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June 15, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-15

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We Must Move
The store we now occupy has 5
been sold. We moot seek new 1
wilsl goods if low prices
masythiog to byr
NIfyou scaot -onythioc in the li
wee.m ucci arurprices this

:1111S - -
The Leading Tailor,
and only direct Importer in the city,
has just received his entire stuck' of
Foroign and Domestic Woolens for
Spring and Summer '96, at
}ull Drens Suits a Specialty.
Graduafing Gifts
All the latest publications now on
sale at our~stores. Fine illustrated
Gift Books. Illustrated Poems, Art
Books, Standard Books in nets,
Books in Morocco, Levant and Calf
Bindings. A
Discount Prices to All.
UP Town, Down Tawn,
XInlernlty Bookstore, Opposite Court House
20S. tate St. 4 N. Main St.

Chicago Scores 50 Points Out of Pnttiiig 1(-pound shot, six riftered- The Venerable Statesman Sue-
a Possible 117. Woithy E. A'. Williamisoin (C), )iE. I cumbs to Old Age.
detent (.AT) second. Distaince, 34 fei-i
Michigan11 won liii' (clickliliect withi11 inchecs. 1Ex-Gov. Alphess (dcli diedl sater-
(1hirago Saturday, secur~ingi eight firsts Iliinnin5 h roadl ilulp, four entered- day ifs-crlini illnless of sieverail nionilis.
andnin seond toChiti-ls eve Won by J. A. Lelloy iM), -'1feet 10 u-ivs nearly 12 years olilamd lils
incus nineBseconls(to (eccago21seeet
tics ant ives-cseconds. Thie t(1o nlt';C.t.Nola)leon,2 fe'deathliwas dueitoInlis, advansced age
number of points ohtaoined hy AMicisi- 2 iiiclies. nior'tha(loinI anyolimer cause.
Throwing 16-lloiidli aniier. six t'i-
14 would have been much larger if Ex-Goc. Ftlei ccas horn i Limieriec,
lime heavy rain of (lie uiay heforebidl eretl Wois hy- McConkey- (AT),.1,00 fet ilMe.,inl Sepitenmbr,180.1.0Is'prepamred
list hut (lie track iii poor coindiiioii. nle;JAN.B ntt(Iscod for tollege iitIPhillips Exeter lind was
luiiuilack lowered thle recordi of 103 feet 2 iiiclies. gradutatedl froiiil Iii-clusiii in 1827. Ile
7:51.1-5 inithe(lie ei walk iuu by Poei vault, four enlerei-WXoui by C. tonik iti)tile practice of law ini Maiur,
Bunniell, of Mliniuesota., a weekt 1( I-I. . Hersclli'rger (C), C. TF. Tryoii il) bht-, failing hlili cauisedl his rtcioval
Th oloigtal f uiiaisseconid. Height, 10 feet. 10 Mlichigan, where lie settleid at Moii-
shows the tdetails of tlit ineet: Two 101p0 relay race, f11(5 yards- roe ini18i' li. Tlliye'ars later lie iii
Mi-itlie -to Stater: Cicago , imrtgs.li- to Aiii Arhor, which was his liiine
1)0 yartds 3iyir, Poulon, Patterson; Alielsigauuiiii iacli
i22) caids Jii'immiuug, Stuarittnioinias', leit id. won I it, halrelcady be-omle a promineisnt
141) yaiiis s~~~y litliitae ,Chicago secondi. T1imeis, fhe i inithiiimi iiico liiiy
O ile run.s0 5 andin iithe Iiextlten yeairs follow-ing
Oime mile ccalk 3 5 Woman's League Meetn. his remnoc-al to Ann Arbor lies-c-cl
12(0 hmudle- -0 8 as auditri i-eril of (lie stuits, iium
220 Imrille flue aiiiiuaml lacw-nmfete csas gicem to
B-2 thurdle 8uus egu Sttila0h-juidge if liiiStale SupremeiCsurt.
11iccl . 0Ili11hle wcssiIseleedthei-fouirtl hiv-
High juiiip ......8 1) SIms. Aiige-ll. ilos Louise Stickmsy
Broad eiiiip 5 S12)liseretirizg lpiesideilt, giice a irevi ofewu-iau.(i-r-sgu-d(i
Shot 3i 0iof (lie ccorkcof (lie past y-ar ,I(int-i pocitioniaitler ia yseir's ervsi-for a
hlmiiimhisi'- - -8 iil i illshI iiited stati - Summits-. At
Pub~ caul- -loucisi Mils Sara lirocs-mi, theii' iii
(ili- - - - vauiisicliiioliis li au li te i-loss-nf islaterin tirssient lii-e
nexs-t Year. Theie por'1 it of the .sInlssslilts s l iio i t iiiiadisivilt.ofl-c, i'
Totls ..6--7 5 j iisiinii csoiiiiillu-te shiocesi (hit s-- issi i.(i sj Issmul i
FT'e suiiiiiaiiss: (thoui d doillars jiiist still'lie ra Mi 5.55 iii iiiiiand slilisll mimi slsiss '1i1
_100 yardus iassi.six stusiliro tiust ti oililijletet(lie ainssniiitescessaryfo (Caimoiaiiandiilhoi-si-i-ci-ilas proIdencit
he"It 1-011 y 'Start, Iafteroll seond. lic 110111al's lii cdiiisiA se of heicoiiiil 11ion itsil hts ls;ror.wi-ri-r
Timiis, :101 4-5. Secondmslbeast is iii y ,ut-rge-sm a, Ise ash IrliftYs-hu-c-ufinisheds.
Buucrisuiglis. Thoimassse-ond.Tslie,11 1,,i. sily ulinilsleices- din IIses-uiug elol- Gc sI-igc-il lei-is rc
Fiial hea~t ccoii by T. Ii. Pterlliso iiIrs iidiirigIii'siuninier, so (lie buiildl- ice of lsciwin 1873h. 'The- tUic-rsily
(C). J. A1. 'Fhoo)s ,;(.A) sscondi. Timse, ilugIfsteiolsd hi' sntirel'lyliaid foi' iilthei-suconferreds lteusonoirary sie-i- is f I .
:10 2-5. fallh. Thetciirespsoinding s-cretarsy mrmii D. iupiniI iii ii i187T.h1s'occms ihi-
Mileccalk, three slarters-Won bi tl i-i ,, chIrul tsshsZ11 Ishiigo hiitlsdTapiliiirsofessorsi' (ilawccin
E. T. iunsluich (C). C. T. Tryon (-.ii 1 sn' cceu-icof this' WisinsususLe8agueii.i1mm imu, ou ~ ya5
sconil. Tluue, T:21/2. TShe oositlity1- of AIris.uAngell css Commencement Wrinkle.
120 yarsis high hurdlhes, fouir staicters cery inuuch enjoyedi. Tetisususeumn rmli-c11hs
-Won by F. F. Stmignesyer (C). C. 13.I'loCIoiiecnitAV ikewllb
Nel C)scod.T m, 173-.Library Appoointments. out Wsdnaesdiay. 1mm11 frusuut-ecurse is
Neelnie (C) ses-esa.d1Pairsens:iill--
4401 yuidriunm, lics'stmutrs-lWsuuiby Thus librmr-y -omittileislet Satuirdiay ssiuei12-('ulhsnmusntsriusfu
hi. (C. Mu'iumiuug (Ai), 1ii. I iesld (-i)uihims mld'1m-fhms-ug ~ iiisshs miiis us.'l'hiuiimi
seos.Tiumus, :54 2-5. uesusu for thi'e ensuing year. Attenud- csmrhuose tA t uulm I t
Onee mile bicycle, four starcu-a--Wouu 'suts at this desk. J. 1. Thniuiuss, 0.) l. Btioccusauu, ainii W. 11V. 'Thayer. SI isa
by H., Macaim ill), . I. .Peahosdy (Ci Hanus, (1. D. Ji'uuuin1-o sansi I. Adiums; iunistmr anduB.iIi. Il. hsheisaiuycululcib-
secondi. Tiume, 2:39 2-5. east seimmiary roo, 0. E. Tfi-; silo drawcings.Hiouoss-otes mis-s.giss'ii
Ouu uuli' tuu, osu sarti--8boi h:wc-sst seuiiuary roonl, IH. 0. Ss'cu-rmuuce; of1W.7'..WiHiughses,'18, andsIui..A.
-Ontunmil'erun,.. fourmuusil rtrhissi I-hey iby
TI. 0. Petersonu IC), B.iF. IBailesy (AI), (a0cc.naimeWJ.uL.cNs-t(small(scumehas fusm-umm6).
C. 0. Taylor (C), aimd ii. S. teCheima- -challeingsdsh(iicagu ho. usesrie-s mof
luau (C) disquiitemi. Timne, 4:523I-5. Yale Defeats Princeton, gaiuu's humoifialy decithhm schimuipiusi-
220 yarsruni, four starem-s-Wlom Yuie siefeatesd PrinicetnmoiStuimuhmut- shuipiof (lie West.
by tF. Ai. Tmonnias (AI), T. 1t. tiltteassim teiilh-ield, NewcYorkc, Saturdaiy ty aTime incvituaionm for Cuuimmiuuul'im'umsiu

