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June 24, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-24

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versity, but as well by all interested
+t*in higher education and by manyw
Psi 0 are fiamiliar with Dr. Angell's worknkU
Published Daily (Sunay excepted) daring lupul~tic life.
the College yvear, at

Of Gents' Patent Leather Shoes.
Of Gents' Colored Shoes.
Of Ladies' Oxfords in Patent Leather,
Dongola, Vica in Button or Lace,
Black or Tan, (Razor or Square
Of Ladies' Slippers in Patent Leather,


OFIE ies O oa 1,5I5I Min S., Osites ~ fxl~r U 1Dogl ao
postCoffie. A Large CodGtesUnder 1 11'116Dnoaor Vi,(Etrmea zor
EDITORS the Tappan Oak. Toe). All at a Great Reduction..
J. F..THostS, '97. XW. W. ToAER, 'iiiL. Te lasdaMliii Elf heWshn o
E. L. Coaso 90 L F. )1. Losls, '9. 'teels il xrie o ieslir91 1 I Iflll IIA~l Wsigo
0.ii bss 'S. F. S. ScaNaOS,'8. literary cls ndlier the TappInia VE U , 'ST OC K6 RLI IU, Street.
R. C. UsseoWOO, 'it. C. a. DuEE,9. yesterdaly afternoon were attenlded by -_______________________________
MANAGCRO EDITOR at large crowd. Tfhe class of '1 L hold thirilretglla1r i ~ Shrs
u. n llanisis, x L. After a short oteig addressh illtilttlioIleiliitl'll 111 I
BUINSSMA O th(le llss ipresidet, Bitward B. Hotse.Ihave teirledqarters lat Shut li in 5 lull U ies UU is
BUSIESSMANGER the 'ho'lhistory' was gienl by Mis-s Tey Inue a bniet Iaitcgte-
L.C Wsso.9~ Annie 1. Bacol. Niieysix has Inaie fer's tt 7 this eveniag ad ]old it hus
ASSOCIATE EDITORS considerable history ill its fotr yers iness ine'tilg imnelately aterward
W. W. laghes, '. . . Sith, 'it L. of larticiltaioll of U'niverity life, ani full__________Tiesi
S. W. SeP, '. X. 1P. alorrill, "J. A lie L. llcrl. Niney-six has iade This Morning's Proram. I rs is
J. L. tWalsh, 'ii At, 11. B. Silimnas. 'w L. eum~leated theli aclieveiients of '90
C. B. too, ')8 D. Loise ode, '9. Terul n ni f h eecie
B. B. alteay, 'iS, tH.Coral, 9 estecillly'iii athliltics andS ilascial 'fullulllsogrili si te eercse
Lla . ickiuio, 'i9t. life aiittcllld'(ttenl'ltionito tile work ill Uiveriy'Halltilo iorling wa
ieeOlatlislls'i in literary lines. After i's follows:
The sascriptin price af the Daily has detailin~g telahss hisory Miss tlaeorii 1. Cho~rus Tritllialis1 MN arc-
ee redced to 71 cia is adace fr the ret
of the year. Leave sbcripios at the staule Of the llatagi's at the Ullier. SF'antasi, withl C'hors, IProsor A.
Datty affice or with 11. . alyr, . af M. sity siee theIieihr of 'd entired A. Stanley. 2. Payer, Itev. I. XT ~ NE & Fi
Rosa StooI the istitution. L-. (elsionl,(lass of 1509. .X. Ad.
Edto o tdy- ppeFralnk . Sdiler gave an excellent ress On ililtf of the Boatat of FURNISHERS.
ditr o toay' paerOationi oil "'T(' Idal ill Practical SigeentS, Io. 'W. J. Cocker, (ass
E. L. (IEISMEI, '9S L. Lfe," ill whihi lie displyed somle Of of 169. 4. Adiress of the ljiii- 1MANS., ANARO.
tie ability' wliii'ii tliAvonim liaatres'. 5'rsit' Seiate, Presintet ti ' ie
AvIlente i-iiseisiiy of 'Michiganl ois Inivi'isity honors. There win' Chairman of the Seitili'(olililh. ___________
has bills theltieiie stis-sk'is aidistx- sveal qtei'l'oquein'it hss'aas i i', let' orit'MartinI. D'toge.
cis have freqtlendiy tallest attenitioni Sade's ioratio. Stlsie lsl ~~jthe netss- (lass of .1802. 5.tlssoitiois Otf eue rce nalNg
ily of aii ideal e've'ini tue Iihhisst f the Stle Teachers' As, socistaOin, RdcdPie nalNg
do the fact that the early lis' of (ic cohlihoiiplicssa iyiig,: ."Too ofteiwei ivetrisinied by - 'rofes,,soi' tF. A.IB-- ligee Shirts.
Unive'srsity' was tnder tis' guidlsh Ofthiec lhuSIle esllge inn ynical towarsd our. Cisiss ,,of 1878, ositb tliSi'sc
v'sltiattiis who wvere fullyabatle to sdi- those things which io not apea to Noi'iali school. . Rtspose ofsIii
thlt largei iihope stdgrit plihsmad. scaieeow. 5and1toil a druisgery. Iiiitii'i'(de, 1'rithut ia-by Poises',r
(lie prsits of te stholar there to Ch'ries'sNI. Cylca, tlass of
ha- the godfthlers ofitheis iiiitiii. ai.nger of losing that sictive itrtst of tis' 'iiversity of t'ilifoiii14TERi
I'i'iiiy hiliie llililldt'l prorlrli' raseand symipthywithi neiuctieedd 11(1 lisC(oriposei by IProfessor
