts'atsta ctit ttk tura n elldtt'Irxt'tsic'-yI cii oulfnd.fvoiArn
isty cc'enit sthecl iitttirtisu ofiocigtar'Ts ot tobaccos t
~.NI nnt ctt ct umbetriliis ctthe li' 10o l iicsrta'dcic'l i o st '(r itt . ('"
6tatayntrd tu uilt pnpils' OfficTetasiAcaiemylcMaynardi si.Yooaknow who han the finest Iars and
T. lss will laiatt'i$ct,00,000tttt - - . Drviang Horses in tics city. It's Holmes.
There'c wil protalyttbeit'o10YlelItst"RobetiiG S. I icaiciotl's l'c'trcs aidi Telephone him from here.
0.1Block. -sad batsball Icies cx 'p~riia toracks lusy itteitatit I-i lsylit'tIst..SECAL
Harvard l'tbliss icta' refustio meitt isiale- rstic.1 .A. tRtos. sage'ntt'5.r1(IFa-t-SEIL
in footbcall, lossligct torsball. Ttyretll. "> TTOF M. SAItNG tARLORt and Bataih
Ia m etill track athlte'its, hocw've, Lastrci n cncesforta' I_ . r oom. Aul 'ppotactas st tcltss.
Itti Itit't clttir scttlt'stt'idss ittta.Impoted ant domesti c ciaa'. Ltdis' artis-
ii h Inrot'rcollegiate it' 'tt(sts. ri-its a id ftstenty otsts ntlhe ate' tic hatirdsressing and btttintg parlors. J. It.
At te lleeil~ tc tii' ctis st' Il) ct tsstc'uic~at. eico --o.- lSA, Troanowki.30S. State St.
Saturday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a thWrsdn ae7i p ii'I ILIE .T hEN YOU XANr your clttes cleaned,
Staiutly dce trt'iti'li Otiti' Its 5~ 3A~itN iAI.55Fil'.Ypeused,rltaed or rebond go to Mse.
poinniets fr te eecutvesocal, or ale r pnt.d scnar in gerle, over Sicrnian's bok tore. Lab-
Iof cors yeOlldi atfc e tic t'xtt'itittee ct sl' t ieSA tt o Pin ratory aprons iade tooseter.
coaco.~c'l uahtiliitt tccitciietsDuecker) it aoodicoition. Tertis - ISOE'D ae p sntiyo
,OW) ThSlutydocter busineiss-scas t' list" retsontble. ItiqicreratctNo. 14 N toE. JI oo~anPets Studentss0cc ook
te intg of a castao xf 55) cents. gts 5ad Bnds Books crom I5c upwards at50S
itOOSIS. A. E. lo, of thie' Golent Eagle
PleasatlsitsOand sitngle' roomls t(t- Tailorinodc.. will bi t t hetold y t
IDES oshard o orer. iBathroomlaaidfiu-ihos' Tutesdisy,'.OSt. It.V
t nave. Two blocks fromlathle ~lcaps WANTED-Feoil twels'e ofifteenc
onlthe street c'.r line. Boar'd if sdc- sidet osoeo 'llil~OlCc
sired. 102 S. State St. at Si E.JHuron S.
- At 4 N. Plifi ave., ery nicely ftil' Foe Sttl euts-lateuttoeesowin'iabooka
I11l nished fret suite rooms, furnace lhestca~sts iest malke ad goaotternis.It
a.ndl tsth. Al.so bettable ibocardatLos rc5'Ietis atSMARIN IHA I Lta .
- g 2.31 a week fot' t limuitd numblcter. en n cmmislision, 6 L. Huron st TRAE - M1/ARKS

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