(C) secnd. Tiime, -.22 3-5. score of S to 4. flue tcvo great icaumus
220 yards, low hurdles, thre start- umce inw tied, eat-ihihavinig cvon twos
era-lon by N. Ayres (Si), C. F. gaimies. Time mst maiid decidinig gaiume
Chititb (SI) second. Timue, :28. ciii be plaiyesi at Newv Hmoen, Weud-
itaif-unile run, four starters-Woi'neis-day. Six thousand pers. ons macv
by F. 1I. Cmlhouii IC), E. P. Woodruffthegi
(M) second. Timne, 2:.26 4-5. College ga~muen resulted as followvs
ItRunaning high jeumup, fsour enters'ed -- *"ftIrJ,,iy: Harv-ardi, 10, Cornell, 3;
Won by P. 11. Vernor () G. H. St. (Imik (Park 13, Beloit 0.

hays'aumivei'du. Time reguilmar nmumber of
inv'itatioiis (ogethmer withi ile extrmis
wvhichm have beeni ordered nmay be ob-
tained by presemutinug a rececpt for time
class tax at the Steccarul's nitie in
Mivonday, Wednesday ansd Friday frona
9 to 0:30 a. cc., or on Tuesdamy amid
Thursday fromu 4 to 4:30 p. mu.
Clime. Invitation Coin,

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