to those Nwho10moilsli'stis' crla'lii- uncultured mii. line cuture isofSit Sanleyt. . tGretings frmm
tuna' of tliii'University. 'To toe 110I-hthe heart s vsll s of the Srain.IletBrown intS lrinlcetollu Siversulo '.
tirs' still sestkinig ant writinig is given si- ha tls it illiillimpart it freely to lb. iJamies (). lirra, D. D., I'
iiscihili ac i-ry sleisilg Itose who host' it nt.tHe will realie tD., Dean sit Priiiceton sI hivsil.
the umorthat (le tinitnt of niversity traii- 9. Grietiigs froil a rvaiardild
of paingmhomnage t a rsnt sday iuc is to aitiae rilnkinliS.aiitinot a vir'sity. Justi Wiiso,.1,1. D,r 7 -j
eductr-wihosiashas tbeen inlIlargeillili5- iili." tiiaiihihiof Harad uit-J.sity
sre rexionsible for he cointinus'di Miss Eureta A. tIttyles red Se 11.(retiigs froniiiYatseUnivs'rsit.,
pllhins'hice of Mtichigani University iii cisss Iocih, "this 'slTaa Oak." Iti Proessor Johiii S. Clark, (lass of
showiied c sslieratte of the sitie oh 156,itile slefiel sintiic'
tli' eiistioni lfeof husiri. D. ty Wi-hliMiss lsylis has idisplayeditS lool 11tGreetings froi h ie
Anglllhs trovit awiothy suicessor iii les' cntritbutions to TUnivetity S-ts' 1 niii ers ties, 'resists'it A. s.
to the great esucaors who iprecesed pubiciationsin h past yaars. The class Di'pei otf let'niversity of Il-
hiul sithe Uiviersity's execuivies. PrlilecI' isas deivesred by M1is Alicsl' 10. Greetings roi i(lie Na- You ought ti we a pair of
Hi eino teehsbei ak tyE otiiiann. tiosi'iiBnrean of Edcationi, Dr. X. Kolored . SI-oes
Sit tem o olic ha tienliirk'tSby Thle foiiial prestnation of thle cas S1'.Hrisn. . Commhissiner of
no easily noticeable display of 'e iieiiorial ten ook pla1c. The pe- Edncation. 1:. Chorus- The AND KEEP KOOL. ALL STYLES IN
sibility'reitired 1o coisduct the affairs estaton 'vivs iiispbrlnaI t'iailise," Professor Stanie' KALF OR KID.
of a large institutiion of lesivning. Bt Tttle for te lass 011d the spaeeh ot allS Meiiiters of the Corlt'niin
grest thigs hisve bisn1ccomihlisielS acetance wag msade byIt'rotessor ' ~ j ~ ~ S o
forils' utserit inti11 inlyKesey, whlose eergy was (le ineei The class of '91 and 94 etchshveqB EA U SL' ~ Str
fiv yers ald he erySil otlles ive s-whichiealled il te class to .e- large relresentation at their reuios
fiv yerssin th viy sooolinsscure the cast of the arch of Trajai. '53 iuiiuaut 10 saibers presen,
in uwish i'siculedis'iSstsrs have beeanl riseetoua antStHsrsari 'ill e tis'iNhile '4 claiiis nearly as mttanyiore. U I IIS T
iassed oser lass ievesled the nnster- oler insitnutisihattils conitry to Both cltsses wiihl od I anqthautet to-SC O L F DA
skill in the haind at tie elit. Thatt secure casts of (lie, arel. The worka norrosv e-cing. FredS 'W. Pise, aliCHOL U ANING U11
thle trial-stages in whichs the practi- on hie caso will begin ai week roul nfut teUiersiy'of-e Closed for the Season.
cablly o c-eucaio, as esedtodaiy amd they wilil be ready for York, will preside oser he '9 hban-
cailtyofcoedcaio sast stedshipiaent in Septembher. que. To be Open October 5th.
gave rise to 110 extirpatinig dissensions CasRenos
may be fairly credited to thle exee- El .A I .
ive ability of President Angsll in tie A large numuiber of class reunion,,, B I C H O SL E ~
first year of hiii connections 'iithilSe wll be hnitS todayii.
The laso of '0 holds a reunion it Randall, Argard &c Co. Shoe stock, Grand
Uiniversity. The mit.intenanceI of lar- room 3, Taipan Hall, at 4:0. Eighty- Rapids, Mich., sold to us.
mony and unity of action whlere SO seven will meet in Room 19, main11
many diversetorceu are at work is hal, at 4:30. Seventy-ue celebrates 65c, 0O N 1T H E D O L LA R.
anotiher strong tesimonial to the cap- the twenty-fifth anniversary of ther Men's Hand Rwed Russias $6.0, ct to $4.85
ability of Presidet Angell. A sar graduation by a banquet at Petty- TMen's hanld Welt Russa, 5.50, cu t tn $425
inth sirt ftoays xecse hIDt a's at 0 p. a. Tbeca.s of 'S86I. Men's Dark Brown Itnsias, $4.0, ct to 2.98
in hespri oftoays xeriss s otheld a busins meeting in Roon 4. Men's Pat. C F Bale Russias, $.0, cut to $3.55
only claimed by officers, alumni, n- law bilding, at 9 a. a., and will po 0
der-graduates and friends of the tni- ably hold a banquet in the eening. G O O D SPE E D BRO .S., M IN

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